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Valley Fair Security Guard Sued After Pulling Gun On Driver

  • Published on Sep 7, 2016
  • A security guard at Valley Fair mall is being sued after a driver said he pulled a gun on him after running over a traffic cone. Betty Yu reports. (9/8/16)
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  • Lieutenant Pepper
    Lieutenant Pepper Year ago +2605

    That guard feared for his life after seeing what happened to the cone.

  • Kanade Tachibana
    Kanade Tachibana 4 months ago +290

    The fact that the security guard "supervisor" thinks he has the authority to take someone out of a vehicle or break their window to forcefully remove them is insane.

    • M Shelnutt
      M Shelnutt 17 days ago

      @Whig-Splitter-11Bravo I agree with that. But even if either of those guards were a cop (off OR On-Duty), flattening an orange cone would still NOT justify pulling a gun on someone.

    • Jim Grissom
      Jim Grissom Month ago

      Where's this mall I'm gonna go run over every fucking traffic cone they have,and these two wanna be cops pull a gun on me I'll run them over too

    • Richard Sheski
      Richard Sheski Month ago

      @l_k_t5 • 12 years ago 😂🤣😂. Oh man. I love when someone who thinks they are correct are completely wrong. Sure, it is slightly different from state to state, but in the United States the security guard has the right to act as an entity of the individual or corporation that hired them. Most states have laws codifying it, but shopkeepers’s privilege has been up held by the supreme court for all states. Which allows a business to detain you for “a reasonable amount of time” (usually held by courts at “until police arrive”. Giving them a wider berth of legal authority) for theft and property damage. And this type of detainment has been upheld whether or not the entity has a publicly accessible front, and wether or not they vend merchandise, information, or space (covering those that rent a property).
      Beyond that blanket authority passed on to security guards via their employer, in many states they can even act on castle doctrine in representation of an individual. If I hired private security in my state, they would have the legal right to kill an individual that unlawfully entered my home.

    • l_k_t5 • 12 years ago
      l_k_t5 • 12 years ago Month ago

      @Richard Sheski absolutely wrong, all security can do is observe and report. 😂

    • Aaron S
      Aaron S 2 months ago

      @Jacob Graemoor your just a guard, a rent a cop, you have no power looser lol.

  • Poor Mans Electronics Bench
    Poor Mans Electronics Bench 4 months ago +10

    In my job, I had to install and maintain equipment for network telecom services to large companies and government facilities as well. Some customers had "security services" that mandated me surrendering my personal drivers license to them to hold while I was escorted the whole time on site. I told them I refused to, the main reason being is that I had no idea how and by whom these security services were vetted. This video definitely enforces my concerns, and actions. Nothing in my job requirements by my employer said I was forced to surrender my personal DL to a customer. Government sites usually just verified me, then escorted me, which was acceptable.

    • bert punkaficionado
      bert punkaficionado 29 days ago

      You would be driving without a license. You don't need any other reason to say no, but "I don't know you" is a great reason.
      In the Navy, we had a superior try to have us surrender our IDs to him while in port so we couldn't leave when off [we had to work that day, but it wasn't a duty day so we could actually leave]. He was concerned we'd leave, get drunk, and be useless the next day. And we wouldn't be able to leave without ID. Everyone refused as it's required everyone carry their ID at all times. He tried to threaten us for disobeying an order, but nobody gave them up. He couldn't take it further because we'd be ordered to be out of uniform (you're out of uniform even if all you're missing is ID). I don't know about anyone else, but I left the ship after work and went to a great burger place, then went back to the ship. I had dinner with a couple beers. Worked fine the next day. He never tried it again. This was San Francisco about 20 years ago.

  • Josephine Evans
    Josephine Evans 11 months ago +6

    That's ridiculous, no license to carry or even a security guard license. Get rid of those clowns, need to shut that company down.

  • Lawrence Smith
    Lawrence Smith 11 months ago +114

    When the cops showed up and “investigated “ why didn’t the guard get arrested?

    • Angie Liyah
      Angie Liyah 2 months ago

      @Ted Collins you have low comprehension skills

    • Texas_Midnight _Rider
      Texas_Midnight _Rider 3 months ago

      @Gai-Jin Harrison lmao every comment I’ve seen you make is about “crackers” get a life racist

    • Luke Skyballer
      Luke Skyballer 4 months ago

      @Ted Collins You are aware that the President of the United States does not control gas prices? The most absurd, ridiculous anti-American thing ever done by a US president happen January 6 2021. Trump only cares about himself and could give two squirts about the health of the country. He is unable to control his impulses and is just a shitty human pouting like a small child when he lost the election.

    • Ted Collins
      Ted Collins 4 months ago

      @Luke Skyballer well, we're waiting...

    • Ted Collins
      Ted Collins 4 months ago +1

      @Luke Skyballer really? I am sure you can tell me all of the good things he has done? Enjoy $6 or more gas and the coming depression.

  • Dario Calderon
    Dario Calderon 2 years ago +7576

    He was really going to shoot someone over a traffic cone.

    • Adam
      Adam 4 months ago

      @Ronnie Baker black live matter...... now everyone going peaceful protesting

    • redrock861
      redrock861 10 months ago

      @Trespasser a cop shot a deaf kid cuz he didn't turn around and face him when he was told to.

    • redrock861
      redrock861 10 months ago

      @Thong Yang that's a description of every cop

    • Arlen Boyer
      Arlen Boyer 10 months ago

      welcome to the united states

    • MofoRyguy
      MofoRyguy 11 months ago

      The cone was security guards girlfriend what would YOU do?

  • Brian Torres
    Brian Torres 11 months ago +2

    never point a gun at someone unless you intend to end their life. This was over a traffic cone...? I hope he won the lawsuit.

  • Phil
    Phil 4 months ago +1

    OMG, even the security guards think that they can take the law in their own hands

  • Gutzan
    Gutzan 11 months ago +11

    I was expecting at the end: "They both were fired from security company and immediately hire by the local police dpt..."

  • D Clawson
    D Clawson 6 months ago +4

    When you cant make it as a cop. The look in that "security guards'" eyes says it all. Easy win. Enjoy yer money. Thank God that lunatic didn't shoot you.

  • na me
    na me 2 years ago +2837

    He's asking him to get out of the car, doesn't realise that he doesn't have authority whatsoever.

    • Whig-Splitter-11Bravo
      Whig-Splitter-11Bravo 3 months ago

      @Daniel Ray he's actually 100% correct. You can't use DEADLY force to protect property. Even in the redest "stand your ground" states in the US it is common knowledge that you have the right to defend your life with deadly force however if you are defending property with deadly force get ready to be cuffed, stuffed and charged

    • YoBroDontShoot
      YoBroDontShoot 4 months ago

      @Jeff Clarke Don’t know where you live, but Security cannot even make traffic stops on private property where I am. They cannot “detain” you, only “arrest” you. Detainment is highly illegal and a breach of civil rights. Asking someone to remove themselves from a vehicle so they can talk to you? That’s detainment. A random citizen cannot detain you…At least where I am.
      We can arrest someone for crime, but with no more power than a civilian.
      Police have the right to “exigent circumstance” meaning if they hear screaming in your house, they can kick in your door and run in without a warrant. We do not have that power.
      Police can ticket you for most offences that can be fined for. We can ticket for merely _parking_ offences with permission granted by the municipality/city.
      I can not hold you for 24+ hours on private property following an arrest because that’s kidnapping and unlawful detainment/confinement, I must inform the Police and they must take custody of the individual arrested. We can only hold you for large amounts of time if it literally physically takes the Police that long to arrive.
      Where you get the idea that “Security have more power than Police on Private Property” is absolutely baffling. Security are civilians. Police literally have been granted the power by the federal and local government to be able to infringe on your rights for the purpose of investigation and arrest.

    • Phillip Major
      Phillip Major 4 months ago

      as soon as that gun started to get pulled my ass running your ass over

    • buddy boy
      buddy boy 4 months ago

      That dude sounded wasted

    • Richard Peacock
      Richard Peacock 5 months ago

      Can we get an update? Hopefully he won his lawsuit and those sequeerity guards got fired

  • shimatetsuo2019
    shimatetsuo2019 4 months ago +3

    Not a cop: “Open your door or I’ll take out your window!”
    Excuse me?!?!

  • Robert Schwartzman
    Robert Schwartzman 4 months ago +2

    That person was impersonating a security cop should face 20 years in prison and sued for a million dollar. His supervisor was no better and he should go to jail and be fired a million dollars for intimidation.

  • NotYourAverageGaming
    NotYourAverageGaming 6 months ago

    I work in security (unarmed security) and I can only say that the number 1 thing that was drilled in my head was I need to de escalate situations. The man had no reason getting a gun pointed at him especially from someone with no proper licensing.

  • Austin Stross
    Austin Stross 4 months ago +2

    It’s the fact he pulled his gun out on a unarmed civilian. Security companies should be careful who they hire. Why should anyone suffer because this security card can’t do his job right.

  • Mcpang 99
    Mcpang 99 2 years ago +8513

    Why do mall cops even need guns Paul blart didn’t and he stopped a whole ass heist

    • TheMeltedCandle
      TheMeltedCandle Month ago

      Shoot anyone who tries to stop your vehicle that is my rule.

    • Raging lion
      Raging lion 2 months ago

      @Edward Garza still doesn't change the fact that even SCRIPTED, a fat mall cop is more efficient than any other on this planer

    • Paul McCkain
      Paul McCkain 3 months ago

      Ha,Ha,Ha, PIGS!

    • Valkier Kato
      Valkier Kato 4 months ago

      To be fair, I live in my Pennsylvania, and my local mall is called Monroeville Mall. They filmed Dawn of the Dead there. Look up fights and shootings there. It's actually insane how bad it can get. I'm glad the mall cops have guns because otherwise they may as well not even be there.

    • Anthony Leiva
      Anthony Leiva 4 months ago

      Bro he had a scooter 🛴make him invisible 🫥 lol

  • DaDirty Dawg
    DaDirty Dawg 4 months ago +8

    As an armed security guard our main objective is to “Observe & report” we have no legal authority to pursue. Only time youre are allowed to get involved is self defense or defense of another.

  • Jerome Cummings
    Jerome Cummings 4 months ago

    This is beyond ridiculous. I would had been looking for him afterwards. Pulling the gun was way over the line.

  • Def Blinders
    Def Blinders Month ago

    I worked armed security and you don’t EVER draw your weapon unless your life or someone else’s is in IMMINENT DANGER,such as a weapon is drawn on YOU. I’d have just made sure no one got hurt, there was no damage to his vehicle, sent him on his way and honestly, I probably would’ve laughed because he ran over the cone.

  • Sakred
    Sakred 11 months ago +5

    This has gotta be the funniest reason someone would pull out a gun...
    Guard: like oh know my life's now in danger because he drove over that cone

  • Brandon Quinney
    Brandon Quinney Year ago +1793

    I wouldn’t even be mad, that’s a great lawsuit lol.

    • Brent Preller
      Brent Preller 3 months ago

      Easy money.

    • Brandon Heston
      Brandon Heston 3 months ago

      Hell ya I been waiting for someone to f up so I can cash out

    • jaybazan
      jaybazan 4 months ago

      Oh he rich rich now

    • silencedknight
      silencedknight 4 months ago

      On top of that the dude has NO GUARD CARD

    • Theo Eguia
      Theo Eguia 4 months ago

      @Katalina Krew
      Exactly. Easy money

  • Jerome Taperman
    Jerome Taperman 4 months ago +1

    When that security guard said he was going to break the window, that gave the guy the right to drive away. A couple of wannabe cops who think any old uniform gives them power. That guy should never have a permit to own a gun.

  • Nobody
    Nobody 6 months ago

    I like how no one says “oh he’s just doing his job”

  • Fegsta Chops
    Fegsta Chops 5 months ago +2

    The driver was later sentenced to death for cone slaughter.

  • dan r
    dan r 4 months ago +1

    Wish I was a judge. Five years in jail for both of them! The mall owner should go to jail too, for hiring this garbage and not doing any checks on them as well as other violations!

  • Nonnof Yobiznes
    Nonnof Yobiznes 4 months ago

    When the lawsuit includes "emotional distress" you know it's all bullcrap.

  • Terry Wheelock
    Terry Wheelock 4 months ago +10

    When the cops showed up and found out the guy was fake security, why didn't he enact a Citizens Arrest right there! 😱

    • jt shaffner
      jt shaffner 4 months ago

      @Terry Wheelock youd be shot. Read your original comment. Im calling out your grammar.

    • Terry Wheelock
      Terry Wheelock 4 months ago +1

      @jt shaffner yep, pull a gun on me and you are not a Peace Officer and I haven't done anything wrong, ..... you bet your patooty I am gonna exercise my right to arrest! 😁👍✌

    • jt shaffner
      jt shaffner 4 months ago

      You mean an ACTUAL arrest?

  • Fretless
    Fretless 4 months ago

    You never, ever, ever pull a gun on someone unless you feel your life in in danger.

  • Richard Thompson
    Richard Thompson 11 months ago +1

    This never would have happened if the driver was armed and able to take out the threat as soon as it appeared.

  • Doc Cholo
    Doc Cholo 2 years ago +1443

    The way he is holding his firearm and the stance he's in, looks nervous as hell and doesn't know what he's doing. Surprised he didn't pull the trigger

    • DL
      DL 11 months ago

      Lucky he didn't know how to take off the safety.

    • 6gun Beauford III
      6gun Beauford III Year ago

      was about to say the same thing....that kid has no idea what he's doing

    • Kj Hardy
      Kj Hardy Year ago

      For once the safety on a gun saves an innocent man from being shot. Luckily the citizen illegally posing as a security guard with an unlicensed fire arm and clearly zero training didn’t find it.

    • Bret Ziller
      Bret Ziller Year ago

      @White CIS Cum ...probably should have left it holstered, to be honest.

    • Thomas Bummer
      Thomas Bummer Year ago

      @Frank O’Connell lol same here

  • Xavier Carr
    Xavier Carr 6 months ago +1

    1:50 Imagine almost getting wasted by a FAKE security guard!

  • It's yoo Boii
    It's yoo Boii 11 months ago +2

    Security guard peeks over to the traffic cone to see if it's alright while his gun is drawn is too funny

  • Leon kennedy
    Leon kennedy 7 months ago

    As a security guard myself we are not allowed to take out a window unless it's a life saving action

    CHRISTOPHER HILLMAN 6 months ago

    A Security Guard without a License to be a Security Guard, and NO permit for the handgun.
    Truly unbelievable.

  • Nuxay
    Nuxay 2 years ago +1853

    A security guard that doesn’t have a gun permit and license to be a security guard is a security guard... okay

    • Gaming IO
      Gaming IO 4 months ago

      @J I understand that many people feel that the laws in the US are geared towards eliminating the right to bear arms, but we need to use common sense. If someone has a health record that documents suicidal ideation should we give them a gun because it’s their right to have one? What about convicted robbers, murderers, and other violent people? The list goes on. We can have the right to possess a weapon capable of death, but there at least needs to be rules on how and when to use it. As for the opportunity to create wealth armed security options are rather minimal. I’m not discrediting what you’re saying, but if economic opportunity is the goal then there are much better opportunities, such as healthcare, engineering and many others.
      Edit: I’m sure there are many businesses that would like to get rid of licensing to expedite the hiring process, but the licensing actually proves competence which is one of the ways armed security providers protect themselves against liability. Say for example armed security providers didn’t have to hire licensed people a client or private entity may want “something” to show people that they aren’t hiring maniacs with guns. In security perception is reality. This means that sometimes someone can think or believe the wrong thing and security just has to go with it because it makes people “feel” safe.

    • J
      J 4 months ago

      @Gaming IO Yeah this guard is clearly not competent, & should not be carrying a gun or even have that job. But regardless of that I don't think there should be a licence required to do a job like that, he should just be held responsible for his actions as any private citizen would be.
      The amount of licences you need in todays world is crazy, people just need to stop complying with stupid laws & make a living for themselves. Get paid cash & tell authoritarians to screw off if they say you cannot work to provide for yourself. This is clear tyranny & direct government control over peoples economic opportunities.
      If I have the option between someone who is unlicensed & accepts cash, or a licensed contractor who is more expensive, I'm going with the unlicensed person every time. I can still sue him if he is an idiot, & he isn't complicate in tyranny & conforming to government over reach. Heck I would probably pay the unlicensed person a bit more.

    • Mark Arnold
      Mark Arnold 4 months ago

      You would/should have a license and certified as a security guard so that you will know when it is appropriate to unholster and aim your weapon… without the proper training these types of incidents would obviously happen…

    • My great big FOOT
      My great big FOOT 4 months ago

      Gosh i earnestly hope and pray that the traffic cone’s feelings wasn’t hurt in this incident he’s like family member to the security guard.

    • Blue Nose
      Blue Nose 4 months ago

      You all missed the point that this driver ran over a plastic cone, his car is a deadly weapon. The guy should be on death row, we don't know how many more cones this drivers ran over...Cones lives matter.

  • zzyzxRDFwy15
    zzyzxRDFwy15 6 months ago

    I'm glad Betty Yu was there to report about the continued abuse of traffic control cones everywhere. You would understand why the armed security guard pointed his weapon at the driver if you understood the relationship between the lonely unlicensed security guard and all of his traffic control cone friends.

  • thebanditabromowicz
    thebanditabromowicz 11 months ago

    Imagine fearing for your life and then his SUPERVISOR is threatening as well imagine if the “fight or flight” took and and you took off for fear you would be dead so sad

  • People's Independent Media Network

    I worked security for a few years after school just before college. I got out of that business because I found management to be clueless and too many security guards not mentally stable. Lol

  • Sam Gentile
    Sam Gentile 6 months ago

    I sure hope I get called for Jury Duty and end up on this case. I would gladly award the guy $50 Billion dollars for the Mall hiring people who are NOT legally licensed and qualified to carry a gun and who are not legally resisted as Security Officers.

  • Sosa
    Sosa 2 years ago +4509

    *accidentally hits a traffic cone*

    Guard : Oh, so you have chosen death.

  • bryce colwell
    bryce colwell 4 months ago

    its just way too outrageous, im sorry. theres something missing here they are not telling us. this isnt about hitting a traffic cone.

  • D
    D 6 months ago

    Competence get rewarded, when you give guns and what they believe in their mind power to incompetent people this is what happens. Hopefully he wins the lawsuit and the mall owners and managers pay someone more than $12 per hour that will no when to pull a gun on someone. That guard was scared and mentally unstable. Worst part is security guards and even some cops are so delusional. They say” dont move get your hands up while holding you at gun point, then their lack of training, IQ or whatever it is says, “ now role down your window, open your door , let me see your ID. “ 🤔so let me get this right you want me to stay still , then you want me to unlock my on door , take off my seat belt, while at gun point. So you can shoot me for what you will say was a threat to your life and probably get off with no gun found. Then I tell you F*** off Im not moving, then you and 2 of your buddies proceed to bust out my window, drag me out and beat the hell out of me , while screaming stop resisting, because thats what you were taught to say while beating the hell out of people and you’ll be fine in court.🙄someone, anyone make this system make sense. I have time ⏰

  • David Adams
    David Adams 6 months ago +4

    Just wow, the gentleman will never have to work again after this is settled!!

    • Walt Watson
      Walt Watson 4 months ago

      he got $400K from Westview and the Guard company's settlement was undisclosed. They declared bankruptcy that year. NO more working at the Apple store for that guy.

  • MrNobodee
    MrNobodee 7 months ago

    I "almost" wish that I was the driver. Do you know how "open and shut" this case is for a financial lawsuit??? You can't give a gun to every "Dirty Harry" wannabe. No de-escalation, no common sense, no license to carry a weapon, no idea what they are doing when dealing with the most minimal scenarios. My real issue is why the guy felt the need to draw his weapon AND put his finger on the trigger. Seriously??? He looked figgity as all get out....

  • Big Papi
    Big Papi 3 years ago +1171

    Attention EVERYONE!!!
    If someone is holding a gun on you, with both arms out straight and elbows locked, be terrified, because they have no idea what they are doing.

    • Scott
      Scott 4 months ago

      @LogicSword3675 Finally. Was looking for a reply or comment stating this. It isn’t 1968 anymore where the standard way to hold a handgun is to bend your elbows. You gotta lock your arms straight

    • Michael Carlson
      Michael Carlson 4 months ago

      I was going to say....this guy has NO idea how to handle a firearm whatsoever.

    • Dollar cost Backpacker
      Dollar cost Backpacker 4 months ago

      True story

    • Sal Maya
      Sal Maya 4 months ago

      Anyone who’s has the name “Big Papi” as their name is really “little Bitch” true facts!

    • LogicSword3675
      LogicSword3675 4 months ago

      That's how you hold an automatic. Elbows locked, thumbs forward, unless you want malfunctions.

  • Steve.
    Steve. 11 months ago

    They both have to be charged and sent to prison for this out of control pathetic behavior. If I pull a gun and somebody I would probably be doing 5 to 10 years and have a felony on my record.

  • benzo767
    benzo767 3 months ago

    “Stared at the barrel of a security guards gun in terror” while able to get his iPhone out and record the incident so steadily

  • Ross
    Ross 4 months ago

    Looked it up as I like to know how these things end: This lawsuit was concluded pursuant to a confidential settlement agreement

  • shantor100
    shantor100 5 months ago

    This kind of thing happened to me and my brother at a mall minus the gun. little did he know I knew the billionaire mall owner. I made a phone call the next day and dropped a big name. Pretty sure that mall cop was fired immediately

  • Kyle Baker
    Kyle Baker Year ago +889

    In fairness, that traffic cone was the security guard's partner of seven years and only four days away from retirement.

    • Roodchiba Pierre
      Roodchiba Pierre 3 months ago


    • Joseph Tang
      Joseph Tang 4 months ago

      Traffic Cone No More, Security Guard No More, and Supervisor No More!

    • Mad Trucker
      Mad Trucker 4 months ago

      @DaDirty Dawg As long as he didn't talk to him all night 🤣

    • DaDirty Dawg
      DaDirty Dawg 4 months ago +1

      I had an old friend of mine who worked security draw a face on a traffic cone and keep him in back of his truck.

    • Dave Gunall
      Dave Gunall 4 months ago

      Classic... SOOOOO FUNNY Bro (I bet the cone had a security guard license & permit to carry a gun ?)

  • ruralcanuck
    ruralcanuck 11 months ago +9

    *player accidentally kicks chicken
    Riverwood guard: "You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people."

  • Highly educated
    Highly educated 11 months ago +3

    The gofundme page for the traffic cone has already raised 200,000$ , well past its 10,000$ goal .

  • Timothy Shortnacy
    Timothy Shortnacy 5 months ago

    I find these videos informational, however, I wish there was a follow up to discuss the results of the litigation.

  • starblaze21
    starblaze21 6 months ago

    I’m sure the traffic cone gave some great eyewitness testimony at the hearing.

  • Tim Thompson
    Tim Thompson 4 years ago +4682

    That cone was his partner, and he was just 3 days from retirement.

  • Waterburner Actual
    Waterburner Actual 4 months ago

    Guilty as charged on all specifications.
    There should be a monetary award that not only compensates the plaintiff for every second these tyrants kept him in fear for his life and forcefully prevented him from being on his way, but to set a precedent to be the example to any future tyrants, that they will be given the same, if they choose to violate citizens rights.

  • Braulio Vargas Jr
    Braulio Vargas Jr 11 months ago

    I love stories when a legitimate lawsuit is just handed to you, money, 💰 ,🤑 ,💸 . More money 💰.

  • whoopdeedoo
    whoopdeedoo 11 months ago +2

    This lawsuit was concluded pursuant to a confidential settlement agreement.

    RAVEN_SPRING_9000 6 months ago

    He knew he messed up when he pulled that gun, you can tell it in his face.

  • mud
    mud Year ago +1671

    Both men that threatened him should have jail sentences.

    • Cauli Flowerz
      Cauli Flowerz 4 months ago

      @mud Sounds like your bloodline should stay off the road.

    • Jacob McCandles
      Jacob McCandles 5 months ago

      You don't get a jail sentence for saying "I'm gonna be bad" as long as you don't do it. The guy whonpulled his gun on thr other hand...

    • Jeff Griffith
      Jeff Griffith 5 months ago

      I would’ve just ran both of them over as they were both an immediate threat, don’t give shooters a chance, get them underneath your tires.. Why run the risk of having them shoot you, end the threats quick. first the traffic cone and then the life threatening guards.

    • mud
      mud 6 months ago

      @gary lambert so what was the point of that little story, Gary? You hate your job? Then quit. The man you talked about obviously wants to die so why exactly are you trashing him? Ofcourse he is an ass. If you can't handle it, get an office job. Or you could be a better person and try reaching the guy.

    • Father Samuel
      Father Samuel 6 months ago

      We must defund the police, because that’s working so well……🤨

  • Audio3
    Audio3 11 months ago +3

    Maybe traffic cones are hard to come by due to the recent container pile-up. 🤔😼 Let’s go Brandon!!!

  • Ian Goodridge
    Ian Goodridge 9 months ago

    Hope he gets a huge payday!! What right do you have to do that to another citizen or threaten to break his car window if he doesn’t come out to talk to you??? Insane people with weapons are one the downfalls of the US

  • Andre Noble
    Andre Noble 3 months ago

    0:48 The second guard here wanted driver to open the door so he could confiscate his cell phone during a bogus arrest. He knew they were in trouble.

  • Frank Posada
    Frank Posada 6 months ago

    I hope his lawsuit goes good. The outrage I have just watching this.

  • Doc
    Doc Year ago +1456

    “I took an oath to protect these traffic cones”

  • patrick rawls
    patrick rawls 5 months ago

    The security guard is now ready for the police academy. 🤣 Imagine getting pulled over by him for throwing a cigarette bud out your car window.

  • JT Moore
    JT Moore 5 months ago

    I was in a parking lot one night leaving a business when a security guard with his flashing yellow lights came chasing me down like he thought he was a cop. Threatened to to hand cuff me for going over 15mi per hour. I just drove off

  • Jitters Geyser
    Jitters Geyser 4 months ago +2

    Jeez, how badly was that cone ran over?

  • Anthony Lewis
    Anthony Lewis 4 months ago

    As a road striper I commend his actions lol

  • Calvin Cooley
    Calvin Cooley 4 years ago +5122

    Insecurity guard.

    • Machu Pichu
      Machu Pichu Year ago


    • Alex M
      Alex M Year ago

      Seeing guys like this makes me feel alot better about my life. Like hey atleast im not as stupid as these guys 😅

    • Rhianna Williams
      Rhianna Williams Year ago

      Underrated comment.

    • stefan x
      stefan x Year ago


    • bbennyj
      bbennyj Year ago


  • benerval7
    benerval7 4 months ago +1

    Neither of the security guys ever need to be working in that line of work. The moment the boss threatened to break the woindow...is a crime.

  • darrtrubb
    darrtrubb 4 months ago +1

    This wannabe cop waited his whole minimum- wage-making life for just this moment 😂

  • Cablelinenetwork
    Cablelinenetwork 6 months ago +1

    I'm glad I finished my conceal and carry class I swear to God I would send someone to Jesus so fast

  • George Parrault
    George Parrault 11 months ago

    Watching RUclips encounters that others have with Security Guards, ( By their speech they don’t seem to be from The USA 🇺🇸) Their actions shows their ignorance of Law and The Constitution of The USA 🇺🇸. ( Many Law Enforcement Officers don’t know The Constitution of The USA 🇺🇸 or Law but some of those not From The USA 🇺🇸 are even worse. ( Some act as they’ve seen from where they’re from. ) Very Dangerous.

  • Blake Exposito
    Blake Exposito 6 years ago +2301

    "This guy ran over a cone and is currently sitting in his car. I may need to kill him" - This rental cop's terrible thought process.

    • John Bumgardner
      John Bumgardner 2 years ago +1

      The security guard knows that cops get away with killing innecent people quite often. So he figured since he had a gun and a badge he'd get away with it too.

    • Isaac Estrada
      Isaac Estrada 2 years ago

      Lmao shit had me dead

      TODDD OETKEN 3 years ago +1

      The security guard was just thinking about the victim. None of us heard how badly that cone hurt? Was it severely injured? Is it disabled? What about the pain and suffering this traffic cone endured? What about the mental scarring of being run over by an inconsiderate computer geek? EVER THINK ABOUT THAT?

    • Alex Jericho
      Alex Jericho 3 years ago +1

      Cones life’s matter

    • C S
      C S 4 years ago +4

      I'm sure his thought process was far less intelligent than even that. More like "PRIDE WOUNDED, MUST AIM GUN"

  • puirYorick
    puirYorick 11 months ago +8

    NVM a lawsuit - why weren't both those "security guards" disarmed and arrested by police first of all?
    America's whole justice system is a failure.

    • R E
      R E 4 months ago

      Yes, thats true, the security guard should have been arrested for UCW, unlawfully carrying of a weapon, and especially no training. I hope this guy made alot of money for their stupid mistakes??????????????

    • DL
      DL 11 months ago

      Because then another video would be posted of how the police overreacted while responding to a call and the security guards would sue the police department. Seems to me everything turned out ok for the fella and he got some money to help him sleep better at night with his PTSD.

  • jiogcyihsugy iocjfdoivhphvwp

    what a psycho. reckless indifference and reckless endangerment much? a gun for running over a cone? imagine if the guy had committed a major crime

    CARLOS DANGER 4 months ago +1

    This dude only ended up getting 100k, and half went to lawyers…..

  • bouldaa
    bouldaa 11 months ago

    "if you take out my window, i will take you out" that would've been my response

  • Slippery Sloper
    Slippery Sloper Year ago +655

    Lawsuit?? Why weren’t they arrested immediately?? The supervisor was also technically pretending to be a police officer by ordering him out of the car and threatening to tear out his window.

    • Mark Raimo
      Mark Raimo 4 months ago

      @Aaron Sinclair exactly. Not even a security guard. Doesn't have a license to be one. So that should be an impersonation charge too.

    • Martin Barbeau
      Martin Barbeau 4 months ago

      I would'eve just drove off and flipped them off as well!!!

    • Marshall Lee
      Marshall Lee 4 months ago

      @DeusVult I understand there's discrepancies in terminology, just relaying what happened. Every responder to the scene was surprised that my buddy didn't unload his .44 in him. They went about the process to make it where the family can get the most out of him.

    • DeusVult
      DeusVult 4 months ago +1

      @WONDERCS it's not an either/or thing. There are equivalent torts for any person/property crime.

    • DeusVult
      DeusVult 4 months ago +1

      @Marshall Lee this is false. Someone going to prison comes from criminal law. Suing someone is civil law. The 2 have no bearing on eachother. The only effect there is is if restitution is ordered. Then it lowers the civil amount by the amount of restitution.

  • RedSwan Studios
    RedSwan Studios 11 months ago

    Security guards do not have the authority to detain anyone, especially with threat of lethal force... Hope he got a massive settlement and that security guard needs to be arrested, not just fired.

  • My great big FOOT
    My great big FOOT 4 months ago

    Did this happen in the Lone Cone State ?
    So he just had a gun pointed at him, his life and his window threatened But just take a moment now to consider what this experience was like for the poor little humble traffic cone.
    The life for the poor old traffic cone is intense and stressful, standing out amongst the traffic every day, selflessly serving and protecting the lanes in all kinds of weather.
    Being looked down by everyone and weed on by dogs on a daily basis and what not. There’s a significant bond in the security services between the guard and his loyal and faithful cone, a camaraderie and relationship that builds up over the times they are on duty together.
    It’s like he was threatening a member of the security guard’s family with his car, and so something had to be done. Here’s to all the cones from New Mexico to Nebraska, may the lord protect them. Speaking for myself my life and sanity has been saved by a traffic cone on many occasions.

  • Andrew Kim
    Andrew Kim 5 months ago

    dude waited his whole life for that moment

    BOOBMYST 11 months ago

    That driver really put that cones life at risk.

  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster 2 years ago +1302

    And no one is interested in how the cone is doing ?
    Just typical.

    • Mike Zayachkowski
      Mike Zayachkowski Year ago

      Cone lives matter

    • Andy Gee
      Andy Gee Year ago

      The cone recovered and went on to have a successful career playing the lead witches hat in the Harry Potter franchise.

    • Paul Marrujo
      Paul Marrujo Year ago


    • bbennyj
      bbennyj Year ago

      @Akuma Bazooka lol

    • judeluv3
      judeluv3 Year ago

      @Stephen Le-surf And assault :)

  • Mark Samuelsen
    Mark Samuelsen 11 months ago

    WoW…..criminal cops and now criminal security guards. It certainly is telling that the wrong people are being put in positions of authority. We The People need help.

  • Mitchell Thirion
    Mitchell Thirion 5 months ago

    "Accused" Yet it's the first video we see when the clip starts. Arrest and charge him and stop letting Paul Blarts wear guns.

  • Sonny Parlin
    Sonny Parlin 4 months ago

    When he saw that cone go down, he knew it was his moment to shine.

  • Mont Evans
    Mont Evans 5 months ago

    The security are clowns 🤡 😂. He knew he messed up he went all the way through with it.

  • Intoxicated Jew
    Intoxicated Jew 2 years ago +778

    Dude who pulled the gun looks like he's about to cry 😂

    • Isa
      Isa 3 months ago

      He nearly pissed his pants just by holding that gun.

    • Rinzler 3757
      Rinzler 3757 3 months ago

      First day on the job, and he witnessed an innocent traffic cone get mowed down.

    • The_F@g
      The_F@g 6 months ago

      he was trigger happy yet very sad

    • Kennie B
      Kennie B 6 months ago +3


    • Andrew Ryan
      Andrew Ryan 6 months ago

      @Elijah Dilullo I see his index finger on the right side of the gun

  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston 4 months ago

    little does everyone know, that was the 6th cone the driver had knocked over that month. he was terrorizing cones all across the city and had to be stopped.

  • ray the person
    ray the person 4 months ago +1

    it sounds super childish "ran over a cone" but in person its more of a real situation when someone clearly cant controll their car but there is no reason to pull a gun on someone

  • Charles Eagan
    Charles Eagan 4 months ago +1

    Hope the security guard gets to spend a little quality time in the county jail.

  • The Chakkim
    The Chakkim 11 months ago

    Fair warning to security guards. If anyone ever pulls a gun on me over something like this, just know that I have a gun too.

  • Keith Owens
    Keith Owens 3 years ago +1092

    Security guard carrying a gun!! That doesn't have a permit to carry or security guard liscense!!!! Should go to jail!!!

    • Rhaspun
      Rhaspun Year ago

      @shark40sw If he is carrying his gun then he is required to have his permit on his person. No different than driving a car. You have to have your license on you when driving.

    • armadillotoe
      armadillotoe 2 years ago

      @James Carter I just wanted to remind you, Hildabeast still isn'tthe President, and never will be. LOL.

    • Ashleybobby 1
      Ashleybobby 1 2 years ago +1

      @Kourosh ok but not everyone lives where you do. Not every state requires a permit to open carry.

    • Emzell Trice
      Emzell Trice 2 years ago +3

      @shark40sw You still can't point a gun at someone if no threat

    • Jeffrey Smith
      Jeffrey Smith 2 years ago +1

      @shark40sw you have to carry them at all times. If you do not have them on you while working and a peace officer or state police wants to see your licence you don't have it. You will be in court paying a 10,000 dollar fine

  • Roger Taranto
    Roger Taranto 6 months ago

    Guy: Runs over cone on accident
    Security Guard: And I took that personal

  • Gregory Haynes
    Gregory Haynes 6 months ago +1


  • Robert Hudson
    Robert Hudson 4 months ago

    Is there any information available about the condition of the traffic cone

  • Ron Knaus
    Ron Knaus 4 months ago

    Wow!!! I would not have believed this if not for the video; what’s wrong with these ‘Security Guards’?

  • Clyde Cavalieri
    Clyde Cavalieri 2 years ago +690

    He comes from a long line of security guards. His grand pappy worked as a guard at Blockbuster. He drew down on a man who wasn't kind and didn't rewind.

    • Skeptical Fan
      Skeptical Fan 4 months ago

      Lol. If that was a book. I would read it! 😆 🤣 😂 😹

    • yeudoi66
      yeudoi66 6 months ago +1

      you forgot about they guy who didnt returned the video on time like me lol

    • laszlo halapi
      laszlo halapi 11 months ago +1


    • MaddogUSMC
      MaddogUSMC Year ago +2

      “SCREW U!!! That’s Funny!” 👌😂

    • RadEmFam
      RadEmFam Year ago +5

      Ah man!!! I miss blockbuster. Never knew what you were going to watch until you went in and saw all the latest releases all rented out. Beverly Hills cop 2 again I guess