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Package Thieves In San Jose Surprised With Horns, Trash, Dog Feces

  • Published on Jan 16, 2018
  • One resident who is tired of package theft is trying to teach thieves a lesson, and he's using bait packages to do it. Maria Medina reports. (1/17/18)

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  • Andy Fam
    Andy Fam 4 years ago +17598

    That guy with his son is so pathetic. Teaching your kid to take what's not theirs. That's just weak man.

    • sal alvarez
      sal alvarez 3 months ago

      Blame the city prosecutors that allow that shit to be ok.

    • NaughtyKoolAid
      NaughtyKoolAid 10 months ago

      The mindset of liberalism is what contaminates these criminals
      “ we are in a worse off position, so we take from the privilege( homeowners) and give to ourselves”

    • Vlogs Y Más
      Vlogs Y Más 11 months ago

      The thing is that if he left his son in the car and authorities or neighbors seen it, he is going to be in big troubles.

    • Johnny Guitarist
      Johnny Guitarist Year ago

      I bet he makes his son promise not to tell Mommy....cause mommy is going to choke slam daddy through the kitchen table lol 😂

    • Last Place
      Last Place Year ago

      Dawg he a coward lmao wtf bro

  • Assbat 1
    Assbat 1 Year ago +841

    The people who bring their children are absolutely disgusting for teaching that stealing is OK.
    And if its not their kid or relative then theyre kidnappers.
    🙍‍♀️ 🤷‍♀️

    • Cassidy Presley
      Cassidy Presley Month ago

      Assbat !!......absolutely right on that.......this is just the beginning, that is what we are teaching our young ones is to do bad and steal of others property. These young ones will go through life at the :edge of no return.......will be come tomorrow's criminals, a criminal record and chance of entering the prison system. The man in this vid.......is doomed to the end and will or probably has or will entered into the prison system. What we reap we will sow the actions of our consequences.

    • Just Me
      Just Me Year ago +1

      Yep! Bunch of low life's

    • mranderson 1
      mranderson 1 Year ago

      @Hugh Janus he probably doesn’t have any father so this dude the closest thing to a father figure

    • Hugh Janus
      Hugh Janus Year ago

      @mranderson 1 better chance of it being his kid. You think of one his friends would let him teach their kid that?

    • mranderson 1
      mranderson 1 Year ago

      Why do we think that’s his kid?

  • Erica Miles
    Erica Miles Year ago +698

    Imagine snatching a box, taking it home and opening it up to find that your hustle has earned you a total of one box of shyt. 😲

    • Erica Miles
      Erica Miles Year ago

      @cipher88101 Lol 😏

    • cipher88101
      cipher88101 Year ago +1

      Well, it's what they are worth, so it's fair pay.

    • Jim Thompson
      Jim Thompson Year ago +2


    • Rusty
      Rusty Year ago +2

      @Certain men key - There is no honor among thieves!

    • Certain men key
      Certain men key Year ago +2

      @Lawrence Taylor nobody loves a thief except maybe another thief.

  • Brandi Tew
    Brandi Tew Year ago +125

    This is just so stupid how far an honest home owner has to go

    • Ekkehard B.
      Ekkehard B. Year ago +3

      That'd still happen. In fact, moving to any rich neighborhood wouldn't help either unless it's quite far from empoverished ones because some drive just to steal boxes

    • Szájer
      Szájer Year ago +3

      He should move to a White neighborhood.

  • L K
    L K Year ago +42

    If packages are stolen that had been delivered by the USPS, report it to the Office of the Inspector General, it is a federal offense. Lock these spineless thieves up and fine them, too.

    • Connar
      Connar 4 months ago

      And since it’s a federal offense, it will lead to felony convictions as well for thieves.

    • S
      S Year ago +3

      That is about as effective a deterrent as the “you’re going to go to jail for 5 years if you copy this DVD” warning.

    • dbdchristopher
      dbdchristopher Year ago +10

      Like anything will ever happen

  • Thats Me
    Thats Me Year ago +3892

    What makes me mad is they always blur out these peoples faces. They are criminals and should be exposed publicly

    • Lo Lingo ENT
      Lo Lingo ENT 4 months ago

      @Jim26D 🤣🤣

    • Evan O'Leary
      Evan O'Leary 4 months ago

      @Jim26D Just blatantly racist comment having nothing to do with these situations. No one supporting BLM is also supporting property theft... wow

    • dave sabo
      dave sabo 5 months ago

      @Jim26D exactly maybe these folks should get a.......JOB! and stop whining about racism and be productive members of society rather then a burden on the justice system.

    • JBD Bean
      JBD Bean 5 months ago

      Exactly! They are in the public realm and therefore have zero privacy claims.

    • NevadaGrace
      NevadaGrace 5 months ago

      @Jim26D Wake up for crying out loud..ALL lives matter!

  • nett1200z
    nett1200z Year ago +102

    The guy with the U- Haul is the runner up while the guy teaching his son how to be a porch pirate is the #1 db of the year!

    • S Stills
      S Stills Year ago +1

      Honestly I think it's the same guy. The back of the head looks the same.

  • Pheonyx Johnson
    Pheonyx Johnson Year ago +4

    I love that idea. I’m glad that on my street we look out for each other and the regular delivery people that the neighbors are able to accept packages. But it’s a shame that it’s like this.

  • Jem
    Jem Year ago +44

    Watching these thieves gets me so frickin’ mad, and it’s not even my packages!

    • Lizette Wanzer
      Lizette Wanzer 11 months ago

      @Bowser Houdini Hahahhaaaaaaa

    • CyeOutsider
      CyeOutsider Year ago +1

      @hyperactive216 More likely low IQ Trump supporters.

    • Sarah Strange
      Sarah Strange Year ago +3

      @hyperactive216 there’s always one of these dumb ass comments everywhere.

    • Bowser Houdini
      Bowser Houdini Year ago +1

      @hyperactive216 Starcomed is democrats backwards = Democrats are aliens 👽

    • hyperactive216
      hyperactive216 Year ago +2


  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown Year ago +18

    It’s disturbing the amount of scum bags out there stealing

  • artistjoh
    artistjoh Year ago +3045

    Any man who takes his child out stealing needs to have the child removed from their care, permanently. They have proved they have zero knowledge about parental responsibility, and with no moral compass any promise to not do it again can never be believed.

    • artistjoh
      artistjoh 4 months ago

      @ttech694 Only a full fledged idiot would turn an important moral issue into a cheap political shot. You could just as easily said "future evangelical christian"and it would have the same irrelevant value.

    • ttech694
      ttech694 4 months ago

      Future democratic voter

    • Jeff Schmalz
      Jeff Schmalz 7 months ago

      @Phil Loralmao great

    • Jeff Schmalz
      Jeff Schmalz 7 months ago

      @John Webster lmao very good

    • Hill Billy
      Hill Billy Year ago

      That was just father child bonding time. As long as he don't refer to them as "boy" or "girl" because that's mental abuse and that is punishable, apparently.

  • Janet Anderson
    Janet Anderson Year ago +7

    Well done ,more home owners need to try the same thing . It’s amazing to me that people have become so dishonest and cruel on a day to day basis .What is going on in America that people are turning on each other to such an extent ?

    • Jay Ski
      Jay Ski Year ago +2

      @RustyJeep we got a Biden supporter over here!

    • RustyJeep
      RustyJeep Year ago

      America has always been an every man for himself society, it's just a lot more obvious lately under late stage capitalism & after four years of a fascist president

  • Quang Vu
    Quang Vu Year ago +62

    This clip shows that Ring camera doesn’t deter thieves!

    • Kathleen
      Kathleen Year ago +1

      I saw another video where armed robbers showed up at a home in Phoenixband the robber put his hand on the ring doorbell and two robber broke down the door while the owner opened gire on them and the 4 of them took off running 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Colin Nekritz
      Colin Nekritz Year ago +4

      It seriously never does. It’s like “great, now you got video of a perp usually in a hoodie or mask that you’ll never see again and you can’t recognize.” The cops do NOT give one flying rats ass about porch thieves, they got better things to do.

  • SupremeSanda
    SupremeSanda Year ago +29

    This man needs to turn this into a business, then package thieving case around the neighborhood decrease by 99%

    • Guy Sabol
      Guy Sabol Year ago

      even del to a person, waiting at a site, UPS got there person waiting signed , left by car scribbled fake sig, this involved pkgd money, its a thorough scam

  • benjamin kimo
    benjamin kimo Year ago +58

    This is why America will never change, people who shouldn’t be parents have kids … what they gonna learn ..

    • S 1214
      S 1214 Year ago +1

      You mean humanity? I think you wrote America when you should have said humanity. It’s ok, we all make mistakes. 350 million people and you think you can generalize an entire nation.

    • Jesse
      Jesse Year ago +2

      Anything can change. We are too lenient on thieves. Maybe take a finger for the first offensive, a hand for the second offense, then death on the third, and they will no longer steal. It’s really simple.

    • Peter Geanacopulos
      Peter Geanacopulos Year ago +1


  • random pensamientos
    random pensamientos Year ago +1791

    What makes me mad is how many thieves don’t get prosecuted when there is clear video evidence of their crime.

    • Cheby Chvse
      Cheby Chvse 6 months ago

      @Lindsey only stealing actual mail delivered by the usps, especially from a mailbox being the serious one

    • P O
      P O 8 months ago

      @Andrew Malone bc commiefornia is a shithole

    • De Chiu
      De Chiu 8 months ago

      @Tony Weaver instead of taking someone else's purchases, why not get a job. Do you really think there is food being delivered in those boxes? How ridic

    • -.-ZZZ
      -.-ZZZ 8 months ago

      only in usa

    • General Sherman
      General Sherman 11 months ago

      @A Glenn A misdemeanor is still a crime dipshit

    MELODY CENTRAL 000 Year ago +3

    Stealing something you know you want makes more sense. I just can't imagine taking someone's box and then realizing "No I don't want this" and dumping it on the road. I would return it to the house but I guess that's why I'm not a thief.

    • generalqwer
      generalqwer Year ago

      To be honest most of these people are bored more than anything, and just looking for a thrill.

  • Nature Lover
    Nature Lover Year ago

    I am so lucky I don’t suffer from thieves like this in my neighborhood, so far.

  • Ang Zamberlan
    Ang Zamberlan Year ago +1

    Honestly it’s just so sad that so many people are willing to steal.

  • Пroxима
    Пroxима Year ago +1

    I was so surprised when I spent my summer in the US, that that’s how ppl there receive packages. That’s literally so stupid. There will always be thieves. Why not just pick up your stuff at a post office or set a date and time to get it from a delivery person so it doesn’t lie around the whole day

    • RustyJeep
      RustyJeep Year ago

      Lol silly, nobody in the US wants to go to the post office to pick up packages, that's an extra errand that nobody has time for here. That's like some 1985 type stuff. Nobody has that kind of time anymore.

  • ThatOneDude
    ThatOneDude Year ago +1397

    Dude, there was a literal parent with a KID trynna steal that package. This is incredibly sad.

    • kuhnhan
      kuhnhan Year ago

      What's a trynna?

    • None Ya
      None Ya Year ago


    • Whitney PAIGE
      Whitney PAIGE Year ago

      Gotta teach them young. Gotta keep the cycle repeating.

    • Flawless Man
      Flawless Man Year ago +1

      Not sad, thats pathetic

    • Fur Sure
      Fur Sure Year ago +3

      "Trynna"? I'm sorry I cant find that word in the dictionary

  • Rob webnoid
    Rob webnoid Year ago

    Here in 2021. Fortunately I havent had anything like this happen in recent decades, although it might have happened once or twice so long ago as a kid that I've forgotten. I've had mailed packages left on my doorstep & I've walked to the neighbor that is supposed to have it.
    One thing I would like to see is a trick where a flashbulb comes on whenever they try to steal package & that will tell them that their face, clothes & body are now "photographed". Even if they have a mask on, this will make the thieves just a tiny bit more hesitant the next time. Parents & schools should try a little harder when it comes to teaching morals. Drugs & desperation should hopefully not be an excuse either.

  • Grady Gilchrist
    Grady Gilchrist Year ago +56

    Being California, there will be a time when the crook steals the one with dog crap and then sues this guy for emotional trauma.

    • Connar
      Connar 4 months ago

      Wouldn’t be proper grounds for a court case.
      “Why are you suing this man?”
      “Well I was stealing packages from his house and they were full of nothing but trash and dog doody”

    • Mahogany_Hues
      Mahogany_Hues Year ago +1

      Americans are too litigious

    • Filmfiend27
      Filmfiend27 Year ago

      That may be truth but I doubt there’s a court that wouldn’t just dismiss it.

    • kuhnhan
      kuhnhan Year ago +17

      And the worst is there is a parasitic, low life attorney that would take the case.

  • London Sapphire
    London Sapphire Year ago +1

    I like how even his dog helps to fight crime

  • Leia Nalani
    Leia Nalani Year ago

    The scum of the earth. Wow. How disgusting these excuses for human beings are. Dude props to you for coming up with this. Bait boxes...what a great idea 💡

  • papillon
    papillon 4 years ago +3001

    I don’t even take out the trash anymore. I just load it all up in an Amazon box and put it out on the porch. Thanks guys for doing my chores for me and finally being productive members of society!

  • Christina F
    Christina F Year ago +1

    You would think with all the stories of glitter bombs and other bait boxes, and alarms going off and cameras catching the thieves that they would realize "oh I better stop stealing packages or I'm going to get in trouble", but they're too stupid apparently to figure that out 🤦🤦🤦

  • Let's Get Wierd Edits

    You can't teach people like that anything. The only thing they understand is the boot

  • EvilEjXD
    EvilEjXD Year ago +10

    Only lesson being learned is just to not go to that exact house

  • Sir Chadius Maximus III

    “It never used to be like this”
    I wonder what changed?

    • Tony England
      Tony England 4 months ago

      Black people moved into the neighbourhood.

    • Tina Ngorora
      Tina Ngorora Year ago


    • Night Avatar
      Night Avatar Year ago +1

      You and I both know what changed.but god forbid you say it,you know because it’s the truth and all.

  • Angela Magruder
    Angela Magruder 11 months ago +1

    Good for you sir for trying keep your packages from being stolen,good job,may God keep you protected in His Care😎☺🙂🤗😇🤓🙃😷😷😷😷

  • mkmason2002
    mkmason2002 Year ago

    I was driving past a farm when I saw a large purse in the middle of the road. I thought "Oh no, some poor woman lost her purse. Why is it in the middle of the road? Did someone abduct her?" So I stopped to pick it up to find a wallet to get her name and to return it to her. I opened the purse and it was filled with cow patties. I laughed my butt off! Crazy farmer joke.

  • ginger cox
    ginger cox Year ago

    I can’t imagine doing it with a child. That’s a crime. Delinquency of a minor.

  • Bryce Walburn
    Bryce Walburn Year ago

    Every time I think about doing something like this, I remind myself that some of these people are insane, and teaching someone a lesson isn't worth a brick through my window, or worse.

    • Christopher Briggs
      Christopher Briggs Year ago

      You are part of the problem then. We have to hold people responsible for their actions. It's kinda like fighting for what is yours. If your not going to fight for it somebody will just come and take it.

  • Gail Jackson-Chapman
    Gail Jackson-Chapman 2 years ago +2972

    Who steals with their child? He should’ve locked up and his son taken from him. Poor parenting😡😡😳😳

    • Gail Jackson-Chapman
      Gail Jackson-Chapman Year ago

      @Cindy Smith Trump is a asshole just like you

    • Cindy Smith
      Cindy Smith Year ago

      @Evie Rice you can keep your jesus and peddle your trash in a church.

    • Cindy Smith
      Cindy Smith Year ago

      @Gail Jackson-Chapman Trump is the biggest thief of them all,that's what you have to say, why dont you comment about the video instead of making a comment that makes you sound stooopid.

    • Gail Jackson-Chapman
      Gail Jackson-Chapman Year ago

      @Koboss it's called being angry when parents do stupid shit with their children 🤦‍♀️

    • Koboss
      Koboss Year ago

      Bruh what’s with the flushed emojis

  • my penis has feelings

    When i was young i knew stealing was wrong but all i care about is my own gain. Now that im older and working hard for whatever i need in life, i now have a sense of how wrong stealing is. If only i can go back in time i will smack myself with a rolled up newspaper so hard ill give my younger self an epiphany of somesort.

  • Sapphyre Soul
    Sapphyre Soul Year ago

    SMH, some things will never change. The dad should go to jail, without question. But can't his kid also be taken away (or put in juvenile detention) for this foolishness?? Why would you not think about the welfare of your own child, IF the kid is even his??!!
    On another note, this is why Amazon now has "Amazon Key." You have the option of having the driver put your packages in your garage instead of out in the open for anyone to steal. I'm just waiting to hear the reviews about how well Key works... Or doesn't.

  • Mad Scientific
    Mad Scientific Year ago +8

    This is about as close to that "shotgun rigged to a doorknob" as one can get... I love it... Dog shit in a box... That's perfect!

    • Cyn A
      Cyn A Year ago

      Right! 🤣🤣🤣

  • DEPY K
    DEPY K 7 months ago +1

    What I can't understand is why delivery companies in US don't deliver packages in owners hands.

    BIG GEE 2 years ago +5514

    ..."Even my dog contributes to the bait-box." LIKE A BOSS

    • hazel tate
      hazel tate Year ago


    • Emlyn Smythe
      Emlyn Smythe Year ago

      @Viscous Goo Someone in that neighborhood must have a Labrador or something. Maybe a Newfie. This needs to become a community effort!

    • Mandy U
      Mandy U Year ago

      Hahah I laughed my ass off he was so casual about it. I'm dead

    • Colin Nekritz
      Colin Nekritz Year ago +1

      @Tom Tetreau a lot of black men voted for Donald Trump, they like how he’s a lazy-ass failed businessman who talks a lot of shit

    • TheUtuber999
      TheUtuber999 Year ago +1

      @Ferdelance Maybe compressed air on a timer that would cause the contents (feces) to be ejected from the box in all directions once enough time has elapsed for the thief to have returned to their vehicle with the package.

  • Parker Whitewolf
    Parker Whitewolf 11 months ago +1

    I love the bait boxes that sound like a gun shot. I was watching them and I couldn’t stop laughing. A lady fell and Broke her leg and the guy had to get out of the car and get her. She was a big guy and he was straining to pick her up. I was laughing hysterically by this time. No sympathy here.

  • Kathryn Carter
    Kathryn Carter Year ago

    Great & sad at the same time. I really like the air horn idea. Glad he's caught so many.

  • scoieb
    scoieb Year ago

    When are good people going to realize the extent of bad intentions?
    My story is a Nieghbor filling my recycle bin with trash to the extent of overfilling it.
    If my receptacles are overfilled, I get fined.
    They overfilled my recycle bin with GARBAGE.
    We NEED to fight back.

  • Kamuran Deliormanli
    Kamuran Deliormanli Year ago +1

    1:15 Bringing your child to thieving, what an exemplary parenthood...

  • Jason M
    Jason M Year ago +1005

    This package prankster taught that kid more than the father ever will.

    • NevadaGrace
      NevadaGrace 5 months ago

      @Ute Castronoova They do the same in Chicago..

    • Durango 88
      Durango 88 Year ago


    • Ute Castronoova
      Ute Castronoova Year ago +1

      This is California so the kids most likely just training for a life career of California polítician..he's got the básics down already

    • E Mail
      E Mail Year ago

      @K A must have been your mother

    • J T
      J T Year ago +3

      Maybe the kid learns something, but he probably just looks up to his worthless, loser of a dad.

    RICHY MARK NORMAN 4 months ago +1

    That would not work where i live. I reside in Sydney's Western suburbs in Australia,a decent street in a not so great area, but have never had one package stolen in 25yrs,touch wood.
    I have seen a few of these porch thief videos from the U.S and can't believe how brazenly they walk up to the door and steal. Even more confusing is any house there could have a weapon and it could end real bad for the thief.. In contrast,if someone entered your home here and they were walking outside with all your furniture and you shot them,you would be going to jail.. Maybe some people from the U.S are real desperate, have no idea.

  • Nitronus Prime
    Nitronus Prime 2 months ago

    Crap is literally what thieves deserve to find when they open up stolen packages

  • Keith McElroy
    Keith McElroy Year ago +142

    Have a recording play gunshots when the thief lifts the package. See him run!

    • A.J.
      A.J. Year ago

      @AndrewWithEase11 11 lmao people debating over who's the "true" trump supporter...RUclips comments are a cesspool

    • RustyJeep
      RustyJeep Year ago +1

      @rustler08 no guns in Cali? lmao since when?

    • Michael Pendleton
      Michael Pendleton Year ago


    • Michael Pendleton
      Michael Pendleton Year ago


    • Michael Pendleton
      Michael Pendleton Year ago

      @AndrewWithEase11 11 give an address and we can talk about this in person.

  • Journey to Fierce

    I was like, dang he’s getting a lot of stuff stolen 😂

  • rand49er
    rand49er Year ago +1521

    That little kid knew just how to quickly jump on the back of that bicycle and escape. The dad needs to go to jail for that alone.

    • alex772350
      alex772350 Year ago

      In a few more yrs, that kid its gonna b a lil thug! Watch out....

    • StillAReal1
      StillAReal1 Year ago

      that’s a little excessive don’t you think ? I mean it’s a scum bag thing to do and he should be fine but jail is a little excessive.

    • Ms B
      Ms B Year ago

      That's just unbelievable !

    • rileyandmike
      rileyandmike Year ago

      @slovní curling and some people forget the comprehension part of reading - the kid has obviously jumped on the back of the bike multiple times indicating this is not the first time they have stolen something together - so: make sure you add yourself to the self hating dumb list. I won’t reply again (this is an old thread) but you will, you have a “need” to. Now 3. . . 2 . . . 1 . . . reply

    • slovní curling
      slovní curling Year ago

      I guess people have some reading comprehension problems. The OP clearly stated that the dad should go to jail just for the fact that the kid can jump on bicycle quickly. Quoting: "The dad needs to go to jail for that ALONE" .So they are saying the person should go to jail just because their kid is agile. So with this logic ever sports coach working with kids should go to jail because the kids are more than likely agile too.
      Edit: holly shit you people are fucking dumb and I hate you

  • R O W M
    R O W M 11 months ago +1

    Damn these people going as far as pulling up CLOSE IN A RENTED UHAUL? Probably rented it just to snatch boxes for the day. SICK & DISGUSTING that “dad” with his child. The level of petty selfishness these people have.

  • Sick Twistedone
    Sick Twistedone Year ago +1

    The more we coddle and justify criminal behavior the more we get.

  • Molly Mol
    Molly Mol Year ago

    Are You serious? The one thief bringing a child with him to steal? Way to go dude! Teaching that kid nice n early on how to become a criminal 🤬 😤😡

  • Tribe Has Spoken
    Tribe Has Spoken 5 months ago

    Wow i couldn’t even imagine bringing a child to do something so pathetic now that kid sees you for what you are , less than a man

  • Whiteboy157
    Whiteboy157 Year ago +798

    Imagine stealing a package just to find shit inside, hahaha this is gold

    • SirSmokeAlot732
      SirSmokeAlot732 Year ago

      @Bill Dozer oh 2 funny

    • Meada Kazuya
      Meada Kazuya Year ago +1

      Gold painted turd
      Real shit there

    • ゴミクズ人Violet
      ゴミクズ人Violet Year ago +3

      @Bill Dozer Didn't you watch the video? Living shit already walked onto his home. 🤷‍♀️

    • Monsta
      Monsta Year ago +15

      @Bill Dozer it's all fun and games till those thieves get blasted away by messing with the wrong person💯💪 hopefully they do!

    • Bill Dozer
      Bill Dozer Year ago +5

      It's all fun and games until the homeowner finds shit all over his house!

  • unter mench
    unter mench Year ago

    The place I worked-at had a problem with people stealing items off of the loading dock, so I asked all of the employees to save their trash for a week. I then boxed all of the trash, nice and neatly with fake shipping labels. On Friday evening, I stacked all of the boxes, about half a Ton's worth on the dock and went home. Come Monday, they were gone, but we never did have another problem with Loading Dock thefts.

  • Wimpy Samurai
    Wimpy Samurai Year ago

    Wow bringing your kid along. A true role model

  • Kevin Wasilewski
    Kevin Wasilewski Year ago +8

    He’s lived there for years, I wonder if the neighborhood “changed”

    • Tadele Azanaw
      Tadele Azanaw Year ago

      That is a good analysis.

    • Mr R
      Mr R Year ago

      That's what I was wondering? What changed? Why did it change? I feel like there's a social science experiment here. 2018, I'm pretty sure the economy was humming. San Jose, CA. Oooohhh.

  • Anel Pasic
    Anel Pasic Year ago

    Imagine one of he thieves suing the guy for leaving fake packages.
    Makes my blood boil just thinking about it.

  • Jeanette Davies
    Jeanette Davies Year ago +912

    When you involve your kid in your criminality you forfeit the right to be a parent.

    • hazel tate
      hazel tate Year ago

      There’s nothing police can do to alleged thieves but homeowner may get sued

    • Colin Nekritz
      Colin Nekritz Year ago

      @J what would you do to package thieves?

    • LaMont Melrose
      LaMont Melrose Year ago

      preach that thang!!

    • Monique denton
      Monique denton Year ago

      People lose them for less all the time

    • Golfzilla61
      Golfzilla61 Year ago +1

      Ask the people trying to escape Cuba about socialism. Unlike our southern border, Cubans are not welcomed with open arms. The people coming from Mexico love the hand outs from our government. Our socialist wannabes know people escaping socialism don’t want handouts, they want a fair chance to make their own living. So people escaping socialism aren’t going to vote for them. They’ve already lived it!!! So Cubans are not welcome. It’s not about sharing or helping Anyone, it’s about getting votes at any cost, and that is really sad.

  • Yazev
    Yazev Year ago

    I've learned the threat of violence is more than enough to deter thieves

  • Jack Russel
    Jack Russel 5 months ago

    Now the thieves know it’s not going to hurt them so they can just walk away with the package no problem. Thanks for letting them know.

  • Rick
    Rick 3 months ago

    Wow! Props to the amazing dad who is teaching his kid how to be a theif.. Amazing fathering.

  • d3r3k nolan
    d3r3k nolan Year ago

    Honestly surprised the bait boxes dont get him in more legal trouble than the thieves would get in for being caught stealing real packages

  • ネイサン リイ
    ネイサン リイ 2 years ago +2836

    Ngl, this actually a good “take out the trash” method. Just put ur trash in boxes every week and pretty soon someone takes ur trash for u.

    • D A
      D A Year ago


    • StickmanChmook
      StickmanChmook Year ago

      I used the trash to take out the trash

    • Gobi Murugesan
      Gobi Murugesan Year ago

      @Adrian Qlol wait u need to pay for trash vans?

    • ioasis yumich
      ioasis yumich Year ago

      Great idea, until an officer coincidentally finds your package in the middle of the road with your address and writes you a fine for littering. 🤷‍♂️ then again, anyone ordering this much from amazon should be able to afford a couple hundred bucks for a joke. 🤷‍♂️

    • DC
      DC Year ago

      Uber Trash.
      Free if you box your own packages. Lol

  • JBD Bean
    JBD Bean 5 months ago +1

    You, KPIX, are part of the problem. Your cowardly blurring of those perpetrators faces only aids and abets their criminal behavior, emboldening them to feel safe behind your protection.

  • David Cattin
    David Cattin Year ago +1

    "Just getting started." I hope that means the next step is package bombs. A little shrapnel would take care of this problem a good bit better. No, your honor, I have no idea who would've sent me that bomb. Too bad the thief picked my house this time... guess the good lord has other plans for him.

  • Robert Charles
    Robert Charles 9 months ago

    Too bad the law doesn't allow for something more violent to happen to these thieves.

  • CCW
    CCW Year ago

    We are lucky this rarely if ever at all happens in the UK.

  • Danny Keen
    Danny Keen 4 years ago +1511

    I use an Apple Computer box to load up all my old broken electronics. And the thieves always haul it away for me. Thanks guys.

    • Yanni Yanni
      Yanni Yanni Year ago


    • Gewglesux
      Gewglesux Year ago

      Beats disposing them the proper way.. because I'm sure the thieves will drop them off for proper recycling.

    • M Jo.
      M Jo. Year ago

      Many people register their equipment by the serial numbers. If the serial numbers are on the stuff you discard it can be traced back to you and you can be nailed for littering. Face it, the guys who steal and get screwed with junk aren't going to discard anything properly.

    • Gregory Miller
      Gregory Miller Year ago

      You should add some voltage to it, enough to make them drop the box!

    • Lisa B
      Lisa B 2 years ago


  • Tinfed
    Tinfed Year ago

    What a great idea. I'm going to start packaging my garbage in Amazon boxes 😂

  • HeelTow
    HeelTow Year ago +11

    No FC RX-7s were harmed in the filming of these events

    • RustyJeep
      RustyJeep Year ago

      Thought I was the only one that noticed that... thought it was a Porsche 944 at first, both neat cars

    • cross rl
      cross rl Year ago +1

      finally someone could say something

  • TM
    TM Year ago

    "It wasn't always like this"
    I mean....you know what happened. The video tells it all.

  • websaint
    websaint Year ago

    Hard working and honest rubbish collectors work for free. They should be applauded.

  • Tile'n dyna guy
    Tile'n dyna guy 2 years ago +2522

    I want to see someone rig up
    a giant boxing glove that
    punches people across the street
    😂 Like in the cartoons

    • Makaveli
      Makaveli 9 months ago

      You're a fucking genius 👏

    • V A
      V A Year ago

      Like IN JACK ASS

    • garrett spear
      garrett spear Year ago +2

      @Al Thom on your property though? most places you can defend you home with mudering a tresspasser.. i doubt a boxing glove to the face would even be an issue, like i said, you could walk out your door. shoot them in the face, and say you thought they were trying to break in. funny how thats perfectly legal, but shaming- like the boxing glove trick is "traumatic"

    • patience brown
      patience brown Year ago +2

      You made me nearly spill my tea! Lolz!!

    • keith crozier
      keith crozier Year ago +2

      A catapult that launches them across the street.

  • SJV
    SJV Year ago

    1:37 and just like that you’ve given his secret away so his real packages are no longer safe 😅

  • QUiK WiDiT
    QUiK WiDiT Year ago

    I'd lose my ish if this kept happening to me. I'd want to hurt these people

  • maalum zawadi
    maalum zawadi Year ago +1

    Adding insult to injury...The guy who brought a kid along for the ride...THAT'S a FORM A CHILD ENDANGERMENT!!!!
    You wonder how some kids turn out the way they do...and the parents response is...I DON'T KNOW WHERE THEY GET THAT FROM!!!
    Well...THERE IT IS!!! Pitiful!

  • Annie Eliza
    Annie Eliza Year ago +1

    Georgia just made a law that if you get caught stealing packages, it's a felony.

  • Gohibniu Goh
    Gohibniu Goh 2 years ago +1305

    I was hoping for exploding boxes of crap covering the thieves.

  • Bitcoin Picasso
    Bitcoin Picasso Year ago

    The entitled generation. Back in my day we called these people free loaders. Thinking that everything should be handed to them. I bet they never worked a day in their lives.

  • Tact1cal Banana
    Tact1cal Banana Year ago

    I feel like we should just start using lock boxes as a new standard. Sad as that is

  • Keith
    Keith Year ago

    As frustrated as he is ,it seems risky painting a target on his house for criminals who know where he lives.

  • Reb H
    Reb H 8 months ago

    He’s a hero love it!

  • Jen
    Jen 4 years ago +179

    The sense of entitlement in some people is astonishing. Like, "That package is just sitting there, so it's mine-- I'm taking it." I know a landlord who recently had to get non-paying tenants kicked out of his property, they moved out and took the table and hutch that were furnished for them. THE FURNITURE WASN'T THEIRS-- but they took it anyway, because they could. Ugh!

    • DS FA
      DS FA 2 years ago +4

      @fartysweatpantsgamer Yeah I might believe that if the people were emaciated, starving, and stealing a loaf of bread, not toys from Amazon, these people are simple, useless scum and should be eliminated from society..

    • Robby Wilski
      Robby Wilski 3 years ago +1

      And then they'll come back for seconds like some kind of habit.

    • Andre Martinez
      Andre Martinez 3 years ago +4

      @Pun Jab I Who said she was liberal? People from both sides do this. I have a neighbor that took the chairs off my porch because they would look better on her back patio. She also stole any democrat support sign I had. She still puts a Trump pence sign in her yard 2 years after he won.

    • ardvarkkkkk1
      ardvarkkkkk1 3 years ago +3

      Jen Hughes
      It sounds like the Clintons when they moved out of the White house.

    • fartysweatpantsgamer
      fartysweatpantsgamer 4 years ago +3

      Thievery is usually done out of desperation not entitlement

  • Its Me
    Its Me Year ago +1

    This man is a genius!!

  • W
    W Year ago

    Wow I dont think I'd ever order something online if I lived in America, what a bunch of scumbags

  • Ed Garrett
    Ed Garrett 7 months ago

    When you steal boxes off porches on a bicycle for a living AND it's bring your child to work day.

  • St3v3i F13m1ng
    St3v3i F13m1ng Year ago

    Smart man well done Bart 👍

  • Violey Wioley
    Violey Wioley Year ago +297

    Imagine taking your son thieving. So sad. The one thing that unites us all: our hatred for package thieves.

    • myname604 .FCKgoogle
      myname604 .FCKgoogle Year ago

      @Violey Wioley Don't worry, it will soon be deemed "racist" to use bait to catch thieves.

    • Maureen Barnes
      Maureen Barnes Year ago +1

      Child abuse. Gonna come back to bite him one day

    • Leignheart
      Leignheart Year ago +1

      @Edward Jones You gotta get racism out of your head, you are being indoctrinated. The most racist people I've ever seen, were the same people who always talk about it. Treat people as individuals, and until a person does something evil and racist on purpose to hurt others, don't call them racist or even think it.

    • Richard Hall
      Richard Hall Year ago

      He's one taking his son to work with him so he can learn his dad's job then when he's older he can be just like dad

    • Edward Jones
      Edward Jones Year ago +1

      @Violey Wioley Right the media makes ppl act the way they do...glad you cleared that up

  • F. Frederick Skitty
    F. Frederick Skitty 5 months ago

    "Even my dog contributes" 😁 Good boy. 🐶

  • SonitaLuv & Family

    How do you go on a stealing mission with your child 😬🙄

  • Sophie Katt
    Sophie Katt Year ago

    I wonder if you could rig a Fed Ex or an Amazon package with a bright-green dye pack in it - set to explode upon being unwrapped??
    Too much liability for the homeowner, do you think? Get sued for trying to protect your property??

  • /
    / Year ago

    I had a neighbor who waited for thieves with a hammer 🔨 and legit hit mofos with it. He was arrested once but I think he just got a fine I think 🤔. Either way, this is nothing compared to what others do LMAO

    EATSLEEPDRIVE2002 Year ago +369

    My friend has a big problem in his town with 5 gallon gas cans being stolen out of his yard. So he started filling them partially with gasoline (so it would smell right) and other things that would destroy the fuel system of whatever it was put in. He said it would make his day, whenever he would come home and he saw that the gas can was gone out of his front yard, knowing that some (probably meth head or gang member) just got his car destroyed. and he is more than happy to pay $15 for a new gas can every time.

    • John Ridley
      John Ridley Year ago

      @Paul B Except sugar doesn't bother engines really. That's a myth. They'll just need to get their fuel tank flushed and filters changed.

    • donnyrecordsnyc
      donnyrecordsnyc Year ago

      Add in some valve grinding compound and in a few minutes the motor won't have any compression. None. btw, good for your friend.

    • Jeff De Kimpe
      Jeff De Kimpe Year ago +1

      @Okie Sailor As an old seaman I can confirm that his Mom definitely kept me happy. Fine woman. But she cheats at poker…

    • Islander HP
      Islander HP Year ago

      ask your friend youtube it!

    • Sheila Palmer
      Sheila Palmer Year ago


  • Linda Simons
    Linda Simons 5 months ago

    How many times has a package been "returned" I wonder?

  • Manuel Moraleda
    Manuel Moraleda Year ago

    This is the equivalent of a "mousetrap" ! A smart guy who knows how to entertain himself.

  • Workin4 ALivin'
    Workin4 ALivin' Year ago

    My brother worked in the oilfield for decades (a feat in itself). If he had a nasty cooler, he would save it for November, wrap it in gift wrap with a bow and leave it in the back of his truck. Stolen. Every. Time. Greedy, lazy bastards got just what they deserved. 😂

  • TheSwedishCruiser

    But how hard is it to design a proper delivery system? Here in Sweden we agree date and time for delivery and then sign upon delivery. It's never left on the porch like that. Or we have a drop off service office for pickup where we need to identify ourselves for receive the item.

  • Eric P
    Eric P Year ago +535

    Damn that dude that 1. Had his child with him and 2. Hopped on a bike to make a getaway, is failing at life. These are the same people that will blame their misfortunes on others and expect pity.

    • executioner_ecgbert
      executioner_ecgbert Year ago

      You're all idiots

    • Dolores Reynolds
      Dolores Reynolds Year ago

      @captnwinkle Not bitter, just sitting watching videos with a friend. I am an educator, so I attempt to educate. Not always successful, as you show.

    • captnwinkle
      captnwinkle Year ago +2

      @Dolores Reynolds lol you replied to everyone? What a lonely loser. Really, what's with the Left always debating based on feelings and always being the bitter high school losers no one asked to Prom?

    • Dolores Reynolds
      Dolores Reynolds Year ago

      @captnwinkle Wow, trying the alphabet now? That will probably be quite a challenge for you, Trumpist.

    • Dolores Reynolds
      Dolores Reynolds Year ago

      @Andrew Vincent What is sickening is that you believe that providing a social safety net promotes criminal behavior. You are sadly deluded.