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Fortnite, But It's Only One Floor!

  • Published on Jul 15, 2022
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Comments • 565

  • @jaxriley6467
    @jaxriley6467 4 months ago +5

    Sizzle you better win this for me You're literally my favorite in the whole group

  • @lxvejxy3386
    @lxvejxy3386 Year ago +18

    I love how melt literally has a history of making videos and everyone thinks he sounds familiar lol

    • @rshd2797
      @rshd2797 Year ago +1

      Dude chill

    • @lxvejxy3386
      @lxvejxy3386 Year ago +1

      Quinten Hendrickson you need to go to school my guy i can’t understand a single word you’re trying to say

  • @TxnsGaming
    @TxnsGaming Year ago +58

    The Goat is Back!🙌

  • @ssnsanta
    @ssnsanta Year ago +40

    I think someone finally topped mrbeast gaming level of content, this is like the best video I've watched over the oast 2 months since your last upload!

  • @zenSofree1825
    @zenSofree1825 Year ago +11

    THE LEGEND CAME BACK WHEN THE WORLD NEEDED HIM THE MOST, the legend bazerk… the legend

  • @shannapazurek7633
    @shannapazurek7633 7 months ago

    i was dying of laughter in the rocket launcher with sizl lol

  • @DiminishedOG
    @DiminishedOG Year ago +7

    From VGO coin flips to now this goddamn man

  • @wendymachala4470
    @wendymachala4470 22 days ago

    that evil snowman play was so funny he needs to win for that

  • @daddyspankee4430
    @daddyspankee4430 Year ago +2

    Real talk: Guy made it far, glad i was a part in his life.

  • @Llama_RL
    @Llama_RL Year ago +13

    Bazerk is underrated

  • @MemeTank10
    @MemeTank10 Year ago +4

    A panda walks into a bar and says to the bartender “I’ll have a Scotch and . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Coke thank you”.
    “Sure thing” the bartender replies and asks “but what’s with the big pause?

    The panda holds up his hands and says “I was born with them”

  • @poke7188
    @poke7188 Year ago +1

    Finally he uploads something. We don’t care about the quality anymore please just upload more

    • @Bazerk
      @Bazerk  Year ago

      It’s hard for me not to care about the quality 😢

  • @clarasteenwyk4380
    @clarasteenwyk4380 Year ago +2

    Love your vids!! Hope there is another one soon. This one should be awesome 😃❤️

  • @wlr7667
    @wlr7667 Year ago +1

    7:00 had me laughing, bro was coughing for no reason😭😭

  • @Astro_Astro_Astro_Astro
    @Astro_Astro_Astro_Astro 5 months ago +1

    11:06 Swift:eat my shit
    Sizl:That’s disgusting

  • @DogeLol111
    @DogeLol111 Year ago +1

    at the half of the end of the video Bazerk just trash talked sizl GG Sizl!

  • @Aquald
    @Aquald Year ago

    The editor has "MrBeast" editing skills

  • @gamingtime6968
    @gamingtime6968 Year ago

    I wish I could do these challenges with you guys

  • @ronaldopetrov7062
    @ronaldopetrov7062 Year ago +1

    This is too funny😂😂😂 7:06

  • @lilhudy8088
    @lilhudy8088 5 months ago

    Sizzles doing the pithogorian therum

  • @3Baller
    @3Baller Year ago +2

    Thanks bazerk for another banger😁

  • @bored979
    @bored979 11 months ago

    imagine if the video ended in the beginning

  • @xpicious2062
    @xpicious2062 Year ago +6

    Who Else Enjoys His Content

  • @mrepic4709
    @mrepic4709 Year ago +1

    The quad crasher tbh it’s op and way to easy

  • @King_Godly
    @King_Godly Year ago

    Can we just appreciate how hard work he puts in for each of his videos for us......🤗......🤗

  • @jaxontimmer1948
    @jaxontimmer1948 Year ago +1

    bazerk did't have one point lol

  • @smurfcatyt314
    @smurfcatyt314 9 months ago

    9:35 The Curly Wurly Marshmallow Path💀

  • @greezykashrap
    @greezykashrap Year ago +7

    Whoever's reading this, i pray that whatever you're going through gets better and whatever you're struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen (I'm not a bot)

  • @tay_jah8928
    @tay_jah8928 Year ago +1

    I would wear that maid dress any time

  • @daviselmuqattashi1508

    Berserk is a legend

  • @Carson189
    @Carson189 7 months ago

    That’s how bazerk gets disrespected 2:24

  • @moanaeriha9316
    @moanaeriha9316 Year ago

    Melts face when yous did "who can get recognise first"😂😂.

  • @kestontaylor5130
    @kestontaylor5130 Year ago +4

    I played the trick shot map and for one of the levels I discovered an easier way to to the trickshot

  • @blixar_yt252
    @blixar_yt252 Year ago +1

    I mean berserk you made it but it’s still good on you bro yeah let’s go

  • @ethanvevo1738
    @ethanvevo1738 Year ago +1

    u were the most goated pandemic youtuber

  • @yaboishamil
    @yaboishamil Year ago

    I really like melts show it was very funny

  • @leokingolang4347
    @leokingolang4347 Year ago +2

    he did himself dirty

  • @BarelyNoticeable
    @BarelyNoticeable Year ago +13

    I’ve seen like, two videos of this man, I’m already simping god I’m really down bad 💀

  • @hiyoutube7035
    @hiyoutube7035 Year ago

    Bazerk keep it going

  • @tfueDD
    @tfueDD Year ago +2

    *Love these different kinds of videos* ❤❤

  • @ManuelRamirez-kr1kp
    @ManuelRamirez-kr1kp 10 months ago

    Why don’t he post that much I love his videos

  • @Replistic
    @Replistic Year ago +4

    amazing video as always

  • @Lincoln_doez_stuff

    I also love sizzl ❤️

  • @andyjuarez6211
    @andyjuarez6211 Year ago +1

    The goat is back

  • @dontAskNOR
    @dontAskNOR 11 months ago

    you gyus are always funny🤣🤣🤣

  • @gavinmcisaac3655

    Hopefully we can finally get some more uploads

  • @XYSM_jalil
    @XYSM_jalil Year ago +2

    Minehammer your vids are so hyped are yoi gonna do any challenges with fans?

  • @trangmipham516
    @trangmipham516 Year ago +1

    Why is melt not doing videos any more?

  • @Invincibrodom
    @Invincibrodom Year ago +19

    Man listen to the background music its making the video way more exciting and its in most fortnite videos. I wonder what it is.

  • @vp3r61
    @vp3r61 Year ago +1

    I just ate some pancakes and they are so good

  • @Hahahaha33489
    @Hahahaha33489 Year ago

    Finally you are back i have been waiting for you for a long time 😭

  • @cohenvogel
    @cohenvogel Year ago +2

    Wow you actually managed to make me like a fortnite video keep up the good content

  • @wyattplayz7014
    @wyattplayz7014 Year ago

    so he can help people who need it

  • @MustardPlays
    @MustardPlays Year ago +5

    Love this!!!

    • @Bazerk
      @Bazerk  Year ago +2

      Thank you father mustard

  • @ltbxd8184
    @ltbxd8184 Year ago +2

    “Dude is a schitzo”

  • @haarissuleman5048
    @haarissuleman5048 Year ago +1

    berserk is so cool to watch he is the best he is the trick shot master he has the skin sheesh it matches bezerk so well

  • @Anti-Zorgo
    @Anti-Zorgo 11 months ago

    -10 Points

  • @philliewillie
    @philliewillie Year ago +1

    3:28 he really said PAITHAgorian theorem

  • @internetexplorer144p

    Don't know 'bout y'all, but I would be fine with that punishment

  • @corndogobby6169
    @corndogobby6169 Year ago +1

    Bazerk Fans Eating Good Today 🗿

  • @NFN.josh.
    @NFN.josh. Year ago +27

    🎙I will be one of the greatest artist of MY GENERATION🌏🔥

    • @thefrog1442
      @thefrog1442 Year ago +3

      Bro really said his generation 😂 no one wants to own gen-z bruh. Frickin tiktokers dancing in bikinis is skill now like wtf

    • @xd_volts8668
      @xd_volts8668 Year ago +1

      You got this

    • @The_Goat_24
      @The_Goat_24 Year ago +1

      Gen z is a joke women dancing in bikinis is considered skill in todays generation 😂

    • @cameron1885
      @cameron1885 Year ago

      What does that have to Do with the video

  • @hazelxii6779
    @hazelxii6779 Year ago

    Who else saw he was using a charge shotgun but sounded like a pump

  • @andrealynch1994
    @andrealynch1994 Year ago

    I love your videos

  • @mini_bieber9021
    @mini_bieber9021 Year ago +1

    It’s so good

  • @Nasimandjustme13997


  • @renegameplays1726

    for a moment i thought you were mrbeast why do you edit so cool and can i participate in one of your challenges?

  • @fnn3on
    @fnn3on Year ago

    I have so many questions about this video.

  • @jaydenplayz101
    @jaydenplayz101 4 months ago

    740 got me laughing

  • @clxpz_boxed_u2329

    Map code for one floor?

  • @batatagameplayalt7807

    That image is cursed💀

  • @edwarddellolio8467

    I will join the banna army right now if you make a fashion show with only bananas

  • @swiftcopy_1
    @swiftcopy_1 Year ago +1

    1:00 😂😂😂

  • @hudsonreinert2303

    I scored all of your trick shots in the fort in the world hardest Fortnite level that you made about a year ago

  • @jensoncross9009
    @jensoncross9009 Year ago

    In the first one he should’ve shut the middle. So both of them will lose

  • @gabrys5498
    @gabrys5498 Year ago

    I love moment 00:00 and 13:52

  • @keiotupou8063
    @keiotupou8063 Year ago +1

    We already know you bought the costume in your size 😂

  • @SSbDripPikachuGaming


  • @senndegelder3151
    @senndegelder3151 5 months ago

    Nice video

  • @fatboyjohna
    @fatboyjohna Year ago

    this is impractical jokers but fortnite edition

  • @Tropveq
    @Tropveq Year ago +2

    i have a question. He said the loser has to wear the maid outfit. But he doesnt know who is gonna lose. so do they all have same size clothing?

  • @azizsakhi108
    @azizsakhi108 Year ago

    love your videos bazerk have a nice day

  • @malialutualofi7857
    @malialutualofi7857 10 months ago

    Bazerk u look so stunning❤️👌

  • @otropanorama3m.s996

    Entra en esta cuenta de otro panorama m.s y luego me confirmas que te pareció por este chat


    Bro where had melt been?

  • @Jimmy-ng1ze
    @Jimmy-ng1ze Year ago

    Nice beard

  • @Hahahaha33489
    @Hahahaha33489 Year ago

    Hahahhahahahaha awesome content bro keep it up

  • @vitorflecha6591
    @vitorflecha6591 Year ago

    bro went sus in 7:35

  • @sammypictures4259

    What is the island code for the one block map

  • @mathewsgomes7488
    @mathewsgomes7488 3 months ago

    bro started at the end he put it on

  • @WolfsPearl
    @WolfsPearl Month ago

    Of course u should wear the outfit, u had 0 points. It was fair LOL

  • @neyoezekiel123
    @neyoezekiel123 Year ago


  • @ianrocks
    @ianrocks Year ago +3


  • @Cynex5
    @Cynex5 Year ago +1

    You kind of look like clix

  • @cjdddyuthg
    @cjdddyuthg Year ago

    Change shotgun = Pump Wtf?

  • @Hahahaha33489
    @Hahahaha33489 Year ago

    1:07 Hahahhahahahahaha lmao great idea XD

  • @dark_salt
    @dark_salt Year ago

    оооо ты наконец написал русский текст ура!!!

  • @DumpyIsGrumpy
    @DumpyIsGrumpy Year ago

    Sizl said like Zics’s address like 8 time

  • @hunterhulsey7765

    What is the map code for the trick shot map

  • @hypes8795
    @hypes8795 Year ago

    trickshot map code?

  • @marcinkamyk4080
    @marcinkamyk4080 Year ago

    Bro u looked like setty FR💀💀