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Investigation: Police Ignore FBI Request For 'Use Of Force' Data

  • Published on Jun 27, 2020
  • A Texas police agency that fired a taser at woman in a wheelchair will begin disclosing use-of-force incidents to the FBI, following Newsy questions.
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  • pete boothe
    pete boothe Year ago +1852

    Disabled Women in a wheelchair, wouldnt even need a lawyer to win a lawsuit surely

    • pete boothe
      pete boothe Year ago

      @Resistance Militia " Just look a her " don't you mean at her, l think you are the one on welfare

    • Nita W.
      Nita W. Year ago +1

      @OLDHEAD PLAYHOUSE It doesn't matter if her legs work fine or not. She was in a wheelchair, she wasn't a threat to anybody. The cop was simply upset because she was filming them. Ask yourself why the cop was upset because she was filming them. If they weren't doing anything wrong, why would he care that she was filming them? The whole thing was sadistic and you nor anyone else can excuse or rationalize the cop's behavior. PERIOD.

    • Roberto Arriola-Bustamante
      Roberto Arriola-Bustamante Year ago

      @Bill Repko and if you read the Bible you will know that we are in the last days and the one Wold gov is coming, so look for Jesus Christ and Santificate yourself

  • therubberninja
    therubberninja Year ago +86

    If they treated the disabled mother like that, I hope the pregnant daughter is ok

    • Patty Franco
      Patty Franco 9 months ago

      @magic touch the original comment is saying "if the cops had no issue harming a disabled woman, then how would they treat her pregnant daughter?" They were there to arrest the daughter. We all hope the pregnant woman and her disabled mother are doing ok.

    • Charles Windley
      Charles Windley Year ago +1

      I'm Anti-Corrupt Cops....
      #GET EM OUT....

    • magic touch
      magic touch Year ago

      what the he you saying

  • Carlos P. Jr
    Carlos P. Jr Year ago +62

    You assault a disabled person and then you tase her and leave her on the ground. 😡 What is she doing to you? In a wheelchair video taping you guy’s is dangerous to you officers.

    • Josh War Rey
      Josh War Rey Year ago

      The police "feared for their life" 🤣

    • karan pkatarki
      karan pkatarki Year ago +2

      All cops are greedy and corrupt to achieve target for no of arrest

  • MK Ultra
    MK Ultra Year ago +144

    I really love when they try and use the "In this day and age" against people with cameras being "suspicious". They are seriously out of touch with this day and age. In this day and age you NEED to film or no one will ever know what happened to you.

    • Kurayama King
      Kurayama King Year ago

      Just like words I feel as they can be used to manipulate if not recording the fullest, however this is beyond fucked up.

    • Angela
      Angela Year ago


    • Ronnisha Franklin
      Ronnisha Franklin Year ago


  • Al Alston
    Al Alston Year ago +98

    That was explicitly criminal. And people still make excuses for these thugs.

    • Dvorah_X
      Dvorah_X Year ago

      @Loretta Parish The only good cops around are those who are willing to cross that "blue line" and that usually means they've been fired or relieved of duties....so, I guess I say that to agree and say, there aren't really any good cops🤔🤷🏾‍♀️ Was not the organization began, ultimately, to catch runaway slaves? We can never forget history! It paved the way for what we're living now....and these modern day lynchings are just what they look like. Only now, we can record their actions and HOPEFULLY find peace in justice prevailing, in our favor (for once or twice)...

    • Loretta Parish
      Loretta Parish Year ago +6

      There are some decent officers out there, but unfortunately...They're afraid to do what's right, so instead, they walk around like this...😎🙈🙉🙊🤬🤬🤬...Little do they're realize, now they're just as guilty and have now become part of the problem because they do and say #NOTHING

  • Papi Chulo
    Papi Chulo Year ago +1733

    She in a wheelchair really and she was moving backwards these cops are earning the hate

  • LaToya Matson
    LaToya Matson Year ago +71

    Is he really doing that to a lady in a wheelchair?!

    • shri barbarian
      shri barbarian 6 months ago

      @Anonymous idgaf

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 6 months ago

      @shri barbarian Can you stop generalizing about government workers? Most of them are people who live their lives like regular folk, trying to provide for their family.
      Both of my parents are government workers and, no, they’re not scum. They’re not corrupt either. It’s just a disgusting generalization by your part. I don’t know what you do for a living, what’s happened to you, or what your life is like that you need to antagonize all government workers in general, but if you’re gunning for them all equally without any data to back up why _all_ of them deserve the hate, you’ve lost all credibility for your arguments.

  • Wendy smit
    Wendy smit Year ago +126

    And for what disgusting,
    She did nothing wrong, she is aloud to film them,, 💔

    • Deandre Fontenot
      Deandre Fontenot Year ago

      @lord Sesshoumaru face-to-face you would cower in fear you are what's wrong with America to hide in the internet world you can't say anything to anyone space cuz you're not a man

      BLACK SANTARIA Year ago


    • Julie Sprik
      Julie Sprik Year ago +2


  • Amber's Channel
    Amber's Channel Year ago +160

    So let me get this right they tased a woman in a wheelchair she clearly clearly wasn't running anywhere clearly didn't have a weapon was recording them and writing things down about what was going on and she got forcefully handcuffed and tasered for it?
    Welp let the marches begin 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Praises
      Praises Year ago +1

      Officer: The suspect was in possession of 2 vehicles. Suspect moved quickly from the larger vehicle to the smaller, got behind the wheel then pointed that vehicle at me and attempted to run me over. I deployed my taser through the open driver side window. At that point, the suspect fell out the window and passed out on the ground. When the suspect came to, they continued to resist arrest. The suspect refused to identify, while passed out on the ground. The suspect is approximately 6' 5", muscular build, age 30, black male. I was in fear for my life.

    • Uncle Jimmy
      Uncle Jimmy Year ago

      @CantOutRunADuck as if insulting me was gonna get you anywhere.

    • Uncle Jimmy
      Uncle Jimmy Year ago +1

      @CantOutRunADuck at what point in her comment did she express beliefs that any of the races she mentioned were inferior to any other?

  • T.G.
    T.G. Year ago +20


  • Fire Sky Cam
    Fire Sky Cam Year ago +748

    That was simply an abuse of power.
    He must have been scared of a lady in a wheelchair.
    What an absolute coward of a cop.

    • Bessie King
      Bessie King Year ago +1

      @Mega Tron that's not fear that's control of a black body and mind even a woman in a wheelchair.

    • Bessie King
      Bessie King Year ago +1

      @James Graham really it was inaccurate, most of those cops there were of color. Stood by and watched that white cop attack that black woman in a wheelchair. They helped him abuse that helpless woman,

    • Bessie King
      Bessie King Year ago +1

      @James Graham you are weirdo for asking the question you know the answer to.

  • Connie Baker
    Connie Baker Year ago +15

    Omg! So sorry you went through all this!! God bless you!

  • Mr. Duane Sharpe
    Mr. Duane Sharpe Year ago +11

    WAIT. Y’all didn’t see it? Watch again. The grown armed officer was clearly in fear for his life from phone & wheelchair.

  • Lsady Queen
    Lsady Queen Year ago +53

    When are the police going to be held accountable for actions they act like they are above the law

    • shadowwalke
      shadowwalke Year ago


    • The Reason
      The Reason Year ago +1

      The world is fd up. Get use to it and you’ll do eeeeven better.

    • SAM Reynolds
      SAM Reynolds Year ago +2


  • Cali Paranormal
    Cali Paranormal Year ago +6

    I'm so sorry to see this! Shame on these "public servants "!

  • Danan Butler
    Danan Butler Year ago +602

    Unbelievable! These cops need to be fired and not allowed to be a police officer anywhere ever again!

    • Berecia Todman
      Berecia Todman Year ago

      Not even as a security guard of the sort. 😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    • A B
      A B Year ago

      They need to be in jail. Danger to society.

    • George Arnold
      George Arnold Year ago

      Actually the FBI needs to be way more involved with investigating local law enforcement, because there's too many incidents were the police do not care about profiles. Now behavioral profiling is what I'm talking about when I mentioned profile, and yes this is serious because people have got to understand that this is not good, and that no law enforcement does not deal with real issues. Make no mistake about it, and yes it is a fact that they look for small things and claim what what if it builds up there can be dangerous people out there who come off clean, and they have no idea what real danger they can be in when there are people burning buildings down and other things, and yes the FBI does need to look into what people claim this to Surly concert forget it you could be violating somebody civil rights when you start doing that, and that yes civil rights laws are federal laws, and that yes these people can be prosecuted under federal law and find out what freedoms they can lose a citizens of the United States of America, and yes they can even find out they will not be recognized as citizens of the United States of America either, and that I want these people to remember that yes nobody is above the federal laws of the United States of America!

  • Christina Pomponio
    Christina Pomponio Year ago +11

    WOW even the LAPD who is known to have gangs in it's ranks participated in this, that's crazy

  • Edward Marcell
    Edward Marcell Year ago +5

    That's our support system. Great job law enforcement for protecting and serving. May have a heart and soul instead of hiring bullies to patrol our streets

  • Rich Winning
    Rich Winning Year ago +7

    He thought the only camera on him was hers so he takes hers and brakes the law he’s supposedly upholding smh🤦🏽‍♂️devils all devils

  • El Fredy Juega
    El Fredy Juega Year ago +7

    The cops were afraid for their lives i mean the wheelchair is a dangerous weapon, smfh

  • Ghost of Reagan
    Ghost of Reagan Year ago +1043

    For filming, they did this because she was filming them.

    • Monay Honorcide
      Monay Honorcide Year ago +1

      @freesf ftrefv wrong it has everything to do with race. This happens to often they have been killing us for hundreds of years . Not to say a white woman wouldn't have been treated the same way by a white officer in the wrong mood. Bit it happens way more to black women men and children

    • Ghost of Reagan
      Ghost of Reagan Year ago

      @Sherry Ruffin every nation was founded on these things. The people that founded America weren't saints . They were humans. Good ones and Bad ones. Just like everywhere on ZEE PLANET.

    • Ghost of Reagan
      Ghost of Reagan Year ago

      @Tyrone Green I assume your talking about racist white people. Because non whites CAN'T be racist because unicorns and pixksy dust.

    • Tyrone Green
      Tyrone Green Year ago

      @Sherry Ruffin sad but I hear you it's true

  • Sheggy 365
    Sheggy 365 Year ago +68

    I can never ever in my life trust 12😂wtf u literally taser a person in a wheelchair for filming 🤦🏾

  • Beautiful leaves
    Beautiful leaves Year ago +29

    Legit made me cry, I'm so tired of this😞...

  • withacurve
    withacurve Year ago +77

    Couldn’t have been my mother, sister or daughter....period!!

    • napoleon napoleon
      napoleon napoleon Year ago

      I agreed with you 100%

    • Thomas Haley
      Thomas Haley Year ago +1

      If someone did that to my Mom when She is in a wheelchair? They should be afraid of more than a lawsuit.

    • Theresa Lennon
      Theresa Lennon Year ago

      That's how I feel EVERYTIME I see or hear of these Evil cops actions. It so Scary

  • Crux161
    Crux161 Year ago +1

    We need massive legal reforms, and seriously change how these officers are empowered to do horrible things - and on the public dime as well 🤦‍♂️

  • Bass 167
    Bass 167 Year ago +366

    Hope she sue the hell out them yes I know the cops won’t be held accountable and it will be the tax payers that end up paying but she deserves something for what they did to her

    • Praises
      Praises Year ago

      Make an example of one city with the most egregiously corrupt local PD department. Award punitive damages in an amount so that it bankrupts the city. It will be a cautionary tale, and other governmental offices in other cities will stop "going along to get along" with corrupt departments. Also, make officers carry a portion of the financial responsibility by forcing them to carry liability insurance through the police unions. When they are no longer insurable they can no longer work. Implement a 3 strikes law when it comes to police brutalizing people. 3rd strike certification gets pulled. Make Internal Affairs Departments part of the FBI. Remove it from local and state jurisdiction. There are lots of solutions. The powers to be just don't want one. We the citizens of the USA are living under tyranny. Time for the tyrannosaurus' day of reckoning.

    • D DeJuan
      D DeJuan Year ago

      Yeah I agree

    • SLXTH
      SLXTH Year ago

      she lost her lawsuit ..charges drop against them !

    • wayne hopps
      wayne hopps Year ago

      I 100% agree

  • freeway forfree
    freeway forfree Year ago +58

    Not one of these dogs in the pack knew better than the other. They were all dangerous. I hope to god they were all uthanised in the interest of public safety.

    • Theresa Lennon
      Theresa Lennon Year ago +1

      They All do know better. They Just Don't Care 😡😡

    • liquid Snake
      liquid Snake Year ago +1

      Exactly what I was saying bim can't tell bam that's wrong nor do you see any of the other officer saying this is wrong by blocking or stopping or attempting to stop their fellow officer actions they all act as one lie as one afterwards

  • b
    b Year ago +17

    Even a black cop the same color refused to protect his own people, even a woman in wheelchair... Shame

    • DrPepperWillSeeUNow
      DrPepperWillSeeUNow Year ago

      @Fitawrari Fitness again my point and examples still stand especially due to the fact that was a different time and era people thought differently back then racism was taught and was in laws but now its illegal cause the people pushed for it to be so if u tryna grow up in fear of every cop assumin they racist cause they white again what does that make u??? This topic way to easy for me deadass

    • Fitawrari Fitness
      Fitawrari Fitness Year ago

      @DrPepperWillSeeUNow Policing in America evolved out of slave patrols (paddy rollers). The procedures officers take in stopping and asking individuals to provide identification, came from Black codes (Jim Crow laws) where Black people were required to have papers stating which white person they worked for, or be arrested for vagrancy. Although these laws are no longer on the books, this culture still exist in policing, this is why ½ of all wrongfully convicted people in America are Black. Do we need a case by case study to determine slavery disproportionately affected Black people? So why are we pretending like Dr Martin Luther King was not aware of systemic racism within American policing? As if he himself wasn't arrested by the police.

  • Heaven Phillips
    Heaven Phillips Year ago +1

    There is absolutely no reason you should need to taze someone in a wheelchair! She was backing AWAY from them. What harm can she do to you? Run over your toe? Every cop involved in that should be fired.

  • Prentiss Holloway
    Prentiss Holloway Year ago +4

    Victims survive but most of us can't afford to pay a bond to get back to work.Most of us are bonbed out by family/friends and can't afford to pay for a lawyer to go after the officers that violate our rights , so it just goes away until it is caught on camera or the city has a reason to review old body and car stored footage

  • Meandering Missionary in Mexico

    These cases are taking a new turn... The family of the victims are catching the cops as they leave their girlfriend's houses to go home...

  • Alan Brooks
    Alan Brooks Year ago

    Even after everything that has happened it's still going on and this is just as bad to a woman in a wheelchair really for filming every cop in this country needs to change and every cop in this video needs to be fired totally uncalled for and their immunity shit needs to change until then it will never end call your politicians and never stop until something is done this is horrendous conduct by the police and they need to be held accountable period

  • Fiona Atieno
    Fiona Atieno Year ago +1

    There was no need for all that force for obvious reasons. This is such a shame if people continue treating each other like this.

  • Devendra Ramanna
    Devendra Ramanna Year ago

    This is freaking outrageous, those cops must be arrested and sent to jail

  • Cee N
    Cee N Year ago +202

    A women in a wheelchair? And cops wonder why their respect is at an all time low.

    • EBG • • •
      EBG • • • Year ago

      @Evering Hall thats the whole point of the saying lol. Get rid if the bad apples not the whole tree.

    • Evering Hall
      Evering Hall Year ago

      @EBG • • • then the tree has some apples it needs to cut loose

    • Evering Hall
      Evering Hall Year ago +1

      @oneil york they stood by and allowed it to happen.
      Guilt by inaction.

    • EBG • • •
      EBG • • • Year ago

      @Jennifer Goines problem is, the whole tree isnt bad. Its only a small amout of products from that tree. Statistically it wouldn't even be a few bad apples and more like a few bad leaves. Every other part of the tree is perfectly healthy. The glass is almost full but from that perspective the glass isnt full enough. Its not possible to get a 100% perfect police force when we have so many.

    • Jennifer Goines
      Jennifer Goines Year ago

      @EBG • • • that's my point! Lol

  • Pete Wilkerson
    Pete Wilkerson Year ago +3

    There's no way in hell should they have ever taze a person in a wheelchair. But when you don't move fast enough for them that's when they want to get physical then they blame you.

  • William Mega man
    William Mega man Year ago

    This unacceptable, God forbid that happens to any of my family member, those police officers would have learned on how to be heartless the right way.

  • Rich
    Rich Year ago +54

    People are not going to tolerate this very much longer. Po Po you've been warned...

  • Agee
    Agee Year ago

    Usually I would prove the facts that police didnt abuse their power in most videos of “abuse”, but this is abuse indeed. I am ashamed of my deputies for this.

  • Nejx
    Nejx Year ago +3

    Wtf? A taser is supposed to be used to immobilize a person fighting, shes was in a FUCKING WHEELCHAIR, she can not fight back, nothing she could possibly do can be considered harmful to an able-bodied cop... what, did they think she was gonna reach for a gun or something?
    But hey, you gotta give credit where credit is due, at least they didn’t shoot her...

  • Jacques Simmons
    Jacques Simmons Year ago +19

    Our taxes don’t need to go funding this shit!!!!

    • Far Fetched
      Far Fetched Year ago +2

      Honest truth we don't need the police we're already left to defend and protect ourselves

  • thurmeez
    thurmeez Year ago +1

    Joining the Use of Force program should be mandatory for ALL law enforcement, NATIONWIDE!! A choice should not be given. Failure to do so should result in a full investigation of whichever department refuses.

  • Little Tomatoe !
    Little Tomatoe ! Year ago +15

    I like this FBI program. It shows that things start to change :)

    • Slider X
      Slider X Year ago

      I'll believe it when i see it

  • Hatedagonyxx
    Hatedagonyxx Year ago +3

    Are you Kidding me Right now!!! Each of those officers need to be Fired..

  • Ike Goldie
    Ike Goldie Year ago +1

    This has been going on for years. The police chiefs kn what arrest and complaints that come into their station but it is kept in there files and they get a lot of push back from the police union and the game goes on. The police chief and the union reps. Should be invested

  • Stan Smith
    Stan Smith Year ago +1

    Gotta love cops making their own rules on the fly. If they want you to stop recording, chances are they are doing something they know is wrong.

  • Covid-19 life
    Covid-19 life Year ago +1

    This need to happen .... stop resisting and stop fighting with the police every time they trying to do their job

  • Teddy The Bear
    Teddy The Bear Year ago +305

    Clearly armed assault of a disabled person. The criminals are allowed to walk away scott free. While the public continues to pay these violent offenders to break the law.

    • Abel
      Abel Year ago

      @Annoyed yeah, right, even their relatives, even the most distant ones. Oh.. that includes you, but that's ok, so long as we do it in the name of "justice".

  • Frederick Golden
    Frederick Golden Year ago

    In many instances, America's police and related law enforcement types injure citizens by the tens of thousands every year, many of those injured
    never recover from those police assaults and lose their ability to work, move around feely and ultimately
    live normal lives and the most damning part in my mind about this form of fascism is how so many
    citizens are done this way
    simply because dare to stand up in the face of legalized gang of our social
    order and not cower in terror before that gang.
    I've seen the unfettered abuses commited many times by local, county and state police quite a few times over the years and in every instance it was at night, the victims were either black or of mixed race and age was no protection as well as gender, once that switch gets flipped the results are often horrific and as human beings we shouldn't have to live like that or die like that
    and something very serious
    had to be done about the fascism, neonazism and anti-blackism that's purposely allowed to flourish and create the ever present fear and reciprocal
    hatred for the police that's growing daily across America, s hatred that one day will turn into spontaneous mass actions
    to even the score and nature will begin to override written law, then we will have massive casualties that one side had never seen before, i can feel it in the air, a dam is poised to collapse and an unstoppable flood of pent up retribution may be released and if they happens, America will be destroyed from the inside
    just as my mother predicted
    before she died 52 years ago.
    This rank and file version of
    Hitler's dreaded gestapo and their brown shirt uniformed terror units we call the police today is primitive and counterproductive as a current appendage if government and it must be completely restructured and demilitarized in general before it's too late i think.
    Whoever or whatever cabal
    that pulls the strings with concern to this looming issue should be aware if and wise enough to see what's coming and know that unreasoned police violence will not be tolerated by the standard victims of it much longer
    and when the growing desire to respond in kind
    begins from unexpected
    places and spreads like wildfire, no one who currently benefits from police brutality, fascism and
    structural race bigotry should be surprised, all the signs are there to read across America and it would pay greatly to not minimize or ignore them...🛣️🔍👀

  • This That and The Other The Other

    The message is we don't want you to know the truth about how truly wicked the police departments are

  • Dalman Jr. Placido
    Dalman Jr. Placido Year ago +3


  • James Kessler
    James Kessler Year ago

    A lady in a wheelchair and the cops taste her did she threaten the cops with a credit card the police feared for their lives what an embarrassment by the police force I got to know this cops name he's a real hero

  • andreeas00073
    andreeas00073 Year ago +311

    There Needs to be a second force which is controlling the police and helping against police violence

    • Crispywhites
      Crispywhites Year ago

      There already is. It’s called Internal Affaira

    • Shawn MTS
      Shawn MTS Year ago

      We do it's the second amendment. To defend from tyrannical government. She was practicing her first amendment. If she used her second amendment. The police ward not be able to abuse the 8th Amendment. Tazing a lady in a wheelchair is pretty f****** cruel.

    • EL Chap Nation
      EL Chap Nation Year ago

      We have that in jamaica they are call indecome

    • Noctis Occulta
      Noctis Occulta Year ago

      That's what the FBI does. But they can't, because of this crap.

  • Joe Lewis
    Joe Lewis Year ago +1

    It's Insane these cops keep doing the same thing over and over again!!! They need to be prosecuted to the fullest, got make them pay !! Take everything they got !! Let them make us millionaires...

  • All Things New!
    All Things New! Year ago +4

    Wow.. this is just unbelievable! When will it ever stop!😓

    • kiki delcin
      kiki delcin Year ago

      Until we separate ourselves from them

  • Karen Emerson
    Karen Emerson Year ago +1

    Can you imagine Any Other job where someone is allowed to ROB someone of their Life, Cost millions of dollars in damages and still keep their job?
    The whole system is sick.

  • Davis Sinclair
    Davis Sinclair Year ago

    Tracking and stacking the evidence in a database does nothing to help the public when there's corruption on all levels, from the courts to the precincts. Nothing changes unless appropriate, severe, disciplinary measures are put in place against the police and all of their protectors who dishonor the law.

  • redobsidian21 obsidian21

    You expect someone doing wrong to report themselves, let alone do it in a honest and clear manner.

  • victor lopez
    victor lopez Year ago +1

    I wanna know update...this is so wrong I hope justice is served

  • Shamsiedeen Jinadu
    Shamsiedeen Jinadu Year ago +1

    Any time you have an agency like this one where the proof is compelling against them . They should be shut down totally. Because you are no longer dealing with a police force you are dealing with a criminal enter prise.

  • LaLa Black
    LaLa Black Year ago +7

    The crime reports are doctored so you have to times it by 99, 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • sandra Sandoval
    sandra Sandoval Year ago +48

    The FBI should have power over the police departments. It might cut down on police brutality. The lady did nothing wrong. They didnt need to use excessive force. They should be fired. Charged with some type of serious crime for assaulting a disabled person.

    • R. P
      R. P 5 months ago

      @Glorious 1-Up FBI? Corrupt? Ha.

    • Glorious 1-Up
      Glorious 1-Up Year ago +4

      @Sandra Sandoval are you serious? They are the most corrupt. Who do you think is behind everything? They already have too much power.

    • William Ferguson
      William Ferguson Year ago +3

      sandra Sandoval
      I take it you missed the video where David from the News Now Channel was brutalized by the FBI outside one of their buildings.
      Badge brutality from the top to the bottom.

  • TCosta
    TCosta Year ago +2

    And police don't understand why people fear(not out of respect) and hate them more and more as the time goes by.

  • David
    David Year ago

    Please sue these cops! This is happening way too much.

  • J W
    J W Year ago

    So many take aways:
    She has all right to record. He asked her to move and she was backing away in her wheelchair, while he kept advancing towards her. All the other cops stood there and watched. As soon as the main aggressor caught up to her and began using excessive force, all the other cops just swooped in solidarity. So, who are the good cops? Why didn't they tell the bad cops their actions weren't right? I know there are good cops out there, but why do we not see them step up in incidents like these. It's starting to make people believe that the good cops barely exist anymore......people are beginning to lose all trust in the police system. Even with video recordings, they get away with crimes. What will it take for people, especially those of color, to live without being terrorized by the police?

  • SmartyPants
    SmartyPants Year ago +3

    Omfg. The more you learn about corrupt pigs, the more unbelievable it gets

  • Horse is Crazy
    Horse is Crazy 2 years ago +67

    No mention to what she was being charged with. That video speaks alot of these deputies . Words are words ; no physical force should had been used.

  • LPA Films
    LPA Films Year ago

    This should be VIRAL and this should be a REQUIREMENT in the bill before being passed along with database of disgraced cops.

  • munashe muronda
    munashe muronda Year ago

    I am so broken 😭😭 how can you attack someone who is in a wheelchair and the worst part of it being attacked by the police.
    I won't visit U.S. it's not safe for me there

  • D.L. Hill
    D.L. Hill Year ago

    Qualified immunity needs to go! Filming the police in the course of their duties and filming in public is legal, it’s a constitutionally protected activity under the 1st amendment and can not be deemed a crime!!! This woman was just filming them and she’s in a wheel chair and posed no threat to the police what so ever. Threw her property and tased her when she’s clearly already injured. Didn’t fight the cops or resist them. They’re just drunk on power and think they’re above the public and think that a badge grants them extra rights. They believe they possess the right to choose who lives and who dies and that their lives are more important than a regular citizen. They’re delusional pretentious arrogant narcissistic pieces of shit... this absolutely gets my blood boiling...

  • MiSo Soup
    MiSo Soup Year ago

    This just make me SICK the lady is in a wheelchair really what could she have done to them in a wheel chair then its more then 1 Cop Really wow,wow, WHEN WILL THIS STOP .its hurtful to see ,it does not matter what Skin Color the lady is .The fact that she's in a wheelchair unable to define her self .

  • dan the man
    dan the man Year ago

    Imagine needing to use a taser to control a woman in a wheel chair when your supported by 5 able bodied male colleagues. That was just a sadistic assault!

  • Aaron Cox
    Aaron Cox Year ago

    We need to change the attitude of Law enforcement officers. So long as they forget the mission statement "To serve and to protect " and maintain an attitude of oppression we will continue to have problems.

    RONNIE BROWN Year ago +2

    How in the hell can they investigate a case, if they with hold the evidence concerning the case!

  • Andre Sce
    Andre Sce Year ago

    100% unjust, irresponsible and irrational. Officer failed to meet any expectations of an officer and fell back on his personal attitude/beliefs that ultimately become a nightmare for the woman. He has no business as an officer.

  • Doug Wagner
    Doug Wagner Year ago

    I'm glad these a'holes were caught on video. I hope their families see it, and they are held accountable...if not by the legal system, then by their own famil and friends

  • D W
    D W Year ago +6

    Woman in Wheelchair = Danger? Interesting. 🤭

  • H-man1
    H-man1 Year ago

    If This is what they call a “highly trained professional” I’d call that BS. With all these isolated incidents i just don’t think 🤔 to call it isolated is accurate either. Seems very systemic & brazen. Almost like they think they are the law & will get away with everything they do.. I wonder why they would think & act this way? 🤨 (End Qualified Immunity immediately!!)

  • broken sword
    broken sword Year ago

    It should be a requirement for police departments to report this data to the FBI

  • Chale Xen
    Chale Xen Year ago +82

    It sucks that those officers don’t even know what’s considered a threat. Why a taser on a crippled woman? They should be sent to a mental facility, not the good cops.

    • Evering Hall
      Evering Hall Year ago

      @Chale Xen no, the good cops get punished because they stand by and play dumb for the bad cops


      They need to be punished and thrown in prison.

    • Chale Xen
      Chale Xen Year ago +2

      @Mae Gary The ones that actually call out police misconduct knowing they could get fired doing so.

    • Mae Gary
      Mae Gary Year ago +1

      What is a good cop

  • Rah Ra
    Rah Ra Year ago +26

    If they risked losing their pensions I bet you they would act right

    • Reece
      Reece Year ago +4

      Exactly. There is no real motivation to change until you start messing with the money. Even if they get fired they'll just get hired at another precinct with pensions fully intact. Where's the punishment there? Ridiculous

  • jAnE SmItH
    jAnE SmItH Year ago

    Oh my God, please sir good officer save me from this threatening woman on the wheelchair.

  • Lalo Tobias
    Lalo Tobias Year ago

    This is the Officers Training this is how our government trains them into action with the citizens of this country what I find disgusting is the other two officers aided and abetted this action this is why they are hindering our Second Amendment to fight back on actions like this cuz obviously it's not being resolved in the courts when the DEA prosecutors and judges are all in the same boat to protect each other to cover each other's asses

  • Marlo Reihe
    Marlo Reihe Year ago +10

    This is one of the reasons they need to defunded..this includes FBI,do nothings

  • Mon T
    Mon T Year ago +3

    Federal government shouldn't be asking for shyt! It should be required, and failure to do so should come with heavy penalties, fines and contempt charges. In other words it should become law immediately

  • Liline DarRic
    Liline DarRic Year ago

    That is simply ridiculous! They all need to get what's coming to them. I really dislike police.

  • klever kinds
    klever kinds Year ago


  • Jessica SmokeyMcPot

    It needs to be mandatory for them to report it with repercussions for not doing so

  • david lamunyon
    david lamunyon Year ago +18

    All those cops were in fear of their lives!
    She was a real threat holding a phone!

    • Miss Artis
      Miss Artis Year ago +4

      but you know what he'll say
      I thought it was a GUN!"🙄🙄🤦🏿🤦🏿

  • Frost Ashh
    Frost Ashh Year ago

    It's obvious these cops see they've been recorded yet they can still act out of order..do you really think they don't know the power has been giving to them..this problem is above the police cause civilians don't hire nor train them

  • Ric Ladouceur
    Ric Ladouceur Year ago

    A woman in a wheelchair is a threat. This is outrageous.

  • christopher davis

    with or without the courtroom, them police would have to suffer for that. for they were being unreasonable/unlawful...the sad thing is that the percentage rate is always going to be around the same, until people go back to their natural habitat rather than continuing to live in areas which they are not native to. it happens everywhere, it is unjust and it is stupid!

  • freemindthinker ezrapound

    The real reason none of the cops were disaplained is because what they done is considered normal in police departments, pure street gang behaviour and language, truly truly appalling behaviour

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson Year ago +146


  • Patriotic Cactus
    Patriotic Cactus 10 months ago

    Doesn’t surprise me one bit. Police tactics are usually to respond with a overwhelming show of force and aggression. Instead of defusing the situation they usually tend to do the opposite. My father is a retired police officer and detective and my cousin is a police officer. Guess what, they agree and believe police should be trained differently and held accountable more often than they are. I hold the same beliefs.

  • Michael Reeves
    Michael Reeves Year ago

    tasering a woman in a wheelchair is just wrong and way to much force was used the police may think they own the law but when it comes to someone with a disability or in a wheelchair using force is just evil

  • D Luckett
    D Luckett Year ago

    Police Brutality, extreme force and pure unequivocally Racism. How can anyone whose job is to serve and protect snatch an unarmed, non threatening, handicap woman out of a wheelchair and taxes her and then leave her on the ground be anything except unprofessional and unwarranted. This is not morally of legally right and those involved should be investigated and prosecuted according to the rules of law.

  • Lauren Caulton
    Lauren Caulton Year ago +2

    Personal injury lawyers, please help this lady.

  • Stupid Plumbing
    Stupid Plumbing Year ago +22

    Police departments want respect yet they don't want to act respectful.

    • Erwing Rico
      Erwing Rico Year ago

      Does this happen in your area too

  • Jack Thom3
    Jack Thom3 Year ago

    That's really messed up to do that to an elderly person every person has a right to record a police officer doesn't matter what caused it isevery person has a right to record whatever they feel like is rightlike if we sit there and we sent that video to the actual real government avoid the police officers are doing to people then the government should do something to that police force the government should do something about it the government was smart they should shut down that please station if they're not doing their jobs right shut it down they are the government they have a right to do that 🤨🤨🤨🤔