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Can You Beat Minecraft in a Potato ONLY World?

  • Published on Apr 11, 2024
  • Minecraft, But The World is ONLY Poisonous Potatoes (April Fools 2024 Update)
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    Can I beat this MINECRAFT CHALLENGE in a world that is ONLY POISONOUS POTATOES and defeat the STRONGEST MINECRAFT BOSS? This is the Official MINECRAFT POISONOUS POTATO UPDATE that was released for APRIL FOOLS! Watch to see if I can take over the POTATO DIMENSION and turn it into a COOKIE DIMENSION!
    Can You Beat Minecraft in a Potato Only World?
    #minecraft #hardcore #but
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Comments • 4K

  • @aCookieGod
    @aCookieGod  Month ago +4025

    technoblade o7

    • @DJILMarioBros_
      @DJILMarioBros_ Month ago +764

      Don't translate...
      ฉันจะสมัครรับข้อมูลใครก็ตามที่สมัครรับข้อมูลฉันและชอบความคิดเห็นนี้.. .

    • @maskOfkaKashi1133
      @maskOfkaKashi1133 Month ago +215

      Technoblade Never Dies!!!!

    • @Frozenhoof
      @Frozenhoof Month ago +81

      He has revieved

    • @2019Bacon
      @2019Bacon Month ago +57

      I poo into a blender and blend it so that it becomes liquid and then I play with it

    • @Usernamkid
      @Usernamkid Month ago +15


  • @arthvitbansal8376
    @arthvitbansal8376 Month ago +373

    The potato lord is called the mega spud. Which has officially become the hardest boss in MC history. Summoning 10 waves of mobs before actually fighting the boss. Not to mention it has ONE THOUSAND AND TWENTY FOUR HP (512 hearts)

  • @carafurry7862
    @carafurry7862 Month ago +13

    Minecraft game devs on April 1st: we shall be free from our mob vote chains ⛓️

    • @matthewlopetegui6204
      @matthewlopetegui6204 24 days ago +3

      minecraft game devs on april 1st making the best update ever: 🔥🔥🔥
      minecraft game devs making any other update: 😪😪😪😴😴😴

  • @paulalozano2406
    @paulalozano2406 Month ago +3

    31:14 cat in POTATO DIMENSION

  • @BlazeyYT
    @BlazeyYT Month ago +375

    20:00 "it was a female blaze" caught me off guard 💀

  • @TravistarYT
    @TravistarYT Month ago +238

    Fun Fact: If you fall into the void in the Potato dimension, you beat the game, the credits roll once you go into voidfall in that dimension

  • @abdick9810xcs
    @abdick9810xcs 6 days ago +3


  • @zionbench4943
    @zionbench4943 Month ago +4

    51:08 bro really said:nah im leaving 💀

  • @Ashpro5678
    @Ashpro5678 Month ago +67

    51:08 the way the boss jumped into the void!!🤣🤣🤣

    • @Cattisdumb
      @Cattisdumb Month ago +3

      Cookie Forever❤❤❤

    • @Ashpro5678
      @Ashpro5678 Month ago +3

      Sheesh Thecookiegod liked my comment W!!!

  • @Carn0ult
    @Carn0ult Month ago +290

    2:50 by the way, the "terre de pomme" thing is a gag because in french, potato can be called "pomme de terre" or "patate". Also, the e in pomme is silent. Dont Ask why it's french. Same for the second e in terre

  • @kathycrimi5027
    @kathycrimi5027 Month ago +5

    My lil sister saw this and said “whys he a potato?” IM DYING 🤣🤣

  • @Kplayz69
    @Kplayz69 Month ago +5

    Cookie I just wanted to say Ive been loving your vids for a year now. They are very wholesome and fun, and your builds look so complicated. I can tell you put a ton of effort into your vids!

  • @CatFaceMan5234
    @CatFaceMan5234 Month ago +50

    31:14 that cat is never coming back 😂😂

  • @Australian_Ostritch
    @Australian_Ostritch Month ago +169

    They should’ve added a crown to all of the potato pigs, RIP technoblade❤❤❤

  • @user-ct5qj1hj9u
    @user-ct5qj1hj9u 18 days ago +1

    Cookiegod: lets get some wood "gets birch"

  • @GIGACAT573
    @GIGACAT573 Month ago +15

    12:12 : if you are wondering this is some french and that mean earth of the apples and do not look like much in english.
    But in french it's funny because to say potatoes we also use the term "Pomme de terre" and seeing this in reverse is pretty strange...like the update.

    • @plantcraftie4141
      @plantcraftie4141 Month ago +2

      it should have been terre de pomme de terre?

    • @itz_me_644
      @itz_me_644 Month ago

      @@plantcraftie4141 It should have been pomme de terre, if you translate it means apples of the earth

    • @plantcraftie4141
      @plantcraftie4141 Month ago

      @@itz_me_644 yeah but it has to say "potatoes of the earth"

    • @Ayla-you-Gameing
      @Ayla-you-Gameing Month ago

      The cookie army the cookie army🎉😊❤❤

    • @GIGACAT573
      @GIGACAT573 Month ago +2

      @@plantcraftie4141 yes but it "directly" translate to that.
      But my bad i got it slightly wrong.

  • @FuriousGuy1234
    @FuriousGuy1234 Month ago +21

    5:58 he says the armadillo turns into a ball sack 😅
    Saying those things never gets old

  • @turabkhursheed
    @turabkhursheed Month ago +16

    The award for spending the "longest time dying" in a single video goes to "acookiegod".

  • @ATTA23
    @ATTA23 8 days ago +1

    " aw man im a noob at minecraft" me: i cant even kill a zombie 💀

  • @jellybeenxyt
    @jellybeenxyt Month ago +322

    Minecraft dudes: I think mojang said there is a cool update coming
    Mojang : here is our new update 🥔
    Edit : Damm my first 300 likes thanks ❤😊

  • @jellybeenxyt
    @jellybeenxyt Month ago +101

    Players : were soo excited
    Mojang : for what potato?

  • @crisantolopez6546
    @crisantolopez6546 Month ago +1

    I died of laugh when cookiegod and i go safe and go risk his life and go crazy😂😂😂

  • @shadowbirdz8685
    @shadowbirdz8685 26 days ago +1

    I wasn't ready for this 💀13:24

  • @Jeb_fry
    @Jeb_fry Month ago +22

    20:01, “oh it’s a female blaze”
    Edit: hey I made this comment before that other guy

  • @hi_im_ancientdragon
    @hi_im_ancientdragon Month ago +163

    Its actually so sad that Technoblade is not here with the potato update😭😭

  • @crisantolopez6546
    @crisantolopez6546 Month ago

    I died of laugh when cookie god said i go safe but risk his life and go to crazy 😂😂

  • @Killed_angel
    @Killed_angel 27 days ago

    "He dropped his ball"
    Caught me off guard again 💀

  • @Erik-Hi504
    @Erik-Hi504 Month ago +45

    7:09 "deepslate biome" epic quote from aCookieGod

  • @MaybeBroken
    @MaybeBroken Month ago +37

    Cookie's response to any mob challenging him: "I'm your dad"

  • @meganallen9375
    @meganallen9375 21 day ago

    13:19 “these are some drakes” bro ts killed me😭

  • @Chaonanswartz
    @Chaonanswartz 21 hour ago

    bruh when he said " Ima do it safely "🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙃🙃🙃

  • @user-bt7bp6se8n
    @user-bt7bp6se8n Month ago +32

    49:36 The reason they dont die is you were using arrows of instant damage which heal them instead of harming as they are undead mobs

  • @heinzloewenthal1
    @heinzloewenthal1 Month ago +14

    5:58 bro rlly got away saying ballsack💀😭

  • @Something3908
    @Something3908 4 days ago +1

    "HIS 2 BALLS" 💀💀💀💀💀💀🔥🔥🔥🔥🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

  • @karebear81
    @karebear81 Month ago +1

    THE SINGING 😭😭 7:38

  • @skipper7313
    @skipper7313 Month ago +167


  • @jellybeenxyt
    @jellybeenxyt Month ago +219

    Cookie god : OK now let me just craft a birch boat
    Camman18 : I am coming for you
    Edit : Damm my first 100 likes thanks 😊

  • @TheReturningNPC
    @TheReturningNPC Month ago

    "He dropped his 2 balls" caught me off guard💀

  • @melodyjavier2151
    @melodyjavier2151 5 days ago +1

    Back in the days cookies voice is deep but now it's high

  • @yuuriahl
    @yuuriahl Month ago +20

    how come minecrafts april fools updates are always genuinely better than their regular updates???

    • @daggieYT
      @daggieYT Month ago +2

      these are just retextured blocks and structures

    • @yuuriahl
      @yuuriahl Month ago +2

      @@daggieYT so? its *new retextured blocks and structures*

    • @daggieYT
      @daggieYT Month ago

      @@yuuriahl yeah but what ever. they could've done better

  • @SaiyaLover24
    @SaiyaLover24 Month ago +21

    Mega Spud at 51:09: "Nah, I'm out!" 😂😂

  • @RAY----
    @RAY---- 4 days ago +1

    13:24 dudddeeeee💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • @that_one_guy-yy4cn
    @that_one_guy-yy4cn 5 hours ago

    real funny going inside my brain and calling it "the potato world"

  • @moonbliforever4084
    @moonbliforever4084 Month ago +85

    Hello Cookie!! I got my poster and love it SO MUCH!!!! It arrived two weeks after my birthday but it was still the best gift ever. The note you wrote me on the back made my whole year! I am going to frame it because I do NOT want it to get damaged. Thank you so much for just- everything keep up the good work and keep doing what makes you happy!!😁💗💗
    I cant wait to watch this video! Your videos always make me feel better. ❤

  • @JonSmith-writer
    @JonSmith-writer Month ago +8

    12:49 “give me a smooch” sent me dying😂😂😂😂😂

  • @user-qd5fi5lo7z
    @user-qd5fi5lo7z 27 days ago +9

    27:42 CookieGod tried to tricked us with words💀

  • @sbvenom663
    @sbvenom663 Month ago

    Mojang making Minecraft updates: 🤡
    Mojang making april fool updates :🗿

  • @Gainz_withme
    @Gainz_withme Month ago +26

    6:32 Acookiegod: my first pieces of iron!!
    6:10 complety ignores 1 piece of iron ore💀

  • @dreamynights302
    @dreamynights302 Month ago +11

    Good to see you still have the same energy as ever cookie. I remember the days of you playing cs and jartex 3 years ago. I even remember playing with u for a few games lol. I just came back and am glad to see how much ur channel has trhived. (Especially after that huge dono on ur speedrun - i was one of the few lucky ones to witness ur reaction live)

  • @XxFlamingBurritoxX
    @XxFlamingBurritoxX Month ago +2

    This is actually perfect for you because you are like the cookie lord and your kingdom is fighting the potato lords kingdom so it fits perfectly with your channel. thanks mojang! Ok actually tho mojang popped off with this April fools update

  • @JanekRTrailers
    @JanekRTrailers Month ago +1

    11:55 17:11 30:23
    CookieGod will never not be funny 😆

  • @downloading4462
    @downloading4462 Month ago +5

    Potato PC : i cant run Minecraft
    Minecraft: let me help you

  • @familieverlinden9565
    @familieverlinden9565 Month ago +22

    Yay I was really excited for this update! And I am really excited for the parasite vid with Brick next week!

  • @Ayla-you-Gameing
    @Ayla-you-Gameing Month ago +2

    Armadillos give you something that makes Wolf armour

  • @user-qd5fi5lo7z
    @user-qd5fi5lo7z 27 days ago

    The best way to defeat Spud....collect many god apples and grind other items before getting into the POTATO WORLD, but if you find one try to remember where it is, get diamonds, craft a pickaxe, make netherite armor and others, enchant them, get bow, get infinity, get power II, enchant the best to the swords, make a big or small hole, try defeat many waves as you can, and make the spud fell to the void

  • @Seynh
    @Seynh Month ago +12


    • @RyuuuuMi
      @RyuuuuMi Month ago +1

      tbh his moan is so underrated. 😁

  • @pokedochan_405
    @pokedochan_405 Month ago +4

    4:03 "these trees are GREEN as well" -cookie guy from 2024

  • @Killed_angel
    @Killed_angel 27 days ago

    "Why did it turn into a ballsack?
    Caught me off guard 💀

  • @oliecoppejans4857
    @oliecoppejans4857 Month ago

    2:51 “teerree de poemee” got me laughing so hard 😂, i love when people try to pronouns french words (terre de pomme is french for potato btw, if you didn’t know)

  • @jellybeenxyt
    @jellybeenxyt Month ago +13

    Cookie god :if your a vegetarian plese look away
    Me: mmmm that cow must be delicious

  • @Kiki_keyshia12
    @Kiki_keyshia12 Month ago +6

    The way that potato god thing just gave up before u could finish him.😂😂

  • @rinthewolf
    @rinthewolf Month ago +1

    When I tried taking on the boss, I replaced like half the water with netherack and lit it up. Made the giants ALOT easier lol

  • @user-xp5rx3qn2v
    @user-xp5rx3qn2v Month ago +1

    3:24 "Oh my Gyatt" Ok that part i actually rolled down my bed

  • @Pur3d0fAsh
    @Pur3d0fAsh Month ago +12

    under a hour gang👇

    @OUTT_CASTT Month ago +10

    now we're all just waiting for the cookie dimension to come out.

  • @mikethecode
    @mikethecode Month ago +2

    3:24 GYAT!!!

    • @leila8742
      @leila8742 21 day ago

      This comment says, “Translate to a English”

  • @alexkoemans3173
    @alexkoemans3173 Month ago

    Hits 1M shots but then misses 1 and says “I have trash aim”

  • @rhythmicgirl2011
    @rhythmicgirl2011 Month ago +4

    Cookie: my first piece of iron.
    Cookie’s inventory: a bucket 🪣

  • @ArthurClairac
    @ArthurClairac Month ago +17

    Terre de pomme i think it is for “Pomme de terre” which is “patato” in french ( yes, if you literally translate it you got “dirt apple”)

  • @mohdridhuanmohdsharip2569

    "my true asianness""he dropped his balls"💀💀

  • @Babushka513
    @Babushka513 Month ago +1

    If technoblade could see this april fools update.

  • @birdify5370
    @birdify5370 Month ago +16

    P.O.V. you learned French when you were younger and then just heard him say "Taree dee poomee" @ 2:51

    • @Turelil_official
      @Turelil_official Month ago +1

      does not cookie live in canada?

    • @DrFerno727
      @DrFerno727 Month ago +1

      POV : you're French and you hear an English speaker pronouncing a French word

  • @smitmarco102
    @smitmarco102 Month ago +11

    1:26 lol

  • @thekingindra
    @thekingindra Month ago

    @aCookieGod : How high are we ?
    homies : We are fine ?

  • @charmainezimba5175

    Sheep:I'm the king👑
    Cookie:what the hell

  • @garyhassett2126
    @garyhassett2126 Month ago +8


  • @Larryleee107
    @Larryleee107 Month ago +13

    A potato flew around my room 😂😂😂😂I am dying

  • @BethanyCanillas
    @BethanyCanillas Month ago

    13:19 cookie:these are some drakes but the opesite color😂

  • @AlyannaCruzMe
    @AlyannaCruzMe 18 days ago +1

    8:31 potato, potato potatoOOOOoOooOooo

  • @ToxicMothBoi
    @ToxicMothBoi Month ago +4

    I honestly havent played it or seen anything about it so full extensive playthu is just the thing for e. Youre coming in clutch as always😭

  • @DragonGod8
    @DragonGod8 Month ago +7

    Cookie Army for the win!!!

  • @deanputrifirza9367

    8:33 "ewhh, brother ewwhhh" 😭😭

  • @kylesmith6147
    @kylesmith6147 16 days ago +1

    41:37 tomato? Its a potato lol

  • @Jassu8029
    @Jassu8029 Month ago +11

    6:07 it's funny how cookie saw a iron ore there and didn't mine it and then later found another one and said it is the first piece iron😂😂

  • @JamesAndrewCompetente-qd1vm

    "ohh...that got me a haircut" got me dying

    • @MichaeIBrooo
      @MichaeIBrooo Month ago

      Нonestly what wоuld yоu rаtе my рfр? (From 1/10). *1 is worst, 10 іs bеst*

  • @taniawiese
    @taniawiese Month ago


  • @thelostjadedragonet338

    FYI, whenever u die, Spud spawns ten more giants, or 9 more plaguewhales or 8 ghasts and so on and so forth, thats why so many spawned when u die

  • @Nintenblox
    @Nintenblox Month ago +4

    aCookieGod 🚫
    aPoisonouspotatoGod 👍

  • @GingaBricks
    @GingaBricks Month ago +4

    The hardest thing to find in this world are other crops Les be honest 😂

  • @GabrielRios-eu8ke
    @GabrielRios-eu8ke 7 days ago

    Bro decided to jump off the building instead of being killed

  • @nasuna401
    @nasuna401 Month ago

    did you know in the potato dimension you could jump into the void and get back into the overworld? useful tip.

  • @D.AreaLemon
    @D.AreaLemon Month ago +7


  • @XxFranklinatorxX
    @XxFranklinatorxX Month ago +4


  • @jjcyrusgasalao9647
    @jjcyrusgasalao9647 Month ago +1

    8:37 eww she dropped his poison balls💀

  • @snigdhadas6284
    @snigdhadas6284 Month ago +1

    "Terre de pomme" or "pomme de Terre" actually means potato in french. "Pomme" in french means apple and "Terre" in french means earth or like the ground so "pomme de Terre" means apple of the earth

  • @ZeenatNurani
    @ZeenatNurani Month ago +4

    i swear a huge smile came across my face when you tried the grappling hook😅

  • @user-qz8is8ge9k
    @user-qz8is8ge9k Month ago +7

    you are such a good creator, deserve 5000 million sub!!!!

  • @Foxy.MCgamer
    @Foxy.MCgamer Month ago

    3:21 he said oh my gyat lol

  • @mohammedrayyan5172

    20.00 "that was a female blaze" bro i am out🤣🤣

  • @DaPancakeBro
    @DaPancakeBro Month ago +19

    8:35 “omg he just dropped his two little ballz”