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WATCH LIVE: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial Day 17: IO Tillet Wright Testifies

  • Published on May 16, 2022
  • LIVE COVERAGE: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial
    Happening in court:
    Day 17
    Amber Heard Testifies in Defamation Trial - Johnny Depp v Amber Heard
    Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial Day 17: IO Tillet Wright Testifies
    Actor Johnny Depp is suing ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million for defamation in connection with Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed, in which she spoke out about being the victim of domestic violence. Heard’s article did not specifically name Depp as her alleged abuser, but according to Depp’s lawsuit, it relied “on the central premise that Ms. Heard was a domestic abuse victim and that Mr. Depp perpetrated domestic violence against her.” Amber Heard is counter-suing Depp for $100 million.
    The defamation trial began Monday in Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia, with jury selection completing on the same day. There is a possibility of celebrity witnesses testifying, including James Franco and Elon Musk. Tune in to the Law&Crime Network for daily coverage of this high-profile trial.
    Written Coverage & Analysis of Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Trial:
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Comments • 10 784

  • Rachel Pauley
    Rachel Pauley 4 months ago +2670

    What I will never understand is how she documented SO MUCH!!! But never ANY of the serious injuries she supposedly sustained. Who would take pictures of a mirror and lampshade when you were bleeding from your arms, feet, and private area, especially knowing you were documenting things to use against your husband at a later date.
    I hope the jury is catching on like the entire world has been.

    • K J
      K J 18 days ago +1

      My Favorite makeup company, L'Oreal, paid this gal over +$1.5million. L'Oreal renewed her contract so I refuse to buy their now! That is so much money, profits must be so huge they can continue to support an obviously lying abuser. They WILL NOT Have My $ to spend on her anymore, I'm done with L'Oreal. They can keep her, Milani Told The TRUTH. I respect Truth so they get my business from Now On...Forget L'Oreal & Every Producer Who Backs this Liar.

    • Alexfolledemoi
      Alexfolledemoi Month ago

      That's victim-blaming rhetoric. And a harmful one at that.
      Please do proper research on IPV.

    • DJ
      DJ Month ago

      @AirDuerk And also forgot to pick up the pocket knife used to splinter the edge of the bed.

    • DJ
      DJ Month ago


    • Elizabeth C
      Elizabeth C 2 months ago +1

      @AirDuerk the best part of that was she forgot to remove the pocket knife she used to slice the wood... the only way boots could do that would be if they had either razor edges or really pointed toes

  • EYOK
    EYOK 4 months ago +229

    I came to this trial without knowing anything, I never followed the news about their couple issues. So I was ready to believe one or another equally. And there's no way I can believe her after a few days of watching the trial. I don't overlove him, but I literally wish I never come across with someone like her in my life

    • plinerd
      plinerd 3 months ago +1

      Similar situation here. Watching after verdict and after having spoken with my dearest friend who was a drug and alcohol counselor, also worked in a juvenile facility, and is still a therapist. I wanted to know if they thought I would be super sad hearing about their traumatic childhoods. I also wanted to know thoughts on the verdict. I fully trust this person. I wanted to also know if they thought the verdict was way off. Because I'm the kind of person who will be really disappointed if someone "wins" something they shouldn't have, either through cheating or a missed call in sports for example. I hate it. I would rather my team or my person lose versus win by accident, so to speak. When Amber first started talking, I was thinking that perhaps her emotions were all over the place because she was nervous, or she thought people aren't going to believe her and so she tried extra hard, etc. Giving the benefit of the doubt, you know? I have to say I'm feeling a lot more relieved now. Looking forward to the rest of the trial.

    • Kezza Gray
      Kezza Gray 3 months ago +2

      I was kind of the same. I came across some audios just before the trial and was like 🤯🤯🤯 whaaat?! They peaked my interest but I didn’t know the full context or history of the couple. Tried to stay unbiased till the end but she made that impossible!

    • JennA70s
      JennA70s 3 months ago +2

      Same!!! I had no idea about this- I quickly came to that same realization

    • Reliable Witness
      Reliable Witness 4 months ago +5

      Same here I never even knew they were married

    • Michelle Snell
      Michelle Snell 4 months ago +6

      I also didn’t follow the other trial or the problems. I have no idea how I even began following this trial. Lol, but I am fully obsessed with this trial now. And there’s just so much against her.

  • luchen davidson
    luchen davidson 4 months ago +198

    My ex girlfriend was narcissistic, controlling, spread lies about me, cheated and in the end stalked me. It's been 5 years and I still can't say her name and still have trust issues. If I had to face her in court and listen to her spew more lies about me I'd probably break down crying in all honesty. I cannot imagine how hard this has all been for Johnny. He puts on a brave face because he has to and disguises his pain with humor but he can't even say her name or look at her. I know he's hurting from all this so thank god he's got a good team who care about him.
    I really want this trial on NETFLIX as documentary because I also want to know what the Jury and Judge was thinking everyday of this trail, please 🙏

    • Ktosom Cosom
      Ktosom Cosom 4 months ago +1

      I can also relate. But consider yourself lucky if you don't have a child with her, as I do, and what my child had to go through and still has, is the worst

    • Sonorra Murphy
      Sonorra Murphy 4 months ago

      @Colonel Action ppl m

    • Corleone 3707
      Corleone 3707 4 months ago +4

      I guess i can say we're in the same boat?. My ex was manipulative, mental abusive and gold digger. She was to good to be true during the first year, after that i started noticing things. How she would make me depressed and blame everything on me. I rather not state any details because it'll only bring back bad memories and makes me depressed. Nowadays, i find it hard for me to trust anyone, especially girls. I've been single for years, and too comfortable with it. Sure, there were girls who were interested in me and giving me the "signs". I noticed all the signs but i choose to pretend that nothing happened. Out of 10 or 12 who were giving me signs, 7 girls confessed their crush or indirectly asking me to be their partner but i rejected all of them. I hope one day I'll find a partner that i can trust with my heart and soul that really care for me. I hope and pray for the best for you and every guys on the same boat, Amen.

    • Keeks Gee
      Keeks Gee 4 months ago +3

      Yes to the judge and jury perspective- that would be amazing

    • Colonel Action
      Colonel Action 4 months ago +7

      I second your final notion. Also, I feel ya when it comes to not being able to trust people. Been through something similar as a guy and people still have a hard time believing me

  • Тони, твою ж Пятницу

    I bet Amber could pass a lie detector by that point... She believes in what she says and that’s the most scary thing.

    • Mark Snyder
      Mark Snyder Month ago

      @Blue Pavilion oh that's definitely true! He had a better team than he learned a lot from losing over in European Court! She wasn't prepared at all she wanted to lie and cover up stuff!

    • Blue Pavilion
      Blue Pavilion Month ago +1

      @Mark Snyder i agree JD wasn't telling the absolute truth, but the difference is JD was owning up his mistakes whereas AH was not, she continually played the victim part, and in the end the jury was convinced she was telling more lies than JD did

    • Mark Snyder
      Mark Snyder 2 months ago

      @C J and you think Johnny Depp was being truthful?

    • Mark Snyder
      Mark Snyder 2 months ago

      @C J yes it can! I dont think she was the only one tell lies!

    • Mark Snyder
      Mark Snyder 2 months ago

      @C J I think Johnny's just had a lot more practice lying and Amber has! I'm sure she will improve over the years!

  • jen h
    jen h 4 months ago +379

    This woman can't keep up with her own lies. She's an absolute joke. Denying ever hitting Johnny Depp yet in the recordings you can clearly hear her apologising for hitting him. I sincerely hope Johnny gets the justice he deserves for being in an abusive relationship with this monster

    • Francine Lee
      Francine Lee Month ago

      Boo ya

    • Madison Clarke
      Madison Clarke 2 months ago +2

      Exactly. I always tell my kids to tell the truth b/c you don’t have to keep track of it/remember it. Actual events come to you easy & stay the same when you tell them, lies don’t.

    • adam scott
      adam scott 4 months ago

      He did

    • Mrs. K
      Mrs. K 4 months ago +11

      @Julie Miller and the police is also paid by Johnny Depp? And all the recordings we heard don't exist? Maybe Depp paid Amber also to admit hitting him?
      Have you any touch with reality??! I am asking serious.

  • F B.R
    F B.R 4 months ago +2676

    If the court doesn't catch on to her lies and that she dared to lie under oath, I will no longer have trust in the justice system.

    • ALMA CID
      ALMA CID 4 months ago +1

      I agree. If she isn’t charged with perjury… I swear

    • Nick Hunt
      Nick Hunt 4 months ago +1

      You shouldn’t have faith in it to begin with, it’s a joke

    • Darby Mehan
      Darby Mehan 4 months ago


    • Jessica Sims
      Jessica Sims 4 months ago

      I mean, I agree with you totally but you have trust our justice system?

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu 4 months ago +277

    If the court doesn't catch on to her lies and that she dared to lie under oath, I will no longer have trust in the justice system.

    • Renee Anthony
      Renee Anthony 2 months ago

      This makes you lose trust in the justice system? 👀👀🤷🏾‍♀️

    • Andrew JM
      Andrew JM 4 months ago +1

      kaleif Browder didnt do it for you?

    • RoxDar Murray
      RoxDar Murray 4 months ago +4

      Is anyone tried for perjury these days??!! It MAY stop accusations & trials like this!
      AND, those that MAKE these false accusations should be prosecuted!!!

    • Lacey Jade
      Lacey Jade 4 months ago

      @Vae McDowell Yes, because why work to fix anything for the betterment of all 🫠😅

    • Vae McDowell
      Vae McDowell 4 months ago

      More justice in courts than on the street. Go be an anarchist in Bazeckistan.

  • Miss Sways
    Miss Sways 4 months ago +254

    Very annoying to hear AH’s lawyer question the judge’s every ruling on Camille’s objections 💀 They are desperately reaching for anything at this point knowing that AH is being exposed for her lies.

    • Madison Clarke
      Madison Clarke 2 months ago +1

      @maester of none I thought that at first, but then I started kind of feeling for her. I think her, like JD & many others, was reeled in by AH’s lies & truly believed her. I think she started realizing here with his testimony & the numerous witness testimonies that her client was lying & was the guilty party. It seems they all gave up in the end. Remember, even serial unalivers get attorneys. The only thing that has given me pause in feeling completely terrible for her is her continuing to go on TV, make statements about judge and jury bias etc.

    • maester of none
      maester of none 3 months ago +4

      How was that lawyer so completely unprepared for the redirect? That was like one of the most important parts of the entire trial and she just stood there with her proverbial member in her hand. "I'm trying, I'm really trying". Who would say that when they're really supposed to be commanding a courtroom? What a waste of time and space this woman, same as her client if you ask me, they actually deserve each other.

    • ShindlersFist
      ShindlersFist 4 months ago +15

      This is the same lawyer she had in the UK. They think they're gonna get away with it again.

    • Alvin Thomas
      Alvin Thomas 4 months ago +15

      I may be wrong but Johnny Depp's team didn't question the judge once which I found so respectful. It just shows Johnny Depp's team's confidence in this case while amber is trying to hang on a string.

  • Kimmy Cee
    Kimmy Cee 4 months ago +184

    I legit cannot keep up with discrepancies, lies, contradictions etc… WTH is wrong with this woman?!?! And I think she truly believes that she is convincing that jury that she’s confident and honest and just a broken beaten princess victim. If this jury doesn’t rule in Depps favor I will be SHOOKETH!

    • C. Rodd
      C. Rodd 4 months ago

      Ok Rouxls Kaard

    • Khurram Y
      Khurram Y 4 months ago +2

      @ShindlersFist not on the planet earth, go ask Martians

    • GG's Word
      GG's Word 4 months ago +7

      @ShindlersFist Not a chance... she's removed any likeness I ever had for her now....

    • Beebee
      Beebee 4 months ago +9

      @ShindlersFist Yes - all her fellow narcissists are rooting for her to win this case !! 😏😏😏

    • ShindlersFist
      ShindlersFist 4 months ago +5

      Is ANYONE an Amber Heard fan??

  • Michael Feldman
    Michael Feldman 4 months ago +212

    “I don’t know” “ I don’t remember” “I can’t recall” but you can remember everything when your lawyers are asking questions.

    • Strawberry BubbleGum Strawberry
      Strawberry BubbleGum Strawberry 3 months ago +1


    • Fred Smith
      Fred Smith 4 months ago +6

      Right the carpet was so dirty in a luxurious top floor penthouse with a 24/7 maid

    • Caroline Rothenberg
      Caroline Rothenberg 4 months ago +13

      Exactly....she remembers every itsy bitsy detail when it serves her purpose!

    • Ess
      Ess 4 months ago +18

      And the carpet was really dirty. Why was it so dirty...

  • Mehdi MKM
    Mehdi MKM 4 months ago +1888

    That poor jury. Imagine being trapped, forced to listen as Amber Heard makes direct and uncomfortable eye contact with you for weeks.

    • Whol3NothaL3v3l
      Whol3NothaL3v3l 9 days ago


    • Madison Clarke
      Madison Clarke 2 months ago +1

      I watched a video on RUclips from a reporter in the courtroom. She broke down the jury amazingly & how they looked everywhere but AH which wasn’t a good sign. She said for all previous in-person witnesses they were focused on the person on the stand but they didn’t with her & they were giving her nothing emotion/expression wise.

    • Jennifer Taylor
      Jennifer Taylor 3 months ago +1

      Just watching her do that is immediately annoying.

    • go4damo
      go4damo 4 months ago +1


    • Natalie Moore
      Natalie Moore 4 months ago +1

      @Lala I did the same thing..

  • Leilany Gonzalez
    Leilany Gonzalez 4 months ago +155

    she can never seem to “remember” the actual important details… every time it goes against her it’s “i don’t remember” or “i don’t recall”

    • Elvira Feher
      Elvira Feher 4 months ago +6

      She remembers seeing the dirty carpet or looking at the floor of plane. Or being on the carpet again I some other situation.

    • Ashley Madonna
      Ashley Madonna 4 months ago +14

      But she can remember every detail when she was on mdma and shrooms. She’s lost it

  • Jonathan McConnell
    Jonathan McConnell 4 months ago +156

    31:30 cross examination of Amber Heard resumes
    1:51:30 morning recess
    2:10:00 cross examination of Amber Heard resumes
    3:52:16 lunch recess
    5:02:35 cross examination of Amber Heard resumes
    5:55:20 cross examination of Amber Heard ends
    5:55:25 redirect of Amber Heard begins
    6:29:15 redirect of Amber Heard ends
    6:29:34 afternoon recess
    6:47:18 pre-recorded video deposition of IO Tillett-Wright begins
    7:59:11 pre-recorded video deposition of IO Tillett-Wright ends
    7:59:55 pre-recorded video deposition of Raquel Pennington begins
    8:27:36 pre-recorded video deposition of Raquel Pennington ends for the day

    • FrEmi Belen
      FrEmi Belen 2 months ago +1

      Thank you!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    • Diane K. Kovacs
      Diane K. Kovacs 2 months ago

      Thank you 😊

    • Strawberry BubbleGum Strawberry
      Strawberry BubbleGum Strawberry 3 months ago +2

      This Should've More Likes , NEEDS TO BE TOP COMMENT !
      THANK YOU SO MUCH 🏆🏆🏆🏆👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💯💯💯💯

    • Callie
      Callie 4 months ago +2

      Thank you for this!! So very helpful!!

    • 53RJ
      53RJ 4 months ago +2

      real MVP

  • AstrophelTDeath
    AstrophelTDeath 4 months ago +139

    She screams someone who is lying. She does not answer questions, completely deflects. She thinks she is smart but the jury is picking up those vibes.

    • AstrophelTDeath
      AstrophelTDeath 4 months ago +5

      @Em & Em I believe they will they are made up of people just like people on the internet. Most can tell when someone is being phony. I mean yer saying she uses pledge and donate, synonymously. No one with half a brain would take that as anything other than her trying not to answer the question, and skewing the answer to make herself look better.

    • Sara O
      Sara O 4 months ago

      My exact thought @em & em

    • Em & Em
      Em & Em 4 months ago +2

      let's just hope the jury is picking it up!

  • Belle
    Belle 4 months ago +97

    Camille’s faces when Heards lawyer was on redirect trying to ask/speak a coherent sentence that made any sense is PRICELESS! 🔥👏👏👏

  • Winona Syreini
    Winona Syreini 4 months ago +4906

    She obviously can’t take responsibility for even ONE thing. EVERYONE else is the liar and nothing is her fault apparently. She deflects and twists every single accusation. It’s absolutely sickening and narcissistic behavior.

    • pikesvillemom
      pikesvillemom 4 months ago +4

      @yagirltones He doesn’t have to be an angel not to be a wife beater. It actually makes me sick when her team tries to distract from the issue at hand by assassinating his character.

    • Lillyrose
      Lillyrose 4 months ago +1

      But he does or what? Pfff.

    • Elvira Feher
      Elvira Feher 4 months ago +1

      @Zeba Khawaja Best joke of the day. If she is traumatised as you say that happened in her childhood. She is a lying manipulator. I feel sorry for Johnny and Oonagh. Johnny will be free I'd her. That poor child is stuck with her due the next 15-18 years.

      #BEFORETHEMHYPEBEASTS 4 months ago

      @Cheeba Cheeo this comment didn't age well.

  • Mike K
    Mike K 4 months ago +106

    She is such a liar. It's woman like her who make it incredibly hard for actual victims to seek out and get help. Shame on her.

  • Vaishali Srivastava
    Vaishali Srivastava 4 months ago +193

    Lawyers are throwing her lies on her face and she still standing on her ground. She is very confidently refusing to accept anything that goes against her. Oh my god never seen such a liar.

    • nisslaz
      nisslaz 4 months ago +6

      Oh boy, she reminds me of Jodi Arias. I followed her trial day by day, and kept thinking that it must be a nightmare to be her lawyer. Just like I do now, concerning Amber Heard.

    • M. Ahmad
      M. Ahmad 4 months ago

      Not standing with her but of course she will deny she is defending her self 😂

    • Animal Lover
      Animal Lover 4 months ago +2

      How have you not seen someone like her? Hamare des mein bahut hain, waise wale 😐 😆

  • Karrie Vino
    Karrie Vino 4 months ago +43

    I’m so having flashbacks of hiding myself in rooms to escape my abuser. Escaping isn’t leaving/fleeing from the solution, escaping is saving yourself. A victim does not save their abuser from doing drugs, stop them from leaving the house - these are potential positives thinking/hoping they od or find a new victim. He wasn’t the abuser he was the victim.

    • jeannie Tapner
      jeannie Tapner 3 months ago +3

      Absolutely - I used to leave the house a lot as soon as rows started . when they got wise ( two exes ) one would block the doorway the other locked me in -
      I left to stay with friends so many times on their sofas . Johnny is the one who locks himself in the bathroom also what I used to do until he punched the door repeatedly. Amber is 100 % the Abuser

  • Say it Ain’t so
    Say it Ain’t so 4 months ago +45

    As a recovered addict..I understand how difficult it is to become sober. Having the means to purchase, not to mention the contacts ..I can’t imagine how hard it must be for JD to become sober. But..he’s not on trail for his use. We all have a monster within us.

  • Abigail Ramos
    Abigail Ramos 4 months ago +1558

    It’s weird to me that even after listening to a recording and looking at evidence she LIES and twists it to benefit herself as if we didn’t listen to the same audio or looked at the same evidence. It’s crazy. She truly needs help.

    • proofTeacher
      proofTeacher 4 months ago +1

      yup..only way out is to plead insanity

    • Ende
      Ende 4 months ago

      @Carpe Diem exactly 😄

    • Jo Cooper
      Jo Cooper 4 months ago

      @Karen Cox EXACTLY!!!

    • Neam Raven
      Neam Raven 4 months ago +8

      Imagine arguing with such a person in a relationship. If you can't get them to agree to the sky being blue in a courtroom, imagine them in real life. A nightmare.

  • Memory Rachel
    Memory Rachel 4 months ago +106

    Did anyone else's jaw dropped when she denied having the conversation with JD about what happened on the night of her 30th birthday and going to Coachella literally just after listening to the recording of the conversation 😲..... I really do not know how JD survived this, truly love is blind and fears no darkness 🤦🏿‍♀️

    • Emily Regalado
      Emily Regalado 3 months ago +3

      Literally jaw dropped, Ben and JD's reaction were golden.

    • Criminally Blonde
      Criminally Blonde 4 months ago +5

      That.was.wild. She’s trying to gaslight all of us in front of our faces. This whole mess is so sad & she makes me actually sick. I pray JD & his family find peace🙏🏼

    • Nathaniel Strangman
      Nathaniel Strangman 4 months ago

      Where in the video is that?

  • Crystal Kappel
    Crystal Kappel 4 months ago +80

    I grew up with a narcissist. My sister. I swear I know everything Amber is going to say before she says it. Every motion, every nuance, every single thing about her screams narcissistic liar!

    • Mourning Kiss
      Mourning Kiss 4 months ago +3

      Same here. My husband's ex is EXACTLY like Amber. You can read her like a book. They have a tick/pattern to their behavior that are blatant if you know what you are looking for.

    • Lora Mc Fly
      Lora Mc Fly 4 months ago +9

      @Watery~Lemon what a waste of a reply! (Eye rolling)

    • Watery~Lemon
      Watery~Lemon 4 months ago +1

      Honestly I can't really believe you since that's your sister and siblings have rivalries. But yea I get what you are saying. No hate.

  • Sammi Oak
    Sammi Oak 4 months ago +22

    I used to be with someone who hated my kids coming before them. I can see a mile away that’s what she was being like when Johnny was saying he wanted to see his daughter.
    People like her can’t cope with NOT being number 1, even if there’s kids involved. 😒

    • Michael Scott
      Michael Scott 4 months ago

      Nice meeting you here beautiful Sami.where are you from

  • Kassandra Brown
    Kassandra Brown 4 months ago +192

    Lawyer: is the sky blue?
    Amber: on some days it can be considered to be a hue of blue on other days I’m not so sure

    • Strawberry BubbleGum Strawberry
      Strawberry BubbleGum Strawberry 3 months ago +2


    • Valerie Garfield
      Valerie Garfield 4 months ago +2


    • PsYcO
      PsYcO 4 months ago +2


    • Kassandra Brown
      Kassandra Brown 4 months ago +1

      @Joshabel Lantin 😂😂😂

    • Joshabel Lantin
      Joshabel Lantin 4 months ago +13

      I disagree with that characterization of the sky. It is subjective to call the sky blue. What if the sky identifies as green? 🤣

  • Sharon O'Connell
    Sharon O'Connell 4 months ago +1322

    I've watched the whole trial. By days 10-12 I found myself becoming biased in JD's favor and did not want to lose an independent, open-minded perspective. I made the decision to consider that AH was the injured party and that her claims could be based in fact and supported by evidence and credible testimony, at least to a reasonable doubt. I could not sustain a supportive stance of AH because of weak, even questionable evidence on her part, as well as a consistent, over-affective demeanor that does not appear genuine, and a more genuine demeanor and credible evidence in favor of JD. During the first half of today (Day 17), AH seemed to be so far removed from the reality of numerous pieces of evidence that put her claims in question that I thought the Judge might stop the proceeding and request a psychiatric or medical evaluation of AH, and perhaps a drugs test to determine if her apparent difficulty in dealing with the reality of the evidence was due to a level of toxicity from prescription or non-prescription medications. I'm a retired RN and have seen the results of assaults such as she describes; the pictures she presents are not consistent with the physical assaults she describes.

    • Seeking the Truth
      Seeking the Truth 2 months ago

      @Mme T She is abusive and not a very good person.

    • Anhel Raykova
      Anhel Raykova 3 months ago

      What you described in the exact same experience as mine (minus being a RN)

    • Halloweella Here
      Halloweella Here 3 months ago +1

      @465marko loved this comment ⭐

    • kc jo
      kc jo 4 months ago

      @Jasmine Younus as an RN, I agree this is the perception!

    • Say it Ain’t so
      Say it Ain’t so 4 months ago +1

      @Mme T The judge on this case called Amber out for changing her testimony..in a matter of days.. as to when JD first assaulted her.

  • Leilany Gonzalez
    Leilany Gonzalez 4 months ago +36

    let me know if i’m wrong, since i’ve never been in a situation like this, but she sure seems to be able to tell and fight back at her “monster of a husband and abuser” Like wouldn’t somebody typically stay clear of making their abuser mad? If he were truly abusive he would’ve attacked her right then and there every mock she threw at him

  • Ria Zanelli
    Ria Zanelli 4 months ago +146

    I’m sorry..Did the lawyer who constantly interrupted johnnys witnesses actually just say ‘she’s not letting Amber speak’ ?!!!! 💀

  • D Watak
    D Watak 4 months ago +90

    At around 6:14:30, the bodyguard started laughing uncontrollably cause when the AH team asked questions at 6:09:00, Depp's team keep objecting due to the hearsay and leading.. he then excuse himself about 1 minute. The QnO (Question and Objection) keep repeating again lmao

    • Matt M
      Matt M 4 months ago +1

      Thanks for bringing that up, since sound is out I bet not a lot of people caught it. You can really tell who team Amber is by the folded arms and angry looks towards him.

    • bossylady80
      bossylady80 4 months ago +5

      He had almost everybody laughing at/with him! 😂

  • lior yunfh
    lior yunfh 4 months ago +19

    It is hilarious to me that every time Amber is called out, WITH proof that she is lying, she tries to twist it so that everyone else is the liar.😂 Does she really think we are that naiv

  • Lizzette Cruz
    Lizzette Cruz 4 months ago +2463

    I loved Camille’s cross! She did an outstanding job! I wish little girls look at women like her as a role model instead of reality stars or celebrities that are admired just for their looks not for their intelligence. It takes a lot of preparation and intelligence to do what CV just did. She shined today!

    • LucifrMrningstr
      LucifrMrningstr 4 months ago

      @Chaos Coordinator why did you have to and a “Mexican too”?

    • Geeta Mate
      Geeta Mate 4 months ago

      For real

    • Watery~Lemon
      Watery~Lemon 4 months ago

      Yes but celebs have done stuff too-
      But yea I wish I could have her strength, confidence and intelligence. Not to mention she looks amazing too.

    • Chris Muller
      Chris Muller 4 months ago +1

      I agree, very inspiring. She is smart and seems to have class.

    • Terri Lo Sasso
      Terri Lo Sasso 4 months ago +1

      you are so totally right! Great job!

  • Justin Solis
    Justin Solis 4 months ago +57

    6:00:29-6:29:45 absolute pain for Amber and her team. Her walking out of the courtroom at the end and Camille absolutely shutting down the questions is just so insane.

    • Sara Jenkins
      Sara Jenkins 4 months ago

      @Mia Roggow it's on one of her first days of talking on the stand with elain.

    • Mia Roggow
      Mia Roggow 4 months ago +1

      @prince guillermo I haven’t been keeping up with this at all but what is the bee thing about? Does someone say it? I’ve watched around that area and can’t find it

    • prince guillermo
      prince guillermo 4 months ago +1

      @Planxanso it's because "Her dog stepped on a bee"

    • Planxanso
      Planxanso 4 months ago +8

      And the dude laughing so hard that he had to leave the court room at 6:13

  • C1int
    C1int 4 months ago +198

    So she didn't trust on her 30th birthday that he was at a meeting causing him to be late because "Addicts lie all the time." But then when he gets there you ask him to bring you wine and/or a joint? So you don't trust him...and are attempting to save him...but also...enable him?

    • Kalpana pre04
      Kalpana pre04 4 months ago +1

      He should have stuck to a mature beautiful woman AH was way to Immature and twisted for him! Oh Johnny please take your time to heal and find someone good-hearted when you're ready! 😈👺

    • Sarah Yates
      Sarah Yates 4 months ago +1

      Yep that's what ahe said 🙄😜

    • Bella Vita
      Bella Vita 4 months ago +9

      She was much to young and immature for him from the start. This relationship was fire and kerosine

  • ickleed1980
    ickleed1980 4 months ago +131

    I’m not sure if anyone has already said this - apologies if they have - but this smells of premeditation. Her plan all along was to use him to further her career, eventually divorce and get a settlement. It hasn’t played out as she wanted and she’s after revenge. It may not end have the majority of the public wants it to, but her career could be over. Hollywood knew he drank and took drugs, what they can hear is a woman pushing him further into his habit - knowingly. I doubt many people will want to work with her again.

    • Jazmín JHC
      Jazmín JHC 4 months ago +2

      @Ute Rie you’re being sarcastic right?

    • C. Rodd
      C. Rodd 4 months ago +8

      @Ute Rie I don't know what i expected from somebody who would support amber heard, but this is about it.

    • Ryan McCarthy
      Ryan McCarthy 4 months ago +5

      @Ute Rie they had a great time in the beginning??? their fights started a year+ before their wedding.

    • Maria Gabrielle
      Maria Gabrielle 4 months ago +6

      @Ute Rie Yeah, AH is a real Saint. 🤣

  • Elisabet Eriksson
    Elisabet Eriksson 4 months ago +28

    2:40:33 if she's not under the influence of something on that recording, it makes her even more scary. that is in my opinion not the way you talk to your abuser that you are terrified of
    she chills me to my bones

    • Francine Lee
      Francine Lee 11 days ago +2

      That's part of a longer recording and she was drinking and trying to get an Uber for her. He told her she got some liquid courage in her and she was belligerent

    • Mark L
      Mark L 4 months ago +3

      she sounds possessed

  • Jack Lamkang
    Jack Lamkang 4 months ago +1807

    Arrival of Judge 21:00
    Preliminary matters 21:09
    Cross exam starts at 31:48
    Break 1:52:52 - 2:09:00
    Cross exam 2:10:09
    Lunch Break 3:52:12 - 5:01:05
    Cross exam 5:02:19
    Cross exam ends at 5:55:21
    Redirect 5:55:23
    Redirect ends 6:29:13
    Break 6:29:29 - 6:45:28
    IO Tillet Wright (Witness) 6:47:13
    Raquel Pennington (Witness) 7:59:55

    • James Carr
      James Carr 4 months ago +2

      Thank you 😊

    • Ksenia Naumchik
      Ksenia Naumchik 4 months ago +1

      Bless you!

    • Roos Idema
      Roos Idema 4 months ago +1

      Why is it not pinned? I love this, now i dont have to wait a long time to see again😀

    • MontyCristo69
      MontyCristo69 4 months ago +1

      Absolute unit this one, thanks

  • Carlos Burbano
    Carlos Burbano 4 months ago +69

    Someone taught AH’s lawyer that the way to fix any leading question was by adding “what if any” to the beginning of the question. That lawyer must have found her license inside a big pack of hot Cheetos 😭

    • DJ
      DJ Month ago

      I am at the point where I groan every time I hear her speak. She's terrible!

    • Christy Jones
      Christy Jones 2 months ago +1

      And “not offered to prove the truth in the matter.” Sigh. Smdh.

    • Tori Sweat
      Tori Sweat 3 months ago +4

      When the judge has to tell you “what, if any” isn’t a cure all 😂😂

    • Deborah Wade
      Deborah Wade 4 months ago +1

      Someone said she got her law degree in Antarctica. ??? Penguins don't teach very well

    • Davionious
      Davionious 4 months ago

      It's a tactic. Trivial objections (ie objections that don't stop the evidence coming in even if they are sustained) make you look like a bully. the other reason to do it is there is a fixed time allocation for evidence and objecting runs out the clock - but this is marginal.

  • missylee5
    missylee5 3 months ago +14

    I'm just shocked at how unprofessional and disorganized AHs lawyer was. She was a total sh*tshow. She couldn't remember to turn the microphone on and had to constantly be reminded to do so, being argumentative and discussing her objections in depth rather than approaching the sidebar. It's just absurd. I bet this trial ruins her career. Who would hire her after seeing her poor performance in court?

    • DJ
      DJ Month ago +2

      I swear she literally argued with the judge every time things didn't go her way. It was completely disrespectful.

  • Åshild Østebø
    Åshild Østebø 4 months ago +52

    You can tell how annoyed the Judge is by Amber Heard’s lawyer constantly forgetting to turn on the microphone when she is objecting

  • T Leigh
    T Leigh 4 months ago +55

    I have never witnessed such a calculated, manipulative, vengeful human - as Amber Heard. She disgusts me.

  • Mallaidh Swift
    Mallaidh Swift 4 months ago +1762

    Amber's taped diabolical laugh during the argument is enough to make any juror doubt her claims forever. Chilling.

    • DJ
      DJ Month ago

      It was eerie.

    • Christina Waite
      Christina Waite 4 months ago +2

      Right! It made me feel so uneasy. She's creepy.

    • Saga Johansson
      Saga Johansson 4 months ago


    • Caroline Rothenberg
      Caroline Rothenberg 4 months ago +4

      My drug addict ex-husband laughed like that when he was giving me one of those sarcastic and very mean talkings-to. It felt like evil was enveloping me. Amber drank too much and did plenty of drugs herself. I have no doubt that she was the instigator who never let up in order to provoke JD.
      Also, my ex would follow me to the bathroom and sit at the door while I was locked inside because he wanted to go on and on and on with the argument when all I wanted to do was have some peace and quiet. No doubt she's the addict with the more erratic behavior. No doubt at all!

    • Caroline Rothenberg
      Caroline Rothenberg 4 months ago


  • Antonella
    Antonella 4 months ago +57

    She disgusts me so much mainly because she's damaging the image of real domestic violence victims. Lately, I have been seeing many comments like "oh, if she was truly scared, she would have changed the locks and leave" but, on the case of a real domestic violence victim, that's almost impossible since they are psychologically and financially dependent of their abuser. I wish people would see this comment so that they stop developing a lack of empathy for characteristics that are inherent to domestic violence victims, but that, since AH imitates, have been treated with contempt.

    • Kara T-S
      Kara T-S 4 months ago +2

      Absolutely this! Truth is, it's always been hard for DV and SA victims to come forward, long before AH's lies. My only takeaway from this very public trial is an understanding of how powerful un yet vulnerable and susceptible social media movements can be. They can bring justice and destruction when used by the wrong person.

  • Alice Vittorio
    Alice Vittorio 4 months ago +36

    his reaction when she stated that he used other people to back him up during their arguments while talking about her bashing him in front of his son is emblematic

  • Sophie W
    Sophie W 4 months ago +40

    I survived an abusive relationship and I can tell you how everything happened, the smell of everything and every little detail. This is a mockery of real victims

    • MC FNAF
      MC FNAF 4 months ago

      I’m so sorry that happened… 😔

    • Maria Tojal
      Maria Tojal 4 months ago +3

      I can't tell every detail of all the 8 years situations..

  • Watery~Lemon
    Watery~Lemon 4 months ago +50

    I am scared of her at this point. The way she acts on camera is already terrifying. What about off camera?

    • Francine Lee
      Francine Lee 11 days ago

      You can tell her true self by listening to the audios!

    • PsYcO
      PsYcO 4 months ago


  • Marco Cons
    Marco Cons 4 months ago +5809

    I think this will be turned into a movie one day because this is the best court drama I've ever seen...and it's real!

    • Scott aye
      Scott aye 4 months ago

      And guess who will play the lead role. JD! Lol

    • Anjelica Loyd
      Anjelica Loyd 4 months ago

      Oh Netflix please pick this up. Complete with flashbacks of the testimonies. Both versions. Pick the Johnny or the Amber side of events 😂

    • Anjelica Loyd
      Anjelica Loyd 4 months ago


    • Red Rebel
      Red Rebel 4 months ago

      It could be adapted on a film but in different names

    • A new thought every day
      A new thought every day 4 months ago

      Would be a good movie 🎥

  • Michael Hillebrand
    Michael Hillebrand 4 months ago +89

    If he's such a bad man and "monster", why does she constantly keep begging him to come back and he on the other hand just wants his space.
    In fact, she's not acting like a wife towards him, but rather like a clingy teenage girl, who can't even admit her own mistakes.
    JD is also very authentic in the audio files played and his testimony, while she is an entirely different person on the stand.
    That's my observation at least.

    • Francine Lee
      Francine Lee 17 days ago +1

      She is a child! Love journals, needy, high school stuff! He should have never married her!

    • Michael Hillebrand
      Michael Hillebrand 4 months ago +1

      @April Parker There are certainly tendencies for that, indeed.
      Though it doesn't justify her extremely immature behaviour.
      I suppose, apart from all the other reasons their relationship didn't work out, one major factor surely was the age difference.

    • Sweet Songstress
      Sweet Songstress 4 months ago


    • April Parker
      April Parker 4 months ago

      see my answer to this question

    • April Parker
      April Parker 4 months ago

      it's called, codependency
      they're both codependent

  • New Yorkie
    New Yorkie 2 months ago +4

    I pity the fool who tries to test Vasquez! She is the golden standard of solid attorney work. I feel like I owe her money for all the satisfaction she gave me! The difference between her cross examination and Amber's goons' is so stunning I was almost embarrassed on their behalf 😆

  • Cupwithacake 04
    Cupwithacake 04 4 months ago +75

    The judge seems so fed up with ambers lawyers and I don’t blame her. Amber and her lawyers are behaving immaturely

    • Mzzz Lucas
      Mzzz Lucas 4 months ago +5

      Did you notice how Amber's lawyer has to keep being reminded to turn on her microphone 🤷🏻....how annoying, and she can't even construct a proper question....Objection leading, Objection hearsay, Objection foundation, Objection relevance 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻 then she has to say 'I'm really trying here' 🤣🤣🤣

    • Ria Zanelli
      Ria Zanelli 4 months ago +7

      @Oscar Pardo don’t forget ‘I’m trying your honour I’m really trying’ 🤣
      Or maybe
      ‘Objection, leading’
      ‘I think she’s within her rights’

    • Oscar Pardo
      Oscar Pardo 4 months ago +11

      @Ria Zanelli Objection your honor.
      AH lawyer: But but but but but but but but

    • Ria Zanelli
      Ria Zanelli 4 months ago +13

      That’s exactly what I thought too! My theory is that in the beginning the judge was pro Amber but throughout the trials she saw the blatant lying and acting. Also the arrogance of AH’s lawyer when there’s an objection..the judge literally overrules it and she STILL argued with her🤐

  • Bipolarlife
    Bipolarlife 4 months ago +35

    Man this women is something else, she antagonized him time after time...he tried to walk away from every argument but she complained about it

  • Levi Grogan
    Levi Grogan 4 months ago +2090

    It is annoying how much she looks at the jury because we all know it's her trying to win them over but it is also SO disrespectful to everyone who has been questioning her. You face the jury if you're asked to explain something to them directly

    • M _
      M _ 4 months ago

      Lol people are instructed to look at the jury in court. And is not her trying to “intimidate them” another LOL. It’s called being respectful in court

    • NoMadderMel
      NoMadderMel 4 months ago

      I'm uncomfortable for the jurors! So awkward and feels very manipulative.

    • Nicholette J
      Nicholette J 4 months ago

      @kalynn you missed my point

    • Julzzy
      Julzzy 4 months ago +1

      @Carae Voyles could you provide the link to his channel please

  • Miraculous Simpson
    Miraculous Simpson 4 months ago +34

    Amber is a pathological liar and all, but the way her lawyer keeps on forgetting to turn on her microphone to speak to the judge is HIGHLY frustrating and annoying.

    • Rivara
      Rivara 4 months ago +2

      @Miraculous Simpson lucky for them, the Judge is very patient even if she's annoyed...

    • Ess
      Ess 4 months ago +3

      It's also obvious the judge is quite frustrated with her lol

    • Miraculous Simpson
      Miraculous Simpson 4 months ago +3

      @Rivara exactly, and the judge got so annoyed too

    • Rivara
      Rivara 4 months ago +3

      ikr... and yesterday, she forgot again,and AH helped her turn it on lol... thats so funny

  • Alejandra Rodriguez
    Alejandra Rodriguez 4 months ago +23

    Camille just bombarded the redirection with objections! she's a beast of a lawyer, i'm in awe!!

  • Mimito's Music
    Mimito's Music 4 months ago +7

    When they were playing her video from the previous years asking about how she hit him with the door. You could see her rolling her eyes, feeling too comfortable on the situation and not putting up a front. Now she’s trying to okay the victim and talking softly. Having her in at both times you could see how more complex and refined she has become to hide her lies and become more trustworthy.

  • P Hayes
    P Hayes 4 months ago +48

    Starting at 5:21:00 Correct me if I am wrong. If the door hit him in the head, wouldn't she have to be pushing into on it to go into the bathroom? If he was trying to push the door closed and hit her foot, she was entering to where he was? He was hiding in the bathroom. Most bathroom doors swing inward. She was stepping into the bathroom while he was in there. No question she was coming after him.

    • DJ
      DJ Month ago +1

      He was in the bathroom. She lied in the deposition and in court. Check out the RUclips channel Incredibly Average. He has videos with evidence that wasn't allowed in the trial.

    • Matt M
      Matt M 4 months ago +2

      It would technically work both ways, dependent on where they were in relation to the door's opening. She could hit his head pushing a door shut that he had just opened, and he could run the door over her toes trying to come into a door against her wishes.. It would be less likely that his head would be hit if she were barricading the door as she says. He would have to not be pushing on it for it to hit him with any noticeable force. it doesn't really matter how it happened, just why it happened.

    • Prosaktic Jam
      Prosaktic Jam 4 months ago +4

      Honestly think he was in the bathroom and she hit him trying to go in. I believe he testified to something along those lines. He has at least spoken about hiding from Amber on several occasions in the bathroom, so there is definitely a chance.
      All the bathroom doors in my house swing outwards, but it is a pretty old house. So if Amber's testimony is to be believed, all they'd really need to do is go check the doors out. Most bathroom doors do swing inward, its a lot more practical I'd imagine, and especially in huge, expensive, modern houses such as the ones they were living in. It just doesn't make much sense for them to swing outwards if they have the space for them to swing in. In other words, she was definitely going after him. She's so vile.

  • Daniel Wardwell
    Daniel Wardwell 4 months ago +1716

    It’s so pathetic that she claims she “never assaulted Johnny ever” when SHE has said HERSELF that she has hit him, it’s literally part of her own testimony that she’s hit him multiple times. She’s an abusive snake.

    • Kay Kay Militi
      Kay Kay Militi 4 months ago

      Where did they find this schlep?

    • Stellardust
      Stellardust 4 months ago

      And so kind and pledging 7 million dollars

    • Kiki Davis
      Kiki Davis 4 months ago

      Abusive snake? Really.

    • Jayme Allan
      Jayme Allan 4 months ago

      @blue jay Thank you for that!

  • Mrs. H
    Mrs. H 4 months ago +7

    Someone once told me that in the US secondary school is college and you could not convince them otherwise. Even said they talked to a legal person and was confirmed. Could not show them that post secondary is college. Something like this kind of person seems to be what Johnny was dealing with. Had to be right even if it's completely false and will make up things to try and prove it with no real legal proof.

  • SydMountaineer
    SydMountaineer Month ago +4

    She habitually reframes EVERY single question asked,even when she doesn't need to lie,which is a symptom of her being accustomed to automatically changing what others say to change reality, which makes it easier on her brain esp whenl lying, just reframe eerything others say, it's likea habit

  • Tangie Smith
    Tangie Smith 4 months ago +30

    When Amber told about the train trip, she said he hit her in the face when they got back to the room on the train but than during cross she says she her face was not injured during that trip. Omg, she has said every single person is lying, including her own nurse and doctors, smh

    • Brihcheese
      Brihcheese 4 months ago +4

      And the cops lol. She’s next level crazy

    • Ryan McCarthy
      Ryan McCarthy 4 months ago +3

      oooouuuuu i missed that

  • MarTiki Moore
    MarTiki Moore 4 months ago +21

    I see what everyone else sees in Amber. I feel for JD. I’m keeping up on the trial and opinions myself. However.. my question is why are we able to watch this trial in it’s entirety but the Epstein trial happened under the radar.

    • Jenn Ion
      Jenn Ion 4 months ago +1

      Would’ve loved to watch the Epstein trial

    • Elvira Feher
      Elvira Feher 4 months ago +2

      Johnny wanted it televised. While she tried to block it at every turn. An innocent person with nothing to hide, would be happy to let the truth come out. She has been fighting for this case to be thrown out, since day one.

    • LeeA95
      LeeA95 4 months ago +3

      I understand Johnny Depp requested it be televised. That, in and of itself, is telling.

    • Amani Mirza
      Amani Mirza 4 months ago +10

      JD wanted it to be telecasted live

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 4 months ago +559

    love how Camille is bringing out amber's true colors. Camile started strong then brought the heat down just enough to trick Amber into thinking that she had a hint of credibility then brought the fire WAY up again 🔥I love her strategy, her arguments are entirely evidence- based and she presents her points in a very solid matter-of-fact manner. And I love how she's not letting Amber get away with any BS. When she starts to ramble and avoid the question Camile firmly forces her to answer clearly. She's an excellent lawyer. JD made very smart choices with his legal team.

    • Tina Mudong
      Tina Mudong 4 months ago +3

      @noadlor exactly! When she’s caught she gets snippy and rude and condescending

    • noadlor
      noadlor 4 months ago +2

      Amber is showing her true self. Snarky, rude, arrogant, deflecting, projection. Argumentative because she is being exposed.

    • Jeffrey W
      Jeffrey W 4 months ago +2

      It looked like she was getting angry and letting some of it show when her lawyers questions kept getting Objected by JD's team

    • Pete Duncan
      Pete Duncan 4 months ago

      Yep, Good shout; I felt a bit sad for her yesterday for the first time, but not today. Totally right on JD hiring the right people for the job.

    • Amy Wright
      Amy Wright 4 months ago +14

      Herds lawyers on the other hand seem like they’ve been plucked straight out of first year law school 🙈

  • kokkiparis chan
    kokkiparis chan 4 months ago +15

    At this point I believe that Amber's lawyers are secretly on JD's side. She couldn't make a question without being objected. At this point I can even recognize when a question calls for speculation, lack of foundation and hearsay. She can't be unaware of that while questioning AH 😅

  • CammieInOz
    CammieInOz 4 months ago +3

    Judging by how she conducts herself during her testimony, it's evident she doesn't hold accountability or responsibility for anything. She has a ready reason/excuse for everything that may seem negative that involves her or her actions. She's showing traits of a real narcissist, the cocky way she answers many of the questions and holds her head up almost in a defiant manner also suggests this. I'm hoping the jury understands enough to not believe her act.

  • Melissa Camilini
    Melissa Camilini 4 months ago +34

    Anyone who has ever had a spouse or loved one deeply addicted to drugs and alcohol can tell exactly what the lies are and what the truth is. This was obviously a very toxic violent relationship between two people deeply in love in the most tragic way. Imo she is gravely exaggerating many things but it's not all lies. They both suffered in their own way and are now publicly ripping each other apart. I hope it's at least cathartic in some way because I don't think either will recover. So sad.

    • Anhel Raykova
      Anhel Raykova 3 months ago

      Agree with every word.

    • Zyah Gonzalez
      Zyah Gonzalez 4 months ago +3

      Facts but she put it in a magazine for the world and only told her side he lost everything now he’s telling his side and she’ll lose everything it’s childish yes but they both should have the right to tell their sides of their story’s to the world if it’s already out there

    • Bruno Gaspar
      Bruno Gaspar 4 months ago +1

      Two adults reaching this point is childish! And you’re absolutely right, they’re both toxic and responsible for all that happened.

  • Indigo Imouto
    Indigo Imouto 4 months ago +3

    6:25:08 A line was crossed right there. Just from the weeks I've spent watching this trial alone, I know that's not something you can say to a judge.

    • Sara Jenkins
      Sara Jenkins 4 months ago +3

      The shock on JDs lawyers faces and Johnny clapping 👌 that was classic

  • JABouletFiction
    JABouletFiction 4 months ago +592

    Camille has a very bright future after this. She did such an amazing job, never backing down, going after every detail like a hound dog then attacked like a pitbull at every spoken word during the redirect. AND Camille never once loses her cool. Wow, this woman is fierce at court.

    • Thinking Allowed
      Thinking Allowed 4 months ago

      @Sherry Dalesandro Then why is she letting him get to her with the flirtatious mannerisms? I find her tone of voice b*tchy. She also became frustrated at times which added further to the unnecessary aggression in her line of questioning.

    • Thinking Allowed
      Thinking Allowed 4 months ago

      Based on your experience as what? The whole world has seen the body language between Camille and Johnny; the hand holding, the way she leans over when he touches her hands to whisper into her ear, she twirls and fiddles with her hair. It's so cringe. And although she scored a couple of points when Amber forgot that she testified that she has never known Johnny to not wear rings and then contradicted that, it's a minor point.

    • Brayden
      Brayden 4 months ago +4

      @Emma Johnston she's not letting Amber try and manipulate the court toom. Camille is taking the sense of control away from Amber and whenever Amber tries to go off on a tangent Camille snaps her right back to reality. She's keeping a tight leash on Amber and I love it.

    • Jani Viita
      Jani Viita 4 months ago +3

      @Sherry Dalesandro maybe they say that because this kind of high media case is best way to be show more widely? 🤔

    • Sherry Dalesandro
      Sherry Dalesandro 4 months ago +4

      Why is everyone so surprised and saying she’s going to have a bright future.
      Do people not realise she already had a bright future, that’s why she was chosen to do this cross examination and be involved in this case in the first place? It is so offensive! As if she needs a famous man in a case to raise her career up!

  • Lina Gervacio
    Lina Gervacio 4 months ago +4

    I feel sorry for AH... 🥺
    I live with someone just like her. A family member I love deeply. Someone who will lie her way out of a tough situation, and worse can not admit to the wrong doing even if it kills her. She simply can not, CAN NOT tell the truth. She'd rather dig herself deeper into the BS story she made.
    Imagine, this...
    I lost 25k from my bank. I left my ATM with her so she can pay the bills. She said somebody stole the ATM from her bag, used the card to shop, then later returned the ATM. 🤔 Why didn't the thief take the rest of the money in the account? Go on a shopping-spree, empty the account, THEN return the card. 🤦
    Now, we've accepted her flaw and learned to prepare for any fallout from anything she does. Every time something happens, I assess the damage, and work through it all. I keep praying for her, that she wouldn't end up in jail for something...
    So, I feel sorry for AH... 🥺 She's dug herself so deep in the hole, there's no coming out of this... All the BS will eventually fall on her...

  • Nat Etche
    Nat Etche 4 months ago +54

    How convenient that in the audios she always is talking about "a part" of the discussions of her wrong doings and never mentions what JD did to her....
    How convenient that she never takes photos of the BRUTAL injuries she describes....
    How convenient that she didn't take photos of that broken phone that traumatized her before the assault....
    How convenient that the body guard didnt take a photo of that phone either, despite him taking photos of all damage in the building...
    How convenient is that ALL witnesses remember things bad and she is the only one with good memory (even when she is drugged)
    How convenient is everything for her.......

    • Francine Lee
      Francine Lee 17 days ago

      And her mother!

    • KatA
      KatA 4 months ago +5

      And how convenient that the only one of Johnny‘s people who ever saw her with injuries or would stick up for her was Jerry Judge who isn’t alive to testify 🤨

  • Markus Gorelli
    Markus Gorelli 3 months ago +4

    6:05:41 The problem with the ENT report may very well be the same problem with the therapists reports. Meaning that a therapist will take whatever their client tells them at face value. Their job is not to judge on the truthfulness of what they are being told per se. An ENT would be worse. If you told the ENT that you got hit in the past and got a broken nose, then it is feasible that this information will be entered into the report as medical fact especially if he does see some sort of cumulative injury to it.
    But if instead, HE WAS BROUGHT TO THE STAND as her expert witness, he may very well concede, that he did no objective evaluation to decide if, or especially when, her nose got broken. I am using the term "when" because a number of people have noticed that AH seems to have some sort of crease or mark across her forehead that she is clearly unsuccessful in masking. And internet rumors abound that AH was involved in a serious car accident when she was a teenager. We do not know what injuries she sustained in that accident. So it is in fact eminently possible that AH does in fact have the remains of scars and injuries of one kind or another - and so the timing that she is attributing to these things is in question.
    And of course the other factor is her persistent drug use - did she inform the ENT of same. And if he had that information in hand, would his conclusions be different? We can only wonder if the ENT in question is watching this and saying, "What s**t did I get myself involved in?"
    6:08:33 The time to try was during AH initial testimony and NOT during redirect Elaine!

  • Amira Krim
    Amira Krim 4 months ago +11

    The more i watch the more shocked i become.
    It's crazy what Johnny had to endure for a long period of time.

  • divineenergy
    divineenergy 4 months ago +6943

    *The one thing that is annoying to me is, Amber never takes responsibility for her actions. 🙃*

    • Manuel Bache
      Manuel Bache 2 months ago

      @Seeking the Truth Hope you're happy

    • Seeking the Truth
      Seeking the Truth 2 months ago

      @Manuel Bache I watched the whole trial and JD won all three counts of defamation

    • Seeking the Truth
      Seeking the Truth 2 months ago

      @Yukon West It is lies because the judge let Amber change her evidence to fit the story. They were not allowed to do that in Virginia. Also the judge dismissed a lot of JD's evidence or ignored it. Amber's lawyers tried to use the same tactics here and it didn't work. The verdict was not that he was a wife beater but it was substantially true. Not so definate as the verdict here

    • Manuel Bache
      Manuel Bache 2 months ago

      @Seeking the Truth So what? Have you watch the trial?
      Pick me up.

    • Yukon West
      Yukon West 2 months ago

      @Seeking the Truth it’s not a lie in the UK where Johnny lost.

  • Homie Keen
    Homie Keen 4 months ago +10

    Now I don't know what their life and relationship was like, wasn't there. But honestly, it can be extremely frustrating when in a relationship you can't have arguments and one person just constantly shuts off or leaves.
    (I'm on Johnny's side this is a general remark)

    • Fred Smith
      Fred Smith 4 months ago +5

      You’re missing the point…she was antagonizing him intentionally hoping that he would either Jill himself or beat the crap out of her…for her financial gain…..she never loved the man…it was a con from day 1.

  • Emma Scudder
    Emma Scudder 4 months ago +45

    thank God the judge said “what if anything is not the cure all” at 06:07:05. Every time ambers lawyer starts with what if anything its hearsay or leading HAHAH im tired of it

    • Xenon
      Xenon 3 months ago +2

      @Monica No that wouldn't be healthy. Even drinking water you'd still drown yourself doing it.

    • Monica
      Monica 3 months ago +1

      Could be a drinking game especially with a megapint and jar of dirt to top it all off 🤔

    • Xenon
      Xenon 3 months ago +1

      It’s like she gets paid every time she says the phrase. It happens so often she’s just not even trying to ask the right questions.

    • B Funky
      B Funky 4 months ago +2

      6:14:00 watch the guy laugh and walk out

  • Sarah Limon
    Sarah Limon 4 months ago +15

    3:04:35 it’s crazy to me that she claims she didn’t change the saturation on these photos because the angle, the little hairs on her neck, the flyaway hairs at the top, the drape of her hair in general doesn’t change by even a single strand. it is very clearly the exact same photo. if she’d had to turn on or off a light it would have changed at least one of these aspects even slightly

  • RoxDar Murray
    RoxDar Murray 4 months ago +19

    NEVER have seen a defendant look at the jury the way she does! Unsettling & Creepy!!!

    • Anhel Raykova
      Anhel Raykova 3 months ago +2

      @Dawn Crowley That was what I was gonna say :D Arias was also diagnosed with BPD and you can see a few similarities between the two; the most remarkable for me is that while the psychologist for the prosecution was explaining how she reached the diagnosis, Arias would never look at her and pretended she was very concentrated on scribbling in her notebook, even turning her head this and that way like a child does when coloring. And if you go back to Dr. Curry's testimony, you'll see Amber behaving the exact same way to a creepy degree.

    • Dawn Crowley
      Dawn Crowley 4 months ago +3

      The only time I’ve seen this in the same creepy way is in the trial of Jodi Arias who also was a complete narcissist and liar…and who rightly got found guilty.

  • Michelle Anderson
    Michelle Anderson 4 months ago +1827

    She’s such a narcissist that she doesn’t even understand how obvious her need to control every situation is to everybody else and it looks like she actually thinks this is perfectly acceptable behaviour.

    • Rand Balata
      Rand Balata 4 months ago

      Omg yes thank u!!!

    • Melissa Nichols
      Melissa Nichols 4 months ago +1

      Not to mention, all of the times he “held her up by her neck” but there’s never any bruising on her fair skinned neck? 🥴

    • Alexa lex
      Alexa lex 4 months ago

      Yess! They have absolutely no awareness of the level of their malicious behaviour! Just a sense of entitlement , a set of manipulation skills and go till the end to keep the image up. She couldn't care less for JD, his kids and their feelings..she is the monster and was trying to make JD believe that he was one! And he almost believed this, coz he didn't know how to make her happy!!😪

    • Michelle Anderson
      Michelle Anderson 4 months ago

      @Aj you are no narcissist if you’ve allowed someone else to be right?

  • Mia A
    Mia A 3 months ago +3

    I wish someone said that even in court if someone asked if she had a bruise on her face “that court day” that they would say yes, that make ip definitely look like she has bruises on her cheeks, so when someone says “she wasn’t wearing makeup and she had no bruises, they were probably right”.

  • Matt M
    Matt M 4 months ago +4

    A jury trial ultimately comes down to the wildly unpredictable opinions of 12 randomly selected individuals.. but if you're scoring the Direct, Cross, and Re-direct of the witness Amber Heard like a sport event, it was a blowout win for Team Depp. An absolute blood bath.

  • Tom Jacobson
    Tom Jacobson 4 months ago +46

    Let's face it, there is no winner here, legally speaking. However, there is a bigger picture. Depp has proven that, despite the word on the street, he is not always late by one to three hours . He has been on time, every time. Imagine if he failed to show for three hours after a court day began. His career would be toast. Instead he has proven that he can be on time, focused, clear headed, sober, and sharp. That is gold for Johnny Depp. Producers and studio heads are watching. They will see dollar signs, and Johnny will see a revitalized career. 50 Million dollars? He can make that in six months......Amber, on the other hand.....

    • Mr. YungThug
      Mr. YungThug 4 months ago +2

      Amber doesn’t hold any value at this point, she’s just the laughing stock of the internet and there is no turning back…

  • Lilly Walker
    Lilly Walker 4 months ago +8

    I remember a psychologist saying we all look a certain way when recalling incidents from memory compared to making something up. I had to go back through iO’s depo to see which was he was looking throughout answering the normal questions from recollection. He looks to the right (his left) throughout. When he references something to his left a note perhaps. Then suddenly talking about the defecation story, he’s mainly looking to the left again. It’s all way too close to what she’s said. He even uses the same “magical” “wonderful” words that Amber used. I started to think this was a legit testimony, until this.

    • DJ
      DJ Month ago

      I noticed his use of "wonderful" etc.

    • Katie Johnson
      Katie Johnson 4 months ago

      Thought the same thing when it came to Rocky's as well

    • Lilly Walker
      Lilly Walker 4 months ago

      Now when bredehoft asks how she became after that, he starts describing her while looking at something to his left.
      This is all around 7:52:00

  • Omas M
    Omas M 4 months ago +1360

    The part I love is this Ambers true personality was displayed in court during cross examination. The unnecessary arguing with the lawyer, the arrogant look, her ‘nuanced answer’ phrase which was so classless, the I am smarter than thou act, trying to add additional statements to a basic Yes or No, denying all the facts that were true. She doesn’t need to say or do anything more beyond. She is done for irrespective of who wins.

    • Omas M
      Omas M 4 months ago

      @Thinking Allowed Camille was brilliant. Doing the job she was meant to do. To the point and that’s cross examination. Ambers lawyers suck big time. Facts again. This is clearly demonstrated for the world to see.

    • Omas M
      Omas M 4 months ago

      @Thinking Allowed that’s your opinion. The facts speak very different, so do a lot of opinions. So let’s debate what you think versus what others think for another day. I for one surely don’t agree with what you’ve stated here and that’s my opinion. Peace!

    • jdennis867
      jdennis867 4 months ago

      @Thinking Allowed uhhh, not intentional though. amber literally faked a broken nose by using red nail polish on a napkin and put it in her nose. that like saying i am accused of domestic violence because i was backing up and bumped into a girl and she twisted her ankle. smfh....

    • Thinking Allowed
      Thinking Allowed 4 months ago

      @jdennis867 He admitted in a recording that he headbutted her! What this case demonstrates is that, contrary to all the whining by angry, divorced men's groups and redpill losers online, is that the double standard still gives men a free pass.

  • Akward Silence
    Akward Silence 3 months ago +3

    I know this is a month late but I find it amusing that she had her head on a swivel when answering questions. The jury isn’t asking the questions, focus the person in front of you.

  • Sab C
    Sab C 4 months ago +17

    Johnny: “I did say this things and Im not proud of it.”
    Amber: “That’s not what I meant”

    MARZWERA06 2 months ago +4

    Anybody w lady parts will definitely KNOW and FEEL if a broken bottle was used! Her lies are so outlandish, i can't believe there are still people that believe this woman.. its unfathomable!!!!!

  • Xenon
    Xenon 3 months ago +4

    She did a wonderful job at the cross-examination. Really thrashed her lies.

  • Rusty MILIO
    Rusty MILIO 4 months ago +1033

    Nothing is ever her fault. She "remembers" only what suits her case. All the witnesses who contradict her lies are lying. She even threw her lawyers under the bus. SMH

    • Sarah Gianfortune
      Sarah Gianfortune 4 months ago

      @MCG CEG yeah, I literally started laughing out loud at that part. It was so ridiculous that it was unintentionally hilarious. I hope the jury is seeing through this crap.

    • General Grevous
      General Grevous 4 months ago

      @M.C W gum Hope they don't....not interested in defense prattle on about muffins.

    • smilemore:D
      smilemore:D 4 months ago +4

      @MRDIV153 Yes! She also made a claim about there being a photo that wasn’t submitted into evidence, which showed one of the times JD apparently punched her in the face; she said that she didn’t know why the photo wasn’t in evidence and that it wasn’t her job, aka blaming her lawyers for not submitting the photo, which more than likely doesn’t even exist. 🤡

    • Christopher Guilday
      Christopher Guilday 4 months ago +7

      @Bethany Wade They recapped it at 3:58:00 to 4:01:40
      “You didn’t provide that photo showing your face was swollen, did you?”
      Amber: I would very much like to. It’s not up to me.
      She’s saying that it was her lawyers decision not to provide the court with the photo of Amber’s busted up face. She’s throwing them under the bus, blaming them for not providing the photo… Which is absolutely INSANE because if that photo existed her lawyers would have absolutely provided it as they are legally obligated to, and it would also be a major piece of evidence in her favor. If her statement was true then it would mean her lawyers are in contempt of court. She’s obviously lying.
      She also did this same thing on several other occasions too. Amber will never accept any form of responsibility EVER. She literally blames everyone but herself.

  • Carolina
    Carolina 4 months ago

    I’ve watched many trials but I’ve never seen one with so many sidebars. I have seen judges say no when a lawyer asked to approach, not sure why this judge doesn’t clamp down on that. I’d be getting irritated if I was a juror watching this drag out way longer than necessary

  • Kristina Watson
    Kristina Watson 4 months ago +8

    It’s cringy how hard it is to get her to answer a question with a simple yes or no. She has to argue everything… so uncomfortable 🙄

  • Kns
    Kns 4 months ago +13

    Even for a small word like "yes I do" directing to the jury instead of simply answering to the lawyer is so cringe!
    It has started hurting my eyes and my neck hurts along as well! Gosh!

  • Multimermaid
    Multimermaid 4 months ago +13

    When IO is testifying ambers face u can tell she’s enjoying everything he’s saying about Johnny confirming her story for her. U can literally see it in her face she loves it. N she’s checking the jury’s faces to see if they are believing it. 🤢

    • Camlam
      Camlam 4 months ago +3

      Johnny Depp is on one of the recordings asking, "What's iO's real name?" That's how close they really were.

  • Hinata
    Hinata 4 months ago +1587

    The people defending amber solely because she is a woman are vile! Women are capable of monstrous toxic behavior and Amber is guilty!

    • Starfish Duder
      Starfish Duder 4 months ago

      @Jasmine Kira Towers
      I literally don't see your comment.

    • Jasmine Kira Towers
      Jasmine Kira Towers 4 months ago

      @Faith Tunzo Hi! I dont think either of them are guilty. I just don't think he's innocent the way people are making him out to be. I explore this in a comment I made in response to Starfish Duder in this same thread. Its pretty lengthy but feel free to read it if youre interested. :)

    • Castle Cliff
      Castle Cliff 4 months ago

      @Jane Lw 'sorry to disappoint you' ... mate i aint disappointed here.. im here for the laughs ... lesbian 😂😂😂😁

    • Mallaidh Swift
      Mallaidh Swift 4 months ago

      @Feminine Frequency Rising I've literally seen 1 here and one on Twitter. So there are 2. lol

  • Szymon Grabarczyk
    Szymon Grabarczyk 4 months ago +53

    Amber Heard recieving a ticket:
    Officer : "Mam you drove thrue a red light"
    AH: "The light suddenly blinded me with this horrible red color, yes"
    Officer: "Mam you pose a danger to others by ignoring the lights"
    AH: "Correct, I was in great danger, I was blinded and sourrounded by cars"

  • The Owl
    The Owl 3 months ago +7

    Amber was Blackmailing Johnny. Consider the Following..: 1) When her demands are not met, she goes for a bizarre restraining order, knowing that Johnny was out of town and would be out of the country for several months. 2) She lets the TMZ know that she was going to court for restraining order, and even provides direction what side of her face should be photographed. 3) She and her team also provide the TMZ with the video of Johnny. 4) After receiving the $7,000,000 divorce settlement, she still continues to extort money from Johnny. 5) She asks for three penthouses, the cars, and $50,000 a month. 6) She makes fun of Johnny for even thinking of going to court. 7) She decides "MeToo Movement", her acting skills, and dishonest lawyers like Rotten born and Crazy Elaine will help her to fool the Jury...!!!

  • Emily Roepke
    Emily Roepke 4 months ago +13

    Is it any wonder that Johnny Depp didn't want to be sober and found it distressing to be sober when he was apparently constantly being harangued by Amber. At least it certainly sounds that way to me. All the recordings they've played of Amber have made me feel very distressed because she sounds so so crazy.

  • Melissa Moss
    Melissa Moss 4 months ago +12

    She can't even keep her own lies straight. She says in the altercation where the door scraped her foot and she shoved the door into Johnny's face, she was "trying to barricade" the door, but Johnny was the one inside the bathroom! 😂😂 So now, she's trying to barricade Johnny into the bathroom?

    • DJ
      DJ Month ago


    • Maisie Durham
      Maisie Durham 4 months ago +1

      Accidentally admitted the truth!🤣

  • Volkov098
    Volkov098 4 months ago +772

    What I like about this the most is, Ms Vasquez is using Amber’s “evidence” against her so her lawyers can’t really object to mostly anything since is what they presented

  • pia vienna
    pia vienna 4 months ago +21

    For me, regardless who did what to whom, it is a shame to see and hear the most intimate things of two people, celeb or not - not much has changed since the gladiator fight in the ancient Rome - except the choice of weapons!

  • Whatsmyname
    Whatsmyname 4 months ago +55

    IO: Amber would never use cocaine. She was completely against it because of Johnny.
    Rocky: yes, I've seen her use cocaine. We've done it together.

    • DJ
      DJ Month ago

      A guy she who did a movie with her said she did a lot of cocaine. He admitted they used together. He also said that was when she was with Tasia, and she didn't like drugs of any kind, and when she came to visit, amber was hiding it from her, etc. Then they got into an argument because Tasia found out that amber was going to strip clubs, etc. He said her apartment was trashed after the fight. I don't believe anything she says.

    • Zykera Haynes
      Zykera Haynes 4 months ago +2

      Amber admitted to using it

  • Moon Dusk83
    Moon Dusk83 Month ago +2

    Watching this all the way through again, and noticed more and more how patient, calm and polite Johnny Depp's people who for him on the stand or video, when it came to Ambers friends or people who spoke for her, they seem or rude and ratty, esp on this day Ambers friend he just was rude and moody..

  • Barbie Girl
    Barbie Girl 4 months ago +41

    Shes the victim and so afraid of johnny that in all the recordings shes cursing him out and instigating arguments. Doesnt sound like someone who is walking on eggshells