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Johnny Depp Testifies On Why He's Suing Amber Heard For Defamation

  • Published on Apr 18, 2022
  • Johnny Depp took the stand on Tuesday and began his testimony by explaining why he's suing Amber Heard for defamation.
    Actor Johnny Depp is suing ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million for defamation in connection with Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed. Heard’s article did not specifically name Depp. Amber Heard is counter-suing Depp for $100 million.
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Comments • 20 032

  • V Sand
    V Sand 5 months ago +10528

    We, as women, need to stand with men like Jonny. This took such courage. Liars like Amber Heard spit in the face of the real domestic violence survivors. We need to recognize that men are victims too, shamed for being victims, and they deserve justice.

    • Diana Diana
      Diana Diana 3 months ago +1

    • Carolina
      Carolina 4 months ago

      @Crunchy Butter I am the only person who didn’t insult people in this thread actually. I am very much at peace lol

    • Crunchy Butter
      Crunchy Butter 4 months ago

      @Carolina I got the notifications... You can attack people over criticism and joke's, But I'm not going to argue any longer... I hope you find peace.

    • Carolina
      Carolina 4 months ago

      @Crunchy Butter I said nothing but facts about him. I understand the situation very clearly. And if it’s time to move on, maybe you shouldn’t be replying to start with.

    • Crunchy Butter
      Crunchy Butter 4 months ago +1

      @Carolina it's been a month... move on, it's not worth being upset all the time over. You "criticized" something you didn’t understand and have been attacking people this whole time 🤦‍♂️it's okay to be wrong just stop attacking everyone 😆

  • Purify
    Purify 5 months ago +389

    His heart is so heavy and he really does care about the people that support him. Let’s hope he wins and gets back to what he loves which is acting...

    • Mark Farrow
      Mark Farrow 3 months ago

      Yes really cares about people and especially his own kids where he went to the lengths of using drink n drugs to bring them up ? Yep great father with great morals n values and a great example to drink n drug ridden father's all over the world ! Give yourself a pat on the back 👏👏👏👏👏

    • Ariadne's Child
      Ariadne's Child 4 months ago

      @Allison Chains I do too, I think I saw a quote from him that acting pays the bills.

    • giang tran
      giang tran 5 months ago


    • thi kim
      thi kim 5 months ago


    • Allison Chains
      Allison Chains 5 months ago +5

      I think his real love is playing music first.

  • Vandana Sinha
    Vandana Sinha 5 months ago +190

    This whole trial feels like what my husband went through in his previous marriage.His ex wife was abusive and one day in self defense he pushed her and she made such hue and cry.Wrote articles about how he is an abuser and she is a strong powerful woman,to come out of the abusive relationship.Though my husband had never hit her,he choose to remain silent.We are married for the last three years and he has been a wonderful husband,a super caring father to my son.I can’t even imagine how some women glorify themselves and twist the truth like this.Pathetic!

    • SimplyCheryl
      SimplyCheryl 5 months ago +9

      I went through something similar with my husband’s ex wife too

  • JohnnyDeppFTW 🏴‍☠️️

    This woman is a perfect example of just how calculated, manipulative and dangerous these people can be. AH is most certainly a Narcissist!

  • Dev
    Dev 5 months ago +292

    She destroyed her life by trying to destroy someone else’s.

    • Muirmaiden
      Muirmaiden 3 months ago

      @Lula He filed this lawsuit, and brought it to public attention. That article didn't even mention his name. And he and his attorneys wanted this trial to be live streamed.

    • Lula
      Lula 3 months ago +1

      @Muirmaiden Agree, her child shouldn’t be brought into this, but she didn’t care about what this would do to Johnny’s children did she.

    • Muirmaiden
      Muirmaiden 4 months ago +1

      @kes 78 She does not deserve death threats, nor does her child. And he's not innocent either.

  • Ana Line Ellis
    Ana Line Ellis 5 months ago +5715

    He did good to sue her!!! This is a very good example of courage after being a victim!!! Even in the worst moments it’s important to see the good! He put a limit and actually survived that horrible marriage! As for her… hopefully nobody will give her a job ever!

    • Eleonor S
      Eleonor S 17 days ago

      @briezzy365 Eeh, the audio tapes, Amber blatantly lying on the stand and the rest of the trial?

    • Eleonor S
      Eleonor S 17 days ago

      @J4K GANG Because it's blatantly obvious.

    • Eleonor S
      Eleonor S 17 days ago

      @limbo232 Not when the defendant is as blatantly lying as AH....

    • Eleonor S
      Eleonor S 17 days ago

      @Gage Lindell In her testimony and in the (full) audio tapes. As I assume you know by now.

    • Eleonor S
      Eleonor S 17 days ago

      @Gail Miler Depp had a bad stutter as a child and has always talked like this in interviews. He's said before that it's easier for him to read lines.

  • Raymond Search
    Raymond Search 5 months ago +474

    Nobody would ever want their dirty laundry exposed to the world. The fact that Amber has pushed things this far speaks volumes about her character. And the fact that Johnny is still willing to go forward despite this is, in my mind, proof of his innocence.

    • Muirmaiden
      Muirmaiden 4 months ago

      @Anti-Theistocles After she wrote an article that didn't even mention his name. And after he lost a lawsuit he filed for being described as a wife-beater.

    • Anti-Theistocles
      Anti-Theistocles 4 months ago

      @Muirmaiden he chose to file the suit because she ruined his career and had no repercussions for lying. Thats why its a DEFAMATION SUIT. And the plaintiff generally doesn't set the price, the legal team does.

    • Muirmaiden
      Muirmaiden 4 months ago

      @Anti-Theistocles He chose to file this suit. He knows that he has more money and resources than she has. He's not exactly smelling like a rose here.

    • Anti-Theistocles
      Anti-Theistocles 4 months ago

      @Muirmaiden because she is the one who lied

    • Muirmaiden
      Muirmaiden 4 months ago

      How did she push this when he was the one who filed this lawsuit in the first place?

  • Colleen Catalano
    Colleen Catalano 5 months ago +526

    I hope and pray you win this Johnny. Amber Heard is an horrible human being.

    • Aldrin Cabradilla
      Aldrin Cabradilla 5 months ago +6

      @Florida Singers then why are u even here..

    • Florida Singers
      Florida Singers 5 months ago +1

      @Christine L Why would you waste your time following dirty laundry of celebrities? This video came up in my feed and I coudn't even watch more than 1 minute of him stuttering. It's not even interesting.

    • Florida Singers
      Florida Singers 5 months ago

      Dare I say all of Hollywood is horrible.

  • Sangwon Suh
    Sangwon Suh 5 months ago +250

    I am crying watching this. The current judicial system made it so easy to make false accusations to a man and destroy his life into ashes based on nothing. This needs a change. We are standing by you, Johnny!

    • AT
      AT 5 months ago

      @Jordi B Most empathetic woman

    • wyskass
      wyskass 5 months ago +1

      It wasn't the judicial system. We're seeing it work here. It was society getting out of balance to "believe all women" and allowing some sociopaths to take advantage of that.

    • Carrie Mcclaughry
      Carrie Mcclaughry 5 months ago

      Well now, now.. let's not go so far as to say "based on nothing",, clearly there were things. That is why Amber was upset. However there may have been lies or exaggerations on her side (and/or his). WE weren't there in their home every day, nor in their heads every day, so we don't REALLY know, you know

    • Krikey Dial
      Krikey Dial 5 months ago +1

      Is it really true that you can sue for defecation?

  • Martha M
    Martha M 5 months ago +72

    Beautiful, honest Johnny tells his story with an aching heart, which unfortunately has impacted 10 fold on his children and those closest. What a tragedy for him to have to bear his soul openly to the world, due to this woman. I hope justice prevails for Mr Depp!

  • The Wisconsin Files
    The Wisconsin Files 5 months ago +52598

    Even if he doesn't win, he's won. Amber is disgusting. She exposed herself, I hope she doesn't recover her reputation after this. We stand with you Johnny ❤️

    • Gene Marini
      Gene Marini 2 months ago

      HE WON❤️

    • Pritam Chavan
      Pritam Chavan 3 months ago

      @darth sidious the emperor he won 🤣

    • Mary Shall
      Mary Shall 4 months ago

      HE WON !

    • Ken Ives Darbuka
      Ken Ives Darbuka 4 months ago

      Yes I can’t wait for Amber Heard to get a movie role if she gets one so it can be boycotted and for Johnny to have people lining up for his new movie to show support.

  • Anabel C.
    Anabel C. 5 months ago +302

    It gives me a lot of pain to see him like this, he always brought joy, he needs a hug and to win this trial.

  • Peace
    Peace 5 months ago +154

    I am so sorry about Johny. Amber ruined his career, image, professional life. I feel really bad for him. He deserved justice

    • The Rewind
      The Rewind 5 months ago

      She's done the complete opposite.....

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp 5 months ago +1

      @biene8600 Thanks for the love and support

    • biene8600
      biene8600 5 months ago +4

      I think amber ruined her career

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp 5 months ago +4

      Hello super fan, Thanks for the love and support !!

  • Ariadne's Child
    Ariadne's Child 4 months ago +6

    Thank you Johnny for standing up for the truth. I can't imagine having your whole life with someone dissected in court for all the world to hear and judge on. I have hope that the jury will see justice done.

  • Lexiaa Forever
    Lexiaa Forever 5 months ago +83

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s seeking counseling after this . This really took a Hit to his life , career & His actual reputation & His Spirit. This goes to show everyone in Hollywood that you can’t believe everything you hear. Let the facts play out first. Even A Good liar can’t always keep up with their Stories .

  • Dragonfly Lilly
    Dragonfly Lilly 5 months ago +3575

    My son was falsely accused of domestic violence by his ex girlfriend. He lost his job and his reputation in our community. It was heartbreaking to hear, years later, that she admitted to her parents and her friends that she lied to cover her alcohol problems. It devastated him and changed the course of his career. I admire Johnny Depp for coming forward to tell his side. I hope he wins.

    • Miriam Gomez
      Miriam Gomez 4 months ago

      I hope 🤞🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Johnny Depp wins too.
      Also hope your son got his justice for being false acuse.

    • Unwonted Contriver
      Unwonted Contriver 5 months ago

      as a fellow "SON" of a mother , who has been accused of violent and aggressive behaviour since childhood, i understand your point madam. Women falsely accuse men to get away with adventurism mostly.

    • embraced chimera
      embraced chimera 5 months ago

      @Ursula Paciullo i think because he has money to leave.used to be no jobs for women..stuck in violence..home with the kids...

  • Kerry Harper
    Kerry Harper 5 months ago +334

    Every person who has survived 'attempted spiritual murder' by a full blown narcissist and is watching this case...
    knows exactly how destroyed Johnny is inside....

    • Deepika Sinha
      Deepika Sinha 5 months ago +1

      "Attempted spiritual murder" I cant believe I finally found the exact word for this kinda crime 😭😭 Thank you

    • Kerry Harper
      Kerry Harper 5 months ago +1

      @Liz Petruzzi indeed. But Johnny is not afraid of the Truth. She is.

    • Liz Petruzzi
      Liz Petruzzi 5 months ago +2

      Most excellent description....this whole thing is heart breaking and to go through it publicly has to be horrific

    • Alexandra Taylor
      Alexandra Taylor 5 months ago +2

      Yes i agree. And knows how satisfying it is to have the truth finally out there

  • Janet
    Janet 5 months ago +157

    It’s so satisfying to see justice served and Johnny having his day in court exposing this woman and her lies.
    We love you, Johnny! I’ve never stopped believing in that you are innocent of her accusations.
    Special thanks to your ex-wife who stood by you and gave glowing character references even when the whole world seemed to be against you! ❤
    We really should be careful about our cancel culture. Johnny was on the receiving end of this culture and luckily he came out of it with truth served. We should not simply cancel and railroad people without checking our facts.

    • Shivam Tripathi
      Shivam Tripathi 5 months ago

      @WantedSavage777 checkmate lmao

    • WantedSavage777
      WantedSavage777 5 months ago +4

      @A_living_ Legend then why are you replying to him?

    • A_living_ Legend
      A_living_ Legend 5 months ago

      Lmfao the fact that you and others think you can “cancel” people makes me lmao you can’t just cancel someone because you don’t like them or anything else it won’t happen nobody gives af what y’all think

  • Char  Williams
    Char Williams 5 months ago +65

    I'm so sorry this has happened to Depp and how it's all been public. I hope for justice, I hope he can heal and move forward... No one doubted you, Johnny.

  • wyskass
    wyskass 5 months ago +53

    It's interesting and amusing how much expression there is in his face and body when speaking. Even when he's just sitting he oozes expressive output. It's hard not to be drawn into watching him and the intensity of his being. Makes perfect sense for an actor of his caliber, that every word and thought seems like it comes from his soul. He seems like an interesting person.

  • Justine ST
    Justine ST 5 months ago +7824

    You can't ruin someone's entire career and expect to get away with it. She portrayed herself as a victim when she was the complete opposite. Such a shame their tawdry life has been dragged through the media. You've got to feel for his kids too.

    • InfiniteWingWang
      InfiniteWingWang 5 months ago

      The sad truth is that people get away with doing what she has done quite commonly.

    • Alberta Wheat
      Alberta Wheat 5 months ago

      That's what happens, when channels such as this post it on you tube. Now thank the channel you are watching this on, for making it a public affair

    • DAVID S.
      DAVID S. 5 months ago

      @Leyla G totally agreed, she looks the type too

  • Yellow Jacket
    Yellow Jacket 5 months ago +32

    I feel so bad for this man he’s very brave to bring this forward in public.

  • ali ramezani
    ali ramezani 4 months ago +3

    I just love how much he genuinely cares for his children!

  • Mich Mays
    Mich Mays 5 months ago +4

    The fact that he even mentioned Amber when he was talking about how exposing it was for him and his family speaks VOLUMES; he’s still expressing empathy towards her even after and during all this insanity she’s brought into his life.

  • Minnie
    Minnie 5 months ago +17

    You Can see that he struggles with what to say, he has just been through to much. He deserves our full support♥️

  • Creatively Random Production
    Creatively Random Production 5 months ago +2452

    People like Amber Heard are why so many real cases go unheard

    • Emmy Morales
      Emmy Morales 5 months ago

      @Jon McB you have to prove how defamation seriously changed your life usually income. If you have enough followers on social media that being deFAMED means you lost your income or social status thst you can sue, means you’re not a regular person

    • Jon McB
      Jon McB 5 months ago

      @Emmy Morales regular people? You mean low income individuals? Bussiness owners? Athletes? Because with social media being as popular as it is right now I highly doubt that just celebrities have defamation cases…

    • Vilma Antanelyte
      Vilma Antanelyte 5 months ago


    • Emmy Morales
      Emmy Morales 5 months ago +1

      @Jon McB well yes it’s a defamation of character case regular people wouldn’t sue over thst

  • fips
    fips 5 months ago +58

    I’m sorry, Mr Depp. At the time, I believed her because I thought I had to stand by any woman who accused a man of striking her. I now know you have to listen to both sides before making any judgement about a situation like that. I’m sorry you had to go through this - having the entire world against you for something you didn’t do must be horrible. You’re a true warrior. The truth always comes out. Wish you all the best! ✨

    • Patrice W.
      Patrice W. 4 months ago +2

      Not me, I never believed her. I believe half of what I see, and take in half of what I hear and form an opinion. I didn't side with her like most women, just because I have a coochie. I'm NOT a feminist. I'm an equalist, I truly believed that if Johnny ever hit her it was reactive and still stand by him. Then again I knew a woman right her in Savannah, that routinely attacked her man on a regular bases. He never called the cops and she drew blood. Misandry is strong, the same people that believed her, likely believe women "deserve" full custody of children during a breakup. Instead of what good for the overall outcome of the children having access to both parents.

    • The Path of Eudaimonia
      The Path of Eudaimonia 5 months ago

      @Gamindorf What exactly is a strawman, according to you?

    • The Path of Eudaimonia
      The Path of Eudaimonia 5 months ago

      @Aladdin Sane That has nothing to do with feminism. Always believing women (because they are pure, innocent, superior beings who will not lie) over men (who are abusive, violent and deceitful) is the most anti-feminist stance one can take.

    • Yes, I like bananas. So?
      Yes, I like bananas. So? 5 months ago +1

      @JackMurphys'Wives'Boyfriend If he was her crush she would’ve believed him from the start, wouldn’t you say? Sounds like she took a side without any evidence, which is wrong, but upon seeing evidence she’s changed her views and has a new understanding on domestic violence. Obviously, she “blames” herself. Would you rather she kept to the same ill-informed views?

  • Spud
    Spud 5 months ago +10

    My heart breaks for this wonderful man … keep strong Johnny ♥️

  • Linda Rose
    Linda Rose 5 months ago +2

    It's so deeply sad that with all the court cases so far this is the first time he has been able to really give his story. It shows how shocking and unjust our legal systems are, that someone has to actually sue before they are given a chance to give their side. Even listening to the double standards of hearsay objections allowed by the defendant and not allowed by Depp's team. I don't know what the outcome will be, but I hope the Jury are wise and see the truth.

  • Hope B
    Hope B 5 months ago +42

    Such a shame, lost multi million dollar movie roles to lies, mental health probably in shambles. There is no amount of money that can possibly fix this. I wish him the best, grew up watching his movies and have always liked him as an actor.

  • A Step Beyond Healing
    A Step Beyond Healing 5 months ago +1869

    It is an honor to hear a victim finally speak out after SIX long years.

    • Jocy Hdz
      Jocy Hdz 5 months ago

      @mrs benedict cumberbatch yes a big HONOR

    • D
      D 5 months ago +1

      @Truth of the matter well he should win.

    • Truth of the matter
      Truth of the matter 5 months ago +4

      @DJ Jones and weird to see people talking like this when in reality they have no clue. He's already tried to sue for defamation and lost that case or it was thrown out. He's hurting for the moola!

    • DJ Jones
      DJ Jones 5 months ago +4

      @mrs benedict cumberbatch right how dramatic

  • MIG Electrical LTD
    MIG Electrical LTD 5 months ago +16

    Stay strong brother, what she did is unacceptable and men need to speak up.

  • Matthew Storer
    Matthew Storer 5 months ago +24

    When this story first broke I have to admit, I believed Amber. I'm ashamed of myself for that. As a huge fan of Johnny Depp I was shocked and I admit, angry at Johnny Depp. However, I now realize it was just a greedy, narcissistic, evil woman who was trying to destroy him. I should have known there are two sides to every story. How many men have has their lives destroyed because society did just what I did. Believe the woman right off the bat. Women lie too. This in no way puts down any woman that truly has suffered from domestic violence. I hope Johnny can put the drugs behind him and salvage his career. He certainly deserves that.

  • H2i
    H2i 5 months ago +5

    Stay strong Johnny we love you and we are proud of you getting all this pain out of your chest and speaking about it in public 👏🏼

  • Jeff M
    Jeff M 5 months ago +4

    We're with you Johnny! Don't back down, don't give up, stand up to this double standard and injustice. Men suffer in silence as much as women and it's unacceptable no matter the gender. So sorry this happened to you

  • Kay Mikelle
    Kay Mikelle 5 months ago +3703

    He sounds so exhausted from all of this. You can tell he’s had to repeat this all hundreds of times throughout the years. We love you Johnny.

    • Eleonor S
      Eleonor S 17 days ago

      @Gabriel Byrne Except he's been clean and sober for years.

    • Eleonor S
      Eleonor S 17 days ago

      @Lucy K No he doesn't. He's been talking this way in interviews since he started his career in the 80ies. Probably the remnants of the stutter he had as a child. If it was neurological he wouldn't be able to learn and deliver lines when acting either, which he can.

    • Eleonor S
      Eleonor S 17 days ago

      @RicksTalentedTongue So is(was) Amber Heard, and it didn't change the fact that she's an abuser and he's not.

    • Eleonor S
      Eleonor S 17 days ago

      @D A So?

    • Lucy K
      Lucy K 5 months ago

      @Tom Patriot exactly

  • Wenting Song
    Wenting Song 5 months ago +4

    It seemed like he was going to have a heart attack any second, it’s heartbreaking to watch how his and his children’s life were destroyed by this evil woman

  • Lemony snickerZ DM
    Lemony snickerZ DM 5 months ago +9

    It’s so crazy how Amber easily influenced everybody to question the integrity of his character… just look at him… he doesn’t know how to act?? He knows he didn’t do anything wrong but he is acting as if he still has to prove his innocence. This is the worst part about being in the public eye because you spend your time trying to keep your life in private but you let the wrong person into your life and now your whole life comes into question

  • Viral MMA
    Viral MMA 5 months ago +22

    Johnny Depp, WE'RE sorry. I think everyone's putting too much of this on Amber Heard, when as a society it's our fault we jump to conclusions about accusations. WE need to be better. We need to listen to victims when they ask for help, but think critically and understand the full story every. single. time. I'm so glad that the truth is being revealed, but the cause of this wasn't just one crazy person with false accusations. Instead, it was caused by jumping to conclusions, and listening to our own biases. Our society needs to be more patient and less quick to judge on bias, and we need to get better at critical thinking and analyzing EVERYTHING openly.

  • Inge Humphries
    Inge Humphries 5 months ago +3

    He spoke from the heart and with sincerity. I know the jury picked up on that. I wish him and his family nothing but the best .

  • Dianne Meyer
    Dianne Meyer 5 months ago +1447

    I have a husband and a Grandson who are both extremely shy and sensitive just like Johnny appears to be. I can tell you right now that this took extreme guts to testify because confrontation or explaining themselves to anyone (not to mention the entire nation) is like pure torture for them. Good for you, Johnny, having the guts to get up there and tell your side of the story. Now let's see what Amber does.

    • Eleonor S
      Eleonor S 17 days ago

      @Trish Macpherson I'm genuinely worried for people who have seen Amber Heard's testimony in court and listened to the audio recordings, but still believe she was the victim. With your complete lack of ability to detect deception the world must be a very dangerous place.

    • Eleonor S
      Eleonor S 17 days ago

      @mary nguyen Victim blaming is really not a good look.

    • Mr. Cinematic
      Mr. Cinematic 5 months ago

      Yooooo if you liked this video you should watch my review for secrets of Dumbledore BRAH

    • Trish Macpherson
      Trish Macpherson 5 months ago

      @Lori 😂😂😂🤮🤮🤮🤦‍♀️

      VICKI TALLENT 5 months ago

      @Mary Morales I was in a paternity suite it is embarrassing while the judge allowed him to profane me publicly.

  • I’m subbing to everyone who subs to me

    Let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his content for us❤

  • RaamenNooodels
    RaamenNooodels 5 months ago +4

    This whole situation is sad, but I am glad to see you standing up for yourself, and hope the abuser gets what they deserve. I stand by you as well! You will always be an amazing human being.

  • Tim MonaroMan
    Tim MonaroMan 5 months ago +5

    Glad I watched this I honestly had no idea of this media fanfare and had no idea of the snippets over the years what went on
    I felt an urge to listen to his reason
    I believe him and can see why he decided to get this sorted
    It has become too easy for a person to lie and get the media on your side
    No doubt the case will prove one way or the other

  • Pascal Brakke
    Pascal Brakke 5 months ago +2

    Dang even i had to feel part of this insanity in my life. its unfair and wicked to put a honest man through that all and have him expose his entire identity based on flawed perception and no communication. ugh

  • Marilyn Mower
    Marilyn Mower 5 months ago +2173

    How sad that Johnny has had to explain his entire background to the public. He is and has been a private person. I’m sure it has been a very painful process to go through all of this. Amber Heard is a horrible woman, a narcissistic sociopath, with evil intentions from the beginning. I hope she pays for the pain she has caused Johnny and his family and loved ones.

    • Magallanes Agustin
      Magallanes Agustin 5 months ago +1

      @Gage Lindell you're telling people tp get a life and that you can't believe what you're reading. What's wrong with what you're reading and what makes you think that people who talk about the case have no life?

    • Gage Lindell
      Gage Lindell 5 months ago

      @Magallanes Agustin Which comment?

    • Magallanes Agustin
      Magallanes Agustin 5 months ago

      @Gage Lindell what's wrong with the comment?

    • Gage Lindell
      Gage Lindell 5 months ago

      @NevadaGrace Reading comments on youtube is far from being emotionally invested in some private domestic BS between two celebrities. Go watch some more TMZ.

  • iloveperfume
    iloveperfume 4 months ago +2

    He just looks so bewildered and sad. The fact that he not only mentions the effect it's had on his life, but his children's and wanting to shield them from shame and torment because of him, the people he has mentored, his friends and family, shows what kind of person he really is. An opportunity for him to tell his story, yes, but such a brave, vulnerable and stressful thing to do. I hope Johnny and his family and loved ones can heal from this.

  • Laura Rathbone
    Laura Rathbone 5 months ago +1

    I remember when this first came out , I was like no way would he do this and look I was right. I hope justice is served

  • Gregg W Allen
    Gregg W Allen 5 months ago +1

    I’ve Been there Johnny! I Fully Support Your Reasons to Bring the Truth to Light! I have had someone very close to me Bear false witness against me! False Witness Goes Way beyond just lying, it is when a person knows the truth but they corrupt the truth in order to hurt someone. Shame on you Amber for doing this to a man who is obviously a very good man! A man who believes very strongly and not ever striking a woman!

  • Ray Gotz
    Ray Gotz 5 months ago +1

    And yet this happens everyday, hope she gets what is coming to her and justice is served.

  • Catherine Williams
    Catherine Williams 5 months ago +2009

    When every ex he's ever had, including the woman he left Amber for, has nothing but wonderful things to say about Johnny, how can you possibly believe that he'd mistreat Amber?

    • Eleonor S
      Eleonor S 17 days ago

      @Joanna Radacina Vanessa Paradis was the one who broke up with Johnny Depp, it wasn't him leaving her.

    • Eleonor S
      Eleonor S 17 days ago

      It was actually Vanessa Paradis that broke up with him, not him leaving her.

    • DooDoo Poo poo
      DooDoo Poo poo 5 months ago +1

      @Division By Zer0 honestly it doesn't matter if hes a celebrity because he deserves all he gained because he worked for it

    • unstable Pineapple
      unstable Pineapple 5 months ago

      @Jay Bee did I say that? Like anywhere? Idk if you think that that's your business but I didn't say that or even imply that. The other person seemed to imply that women lie and that if you are poor people don't believe you. But idk how you came to the conclusion you did about what I said.

    • Jay Bee
      Jay Bee 5 months ago

      @unstable Pineapple so a few women lying mean all women are lying? If that’s not what you’re saying, then why bring it up?

  • Maria Elena Vazquez
    Maria Elena Vazquez 5 months ago +9

    Domestic violence has no gender. I hope Johnny wins and finally have some peace and quiet he truly deserves.

  • aneesh thampi
    aneesh thampi 5 months ago +1

    Hard to see a legend sitting in court like this .! See how calm he is! Wish him good luck.

  • Rebecca Stone
    Rebecca Stone 5 months ago

    We are behind you 💯 Johnny. You are a very admirable man and a lot of us never doubted you ❤️❤️ I’m so sorry this has happened to you ☹️ Kudos to you and all your team for speaking up and not allowing this to take you down. We love you Johnny ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love from Australia 🇦🇺 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Nightshift Media
    Nightshift Media 5 months ago +1

    I've always stood with you, Johnny! Always will!

  • gamer guy
    gamer guy 5 months ago +2353

    He is an example why everyone should have the rights to pursue legal action against any false accusations. Good job win or lose.

    • DeputyDawg Atlanta, Ga
      DeputyDawg Atlanta, Ga 5 months ago

      @Jay Mike loving every minute of this? Have you not been following this fiasco?

    • Eric Matos
      Eric Matos 5 months ago +1

      @Grandmaida7 using drugs or alcohol do not devalue people.

    • Ronnie N
      Ronnie N 5 months ago

      I agree but I have had 7 cases with DCF about me and my son plus 2 restraining orders and with in the past 2 Years we all know who it is but the courts and DCF said nothing can be done unless she admits she lied so I just have to keep proving myself and it's frustrating

    • You Tube
      You Tube 5 months ago +1

      @Luz Lorenz you are anti men persecutors

  • TheMauritian
    TheMauritian 4 months ago +2

    Thank you, Johny. No matter what, you have cleared your name, and the truth is out now.

  • Bobbi Saadat
    Bobbi Saadat 5 months ago

    I Love Johnny Depp, we as a family have a lot of memories with him through his movies and his character, he has made a lot of people happy and entertained and cant imagine him doing anything close to what he is accused of doing.

  • SB1
    SB1 5 months ago

    So heartbreaking ❤️‍🩹. 6 years and now he gets to say something. That in itself is a crime. I wish him the best.

  • Ali Rizvi-Santiago
    Ali Rizvi-Santiago 5 months ago

    Seeing Depp struggle with regards to trying to explain what happened and what's happening, it's super interesting how we do not understand how information propagates in the information age that we currently live in...especially when it's out of our scope.
    For the record, truthful information has an implicit cost, and some misinformation happens by accident, and some disinformation happens on purpose. Currently because of how we do not understand this, we live in an information anarchy. Freedom of speech is damned near __holy__ to me, but I wonder how we're going to end up dealing with this... :-/

  • CluckenDip
    CluckenDip 5 months ago +2324

    It's hard seeing a man you admire broken down like this. He doesn't deserve this.

    • Jon McB
      Jon McB 5 months ago

      @Renna lol tht makes it even worse tbh

    • Renna
      Renna 5 months ago

      @Jon McB yes but with a legal marriage, matters are very much complicated......so many factors are involved like finance, relationships children.......it is scary

    • Renna
      Renna 5 months ago

      @anna dietrich people get confused 😕 between attraction n real ❤ love......till its realised its too late.....

    • Wenting Song
      Wenting Song 5 months ago +1

      @Renna sadly many men choose the same

  • Rami Lad
    Rami Lad 4 months ago +1

    I can see Johnny as a great human being, with a difficult childhood, but his heart was untouchable. He is a good man and a great actor. He deserves to be happy, and he is showing a great example of life clarifying the real truth in this trial!!! God bless you dear Johnny, you deserve the best!!!!💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • Jiminiloveyou
    Jiminiloveyou 5 months ago +1

    Reminds me of the injustices done to Michael Jackson too. People love to ruin other people's life's and mostly when they know they can get money and ruin others at the same time. Just disgusting.

  • Someone You Know
    Someone You Know 5 months ago

    Johnny Depp all the way!!! In all honesty, it's barely possible to imagine what this man has been through for all these years...Good luck to you Mr Depp on this case, I openly and truthfully hope justice will prevail in the end and you will be able to get back to what you truly love and to what you really excel in which is acting. Looking forward to that moment of Truth.
    Much love and support from Russia.

  • Christian Daniel
    Christian Daniel 5 months ago +4

    It’s so odd watching Johnny Depp for 35 years on TV and being use to hearing him as an Actor and now hearing him as his normal self. Really makes you realize celebs are humans too .

  • Amanda Rodriguez
    Amanda Rodriguez 5 months ago +2234

    He comes across as very honest and genuine. I feel so bad for him and what he’s had to go through because of a vile woman. Hope he gets justice.

    • liek e
      liek e 5 months ago

      I have a bridge to sell to you

    • Juan Figueroa
      Juan Figueroa 5 months ago

      @Bawor Bruno so you believe that actor but not this actor based on what you have not seen?

    • Helga Harris
      Helga Harris 5 months ago

      @Deathstroke AR I answered to Crow if you are interested in my response.

    • CROW _G
      CROW _G 5 months ago +2

      @Helga Harris ok amber witch is also an actor so therefore that logic gets out of the window

  • Joe Hobbs
    Joe Hobbs 5 months ago

    You can tell by the emotion in his voice that he dosent want to go through with the court case but feels it’s the only choice he’s got it’s very sad it’s done to this really

  • Danijel Jenko
    Danijel Jenko 5 months ago +1

    We're with Johnny Depp!

  • Lord Martin
    Lord Martin 5 months ago +1

    Protect Johnny Depp at all costs!

  • Ho Lee Chit
    Ho Lee Chit 5 months ago

    I just can never tell if he's using his awesome acting skills to convince / distract the judge / audience or if / when he's for real. Anyway he deserves to win that case and regain his status while Amber goes down forever.

  • Chelsey Lin
    Chelsey Lin 5 months ago +1131

    You can just hear the hurt in his voice. He didn’t want it to come to this, but I am so glad he is defending himself and holding her accountable for her lies! We love you Johnny ❤️

    • Adri Garcia
      Adri Garcia 17 days ago

      @Eleonor S I think it was all Disney

    • Eleonor S
      Eleonor S 17 days ago

      @Adri Garcia AH is an actor too.

      JACQUES BETUKUMESU 5 months ago +1

      @Michael Johnson well women can be abusive too, just saying

    • Michael Irizarry
      Michael Irizarry 5 months ago +2

      and you know they are lies how? were you there? did you witness what their relationship was like? honestly i don't know who is telling the truth about what happened, niehter do you.

  • BearGamingZzZz
    BearGamingZzZz 5 months ago

    Be honest to your self and others! Doing this takes alot of courage 💪 everyone makes mistakes and all wil be forgiven, jhonny your name is clear 👌 for all women and men that go trough hard times like this, never let it break you! Stand up for your self and look at what you can accomplish! Never hit a women and never hit a man! Keep your hands to your selfs! Keep violence out of your lives!

  • Andrew Arellano
    Andrew Arellano 5 months ago +1

    We’re here for you Johnny! 🙌🙌🙌

  • Yellow Jacket
    Yellow Jacket 5 months ago

    The best thing that we can do for JD is to watch the movies and projects he associated with, he needs to know he has value and people appreciate his talents. What happened in this case doesn’t define JD we may feel sorry for him but he doesn’t need our pity he needs our support

  • SARISS80
    SARISS80 5 months ago

    My heart goes out to him. I wanna give him a big hug.

  • Angela Wilkinson
    Angela Wilkinson 5 months ago +1575

    It’s nice to see someone willing to go to such lengths to clear his name. It should NEVER be okay to lie about someone. ❤️

    • Bad Boys Boogie
      Bad Boys Boogie 5 months ago +3

      @Truth of the matter because he was slandered by false accusations. That's why.

    • Grim Death
      Grim Death 5 months ago +3

      @Truth of the matter did you actually look into that court case. There were a lot of issues with it that included conflict of interests

    • Truth of the matter
      Truth of the matter 5 months ago

      It's about the money! He's already tried to sue another entity over this and it was denied!

    • zeke1220
      zeke1220 5 months ago +9

      @Raphael alexandre yensen If people can't handle the truth it's the people who need to go, not the truth.

    • Raphael alexandre yensen
      Raphael alexandre yensen 5 months ago +1

      The time to lie is when people can't handle the truth, this isn't one of those times.

  • Philip Modinos Official

    I know you pain, Johnny. I grew up watching you and I'm heartbroken for you...

  • Me Meeemee
    Me Meeemee 3 months ago +2

    I don’t get tired listening to his voice In fact every time I get stressed or anxious I listen to this to calm down and relax 🙊

  • Russell Wood
    Russell Wood 5 months ago +2

    Wow he’s so timid and struggles to talk about it she really did a number on this man this is not something I would’ve expected from Johnny Depp at all well he’s been ripped apart right to his soul

  • Safa Chaoui
    Safa Chaoui 5 months ago +3

    I hope his innocence will put a smile on his face like he has always done to us through his movies 🤍 we love you Jhonny!

  • ahar ran
    ahar ran 5 months ago +2479

    Imagine having to sit with this accusation for 6 years, while the public has decided you are guilty, millions are bad mouthing you and your children are facing consequences based on something no one can verify... this is beyond horrible. I normally don't care for celebrity 'gossip', but this case is so important. Narcissists are very charming, until they destroy your lives. Listen and learn, folks. If someone gives you that gut feeling that something's off, WALK AWAY.

    • Eleonor S
      Eleonor S 17 days ago

      @Inconnu 49 Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder and is not part of the cluster B personality disorders.

    • Eleonor S
      Eleonor S 17 days ago

      @Christopher Doucette Although narcissism is more common in men, it's not "highly rare" that women are narcissists. According to a large study the life prevalence for narcissism is 7,7% for men and 4,8% for women. It's also likely to be under-diagnosed in women. And having children has nothing to do with it.

    • Enjoy Dance TV
      Enjoy Dance TV 5 months ago

      He was selfharmin HIMSELF, all he felt was pain and he needed help and someone to trust, meanwhile his "wonderful helpful" Wife is recording him, to make him look bad one day. words cannot describe how much i hate her

    • Inconnu 49
      Inconnu 49 5 months ago

      @Darren Reddix Read Psychology Today 'Love in the Age of Narcissism'/202006 women suffer Bipolar Disorder to the tune of 75%, but both Narcissism and Bi polar are Cluster B mental issues. So technically women may not have the high occurrence of Narcissim that men have, they have a close variation that is unique to them and JUST as insidious!

  • Live Life
    Live Life 5 months ago +10

    Sadly these type of women have been doing this for years… Emmitt Till💔🕊
    I hope Johnny’s case brings this evil issue to the global forefront. So sorry he and countless other men have to be victims to such manipulative behavior!!

  • Joe Black
    Joe Black 5 months ago

    Johnny, we stand with you!!!
    All the adequate people with you!!!

  • Bee da trot TV 👊
    Bee da trot TV 👊 5 months ago

    Truth will always be the truth Johnny. It's good to see you're fighting for it courageously. 🙌

  • Empress Jade Simeon Ellis
    Empress Jade Simeon Ellis 5 months ago +5

    My Son is going through a real nightmare with a she-devil who has his two daughter's and it breaks my heart to see him broken I just have to keep him strong and get the children for him. Stay strong Johnny.🙏🏿🙏🏿

    • Andrea Jones
      Andrea Jones 5 months ago +1

      That’s terrible, once you have kids you’re basically stuck with them until they grow up. Such a difficult situation and can make you feel so helpless.

  • Paula Harlfinger
    Paula Harlfinger 5 months ago +3242

    I had not even thought about the effects this had on his children. Amber Heard has really done a horrible thing.

    • Horst Hooden
      Horst Hooden 5 months ago

      @Bing bong Thats so sad. I really like Momoa, but I will not watch any movie Amber Heard is in and Im gonna go fullon shaming people who will.

    • Lea-Anne
      Lea-Anne 5 months ago +2

      The effects of this will be put upon her child. And knowing your mother is abuser of men & women is a horrifying thought to have to live with. I feel & fear for her child

    • No Wire Hangers
      No Wire Hangers 5 months ago


    • Joe Joe
      Joe Joe 5 months ago

      @No Wire Hangers lol Nice name, I was just watching "Mommy Dearest" 2days ago.

    • Paula Harlfinger
      Paula Harlfinger 5 months ago

      @E.Green , yes!! It was no fun in school. Lol

  • Kidlat922
    Kidlat922 5 months ago +3

    May both of them overcome this trials of life.

  • Loredana Occhipinti
    Loredana Occhipinti 5 months ago +1

    Just heartbraking,we love you Johnny ❤️

  • Harrison smidt
    Harrison smidt 5 months ago

    The next time you think “ money could fix all my Problems and make life perfect”just remember this. Johnny would be worth millions and there is no amount of money that he could Throw at this to make it all go away. Although i believe he is Innocent, his name will always be slightly tarnished due to the actions of this heartless, cruel woman.

  • GnopKing
    GnopKing 5 months ago

    This is what happens when you marry the wrong person.
    I am so sorry for Johnny, it's clear to see who is the victim here. He looks even scared while speaking. And it's clear he's not acting.

  • Suzy Q-zy
    Suzy Q-zy 5 months ago +1640

    It’s heartbreaking that he’s still so careful with his words. Manipulators keep you cornered and use your words against you in such a constant and brutal way, you are afraid of your carefully chosen words betraying you. IT’S EXHAUSTING AND BEATS YOU DOWN MENTALLY🥺😞

    • Superlunary
      Superlunary 2 months ago

      8:06 he looks like he’s about to cry but is holding it back. The repeated blinking to hold back tears. Looking down. The gulp and grimace on his face. Tight throat. So sad

    • Maximus Desi mus
      Maximus Desi mus 5 months ago

      @Buragi it was a toxic relationship both ways

    • Buragi
      Buragi 5 months ago +1

      @Maximus Desi mus Ample evidence has shown Amber to be the liar. He has to choose his words carefully because the biased court could use them against him.

    • Buragi
      Buragi 5 months ago +1

      @Vivian Spinarski Don't project.

  • New York , USA
    New York , USA 5 months ago

    Imagine all he’s been through and all the movies he gave us and made , never a better actor in his times, I feel bad for him,

  • Blessed MWS Mom
    Blessed MWS Mom 5 months ago +2

    I just want to give him a big hug!❤️ I pray he finds happiness!

  • Bee the Equestrian
    Bee the Equestrian 5 months ago +1

    I hope he wins!!!! Also I hope that Disney open their eyes to who was telling the truth and let him once again work with them.

  • Kimberly Jones
    Kimberly Jones 5 months ago +7

    The only reason I ever paused over Johnny was due to his drug and alcohol use. After watching his testimony, I feel confident he’s been wronged.

    CMBTVS CENTRAL 5 months ago +19018

    We love you Johnny!! You’re not alone and you’ll succeed!!

    • Neil Cowan
      Neil Cowan 5 months ago

      @Markus Müller :)

    • Markus Müller
      Markus Müller 5 months ago +2

      @Neil Cowan A lot of talk there is. Capture only the essential of importance might be ;) :)

    • Neil Cowan
      Neil Cowan 5 months ago

      @Markus Müller Yoda?

    • Markus Müller
      Markus Müller 5 months ago +1

      @Neil Cowan Those who have difficulties in understanding may wish to first learn how to gain wisdom effectively.
      PS: It's not done by the ignoring or destruction of knowledge.

    • Neil Cowan
      Neil Cowan 5 months ago

      @Markus Müller errrrr. logic failure? Broken thought-spring? Your conclusion be reached by any rational means.
      ps. it's 'grammar' :)

  • Antonieta McCrea
    Antonieta McCrea 5 months ago +1

    Disgusting that she would use and tarnish viable domestic crimes with her lies. There are real men/women/trans out there in real abusive situations and to manipulate an innocent man and his family to fall victim to her lies is a shame.She needs help and a jail cell.

  • Kitten
    Kitten 5 months ago +1

    God I love it when he smiles or laughs ☺️ he's adorable, yes he has an addiction illness but I think he's bloody brilliant ♥️🇬🇧

  • ikhlas sabah
    ikhlas sabah 2 months ago +1

    He is a great narrator, I could lister to him talking for hours and never get bored. Bless his heart.

  • Carmelita McKenzie
    Carmelita McKenzie 5 months ago

    Be strong Johnny! She's showing how she act as an intimidating unhumane. Something or time will be hitting her at the end. Her beauty cannot hide her true colors.