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Construction Workers Turn Back Protesters in Downtown San Jose

  • Published on May 28, 2020
  • Demonstrators broke through a fence into a construction site, grabbed lumber and tools but were turned back by construction workers in downtown San Jose. Len Ramirez reports. (5-29-20)

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  • Mary Soss
    Mary Soss 2 years ago +3570

    ATTENTION RIOTERS: Due to CoVid 19, please work from home, and destroy your own property. Thank you.

    • T
      T  11 months ago


    • Greg Thornton
      Greg Thornton Year ago

      was that the command on Jan. 6th...??? No? then GFY

    • Mr Nobody
      Mr Nobody Year ago

      @z DuKeMaN z DUDE YOU KILLED HIM! 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭

    • Redisbad
      Redisbad Year ago

      Great response !

    • Zackaria De La Serna
      Zackaria De La Serna Year ago


  • Thomas Brower
    Thomas Brower 2 years ago +1181

    This is not protesting. These are a bunch of people acting like thugs.

    • Carolina Melara
      Carolina Melara 10 months ago

      Time to Cain people!!!

    • Jesse L
      Jesse L 11 months ago +1

      When it's white affluent liberal arts degreed people it's called protesting.

    • Bill rouleau
      Bill rouleau Year ago +4

      Not acting; they are thugs!

    • matthew smith
      matthew smith Year ago +6

      I agree they just are there to cause trouble and damage stuff

    • This Guy
      This Guy 2 years ago +63

      Its basically not even protesting related to "black lifes matter" anymore like they are just using that as an excuse to do anything they want

  • Neon Flaire
    Neon Flaire Year ago +16

    Give those workers a raise, props to them fur standing their ground, defending their jobs and putting an end to the rioters

  • johnny
    johnny Year ago +245

    a bag of cement weighs more than the average “protester” lmao

  • Mikevdog
    Mikevdog 2 years ago +1647

    The rioters saw the work clothes and got confused. It was something new for them.

    • Whata Moron
      Whata Moron 2 months ago

      that's funny

    • CowGoddess
      CowGoddess 11 months ago

      Seeing someone working hard versus them having nothing else to do but complaint and throw their hands around

    • Captain Hawking Republic Forge
      Captain Hawking Republic Forge Year ago

      They didnt wanna have the Soviet Union rise up lol.

    • Nicholas Quinn
      Nicholas Quinn Year ago +3

      The yellow vest and hardhats downright scared them away 😂😂

    • Arbër Kun
      Arbër Kun Year ago +1

      This one was hilarious

  • nova zar
    nova zar 2 years ago +275

    "This is a full on riot" - guy talking in the video
    Title: "protesters"

    • Deodair
      Deodair 2 years ago +10

      Yeah he went off script and called it what it was haha

  • R C Nelson
    R C Nelson 2 years ago +6

    "The police were standing by watching..." The story of our country in its last days.

  • Deacon O'Keeffe
    Deacon O'Keeffe 2 years ago +5

    While I absolutely support the right to protest, when will these groups realize that the moment they loot, destroy, enact violence or purposely disrupt traffic, they have lost public support completely.

    • Cactusman 1
      Cactusman 1 2 years ago

      And their right to peaceful assembly

  • Sieg Pal
    Sieg Pal 2 years ago +16

    Kids living with their moms ran away the moment they saw real men with jobs handing out application forms

  • michelle belle
    michelle belle 2 years ago +2154

    Those construction workers deserve a huge bonus.

    • CodenameCompton
      CodenameCompton Month ago

      @Roberto Miranda wtf are you talking about dude

    • bob1964utube
      bob1964utube Year ago

      @TheJaMEMEs that defective antiquated farm equipment should be recalled to Africa--it hasn't worked in years

    • bob1964utube
      bob1964utube Year ago

      @Roberto Miranda I want you to get a free ride in a helicopter

    • Zackaria De La Serna
      Zackaria De La Serna Year ago


    • gwanael34
      gwanael34 Year ago

      @LA2THABAY ! I wonder how unions were formed in the first place
      Oh would you look at that, its by Protesting like BLM is doing.

  • Uriah
    Uriah Year ago +1

    When you think about...they're literally holding the city back from progression by denying the construction workers to proceed with their project.

  • Navesblue
    Navesblue Year ago +7

    "Hey Jim!"
    "Got your soldering gun on you?"
    "Never leave home without it."
    "Good man. Get over here. We need it."

  • Joe Munoz
    Joe Munoz Year ago +37

    "They're stealing our jobs" .... "ooh nevermind dont want that job"

  • Eugeni S Gaztambide
    Eugeni S Gaztambide 2 years ago +6

    Imagine been working and earning your bread and one day some jobless worth nothing brats come in and interrupt your work because " HEY MAN! this is a revolution"

  • Janet Hong
    Janet Hong 2 years ago +4570

    "People with jobs chase away criminals and bored teenagers"

    • Dozer Gaming
      Dozer Gaming Year ago

      Lmao one of the best comments I've read all day, good job

    • Cherokee2A
      Cherokee2A Year ago


    • Sir IceColdMars
      Sir IceColdMars Year ago

      @roflmows this man sounds like he loves the smell of his own farts lol

    • Photon Searcher
      Photon Searcher Year ago +1

      “People who contribute something to society stop internet clowns from stealing shit off there job site”

    • Turnip head
      Turnip head Year ago +1

      @roflmows Sorry to disappoint you, but just because someone works with their hands doesn't mean they have less education than someone with a masters degree in gender studies.

  • Jeff Winger
    Jeff Winger Year ago

    This is one of the only times we actually need police, and their told to stand down 🤦‍♂️

  • WesternDevil
    WesternDevil Year ago +4

    I can just imagine OSHA waiting around the corner to write that company fines for all the "employees" who were on the jobsite without hard hats, vests, or steel toe boots.

  • Joe Bear
    Joe Bear 2 years ago +1

    can we all agree that these are not “protesters” ... thanks

  • Briseur De Lance
    Briseur De Lance 2 years ago +6

    02:09: Tip of the hat to the protestors who tried to maintain the looting rioters at bay.

  • Gracie Jiu jitsu
    Gracie Jiu jitsu 2 years ago +4863

    Construction workers have one of the toughest jobs they aren’t scared of these clowns

    • darkheathen67
      darkheathen67 Year ago

      @Ashley Beee no they aren't. A skilled tradesman in construction makes good money. Everyone thinks of the stereotypical criminal working construction but that's unskilled labor side of things. Construction is a very broad job field that ranges from so many different categories.

    • Berdu
      Berdu Year ago

      Lol not even cops can tell em shit , construction workers work the hardest out of any job in the city

    • Lemonator
      Lemonator Year ago

      @420BLAZIN69 Hella construction jobs my dad says, and good pay (superintendent)

    • Zomby
      Zomby Year ago

      Yea and they have literally hammers nail guns and other tools to win lolp

    • Hugo Stiglitz
      Hugo Stiglitz Year ago

      @ClickReportIfYouAre AcrybabyWhoLikesCensorship not as good as a Gracie jiu jistu black belt tho

  • Inchikkk
    Inchikkk Year ago

    Imagine if they actually managed to get inside the construction site and started breaking things, jeopardizing the safety of the construction workers on the very top of the building.

  • Sam OConnor
    Sam OConnor Year ago

    "Lets steal the 5 dollar plank of wood from the construction site, even though every hardware store would have sufficed.." im convinced that these people dont work and have no money, so they chose to voice their opinions in garbage ways, lets be honest, does anyone find this respectable? If you dont find this irritating can you please justify it??

  • CoCo Hanson
    CoCo Hanson Year ago

    The window to my living room was overlooking all of this. 😩😳

  • Lorenzo Petska
    Lorenzo Petska 4 months ago +2

    For people protesting racism and stuff, they sure love fulfilling their stereotypes

  • MrLBDude
    MrLBDude 2 years ago +3007

    The protesters were offered applications, this is what scared them away.

    • ARISTOjuan
      ARISTOjuan Year ago


    • AMS Fountain
      AMS Fountain 2 years ago +1


    • Steve Camarano
      Steve Camarano 2 years ago

      LMFAO, BUT OH SO, SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GT H
      GT H 2 years ago +3

      I just lost it on that one

    • John Doe
      John Doe 2 years ago

      @painterbw I mean I can but i work in the shop and Im 2nd shift. 1st shift? I was waking up at 1:30am

  • Lemmy The Bulldog
    Lemmy The Bulldog Year ago +12

    What do you think those “peaceful protesters” were gonna do with a bunch of lumber, and hammers

    • A1234
      A1234 11 months ago

      Burn things

    • Wanted Wario
      Wanted Wario Year ago +2

      They pry don't even know how to operate a board of wood

  • Ted miles
    Ted miles Year ago

    The fact that the crowd allows this to happen makes them part of the problem and just as guilty

  • goonin
    goonin 2 years ago +6

    Your definition of “protestors” is incorrect.

  • Fujimoto Chiaki
    Fujimoto Chiaki Year ago

    Breaking into a construction site is against the law. Trespassing charges.

  • LowRoller
    LowRoller 2 years ago +2813

    Construction worker: Yes come in we are hiring!
    Rioters: I'm out.

    • FepXBL
      FepXBL Year ago

      @AgentRiley007 Bachelor degree in causing traffic congestion. What a useful person you are! But that company stock, woah. Anyone can buy cheap company stock.

    • Mad
      Mad 2 years ago

      Three things you cannot give a Black man:
      1) A black eye
      2) A fat lip
      3) A job

    • Joshua Bourne
      Joshua Bourne 2 years ago

      As a worker myself, so true hahaha

    • AgentRiley007
      AgentRiley007 2 years ago

      @eatshit guuu-Iube To be fair the parents and society are the real ones to blame for babying those who think everything is suppose to be just given. Not to mention technology has made some of those jobs obsolete and aren't we always fighting to give our children a better life than what we were going through?

    • Raphael de Moraes Fontella
      Raphael de Moraes Fontella 2 years ago


  • KnightoftheLord1
    KnightoftheLord1 Year ago +1

    When people who act tough meet people who are actually tough. :)

  • Garth Hunt
    Garth Hunt Month ago

    Good for the construction workers!!👍👍🇺🇸

  • Factually Incorrect and Biased.

    "Wheres police brutality when you need them"

  • Shea
    Shea 2 years ago

    Good job, cops

  • SuperCandi82
    SuperCandi82 2 years ago +152

    God bless these guys! So brave to stand up to that mob of people. And the protesters that helped them too. It's gives me hope that there is still good people in the world.

    • Mia C
      Mia C 2 years ago +1

      Not much obviously look at this destruction and everything everyone being brutally attacked and kllled all the businesses being destroyed and looted millions in damages they do not give a shiit about this is supported by celebs and some mayors that do nothing and just letting it happen to us and us being terrorized by these peole and excuse made all in the name of this guy even one of the Cuomo guys said protest don't have to be peaceful and can be violent.

    • Drunk3nFerret
      Drunk3nFerret 2 years ago +5


  • Kaziglu
    Kaziglu 2 years ago

    And this is why the law needs to change so that the second that any protester becomes violent or tries to damage property, then the entire group is declared as rioters and the police are then given the go ahead to remove them by any means necessary. Also, anyone arrested at this point is then given mandatory sentences, like 3 months with a 2 year probation plus 1000 hours of community service to be completed in 1.5 years from the date of the initial charges. I am sure that they can afford to spend some time doing the community service work seeing as how they have all this free time to riot and destroy stuff.

  • 🥺isaac👌✌
    🥺isaac👌✌ Year ago +2

    Imagine thinking this is a protest

  • Vince Almaraz
    Vince Almaraz 2 years ago +6

    Hell, the construction workers are more more effective than the useless cops.

  • Izom
    Izom 2 years ago +2

    finally someone stopped them- how long we have to look at this !?? :-/

  • Zach Incognito
    Zach Incognito 2 years ago +2978

    I can imagine the CNN headline - "Arts & Crafts project by BLM protesters interrupted by racist construction workers".

    • Johnny Salazar
      Johnny Salazar Year ago

      Funny thing is, most of the construction workers are mexican 🤣

    • DR.Mcstaby
      DR.Mcstaby Year ago

      @Truth Seeker not when they are owned by morons who have more money than braincells

    • DR.Mcstaby
      DR.Mcstaby Year ago

      I could totally see that

    • keagan lasalle
      keagan lasalle Year ago

      Sounds about right

    • Izzi Michaels
      Izzi Michaels Year ago +1

      @Kerubim stay safe.

  • Sean Cavanagh
    Sean Cavanagh Year ago

    what gives these people the right to just vandalize places of business? when one gets hurt they are the first to start crying on TV on how they were treated. If you act like a bad person, expect to be treated accordingly

  • mickeyagrawal2001
    mickeyagrawal2001 Year ago +1

    Some of the kids in such protests needs to be caught and their parents should be paid to pay full penalty for actions of these kids. These kids wont protest of their food supply is broken. These are not protestors..these are rioters. People who are supporting them are digging their own graves.

  • MondoBeno
    MondoBeno Year ago

    At the last site I worked on, the police would've had to run in and rescue those "protestors" from us.

  • Tommy Gun
    Tommy Gun Year ago

    “Some cool heads in the crowd are trying to put the fence back up” no my friend the only “cool heads” trying to put the fence up are the construction workers, the protesters would’ve continued rioting had it not been for those construction workers, report what is actually happening or don’t report at all, I know there where like two people telling the others not to peruse attacking the fence but that was after the construction crew had it already back up and was putting it back together.

  • Ida Girl
    Ida Girl 2 years ago +68

    Key word: Workers. People who have an investment in society, unlike the rioters.

  • Leviathan J.
    Leviathan J. 2 years ago +1

    why would you harass people trying to make a living? more importantly don't any of these people have jobs to go to? it needs to be brought under control, they had their time in the spotlight to get their message heard.

  • GoldenPoison
    GoldenPoison 2 years ago

    Now it's one thing to slow down people who have a life, trying to get from point A to point B on the road, but to deliberately interupt the working environment, that's the most ridiculous thing I have seen!

  • FreezingAnimenz
    FreezingAnimenz 2 years ago

    You can mess with the police but never mess with the construction workers. This is why.

  • Merlyannrose
    Merlyannrose Year ago

    Bless those who tried to help and stop those rioters. Useless rioters.smh

  • Wehrmacht Kradschützen
    Wehrmacht Kradschützen 2 years ago +202

    I don’t blame the construction workers not wanting to start all over

    • Chizzelfingers
      Chizzelfingers 2 years ago

      @Hiss Lamb ur a fkn loser

    • Tony Don
      Tony Don 2 years ago

      @a h You are correct Andrew

    • Z
      Z 2 years ago

      Lambert Lum We also don’t like to start over.

    • a h
      a h 2 years ago +1

      @Lambert Lum These projects are typically done as a third party contract. Bankruptcy is only relevant to the landlord company and the stakeholders.

    • Hiss Lamb
      Hiss Lamb 2 years ago

      Construction funded by the NWO banks - you lose either way since you failed to take your country back
      since 09/11/01, so don;t cry now - there will be more for you to pay back when the construction is finished.

  • Riley Allriledup
    Riley Allriledup 2 years ago

    Keep going y'all

  • Max's Playground
    Max's Playground 2 years ago

    man look at all those protesters grieving for george floyd i can see and feel their pain through all the damage their causing it makes perfect sense.

  • Erik
    Erik Year ago

    Proud to belong to the working class and not the “Lack of purpose, get involved in movements to matter” class.

  • Simon Cumming
    Simon Cumming Year ago

    What a joke. How can anyone be expected to be treated with respect behaving this way? Mob mentality.

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe 2 years ago +605

    They turned back when they realized it was a job site where people actually have to work 😂

    • Robert Huffer
      Robert Huffer Year ago +4

      Imagine being a crane operator with a wrecking ball attached.

    • Ralfie
      Ralfie 2 years ago +1

      Actually, the workers told the asshats ”You won’t on my job site” and proceeded to charge the asshats with hammers and nail guns in hand.

    • Common Sense Guy
      Common Sense Guy 2 years ago +7

      Probably told crane operator to be on the lookout and drop shit on them if they come in... legal killing as they were unauthorized without a hardhat... it is posted...

    • Vic Mangano
      Vic Mangano 2 years ago +32

      There's a very dangerous virus on that job site the rioters were trying to avoid. One of the key symptoms is a conscious effort to develop a work ethic.

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith 2 years ago

    when constructions workers can do what law enforcement cannot?

  • West meets East
    West meets East 2 years ago

    "the crowd is erupting" this reporter should be fired for telling lie after lie

  • Mikey's Adventures
    Mikey's Adventures 2 years ago

    The reporter is such a drama queen. The "protesters" ran as soon as the construction guys walked out of the building.

  • Marcus Fossa
    Marcus Fossa Year ago

    When construction meets destruction.

  • Ryan Darling
    Ryan Darling 2 years ago +291

    “We are fighting for a workers revolution”
    Workers: “aren’t you unemployed art majors?”

    • 4touchdowns1game
      4touchdowns1game 7 months ago

      Got a degree in sociology, was a school counselor. Currently work construction and make in a week what I used to make in two. There's a reason you make 50+ an hour, def not easy.

    • chris shields
      chris shields 2 years ago +1

      @Brant Ardrey And then they complain about not being able to pay their student debt.

    • Vivid Vault
      Vivid Vault 2 years ago

      @C Monster7D I don't think any of these people realize that talented artist are actually in demand right now by the entertainment industry. Obviously for digital almost exclusively, but still, the demand exist and it can be met.
      People who get an art degree and can't find a job usually are not willing to move for work.
      A nice example I like to use is underwater welding certification. You can be certified in underwater welding and it is a very high paying job and always in demand. You literally can't not be hired if you hold that certification. BUT you can't expect to find a job in the desert. You will have to move.
      It is the same thing with any industry. Just because a degree exist does not mean there is an available spot automatically. You have to move around and find one.
      That can apply to nearly any industry.

    • C Monster7D
      C Monster7D 2 years ago +1

      Aww man. I’m an art major but have a job . Please don’t mix me in or confuse me with the a-holes. Lol

    • DrumYogi
      DrumYogi 2 years ago +6

      @Brant Ardrey Lol so true. Art Major used to mean you were crazy talented and were trained to be the best. Now it means you can spray paint a pair of shoes gold. Marxists ruined art. They hate beauty.

  • Luis Rangel
    Luis Rangel 2 years ago +1

    Ahhh yes "protesters" doing what they do best... breaking into shit without any regards whatsoever

  • Sondorism
    Sondorism Year ago

    Well, that is a complete failure by the city and county police departments.

  • Samantha Susan
    Samantha Susan 2 years ago +2

    Aaaaaw, remember when rioters used to listen and care? Good times, good times
    Every month I look back on the last month and think, 'how mellow that was'
    Soon fireworks will be grenades, paintball guns will all be real guns and umbrellas will be bullet proof shields. We'll look fondly back at all those umbrellas

  • AJFromTarget
    AJFromTarget Year ago

    “We are protesting not rioting”

  • FCaN22
    FCaN22 2 years ago +132

    It is just sickening that the media, politicians and celebrities are still supporting them.

    • dtm 13
      dtm 13 2 years ago

      They all have the same father: The Devil.

    • Vontux
      Vontux 2 years ago

      @Christian American Dominican you mean the five people that ran in convenient that you're ignoring the people in the crowd that helps the construction workers shore up the fence.

    • Vontux
      Vontux 2 years ago

      @Tim Campbell the five people that ran in there while the majority of the crowd didn't?

    • Tim Campbell
      Tim Campbell 2 years ago +6

      Raymond, the only politicians who support this vermin are Democrats. Remember that at election time.

    • Christian American Dominican
      Christian American Dominican 2 years ago +1

      I hope this opens up people's eye for the traitors we put in office. This is what they want for the rest of America.

  • Trianon Alex
    Trianon Alex Year ago +1

    *we need More construction workers*

  • Mandalorianlife
    Mandalorianlife 2 years ago

    Immediate red flag: They're in the road. That's not a protest. That's impeding traffic.

  • ram2791
    ram2791 2 years ago +1

    If cops would promise no arrests, the regular citizens could put a stop to the protests. Be blood in the gutters.

  • Atlas
    Atlas 2 years ago

    Yes, *peaceful* protests.

  • Ken Smok
    Ken Smok 2 years ago +189

    People who actually work having to defend their hard work

    • John M
      John M 2 years ago +1

      And then be criticized for doing so

    • spikefivefivefive
      spikefivefivefive 2 years ago +3

      These losers can't create like other people.
      So they destroy other people's work.

  • P Lac
    P Lac Year ago +2

    What you didn't see were the 40+ other construction workers inside the building with nail guns ready to go.

  • Jamie Taylor
    Jamie Taylor 2 years ago

    That’s crazy. I’m glad I’m working from home because normally I would drive down there to get to SJSU

  • Upton James
    Upton James Year ago

    Peaceful Protest!

  • Levi Williams
    Levi Williams 2 years ago

    I remember my first time on a job site

  • jorge rodriguez
    jorge rodriguez 2 years ago +546

    Construction workers: Oh y’all wanna work?
    Rioters: Oh shit let’s get out of here boys!!

    • Casey Nabors
      Casey Nabors 2 years ago

      Jorge 🤣you just slayed me almost broke a rib laughing! Good one man

    • ojib wayne
      ojib wayne 2 years ago

      💃😅😄 Best comment hahaha!! 🎽👷

    • Doug Harper
      Doug Harper 2 years ago

      firebir11 bro bhahahahahahahaha

    • Keegan O'Neil
      Keegan O'Neil 2 years ago +3

      @Mrcooldoggy Did you know that there were no workboots missing from the looted Target in Minneapolis? Facts..

    • W18
      W18 2 years ago

      @Mrcooldoggy :) Same here, I thought HSE guy raised the red flag and pull them to the master point. The HSE induction was boring.

  • Codey Coco
    Codey Coco Year ago

    Construction workers are some of the toughest people on the planet. Mentally and physically

  • RQB
    RQB Year ago

    That was anything but "protesters confront the police". Damn criminals. Those are not protesters, those are criminals. "I am not happy with my house, so I will not let you build yours." Hellifornia....

  • Auxityne
    Auxityne Year ago

    Those construction workers were holding up their tools like a priest holds a cross and yelling "THE POWER OF EMPLOYMENT COMPELS YOU"

  • Open Mike
    Open Mike Year ago

    The Bay Area deserves it all. I hope this continues.

  • ElbowsMcGurk
    ElbowsMcGurk 2 years ago +121

    Unlike politicians, construction workers have a set of man things.

    βLΔCҜ HΣΔRT Year ago

    This is what happens when you give your people to much freedom.... they take advantage of it to use it against you

  • peeyoudee peeyoudee

    Don't mess with a working man's job you never know what he will do

  • KXXULA DavidOC
    KXXULA DavidOC  2 years ago

    these are not protesters they are rioters and criminals out to cause trouble, well done to those construction workers

  • Prod By Babygod
    Prod By Babygod Year ago

    Have you ever used a grinder. Imagine getting one of them to the face. I'd be scared too.

  • snailspace
    snailspace 2 years ago +342

    Imagine that . . . people stand up to them, and they stop. Go figure.

    • Doug Overhoff
      Doug Overhoff 2 years ago +1

      Because these "protesters" are a bunch of pussies, who back down when confronted by real men. They're just basically hoodlums, to use an old perjorative term.

    • Rhino Ragni
      Rhino Ragni 2 years ago +3

      snailspace The real problem we have in America are spineless liberal politicians who are telling the police to stand down and not stand up to protestors. That’s why so many people have been shot & stabbed and why so many businesses have been smashed, looted and burned. Socialist politicians encourage this behavior and treasonous DAs refuse to prosecute. With no police to enforce law & order, we the people are tasked with standing up for ourselves. Most are cowards but at least these workers stood up. More than I can say for most who are too scared to even speak up or call these politicians out.

    • snailspace
      snailspace 2 years ago +3

      @Patrick Mattucci I don't quote Mike Tyson very often, but when I do, that's the one I use.

    • Patrick Mattucci
      Patrick Mattucci 2 years ago +2

      Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth. - Mike Tyson

    • snailspace
      snailspace 2 years ago +4

      @Ann M. The encouraging thing is that there are more people *not* part of that group than there are who are part of their nonsense. Naturally, they're all at work, home taking care of their families, or going about their law-abiding business, but we outnumber the vigilantes by a wide margin. If they tried this crap in my neighborhood, I wouldn't even have to do anything, because they would get chased away before they even got halfway up the street. Buncha clowns.

  • Lilac .s
    Lilac .s Year ago

    I mean they do know right if they distrub the construction site and if any mishaps or incident happened they will get hurt.. I mean just imagine if any of the construction item falls on them? 🤔😤

  • Joe Anthony
    Joe Anthony Year ago

    Those construction workers have power tools and other equipment they could easily hurt all of them those workers were hero’s that day

  • homer3234911
    homer3234911 2 years ago


  • John Harrell
    John Harrell 2 years ago

    Good job workers

  • JD Simz 814
    JD Simz 814 2 years ago +421

    Only took 4 working men to turn back 200 snowflakes.

    • gwanael34
      gwanael34 Year ago

      @MrDclineme The problem with police is the complete lack of accountability and them backing each other up even in clear cut cases that the almost ENTIRE COUNTRY agrees on.

    • Hugo Stiglitz
      Hugo Stiglitz Year ago

      @painterbw they'd deserve it

    • DAZ
      DAZ 2 years ago +1

      BIG TIME yeah. And that would apply to those not peaceable assembling I suppose. Still had nothing to do with the point that the vast majority of protestors are peaceful.

    • Danny Dunn
      Danny Dunn 2 years ago +1

      @Ed Sev there is nothing more hated on a jobsite than people who like to destroy shit for fun,because they're bored and/or indoctrinated.

    • BIG TIME
      BIG TIME 2 years ago

      @DAZ It isn't how protesting works, but I think you should read up on the first amendment in its entirety. The word "peaceable" is mentioned, which means without causing quarrel. What we saw here, was a quarrel in the making. The moment you cause potentially harmful disturbances with your protest, you are no longer under the first amendment.

  • Renegade Master
    Renegade Master Year ago

    Construction workers keeping the economy going through out d world through this 'pandemic'

  • 1980'sRareAndUnreleased

    Never mess with a man who has a job

  • Bradley Long
    Bradley Long 2 years ago

    Do we really need armed guards in construction zones now

  • SA 202
    SA 202 Year ago

    Real bright, go into a construction site where accidents are just waiting to happen. Unbelievable.

  • Atest Zen
    Atest Zen Year ago

    I learned everything I know about racism from "people of color" !!!

  • jeff hunley
    jeff hunley 2 years ago

    Hell he is sitting there watching the construction workers push them back out he cant even report the facts while he sitting there watching it .

  • little frost
    little frost Year ago

    We should be allowed to discharge fire arms if this happens either in the air or into the crowd

  • Sqwan2
    Sqwan2 Year ago +1

    It seems they are afraid that work is somehow contagious 🤔

  • Chris Griffin
    Chris Griffin 2 years ago +3397

    All the boys run when real men show up

    • MyGuyJohnny
      MyGuyJohnny 2 years ago

      That was my thought

    • Bruce Lee
      Bruce Lee 2 years ago

      @Kevin McCorkle he never had a job so he doesn't know what kind of dangerous tools they use.

    • Bruce Lee
      Bruce Lee 2 years ago

      @Jeremy C workers that will fkn swing. There were more than just 4 out there

    • Bruce Lee
      Bruce Lee 2 years ago

      @Steven Sweeden but they don't want to get punched in the face.

    • Bruce Lee
      Bruce Lee 2 years ago

      @Zed Dravot you work outside all day everyone turns black.

  • Ron Mcintire
    Ron Mcintire 2 years ago

    He never should have stopped against the law to be walking on interstate