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How to replace the battery of Microsoft universal mobile keyboard

  • Published on Jun 26, 2020
  • You need to buy new CA213060 PACK battery.
    You can order it in Aliexpress.

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  • Tristan Bennett
    Tristan Bennett 6 months ago +2

    I have been using an external battery pack for my keyboard and it works OK. Anyone have any info on a replacement battery? There are tons of 300mah batteries on Amazon, but I am not sure on the other specs

  • wage earner
    wage earner Year ago +3

    Watching him take out the screws in real time was my favorite part.

  • Now Chan
    Now Chan 11 months ago +2

    I used a 2 wire battery (kei-702) 25mm x 41.2 mm x 2.7mm. Thickness is OK.
    I cut off old pcb and reused the old thermistor (2k ohms). New red to old red plug side, spliced new black to old black, keeping old black connected to old pcb and old plug. Blue wire untouched. Now have new 3 wire battery with old plug. Working fine.
    Other option is to replace new pcb with old pcb on new battery.
    Other option is iPod nano 2nd generation battery, needs minor mod to fit 33mm width. But it is likely 10k ohm thermistor.
    Hope this helps.

  • hur13y
    hur13y Year ago +5

    Great video, thanks. Anyone know where we can get the replacement battery as the AliExpress link is no longer available?

    • Thành Nguyễn
      Thành Nguyễn Year ago

      @Tshing Zia awsome ship cost to vietnam ToT, over 50$ ;(

    • John Rix
      John Rix Year ago

      Did you find one in the end? Searching for one myself now.

  • leruleruleru
    leruleruleru Year ago +1

    thanks, i have a similar problem

  • Ji Woo Kim
    Ji Woo Kim 2 years ago +1

    Hey do you know what the battery is and where you can buy one? Otherwise do you know the dimensions of the battery?

  • yamyam2099
    yamyam2099 2 years ago +1

    非常に興味ある動画で参考になります。ところで交換バッテリーですが、アリエクスプレスでの購入は避けたいのですが, モノタロウや秋葉原では同性能のものが厚さ3ミリのものしかありません。

  • Necron990
    Necron990 Year ago +4

    Good job, BUT a heat gun is a must. Mine had that black plastic film and both corners, at the top, SERIOUSLY glued. So be forewarned to anyone trying this, HEAT GUN!!

    • Necron990
      Necron990 Year ago

      @hur13y yes and the top corners as well.

    • hur13y
      hur13y Year ago

      Where do you apply the heat? Open slightly and force heat in towards the black sticky film?

  • Junda
    Junda Year ago +3

    mine has some kind of epoxy glue near the top corners of the keyboard, couldnt open it without breaking it. Could not remove the battery from the case too as it was stuck on very tightly. U were lucky that your devices did not have that problem.

  • D Dragon
    D Dragon 2 years ago +1

    I buy a used one the battery is wrong ,thanks your video

  • Ziemowit Fiołek
    Ziemowit Fiołek Year ago +1

    Does anyone have a link to the page where you can buy this battery?

  • roy Yung
    roy Yung 8 months ago +1

    Another FINE Microsoft product!

  • Benjamin Woo
    Benjamin Woo Year ago +1

    Dear friend, do you know the dimensions of the battery? Cher ami, savez vous la dimension de la batterie? 大哥,电池型号知道不?

  • naduhae Lee
    naduhae Lee Year ago +4

    Model name: CA213060 pack
    Rating: 3.7vDC 300mAh 1.11Wh
    Maximum charging voltage: 4.2VDC
    but I can't find this spec battery.
    Someone can find it?

    • Adam
      Adam 3 months ago

      @PoebelPetra nope

    • PoebelPetra
      PoebelPetra 3 months ago

      @Adam Did you?

    • Adam
      Adam 6 months ago

      Did you find this battery?

  • D Dragon
    D Dragon 2 years ago +2

    maybe , heat gun is necessory

  • M Andrés AZ
    M Andrés AZ 2 years ago +4

    Where can I get that battery?

    • RcCarFH
      RcCarFH Year ago

      @yamyam2099 I can´t buy it there anymore...

    • TheTechhieGuy
      TheTechhieGuy 2 years ago +1

      Also looking for one

  • Angelo Vassiliades
    Angelo Vassiliades Year ago +3

    Battery died after very minimal use and now the device doesn’t even switch on anymore. Poor poor product and wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

  • Benjamin Woo
    Benjamin Woo Year ago +2


  • roy Yung
    roy Yung 8 months ago +1

    Why is it we need to see EVERY screw taken out. SPEED it up!!
    What we look for is any difficulty involved, not a lesson on screw removal

    • Mnemosyne
      Mnemosyne 10 days ago

      @roy Yung spoken like a true boomer.

    • roy Yung
      roy Yung 10 days ago

      @Mnemosyne Brilliant response, Einstein. Doesn't answer my question though

  • Ed. B.
    Ed. B. Year ago +2

    Mine was also glued by epoxy at the top corners. Complete waste of time. Just skip this garbage manufacturer next time.

  • StepDub 5367
    StepDub 5367 11 months ago

    Battery no longer available and being a tight fit, no suitable replacements were found. (Please post if you find one) But if you remove the dead battery it will work when usb is plugged in. Be very careful around the top right corner where the USB port is located. Very easy to dislodge the usb socket which is difficult to resolder.

    • Marvin Israel
      Marvin Israel 9 months ago

      Even when plugged in I cannot get it to work with my iPhone 11, ios 15.2. Even if that battery were still available, which it is not, I would never go through what this guy did to open up that keyboard. I'm not handy anyway.