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DAD vs. MOM! 😂

  • Published on Jun 24, 2021
  • DAD vs. MOM! 😂
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Comments • 5 848

  • Val1erie
    Val1erie Year ago +60

    Fun fact:
    The mom wasn't being mean she was just training her son/daughter.

  • rocky rocz
    rocky rocz Year ago +2

    This is what happening now... RUclipsr with lots of subscribers stop using their creative brain which they used to while gaining ... Kudos 👌👍

  • nazima royster
    nazima royster Year ago

    That’s so cool I love it

  • 𝚇𝚡𝙲𝚕𝚘𝚞𝚍𝚢𝚡𝚇

    This is the reason why parents want us to do EVERYTHING

  • Sabina Yasmin
    Sabina Yasmin Year ago +2

    Positive thought - Mother makes her child strong.
    Father saves his child.
    Negative thought - Mother does nothing for us.
    Dad doesn't gives us chance to do anything for our future.

  • rose cayanan
    rose cayanan Year ago +5

    Moral of the story:
    For parents: Don't be selfish, let your children be responsible.
    For children: Learn to be independent and responsible.

  • Alakomra
    Alakomra Year ago +15

    This is like one of those mobile ads. Dad always fails

  • Tim
    Tim Year ago +85

    "There seems to be no signs of intelligent life anywhere"
    -Buzz Lightyear

  • ArfanSus_YT
    ArfanSus_YT Year ago

    This is why we love our father more

  • Tha Truth...
    Tha Truth... Year ago +2

    The mom is making the son do the work so he has enough energy to climb up for what he practiced

  • Passion Lion
    Passion Lion Year ago +332

    This brings back memories of those wierd adds about dad's VS mom's am I right? 😂

  • Dexterplays
    Dexterplays Year ago +1

    Maybe lankybox should reveal their mom and dad when they reach 100M subscriber's

  • Nopey–Craft
    Nopey–Craft Year ago +86

    "humans are evolving,but backwards"

  • Niharika Swain
    Niharika Swain Year ago

    Moral of the story is we should always be independent and not to be dependent on the parents

  • Mr Cerato
    Mr Cerato Year ago +8

    Lankybox is starting a whole
    new level of Mobile game ads

  • aRandomGuy
    aRandomGuy Year ago +153

    *Moral of the story: Mom is actually a boy.*
    Edit: Its been 6 hours and 127 likes? Tysm guys! :D

  • Blackzin
    Blackzin Year ago +14

    *I like the fact the dad literally can put an giant wood alone and can't plqce his son in highground*

  • Fru Reiseglad
    Fru Reiseglad Year ago

    I just love that the mom von

  • Leo bedwars
    Leo bedwars Year ago

    I like all your vids keep it going

  • DiyosaRiley
    DiyosaRiley Year ago +1

    Dad won bc he was protecting his son

  • Aqsa Ali
    Aqsa Ali Year ago +12

    Mom and dad both are important in my life ❤️

  • Georgina Vowal
    Georgina Vowal Year ago +1

    I love them so much and I got the Murch

  • Angry Birds Hack By Cuphead

    Now they reached 15.M subs wow

  • Draedyn cool guy 01

    Love this

  • Fizzy.
    Fizzy. Year ago +8

    Os humanos estão evoluindo cada vez mais...

  • 👻Zingy Winger Dude🎃

    Moral of the video: Teach your kids to do things themselves so they know what to do later in their lives.

  • Xiomara Luna
    Xiomara Luna Year ago +5

    From my point of view it is the other way around, since I live alone with my father, although he also helps me a lot

  • Jon Roze
    Jon Roze Year ago

    Wow that’s cool that green screen makes it look like your really inside of the game Orr whatever it is

  • natamael stubu
    natamael stubu Year ago

    Gosto dos dois o a mãe que faz o papel do pai kkkkk

  • Bro
    Bro Year ago

    "Drugs wont effect my child" *12 years later*

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov Year ago +40

    if this is what quality content looks like then we need to Cancel humanity

  • Maria Machado
    Maria Machado Year ago +1

    My small brother: hahaha this is so funny
    Me: dying of cringe

  • Reginald Vaughn
    Reginald Vaughn Year ago +1

    This is why ants are considered the most successful beings on earth

  • 光正歪頭的我
    光正歪頭的我 Year ago +6


  • Burned_Rose ÙvÚ
    Burned_Rose ÙvÚ Year ago +3

    Justin would make a Great mom. Lol

  • Chase Bands
    Chase Bands Year ago

    The one who says mom on The Rock is the weather I love the one

  • god father gamers
    god father gamers Year ago +7

    Both parents are most important in life

  • Defne Barutçu
    Defne Barutçu Year ago

    Annesi çocuğunu güçlendirdiği için kazandı

  • fiyingspide22
    fiyingspide22 Year ago +2

    Actually technically speaking my mom was the one who did everything for me

  • brian bailey
    brian bailey Year ago +7

    Dads are actually kinda cool tho, moms usually are the over protective ones

    • Nicole Roti
      Nicole Roti Year ago

      Not with my case, they are BOTH BAD at not letting me be me

  • That ordinary hotdog 🌭

    Rip the dad I feel bad about the dad cuz he fails every single ad😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ellie Gonzales
    Ellie Gonzales Year ago +1

    I like the mom one Adam as a baby is more not thicc so Adam wins this one

  • Club Gamer
    Club Gamer Year ago

    Dad is better in this short video . But in real life mom and dad always with us. We have to always respect and love our mom dad.

  • Hanan liaquat
    Hanan liaquat Year ago

    But DAD is the dad I love my dad ❤️❤️

  • AxHasACake
    AxHasACake Year ago +12

    I miss old lankybox, they used to be a funny energetic channel to this..

    • تامر الخولي
      تامر الخولي Year ago

      @Mike Neal qqqqqq10qqqqq

    • Nothing
      Nothing Year ago

      Ikrr same. Those videos were amazing and now this

    • Aurelius
      Aurelius Year ago +2

      @Koushika Packirisamy Their channel died, and channels who've decayed like Antony and Tal's channels, they switched to TikTok so more *kids* would find them funny, and get money for their crappy editing

    • Koushika Packirisamy
      Koushika Packirisamy Year ago +1

      Yea, I don't get why they decided to change to doing this type of content, what has gotten into their brains?

    • Mike Neal
      Mike Neal Year ago +1

      I know

  • Patricia Bowman
    Patricia Bowman Year ago +70

    " *If idiots could fly, Tik Tok would be an airport.* "
    -Some very very wise man

  • Fidelma Cooray
    Fidelma Cooray Year ago

    Moms are always the best 👍

  • Mysteryfan
    Mysteryfan 11 months ago +7

    "The older it gets the cringe it looks"
    -Jared Jeevan

  • Cindy Viedma
    Cindy Viedma Year ago

    Adem is wearing the donut shirt 🤣

  • Shannon Mullin
    Shannon Mullin 8 months ago

    Awesome job lankybox

  • BeastHunter150Plays

    Actually I was raised by my father not my mother and I know how to completely rebuild the entire car I know how to weld and the list keeps going

  • Anton Putra
    Anton Putra Year ago

    Mom's Win!

  • Menk Garcia
    Menk Garcia Year ago

    Funfact:Some Dad's Just Want To Spoiled Their Children And Don't Want Them To Do any work.

  • _Just.Slushie!!_
    _Just.Slushie!!_ Year ago +679

    Fun fact: half of us watching this video lost brain cells
    Edit: Woah 690+ I never had this many likes tysm!!!!!!

    • Gaming with Jake
      Gaming with Jake Year ago

      Happy lost brain cells 🎂😄🎉🎂🎈🎈

    • Nonita Lace
      Nonita Lace Year ago

      I lost even my whole brain

    • xd teftef
      xd teftef Year ago

      I don’t even know what half means anymore

    • Doaa Fathy
      Doaa Fathy Year ago

      The years

    • Ce doodles
      Ce doodles Year ago

      I did not lose any brain cells because i don't have a brain cell

  • Melive Regina
    Melive Regina Year ago

    And she's the best mom

  • 3supstriker
    3supstriker Year ago +1

    Everyone thinks that hating this RUclipsr makes them unique and everyone is doing that and I wanna be unique GREAT JOB LANKAYBAOX

  • ★jetsi★
    ★jetsi★ Year ago

    I realized the mom daughter one is I think actually getting bigger/growing up🤔

  • Yasmeen G
    Yasmeen G Year ago

    Love it

  • Aayan Tasmeekh
    Aayan Tasmeekh Year ago +248

    Fun fact: the mom is doing that so he can get stronger and get it

    • Goh Jo Xing
      Goh Jo Xing Year ago


    • WinterPlayz
      WinterPlayz Year ago


    • Puja mondal
      Puja mondal Year ago

      @Chloey Baxter pool l

    • Aurelius
      Aurelius Year ago

      Where's the fun and where's the fact? Cause obviously the "fact" is clearly stated on the video. Fun on the other hand is nowhere to be found.

    • Valsa Valsa
      Valsa Valsa Year ago

      @Azzam Steel o

  • ♠Potato_♠
    ♠Potato_♠ Year ago +1

    Title: dad Vs mom.😂
    Me: is it funny though?

  • - alex ?
    - alex ? Year ago

    ❤️ oleh LankyBox

  • cozmo
    cozmo Year ago +2

    "I'm very worried that RUclips is slowly transforming into a degenerate CRINGE Tik Tok platform. Please help spread the word"

  • RedOg
    RedOg Year ago

    Thats true mom has the ability to teach sons a better way of learning
    Instead of dads....
    *"wATcHu KnOW bOUT rOLliNg dOwn iN DAh dEep"*

  • LemonTea
    LemonTea Year ago +5

    This made me know something, now if my parents say to do that i will do that :)

  • ‖TG‖ MancoYT么

    Pues cuando tienes a tus 2 papás el papá es el que casi no ayuda jaja la mamá es la que siempre quiere hacer todo por los hijos

  • barbosafam
    barbosafam Year ago

    I love lankybox videos I love it so much😍

  • Shopkeeper
    Shopkeeper Year ago

    I'm starting to be concerned for lankybox

  • VOID
    VOID Year ago

    Lanky box turned into mobile game ads 😂

  • pixellolx
    pixellolx Year ago +11

    I love how Justin is the "mom"

  • Jose Gesolgani
    Jose Gesolgani Year ago +56

    "stupidity isn't a virus but it sure spreads like one!"
    -sandy cheecks

  • Lourdes Dillera
    Lourdes Dillera Year ago

    Dad always protect kids

  • Manuel Mathew Shannon Kearns

    Mom wins 🥰

  • Tiky but gamin
    Tiky but gamin Year ago +35

    This is proof that humanity will be worse in 2050

    • Kingeosyr3
      Kingeosyr3 Year ago

      Mission completed:Quote that passed in the books of quotes history

    • Roland Badua
      Roland Badua Year ago +2


  • Magsar Shinekhuu
    Magsar Shinekhuu Year ago +8

    LankyBox ain't gonna be our team now, humanity is evolving just backwards.

    • Gaming with Jake
      Gaming with Jake Year ago

      Why aren't we not helping if humanity is evolving backwards

  • nelson de jesus jr.

    This is very true from my life
    -Does anyone relate?

  • The Bruhinator
    The Bruhinator Year ago +67

    I never knew my mom was a grown man

  • Lois
    Lois Year ago

    I love my mum and dad

  • fragment
    fragment Year ago +51

    At the start I couldn't tell if it was real or they were making fun of it

  • Among us player
    Among us player Year ago +1


  • Jose Gonzalez Cruz

    Justin Adam I am such a big fan I watch your videos every day I will never stop watching dumb

  • L0v3g0r33
    L0v3g0r33 Year ago +1


  • ひしまる
    ひしまる Year ago

    Father protects children and mother grows children

  • 𝙉𝙮𝙭𝙭𝙫𝙞𝙞 — Kaeya kisser

    Asian moms be like: 🥴

  • Neeraj sharma
    Neeraj sharma Year ago

    I love mom and Daddy

  • ちびぬこあざらしんさん


  • 99+102 Gameing
    99+102 Gameing Year ago

    My Dad and my mom are great

  • sherry plays 🍇

    Dad she so good for his son

  • destruction is cool lol

    This is why the moon is going away from us and this is also why we want to find a different planet to live on

  • Becky
    Becky Year ago


  • R D Gurav Music Academy

    "if idiots were fire... Our world will turn into nether"

    • jonh video
      jonh video Year ago +1

      We were isln the nether

    • The Bruhinator
      The Bruhinator Year ago +1

      I would be a wither skellie

    • N/A
      N/A Year ago +1

      I'd be a wither skeleton

    • Uniq_
      Uniq_ Year ago +1

      A yes a not copied and very true comment

  • iitzSunnyJoeyii
    iitzSunnyJoeyii Year ago +15

    I almost laugh when Justin fall i think he got the thiccness power yeaaaaaa

  • Baran Akgül
    Baran Akgül Year ago +1

    İ reported this video

  • S S
    S S Year ago

    I don’t get all the hate for this. It’s just a kinda funny short

  • jose roberto dos santos

    Não sabe nem grava

  • Zullyascencio
    Zullyascencio Year ago

    El papá y la mamá es igual de buenos

  • Sardar Sorguly
    Sardar Sorguly Year ago +35

    Justie won cuz his kid is prepared AND he raised him good!

  • Celia Gomez
    Celia Gomez Year ago

    Is it just me? Or lankybox actually used to be fun to watch but now they are just cringe-

  • EpicGaemer69
    EpicGaemer69 10 months ago

    Welcome to the episode of pointless parenting!!! Tooday were gonna look who is the best parent and son

  • Sean The Hero Yaripon

    What is this music? I wanna know please

  • a serial killer
    a serial killer Year ago

    This satire 100%