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WATCH LIVE: Day 8 - Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial - Ben King - House Manager

  • Published on Apr 24, 2022
  • LIVE COVERAGE: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial
    Happening in court:
    Day 7
    Continued Cross Exam Of Plaintiff Johnny Depp
    Redirect of Johnny Depp
    Ben King - House Manager
    Actor Johnny Depp is suing ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million for defamation in connection with Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed, in which she spoke out about being the victim of domestic violence. Heard’s article did not specifically name Depp as her alleged abuser, but according to Depp’s lawsuit, it relied “on the central premise that Ms. Heard was a domestic abuse victim and that Mr. Depp perpetrated domestic violence against her.” Amber Heard is counter-suing Depp for $100 million.
    The defamation trial began Monday in Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia, with jury selection completing on the same day. There is a possibility of celebrity witnesses testifying, including James Franco and Elon Musk. Tune in to the Law&Crime Network for daily coverage of this high-profile trial.
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Comments • 6 904

  • Wes wes
    Wes wes 5 months ago +2821

    Honestly.. No matter what happened between these two, this is horrible, to have literally your whole life be exposed to the world.. I hate even my parents knowing my business.. Now imagine the whole world watching your life like a Thursday night sitcom. It's obvious Johnny's a complete introvert and this has got to be like death on the inside.

    • Seeking the Truth
      Seeking the Truth 2 months ago

      @B Well let't see the costvof wine, AH drinks 2 bottles of Spanish wine per day at a cost of $500 each. So $1,000 per day for AH alone, so that adds up to $30,000 for the month. So I think even though she was working she was not contributing to the day to day cost.

    • B
      B 2 months ago

      @Seeking the Truth uh ...First.. why are you still talking about this? Second...AH was his wife. If he provided her with food and housing...that's what he was supposed to do. If he treated her friends...that was his choice. He's a big boy and no one twisted his arm. He also treated his own friends for years. You do realise that this is a guy that spends $30,000.00 a month on wine and paid 5 mil to shoot Hunster S. Thompson out of a cannon. JD blew 650 mil dollars because he has no self control. And then tried to blame his financial company run by the Mandel Brothers. JD is still worth upwards of 150 mil and will make more money. Paying the food and rent bill ain't part of his problems. Lack of self control is.

    • Seeking the Truth
      Seeking the Truth 2 months ago

      @Robin C He wanted to clear his name. Would you stay quiet if someone was telling lies about you any chance they got? I don't think so.

    • Seeking the Truth
      Seeking the Truth 2 months ago

      @B JD supported AH and all her friends for several years as they lived in his penthouses rent free along with eating his food, drinks, wine and so forth.

    • Seeking the Truth
      Seeking the Truth 2 months ago

      @Lisa Gibson That is the way he speaks.

  • Miss Sways
    Miss Sways 5 months ago +975

    I can’t decide what’s most annoying about AH’s lawyer: 1) Constantly saying “Objection, Hearsay”, 2) Constantly asking “Did I read that right?” 3) Repeating and replaying text messages and audio recordings 4) Constantly interrupting and/or speaking over JD and not allowing JD to finish his thought 5) All of the above 🤔

    • Mystic
      Mystic Month ago

      All the above.
      What is good is AH legal team were bullying, abusive and actually confirmed AH was the abuser imo

    • BreakingPhobia103
      BreakingPhobia103 Month ago

      You could this lawyer was *😎* bornrotten!……
      I’ll see myself out.

    • Magdalena Mezydlo
      Magdalena Mezydlo 2 months ago

      @Barbara Victoria Birks 🤣🤣🤣🤣I'm in!

    • Magdalena Mezydlo
      Magdalena Mezydlo 2 months ago +1

      @CiliXia LatinAntillaise Same!!😂😂😂

    • H S
      H S 3 months ago

      All the above!

  • Nina🌹
    Nina🌹 5 months ago +994

    Start: 41:45
    1st break starts : 1:58:53
    Return : 2:18:46
    Lunch break : 3:27:49
    Return : 4:35:32
    2nd break : 5:59:17
    Return : 6:18:46

  • Charming Heart Photography
    Charming Heart Photography 5 months ago +890

    When the psychologist was describing borderline personality disorder you can tell it was very eye opening for Johnny and made absolutely perfect sense. It made AH uncomfy to hear it presented like that and she kept distracting herself with scribbling but Johnny looked very engaged and inquisitive. I think it was validating the fact that hes not crazy and those really were her tactics the whole time.

    • Teressa
      Teressa Month ago

      For what it’s worth, borderline personality disorder isn’t a calculated sum of tactics - i know it seems that way but its not a conscious manipulation. She clearly has no clue that’s her diagnosis - it’s a difficult disorder to have when you KNOW you have it, but when you don’t? It’s unbearable - for the person who has it and the people around them. It doesn’t excuse her - i have bpd and id never lie like this - but I at least want to clarify that borderlines don’t choose to have the disorder. I hope she’ll get help for it.

    • Elisabeth D
      Elisabeth D 2 months ago

      @Christina Polumbo but when one has bpd and histrionic disorder that's a narcissist.

    • Jessica Crowder
      Jessica Crowder 2 months ago

      @Lore Master they determined she was pretending a lot of the time... there are even video clips showing her pretending to write intently while her pen isn't even touching the paper 🙄 😂

    • Jessica Crowder
      Jessica Crowder 2 months ago +1

      @Simthia Stewart 🤣🤣🤣 did you even watch the trial?

    • Julie Fishburn
      Julie Fishburn 3 months ago

      I think she was taking notes to use in the future never to repeat the mistakes shes made in her sessions with a doc, just a thought...

  • Dina Johnson
    Dina Johnson 5 months ago +238

    The thing about being the only one who knows a recording is being made you can say whatever you want to make yourself look like your the victim and purposely say things to trigger the one who isn't aware to entrap themselves. She is well aware of this fact and is using it to set the stage to ruin him. Was this her plan all along to get a divorce settlement in the first place?

    • Sally MJ
      Sally MJ Month ago

      He ruined her plans by suing her.

    • Ryan Tinch
      Ryan Tinch 4 months ago

      Thank god she wasn’t very good at it.

    • Jill M
      Jill M 4 months ago +3

      I've wondered about this from the beginning. When she testified she said one pic of him passed out was to prove to him what he did because he didn't believe her when sober. I think there was a higher agenda.

    • Markus Gorelli
      Markus Gorelli 4 months ago

      If the police tried this they would be laughed out of court. I cannot understand why at least the dates of these recordings are not made available - in the same way that the texts are. Is it that she was using an old-timey tape recorder?

  • Ludvik Jerabek
    Ludvik Jerabek 5 months ago +1926

    The fact she has all these conversations recorded is suspect. I’ve never recorded a conversation with my wife in 17 years of marriage.

    • mrs. f.
      mrs. f. 22 days ago

      @Pan De Muerto As someone with chronic pain gives also time to listen to this trial over and over again 😂 Greets from Finland!

    • Jacqueline Bell
      Jacqueline Bell 3 months ago +2

      @GenXer™ because he had nothing to hide!

    • Jacqueline Bell
      Jacqueline Bell 3 months ago +1

      Exactly, she seems to have recorded everything from day 1! Which tells me she set him up for financial gain!

    • Swetha
      Swetha 3 months ago

      i don't know how much of this behaviour is justified in a problematic relationship, I have recorded arguments initiated by my parents at home because of how frustrating it gets when they go on to pretend like they never said what they said, literally minutes after saying it. But I'll probably delete it as soon as my mood gets better.

    • The Owl
      The Owl 3 months ago +3

      Amber was Blackmailing Johnny. Consider the Following..: 1) After receiving the $7,000,000 divorce settlement, she still continues to extort money from Johnny. 2) She asks for three penthouses, the cars, and $50,000 a month. 3) When her demands are not met, she goes for a bizarre restraining order, knowing that Johnny was out of town and would be out of the country for several months. 4) She lets the TMZ know that she was going to court for restraining order, and even provides direction what side of her face should be photographed. 5) She and her team also provide the TMZ with the video of Johnny. 6) She makes fun of Johnny for even thinking of going to court. 7) She decides "MeToo Movement", her acting skills, and dishonest lawyers like Rotten born and Crazy Elaine will help her to fool the Jury...!!!

  • Karla
    Karla 5 months ago +378

    Hearing her lawyer huff and puff when Johnny's lawyer objected was hilarious. Now he knows how it's feels.

    • The Mad W0man in the Attik 🎃
      The Mad W0man in the Attik 🎃 4 months ago +12

      "I am trying to respect the people's time and the courts time" 😂

    • Jessica Ennis
      Jessica Ennis 5 months ago +2

      Every ! Time! Like a child.

    • Cerebral Pain
      Cerebral Pain 5 months ago +7

      @karla yes!!! 😂 when the Pirates contract came out and he objected, I laughed out loud! 😂

    • kimberly bronson
      kimberly bronson 5 months ago +48

      “I’m just trying to move this case along and they keep objecting” ……. DUH.
      He also keeps running to the bench when something isn’t going his way.

  • Grace G
    Grace G 5 months ago +192

    He's always so calm, even when she purposefully pushes and baits and manipulates him. I have such mad sympathy for Johnny.

  • Skye💜
    Skye💜 5 months ago +319

    Rottenborn: "Let's not waste the courts time Johnny."
    Also Rottonborn: " Objection, objection, objection, objection, objection, objection!"

    • Ryan Tinch
      Ryan Tinch 4 months ago

      @aliceinnude how do you even come to that conclusion?

    • Anhel Raykova
      Anhel Raykova 4 months ago +4

      Also when he read the throat message twice for no reason and Depp made fun of him

    • AvengingStorm17
      AvengingStorm17 4 months ago +2

      @aliceinnude Only when they’re valid. 😂

    • aliceinnude
      aliceinnude 4 months ago

      You do realize that objections help save the courts time right?

  • Nikky Boy
    Nikky Boy 5 months ago +215

    Wait a minute.... You're telling me that *this* man. Someone who just sat through 4 days 7+ hours each being mentally barraged. Who was still coherent and even expressive afterwards. Calm and collected. Someone with an excessively high tolerance to stress and being directly challenged.
    You're telling me that this *man* was an aggressive abuser?

    • Robert Miller
      Robert Miller 4 months ago

      Who could blame him if he actually did? Like her sister I would've applauded it

    • Kayla Liz Katherine
      Kayla Liz Katherine 5 months ago +12

      Right !? If I had taken my abuser to court he would’ve been throwing stuff and screaming at everyone in the room 🥴

    • Kayla Schwartz
      Kayla Schwartz 5 months ago +21

      My thoughts exactly. Depp has been viewed by others that he is always calm and enjoyable to be around.

  • robotics13
    robotics13 5 months ago +3768

    THIS is why it's so important to know the full story. Don't condemn people based on rumors and hearsay.

    • Seeking the Truth
      Seeking the Truth 2 months ago

      @Nikel Maharjan She has been spreading lies about JD. Listen to the audios where she is physically, emotionally and psychologically ab JD

    • Seeking the Truth
      Seeking the Truth 2 months ago

      @Escher You need to listen to yhe audios where AH is physically, emotionally and psychologically ab JD.

    • Gidget Niccals
      Gidget Niccals 4 months ago

      @TrueCrimeGuru The prince cheated on Meghan? When was this?

    • Mel Plishka
      Mel Plishka 4 months ago

      @TrueCrimeGuru I see the verdict proved you wrong

  • Jenny M.
    Jenny M. 5 months ago +273

    If this man's openness about this painful struggle does not endear him to the world, humanity is truly lost.

    • Rafaela Martins
      Rafaela Martins 3 months ago


    • AvengingStorm17
      AvengingStorm17 4 months ago +2

      I know he has a lot of struggles and seems to have an addiction or two, but I feel like she purposely antagonized him when he wasn’t in the right state of mind. This is commonly done by manipulators, because someone is easier to push when drunk or on drugs. The victim also might not even remember any or all of the argument, so it’s easy to make them think it was their fault.

    • Catherine Donnelly
      Catherine Donnelly 5 months ago +4

      Agreed !!!

  • L N
    L N 5 months ago +290

    He literally has audio of himself trying to diffuse situations when things become physical by walking away and amber is refusing to allow that to happen and pushing it. He’s asking her to leave him alone and she’s saying no. That says everything. Even under some self defense laws you have a duty to retreat before claiming self defense.

    • Mystic
      Mystic Month ago +1

      Yes. Her lawyers are so incompetent by showing us that's exactly what occurred. 😊

    • Mark L
      Mark L 4 months ago +3

      @Ryan McCarthy to poison the minds of the jury

    • Ryan McCarthy
      Ryan McCarthy 4 months ago +5

      And the texts are literally about Amber being a conniving.. why is Rotten-Born even reading these out loud?

    • Mark L
      Mark L 5 months ago +31

      i believe she wanted him to stick around so she could keep provoking him so he'd hit her and then use that against him

  • AK
    AK 5 months ago +98

    Just by hearing these recordings of them arguing it's clear as day who the narcissist and abuser in this relationship is.
    I'm still very shocked that Amber decided to take it this far, she will lose this and she will be cancelled by the whole industry.

    • Helen I
      Helen I 3 months ago

      Narcissists believe they'll never get caught

    • Garfield
      Garfield 3 months ago

      I 🙏 she pays the price

    • Ziltch
      Ziltch 4 months ago +8

      Most likely she never planned for this to go to court, she was most likely betting on Johnny being so submissive he wouldn't take it to court.
      Which is why her defence is so full of flaws and there has been (proven out of court at least) lies made by her side already

  • JohnnyDeppFTW 🏴‍☠️️

    As a JD Fan. My heart goes out to him. What she did was down right immature and disgusting. He did all the right things by not feeding into it. Go Johnny! Love you!

    HORANGI파워 5 months ago +2938

    The way she gaslighted, emotionally manipulated him and always sought out to be the victim by crying and seeming as if she's trying to help him although she wasn't, and pushing his boundaries when he clearly set them, is just appalling. She basically set herself up with those recordings. It revealed what type of person she is. I would be stupefied if he doesn't win this case.

    • Andrea Fernandez
      Andrea Fernandez 2 months ago +1

      @Seeking the Truth I see. If that's accurate, it makes sense that her team would cover it up/not bring it up at all.
      She really just needed good therapy the whole time. Not from the bogus psychiatrists she seemed to prefer, but from someone competent enough to diagnose her properly and provide tailored care.
      It's such a shame that she didn't, and a bigger shame that Johnny had to pay for it.

    • Seeking the Truth
      Seeking the Truth 2 months ago

      @Andrea Fernandez Those marks were self inflected way before she met JD. They were not from her relationship with JD.

    • Sarah Wynn
      Sarah Wynn 4 months ago +1

      @Michael Hernandez erm … what he actually said was there were no marks when she got ON the plane but they were there when she got OFF . Johnny wasn’t even there so how did he do them ?? And he lost his FINGER ffs ?!!!! Also there’s lots of photos of physical marks on him . Get a grip you’re talking rubbish

    • Sarah Wynn
      Sarah Wynn 4 months ago +1

      @Michael Hernandez do you ? Really ? Because if you did you wouldn’t be blaming him lol

    • Michelle Zahn
      Michelle Zahn 4 months ago

      @angi77angi ok so you know them personally right??!!

  • Jay
    Jay 5 months ago +366

    They're ridiculous for picking apart his wording about cutting off his finger. If my sister broke my arm... and later on, someone asked me why I was in a sling, I'd say "I broke my arm".

    • Lulu Cats
      Lulu Cats 2 months ago

      @sweet hart I'm dyin 🤣😂🤣😂

    • CarlyGirl
      CarlyGirl 4 months ago


    • Elizabeth Anne
      Elizabeth Anne 4 months ago +3

      @Priscila Valle "I went and sat in a chair at a salon for hours while someone dyed my hair" is the correct answer. Did I read that right? Lol

    • sandra7722
      sandra7722 4 months ago

      I was thinking the same thing!!!! It’s depends on how you are saying it.. I would say exactly the same thing!! Go JD!!!

    • Sarah Wynn
      Sarah Wynn 4 months ago +4

      Same as if someone shot you you say I got shot

  • François Edwards
    François Edwards 5 months ago +144

    “Tell the world Johnny tell the world I Johnny Depp a man am a victim of domestic violence and see how many people believe or side with you”
    - Amber
    A wise man once said, “You played yourself”

  • Cerebral Pain
    Cerebral Pain 5 months ago +121

    The evidence she collected to use against him was EXACTLY what my abusive husband did to me. He kept years of literal crap and video to discredit me and keep me under control. Complete coercive control and pure narcissim. It is clear JD is innocent. I have never been a JD fan as such but I will start watching his films to bring him some royalties as a manner of showing support.

    • kandbross
      kandbross 4 months ago +11

      Anyone who has lived with a narcissistic abuser knows the truth of this story. The truth is she is NOT the victim and it's terrifying and sick that she has capitalized on the destruction of another human.

    • ThePaleRiderDeath
      ThePaleRiderDeath 5 months ago +4

      I've been there too. I'm more skeptical. I won't say jd is innocent, but amber certainly is guilty.

    • Melissa B
      Melissa B 5 months ago +3

      So sorry that happened to you. Praise God you got away.

  • Hello Goodbye
    Hello Goodbye 5 months ago +249

    I don’t think I’d dislike her lawyer so much if he didn’t always sound so insanely petulant. Anytime JD’s lawyer objects he sighs and moans like a child

    • Ariistra
      Ariistra 4 months ago +5

      @Whitney Dodson it just proves that JD has a real case, a few questions won't jeopardize JD's success

    • Whitney Dodson
      Whitney Dodson 5 months ago +19

      He really looks like a child in comparison to Johnny's lawyer.
      AH Lawyer: But your honor!
      JD Lawyer: It's ok, we can move on.

    • Victoria Lambert
      Victoria Lambert 5 months ago +9

      I'm also surprised the judge hasn't said something to him about that and his attitude.

    • James
      James 5 months ago +1

      @Jessica Rossi yall just haters

    • Jessica Rossi
      Jessica Rossi 5 months ago +22

      I've also thought that. I'm just waiting for him to start stomping his foot and crossing his arms until he gets his way.

  • S K
    S K 5 months ago +1084

    Anyone watching this trial who's ever survived a relationship with an abusive narcissist knows who the perpetrator really is. Men go through this, too. Kudos to Johnny for helping those men to have a voice.

    • Peter Lovell
      Peter Lovell 4 months ago

      My mother is a narcissist, controlled me and my sisters, totally controlled my dad, he too had no voice and would take it ( he never bad mouthed her to us). He sadly passed away in 2020 to dementia and bowel cancer was diagnosed at the very end. I swear to this day the stress of his marriage caused his demise

    • Melina Colon
      Melina Colon 4 months ago

      @Zach Braxton so how’s it looking for you now?

    • Melina Colon
      Melina Colon 4 months ago

      @Michael Hernandez Lol changed your mind yet?

    • Michelle Zahn
      Michelle Zahn 4 months ago

      @xoxo I know and I can see how much of the abuser/instigator she is!!! Definitely a narcissist

    • Michelle Zahn
      Michelle Zahn 4 months ago

      @Michael Hernandez objection speculation

  • Negar Kalantari
    Negar Kalantari 5 months ago +128

    This woman has to be punished for not only ruining a good man’s life but for insulting all true victims of domestic violence.

  • B L
    B L 4 months ago +63

    Her lawyers are so rude. They're keeping tight control overJohhny's answers (and his witnesses) ..that's fear right there ! Hope the jury sees through this manipulation.

  • Kat V
    Kat V 5 months ago +105

    The only time her face has shown sadness is when she was embarrassed of her own actions. This woman is vile.

    • SuzySue
      SuzySue 4 months ago +2

      I actually don't think it's embarrassment that we're seeing in those moments. I think she pities herself. They're the rare moments when she feels sympathy, and it's with her former self. She says she never saw herself as a victim but I think she sees herself like that all the time.

    • Emalie Ball
      Emalie Ball 4 months ago +1

      @Annice Gerber I'm no expert, the only time I saw a genuine reaction was between 5:21:00-5:28:00. I think she knew how bad that made her look.

    • Annice Gerber
      Annice Gerber 5 months ago +4

      I haven't seen her look embarrassed once about what she's done.

  • Alexandra Wolf
    Alexandra Wolf 5 months ago +75

    The real star is Ben. He’s lovely, handsome, funny and so sweet. I can’t imagine having a house manager as lovely as him and not building a closer relationship. I would have felt the need to explain what happened out of pure embarrassment.

    • jeannie Tapner
      jeannie Tapner 3 months ago +1

      You must be English ! Your phrase “have to tell him out of pure embarrassment! “ I’m English and I feel the same way . He is lovely

  • Anthony Cavaliere
    Anthony Cavaliere 5 months ago +997

    unbelievable how she tried to ruin a man after he basically let her friends and family live rent free, fed them and supplied cars for their use. sick individuals

    • Hermione
      Hermione 5 months ago +3

      Johnny's too good of a human. She manipulated his sensitivity. People like her choose their victims because of their soft nature and kind heart.

    • Annie Murner
      Annie Murner 5 months ago +6

      It’s never enough for some people. Most important woman like AH who fake DV and make false charges discredit woman who have come toward or who are afraid to come forward. She should be charged for wasting Police resources and the court time

    • Eka Marie
      Eka Marie 5 months ago +3

      I agree in this case specifically, and I’m sure there are others like it.
      But to the ppl commenting and generalizing often times abusers will spend huge amounts of money on their partners to keep em from leaving. Not bc they’re greedy but to make them believe they have nothing or they’re indebted to the abuser so they feel trapped like if they leave they’ll be homeless or will be some pathetic adult living back with mom and dad. Or they’ll feel like they’re using him, when they’re the ones being used. Does that make sense? I can explain w personal experience if need be.

    • TheMetamorphosisOfGipsy🏴‍☠️
      TheMetamorphosisOfGipsy🏴‍☠️ 5 months ago +2

      @selketskiss56 Precisely!

    • selketskiss56
      selketskiss56 5 months ago +9

      They are called parasites!

    UNBORN SUFFER 5 months ago +155

    Mr Ben King - please PLEASE write a book about your life!!! The couple of hours I experienced here with your personality just totally engrossed me. More people like You should walk this earth!!

    • Rey Squadron
      Rey Squadron 3 months ago +1

      @Louise Powell I think he's one of the junior lawyers or whatever they are called. All that audience and cameras had to be crazy. Also a state attorney at a trial I was a juror for had his hands shake whenever he went up. He tries cases all the time. Nervousness and public speaking can affect everyone, some learn how to disguise it better.

    • Louise Powell
      Louise Powell 3 months ago

      The lawyer cross examining Ben King is nervous, his voice is shaky.

    • Ania SG
      Ania SG 3 months ago +1

      Ben King, its such a pleasure listening to you!

    • Beachgirl
      Beachgirl 3 months ago +3

      I could listen to this sweet man all day....

    • Jenna P
      Jenna P 4 months ago +6

      He is so classy and well spoken

  • Dee F.
    Dee F. 3 months ago +4

    It’s so frustrating that Amber’s lawyer never lets JD finishes his sentences. He pulls up a recording or an evidence and asks the questions that leads someone to think that JD is guilty and expects him to only answer with yes or no questions!!!

  • leighton westbury
    leighton westbury 5 months ago +57

    Sometimes the answers to questions aren't as clear-cut as yes or no, sometimes the answers to questions require an explanation as an answer but lawyers force you to admit something that isnt the case, by assuming yes if you cant justify saying no, this is the problem with the legal system

  • megnmccarty
    megnmccarty 5 months ago +54

    This gentleman was an extraordinary witness. He was unshakeable and very professional. Amber's lawyer tried so hard to get under his skin and it backfired on him.

    • Sel Me B
      Sel Me B 4 months ago

      I’m watching it right now. The amount of times the AH cross exam lawyer goes on and on about the photos Ben King provided 🙄 it shows the have nothing. Their questions are ludicrous. If I was the jury, this legal the AH legal team would not be scoring any points.

  • Slave Called Shiver
    Slave Called Shiver 5 months ago +109

    I wouldn't do well being cross examined by Amber's attorney. I have a hard time being spoken to in a rude way and not going off (calmly). He's so blatantly coercive. I can definitely understand why Johnny got "sassy" during his cross exam.

    • Xenon
      Xenon 4 months ago +3

      I’d have lost my patience and become snippy with them. Good thing JD can keep himself poised and be sassy instead.

    • Rukhsana Hussain
      Rukhsana Hussain 4 months ago

      @Katie A very entertaining wasn't it?

    • Katie A
      Katie A 5 months ago +7

      Agree, and I quite enjoyed the sass 😂

    • Guzin Karides
      Guzin Karides 5 months ago +18

      That’s typically the goal of cross in a case like this-to make the supposed aggressor seem aggressive and unlikeable. Didn’t work for Rottenborn, though, bc we ended up not liking him instead.
      Will be interesting to see how JD’s attorneys handle cross on AH.

  • Living Life with Linds
    Living Life with Linds 5 months ago +171

    5:57:32 Ben King:
    “It was essentially a normal Friday, if you’d like. End of the week.. yayy”
    That was the cutest thing ever lol. That man seems so sweet and genuinely kind hearted.

    • Ryan McCarthy
      Ryan McCarthy 4 months ago +6


    • Living Life with Linds
      Living Life with Linds 5 months ago +6

      @Emma Aye I know. I was so upset when Rottonbutt was hounding him. I just thought, “dude, leave my sweet Ben alone!” I just wanted to hug him.

    • Emma Aye
      Emma Aye 5 months ago +13

      And handsome and gentle too

    • Adelynne O
      Adelynne O 5 months ago +14

      I like him so much!

  • daisy7066
    daisy7066 5 months ago +31

    It's never nice having to hear a replay of a traumatic interaction, it takes you back there, and you can feel completely trapped in it again. That's a trauma & hope Johnny gets some psychotherapy to talk through it apparently that's the only way, I've done it, it works.

  • Lila Brown
    Lila Brown 5 months ago +22

    Johnnys reaction to the audio around 5:15:00 just broke my heart. The dynamics between the two are just so clear looking at how they both reacted. I really hope he gets some justice…

  • Pacific Northwest Momma
    Pacific Northwest Momma 5 months ago +1829

    Disney is awful for dropping an actor before an official verdict came in. He needs to take on Disney next.

    • Eve Mayer
      Eve Mayer 11 days ago

      Disney will come around and realize they lost a great actor and money earner for them. They will eventually realize she was lying, she was vindictive and Johnny is innocent of her accusations. Come on Disney, do the right thing and get back on track with Johnny and Pirates.

    • Magdalena Mezydlo
      Magdalena Mezydlo 2 months ago

      @Leviene Mullerthe 2 movement is for real victims not actors trying to further their careers.

    • Magdalena Mezydlo
      Magdalena Mezydlo 2 months ago

      @Kratos reag Sadly but true.

    • Magdalena Mezydlo
      Magdalena Mezydlo 2 months ago

      @GoldGollumi was thinking Disney is more related with children but I guess WB and the Aquaman movie can be as well. Good point.

    • Magdalena Mezydlo
      Magdalena Mezydlo 2 months ago

      Right!lol The apology is not good enough, private at that.

  • Portbogie
    Portbogie 5 months ago +85

    Her lawyers are like the media, they just cherry pick the little bits and pieces that make Johnny look bad. No consideration for the whole conversation that would show the context of each recording.

    • PeppermintGekko
      PeppermintGekko 4 months ago +1

      That’s what lawyers do for their case

    • Taylor Ford
      Taylor Ford 5 months ago +2

      Most defense lawyers cherry-pick lol… it’s a tactic for a reason and that’s bc sometimes it does work

  • Sourav
    Sourav 5 months ago +37

    I feel sad that Johnny has to go through this. Most people know that he is innocent. I love you Johnny

  • acechadwick
    acechadwick 5 months ago +16

    I feel so sorry for this guy. He's been dragged into a mess perpetrated by two people involved in a toxic relationship. Just doing my job and now look! I'm in court being questioned by...

  • Kristen G
    Kristen G 5 months ago +57

    She is a complete manipulative narcissist. She was absolutely playing with him, pushing him to argue. She’s truly evil.

  • Kinza Baig
    Kinza Baig 5 months ago +1159

    Her team is just playing little snippets and then johnny's team plays the whole audio without hesitation this shows that her team was just waiting for a prime moment to falsely accuse him without anyone actually knowing the entire situation I'm glad johnny's team recovered almost everything from the cross examination

    • Michelle Zahn
      Michelle Zahn 4 months ago +1

      @Stacy Henry yeah but if you notice AHs side plays only seconds to a couple minutes. I noticed JDs team plays up to 20 minutes

    • Ryan McCarthy
      Ryan McCarthy 4 months ago +2

      They'll probably play the rest next week when in her cross. At least I hope so. In the recording where she says no one will believe Johnny as a DV victim, she also says "Everything was planted."

    • Rukhsana Hussain
      Rukhsana Hussain 4 months ago +5

      Hearing JD explain himself and in what contexts the audios and texts were in.. ( where AH team were cutting him off at those points) JD team did a great job of bringing up those points again in a way that JD could get his point accross... I loved that!!

    • asdf0987
      asdf0987 4 months ago +5

      I thought this exact thing while watching! Also, why is AH's lawyer so aggressive??? His attitude and awk/random tension makes his case look even worse tbh. He seems stressed to defend it lmao

    • Alissa Hogan
      Alissa Hogan 4 months ago +5

      @Alexis Dumire i know! Even the judge cut him off basically saying "I think we're good" when he asked to replay them. That was uncomfortable for everyone

  • BJenno1997
    BJenno1997 3 months ago +10

    How could she demean a young man to the point where he bursts into tears?!?! If that was my girlfriend/wife who was undermining my best friends’ son/daughter, I would’ve ended the relationship.

    • wa tsan
      wa tsan 2 months ago

      but her poontang was so sweet lol

  • Woman
    Woman 5 months ago +19

    Good Luck Johnny, you have a fantastic gathering of supporters and regardless of how the trial ends, you are resilient. You didn't get this far, just to get this far.

  • Elayne Bramley
    Elayne Bramley 5 months ago +34

    So sad that all she cares about is her “image” so much that she wouldn’t withdraw the restraining order and the perception ppl have of her is worse than if she had. Smh. Her lawyers are jokes, and as irritating as her conversations with Johnny. I honestly can’t see how she thinks she can win. Johnny has everyone on his side already. Case closed!

    • Lala
      Lala 5 months ago +2

      Right. Smh. If this man doesn’t get justice this is even more of the reason why men won’t speak out about it.

  • jovicrazed
    jovicrazed 5 months ago +23

    Heaven help Amber's child. I shudder to think of the damage this woman could do to a child.

  • beulah 🇬🇧
    beulah 🇬🇧 5 months ago +1196

    following this case i’ve realised so much about the nature of justice and how crucial it is that it’s served. we cannot condemn people on accusations alone.

    • Yuri Soares
      Yuri Soares 5 months ago +1

      @Where's Waldo that and the edited video she sold to TMZ.

    • Yuri Soares
      Yuri Soares 5 months ago +1

      @Naomi Doner well, I didn't even know about the fact the she IN FACT didn't even donate to those.

    • Yuri Soares
      Yuri Soares 5 months ago

      @Naomi Doner she promised to donate that money to less know charity in exchange of her sister helping her, but later donated to more known programs because of publicy, well until now I didn't see her sister tho.

    • Naomi Doner
      Naomi Doner 5 months ago

      @Brady_211 initially she sought a protection order and filed for divorce...she hasn't sued him he is the only one suing to my knowledge but a commentor above stated she is now countersuing...I think I would counter sue as well if she is telling the truth enough is enough already

    • Naomi Doner
      Naomi Doner 5 months ago

      @Plutonium Praxis she cut his fingertip off yet at that time he didn't seek a protection order himself and to my knowledge still hasn't..that in my opinion indicates he was agreeable to the situation and part of the problem.... It takes 2 to fight...a complete innocent runs (fight or flight) I think they both engaged in narcissistic behavior and that this is the war of the narcissists...its just a matter of which was worse at this point in my opinion

  • Stelllth 357
    Stelllth 357 5 months ago +20

    At 2:47:18 where Johnny explains how he expresses himself in texts by stretching what he wants to convey, I understand it completely. When I talk to people who truly know me, I often exaggerate what I'm saying by using outrageous paradigms in order to get my point across. Usually it ends up in laughter and sometimes I make them cringe XD
    Edit No1:Ok I got to say it: What's with Amber wearing glasses all of a sudden? She didn't have them last week and started wearing them only in the previous court day. Is she trying to appear dignified? Sorry, I don't buy it.
    Edit No2: I just have to add that Ben King is A KING!
    Edit: Why on God's good Earth did they remove the part where Amber's lawyer objected to his own question? COME ON YOU GUYS, THAT WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THIS DAY!!!

    • Kristinabeena
      Kristinabeena 4 months ago

      I thought the same thing about her glasses!

  • Ryan McCarthy
    Ryan McCarthy 4 months ago +27

    As a previous cutter, those large cuts on her arm are self inflicted. As Ben said, they were long thin cuts that were uniform shape. Those cant be cuts inflicted in a fight. At least in my opinion.

  • zach madenfort
    zach madenfort 5 months ago +118

    I like how this was supposed to be a "live" stream but somehow the video was edited to skip over the portion at 7:18:33 when AH's lawer objected to his own question that he asked the witness. You can see the video skip. I dont understand why they would take that out of the video.

    • Jay Massey
      Jay Massey 4 months ago +1

      It Is weird they edited it out when this channel posted that moment separately with one of their highlights.

    • Jason Perry
      Jason Perry 5 months ago +4

      I want that clip too ;). Didn’t Jim Cary do that in liar liar?

    • Piroko13
      Piroko13 5 months ago +5

      Not the only video edited. The one from two days ago from this one has one entire answer muted

    • Diovian Budhi
      Diovian Budhi 5 months ago

      that’s why I couldn’t find that part

    • Nadine Cheri
      Nadine Cheri 5 months ago +12

      It's possible to edit uploaded videos on here, so they may have done so after it had already streamed. I assumed maybe they were instructed to remove it, but they have that clip uploaded separately on this same channel. 🤷

  • Colonel Action
    Colonel Action 4 months ago +16

    The more i hear the full clips, the more I can connect with JD's testimony. Ive been in his shoes with a relationship and that level of craziness

  • Michelle B
    Michelle B 5 months ago +21

    I cannot fathom having a job such as this genteel house manager has and being called to find a body part. it’s difficult to wrap my mind around what could have possibly been going through his mind at that time.

  • BoundlessEyes
    BoundlessEyes 5 months ago +263

    01:15:40 "I have supported her career - how do you think she got Aquaman?"
    Loving the subtle dig there, Johnny. Agree that it wasn't thanks to her acting talents.

  • Laura
    Laura 5 months ago +69

    From watching this I feel like she knows she’s recording so she’s kinda pushing him to anger .. this is very manipulative of her .. so wrong in every way ... I hope she loses this case ...

  • Heather Winser
    Heather Winser 5 months ago +41

    Johnny is so respectful to the court system, everyone in the courtroom including Amber and her lawyers as if were probably most of us we would go nuts on them. He will win this case by a mile. He’s not acting, I think he’s actually very happy to finally clear his name. She’s a piece of work along with her ridiculous lawyers. Honestly I’m not surprised she’s getting death threats and increased security. I don’t ever condone violence but this woman need to do some time for lying for so many years.

  • A Series of Strange Events
    A Series of Strange Events 5 months ago +1804

    The lawyer was trying to manipulate his answers. He wanted clear dates and time to the minute to cast doubt on his perceptions of events. The witness was way smarter than him and he was precise in what he remembered. You could see the lawyer's frustration. It is interesting to see how these things work. I hope they both get help for their serious issues at the end of this saga.

    • Heather Cisco
      Heather Cisco 4 months ago

      ​@tnew 😊

    • Fiona Moran
      Fiona Moran 5 months ago +1

      @Glossier Glossier I’d still rather his “correct”, than having to listen to Rotten and the female lawyer cross examine anyone *shivers*.

    • sheri 0
      sheri 0 5 months ago

      @Plutonium Praxis yes, a better chance for fairness here.

    • Ry's Space
      Ry's Space 5 months ago

      “oBjECtIon hEarSaY!”

    • Plutonium Praxis
      Plutonium Praxis 5 months ago +2

      @sheri 0 in the English case he sued the paper which is almost unwinnable there under media protections. He could only get her with this BC she's not just interviewed she wrote the article

  • A R
    A R 5 months ago +14

    5:32:34 Aww that little supportive hug that the girls on Johnny Depp’s team!!! The cutest and you can really tell they’re such kind and respectful souls throughout the trial! ❤️

  • Let Us Gather...
    Let Us Gather... 4 months ago +32

    I can't imagine the torture of having to explain a strange sense of humor so people with no sense of humor will understand...

  • Char 86
    Char 86 3 months ago +8

    If… my spouse had severed their finger, the first thing I would do is call an ambulance, or call for someone to drive them to hospital 🤔 she claims to have loved him and that he was abusive, and he cut it himself… why did she not call for an ambulance, or call for someone to take him to the hospital? He texted someone for help with his finger. This doesn’t make sense!

    • Char 86
      Char 86 3 months ago +1

      AH Team attorney “with respect for the Jury’s time, Mr Depp”
      Also same person:- “I know I should redact these details and other messages, but I won’t do that before going to court, no, I will have Michelle do this during court time.” Wasting Jury’s time, and also all the pointless messages he shares that are irrelevant to the case.

  • Gideon's left nut
    Gideon's left nut 3 months ago +6

    5:13:52 is so uncomfortable. He wants space, she gets angry. Then when he doesn’t let up and wants time alone she gets so unhinged at the end. She sounds like she’s got abandonment issues, gets clingy and nauseatingly pathetic. Then when sean shows up, suddenly she’s fine. It’s amazing he stayed with her so long. If that was me, i’d get out of that toxic relationship asap

  • Brenny Bee
    Brenny Bee 5 months ago +654

    She talks sooooo differently when HE records than when SHE records. He was definitely right when he said she preforms for the camera when she knows she's being recorded.

    • Lala
      Lala 5 months ago

      I noticed that!!!

    • Suzy Griffin
      Suzy Griffin 5 months ago +1

      You are so right. She is absolutely disgusting 🤮

    • Kate Brewer
      Kate Brewer 5 months ago +6

      Is it just me or in the audio clip @53:27 at the end sound like her possibly saying "get off" .. him "your impossible" then her possibly saying "let go" (her father away) while he is saying "you're impossible" as he's getting closer to what I assume it's the exit or at least closer to the recording source while her voice is distant and he says he's got to go and sounding closer? This would be consistent with the story of her saying he was hurting her while he was not in her proximately (with security guard in pretty sure). Anyone else hear or notice?

  • Talley
    Talley 5 months ago +72

    This has given me some PTSD having dated a woman with BPD that looks a lot like Heard. I saw that this was a serious case (even worse than mine) of a man in a relationship with a woman with BPD long before they even brought it up in court or I read anything online about it. It’s the most clear-cut case of BPD I have seen in my life. As Johnny said to her, “Without question.”

    • Lucia Martinez
      Lucia Martinez 3 months ago

      I echo that, I was in a relationship with a man with BPD and can only listen to the trial in small bits. The circles, the manipulation, the blackmail, the personality changes and anger for no reason, the violence, the venomous, cruel insults, having to walk on egg shells, questioning your own sanity, the extreme jealousy, the placating, feeling like your in the twilight zone, people saw it was bad but know one ever really knew how bad.
      I am so glad Johnny has escaped! She will never fully let him go. She will continue to insult him and try to make home look bad. Things will always come back to him. They never seem to truly let go. They have to continue to try to humiliate you long after it’s over.
      It took 3 restraining orders to finally get him out of my life and charges of stalking and harassment, an arrest and probation but a decade later he still reaches out to my family and friends and says the worst things about me. I don’t know what he gets out of it but I’m so glad I’m free

    • AnniKa
      AnniKa 4 months ago

      There can be a mix with other disorders or like the other one said, a more "severe" outcome. (in quotation because I don't want to demean the other people with bpd) I have bpd and would never hurt someone physically, "only" myself. I was sometimes a b*tch and I'm still really sorry that my bf had to go through me screaming at him, throwing tantrums. I got used to it and calm down earlier because I don't want to hurt people. I didn't wanted to hurt people before but it felt like I was out of control out of mind and not there. It was surreal and I felt ashamed after... Sometimes I slip up, but that's normal and my bf knows, but he always says to me that he's proud and he reminds me that it's less than before and that I don't need to get really mad at me for slipping up.

    • Gala Entertainment
      Gala Entertainment 5 months ago

      @Ashlea McKeown hi dear I was just explaining the abriviations as someone on the steam wasn't sure what means what. I know the symptoms. Never went for evaluation or treatment but I believe I may be BPD too however there's different severity of them and people can exhibit traits of more than one disability

    • Gala Entertainment
      Gala Entertainment 5 months ago +5

      NPD = Narcissistic Personality Disorder
      Quite close to BPD = Borderline Personality Disorder
      Although the first exhibits far Less remorse after episodes. There's difference in the presentation and severity tho.

  • Bella Volkova
    Bella Volkova 5 months ago +24

    It is so painful to watch the attorney cross examine Mr. King. He is so eager to sound intimidating and forceful, but there is no substance or value to his questioning.

  • Victoria March 💙
    Victoria March 💙 4 months ago +19

    I think I've watched everyone else testify so far but somehow missed Mr. King and I must say I absolutely love him! He's so proper, and respectful and did his job so well. Great witness.

    • Teresa Durham
      Teresa Durham 4 months ago +2

      I adore him! The accent certainly helps but he was excellent. I really loved his stature and demeanor when the jury is coming in and out. His bearing is so composed. I want to be that collected lol

  • Simsomnia
    Simsomnia 5 months ago +107

    Amber sits there and acts like she needs glasses to read as if she is far sighted. But she fails to pick up the glasses and put them on numerous times when looking down to read something close to her. She is acting and trying too hard to improve her image as some innocent, empathetic individual. Regardless of the hateful things Depp has said to Amber, she is not fooling anyone. The defense attorney Mr. Rottenburn should not be allowed in a court room with his lack of etiquette and manners.

    • Markus Gorelli
      Markus Gorelli 4 months ago +2

      I was just discussing this thing with the glasses with my sibling. JD clearly needs his to read (far sighted) since he always has to take it on and off. But she puts hers on at a whim. Now I have seen her lean in close to the monitor if she has to read something so if I had to put her as anything, it would be nearsighted. Very nearsighted.
      But I am very nearsighted and I wear my glasses ALL the time even if just so that I do not have to lean it so close to read anything. The only time I won't wear glasses at all is if I am wearing contacts or if I am leaning in very close to what I am reading, then *I might take it off to see better.*
      So her behavior is as someone imitating a stereotype of someone with 4-eyes, but with no actual experience in how to do it properly. And since she has a husband who does in fact need and use glasses, it cannot be that she did not have exposure on what to do.
      Something else that occurred to me is that JD lenses have a slight tint, while AH's lenses are clear. But *if you are prone to have to hide bruised eyes, then you are more likely to get tinted lenses.*

    • 1uluv2h8
      1uluv2h8 4 months ago +2

      I think she started wearing them after the psychiatrist got so much attention for being hot lol there is even a meme with her taking her glasses on. AH just wants attention.

    • Mela Mela
      Mela Mela 5 months ago +1

      I was thinking the exact same thing! He’s a very unlikable man.

    • CiliXia LatinAntillaise
      CiliXia LatinAntillaise 5 months ago +1

      Good point! 😅

    • Raluca I.
      Raluca I. 5 months ago +9

      When you look at the lenses you can clearly see they don't have any medical use 😂 where were her glasses until a couple of days ago? in the shop where she got them.

  • Aglobippo
    Aglobippo 5 months ago +1446

    She made him lose all his roles, yet she's still acting and making herself look like the victim. My effing god this woman is pure evil.

    • Plutonium Praxis
      Plutonium Praxis 4 months ago

      @Floofy Purple Fluff 😂😂😂

    • Floofy Purple Fluff
      Floofy Purple Fluff 4 months ago

      @Plutonium Praxis Consider these peacefully-minding-their-own-unsuspecting-business dunderheads properly and infamously addressed and identified individually as,
      YA WEIRDO!
      For once in a very long time, Monday is something to look forward to. May the subtle notes of mirth, merriment, and odd moments of mayhem commence!!
      You are much appreciated for your contribution to the enjoyment of many! Your work here is well and truly done! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Plutonium Praxis
      Plutonium Praxis 4 months ago +1

      @Floofy Purple Fluff lmao you're hilarious. Go forth and weirdo the mob, friend

    • Floofy Purple Fluff
      Floofy Purple Fluff 4 months ago +1

      @Plutonium Praxis Absolutely, positively, 1,000% spot on! 😂
      PS, I’m still giggling! With your permission, I’m definitely going to work “ya weirdo” into multiple chats, texts, and e-mails the first chance I get this week! (Oh, so, so many unsuspecting victims are gonna have their world tipped sideways by two little words in the upcoming days! 😉 There’s so very little to laugh at currently. I’d be honored to spread your joy! 👏👏

    • Plutonium Praxis
      Plutonium Praxis 4 months ago

      @Floofy Purple Fluff haha thanks. Big am j WRONGG??

  • Mela Mela
    Mela Mela 5 months ago +50

    I love how Amber claimed to want to give the $7M to charity and JD sent the money directly to them instead of giving it to her! Classic!!

    • Lala
      Lala 5 months ago +6

      And she got mad about it and wanted $7M more lmao that’s the truth teller right there

  • Avni HL
    Avni HL 5 months ago +5

    Sad for Johnny to go through this, shame for Her to do what she did, but it was absolutely absurd how these lawyers represented her, her lawyer were there for money not to help her out…. Absolutely ridiculous questions

  • Sarah Al-taay
    Sarah Al-taay 5 months ago +16

    The things she recorded are literally things that are going to be used against her. Because it just shows how indecisive she is and crazy !!

  • Jaycey Kirby
    Jaycey Kirby 5 months ago +42

    I hate that she will now be someone's idea of what BPD is, further making people who suffer on the daily look absolutely soulless. She's awful.

    • munki_j
      munki_j 4 months ago +1

      There is already a crazy amount of stigmatization around bpd, heavily so in the medical field, and now everywhere else because of this too 🫠

    • K W
      K W 5 months ago +1

      I thought the same thing. :-(

    • Snoopy
      Snoopy 5 months ago +4

      This made me sad too :( really hate that for those who have bpd

  • Diana Y.
    Diana Y. 5 months ago +1349

    I wish you could read all these good comments about you. We are all with you Johnny.

    • Seeking the Truth
      Seeking the Truth 2 months ago

      @Whale Hunter Nobody threw a TV so not sure where you got this. A TV was damaged if you are really listening to the trial you would have heard that.

    • Rene Arildslund
      Rene Arildslund 3 months ago

      @Sgt.Barnes 🎯 Thank you.People these days think that their opinion have more value than yours.We need unity instead what we have in 2022🖐☮🙏

    • Whale Hunter
      Whale Hunter 5 months ago

      @lisa krieg You are no better than Johnny who thinks it's okay to throw a TV at Amber's head because he paid for it.

    • Whale Hunter
      Whale Hunter 5 months ago

      @100gecsRbetterthanGOD Yes.

    • Whale Hunter
      Whale Hunter 5 months ago

      @Cherry Michelle I am interested in the law in a court of justice not social justice.

  • Missy Gardiner
    Missy Gardiner 5 months ago +80

    Amber 💩 lawyer: “Objection, hearsay”
    Inigo Montoya: “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means”

  • Justine Stevens
    Justine Stevens 5 months ago +12

    What kind of a person records somebody in such a painful and vulnerable state? Amber disgusts me. Good for Johnny for standing up for himself.

  • somerandom nameorsomething
    somerandom nameorsomething 5 months ago +31

    if JD loses this case there is something seriously wrong with the justice system in the US

  • Lance Anthony
    Lance Anthony 4 months ago +9

    This guy knows every detail of the Australia property and had to hire contractors to replace all damaged items but he said there never existed a wall-mounted phone in the kitchen. Something that was literally integral to Ambers crazy story and described in great detail by Amber… Someone is lying and I don’t think it’s Ben King because he doesn’t have a motive to.

  • Baby Frog
    Baby Frog 5 months ago +891

    “Tell them Johnny. Tell the world I Johnny Depp, a man, I too am a victim of domestic violence and see who believes or sides with you”.
    I was so happy they played this in court.

    • Anusha Ramu
      Anusha Ramu 5 months ago

      @charlie reese just asking I’m 19

    • charlie reese
      charlie reese 5 months ago

      @Anusha Ramu almost 14, why?

    • Anusha Ramu
      Anusha Ramu 5 months ago

      @charlie reese how old r u

    • charlie reese
      charlie reese 5 months ago

      @Winnie the Pooh yw

    • charlie reese
      charlie reese 5 months ago

      @Anusha Ramu I watched 6 or 7 hours. I was in school for most of it so I had to watch what I missed later on.

  • AmandaLynn Adkins
    AmandaLynn Adkins 5 months ago +8

    Poor Johnny! He's having a hard time keeping his eyes open lol. 😴 I can totally relate. I've been to court dates, classes, and meetings where I wasn't at all tired before hand but soon as you get into that room it's impossible to keep them open lol. And I wasn't the only one struggling and that's a fact, not hearsay. 😅

  • cutl00senc
    cutl00senc 5 months ago +13

    If you’ve never been in a relationship with a person that suffers from personality disorder or bipolar disorder….this is just a taste of the reality

  • Nick
    Nick 5 months ago +19

    The lawyer who’s dealing with Ben King has no confidence, He seems so inexperienced and I think the jury would see how bad of a job he was doing .

  • Maggie B
    Maggie B 5 months ago +32

    The House Manager is an excellent witness - clearly, much more eloquent than AH's lawyer. His refusal to merely agree to every statement (about things he did not observe) makes him very believable. Like Johnny, he has remained very calm and reasonable throughout.

  • ليان الناصري
    ليان الناصري 5 months ago +1185

    I can't imagine how a person can be so evil, she's horrible, liar, and evasive. I don't know why people still believe her, poor Johnny

    • kangxliqxe
      kangxliqxe 5 months ago

      @Leo Marrone as you can see that is a grown woman who has her own mind on whether she wants to cross the line or not when it comes to "equality". she chose to be the monster here. whatever she does shouldnt give us a reason to demonize feminism, so i hope that reassures you

    • kangxliqxe
      kangxliqxe 5 months ago

      @Leo Marrone no honey she is capable of making decisions for herself so whatever it is shes doing has NOTHING to do with the feminism movement whatsoever she does not represent it at all

    • Abby Alan
      Abby Alan 5 months ago

      @Zach Braxton what do u mean u haven't seen it she admitted it on audio and to the doctors?

    • Zach Braxton
      Zach Braxton 5 months ago

      @Abby Alan well this case keeps getting weirder the more I watch it. I haven't seen any proof yet just Johnny denying it.

    • Zach Braxton
      Zach Braxton 5 months ago

      @Dylan no it's not appropriate, but it's not defamation either it's Johnnys own words.

  • bogdan luca
    bogdan luca 5 months ago +16

    Best treatment for Amber: a little bit of jail time! She doesn’t need a treatment for lunacy, this is premeditated hate and revenge

  • jambalaya baby
    jambalaya baby 5 months ago +73

    Did they cut out the part where amber’s attorney said ‘objection hearsay’ to his own question to Ben?😂

    • K Shhh
      K Shhh 5 months ago +2

      They did. I was waiting for it the whole time and it never came up lol

    • AlienElien
      AlienElien 5 months ago +9

      There is a separate clip of it on this cannel!! I think they cut it to get more views ngl😂

    • Taylor Voisin
      Taylor Voisin 5 months ago +8

      Shortly after 7:18:31 there is a jump in footage so it was probably around that time yes.

    • tiredchickpea
      tiredchickpea 5 months ago +5

      I think they seriously did!

  • Heather Winser
    Heather Winser 5 months ago +5

    This is a textbook testimony on the definition of a “toxic” or “unhealthy” relationship so many RED FLAGS. I feel sorry for Johnny, his children and all of his friends/family!!!! Bless this man! She better watch out she just many be charged if she lies on the stand for perjury!!!

  • Liam Khawtar
    Liam Khawtar 5 months ago +8

    For my own views I think this is already planned long before this lawsuit filed and since she knows that the people will take side to her as the victim. If we think about all of this the first question that will raise in our mind is why she needs to record it if their is no malicious intent to really ruins his life and as a wife that time she never even give support into the process of rehabilitation of her husband that time rather she's adding more pain and suffering to Johnny or pushing him more to the extent of becoming insane! Who knows! Maybe in the night time when she is administering Johnny's medication she's adding more! Who knows! its possible right!

  • MariaToria
    MariaToria 5 months ago +985

    "I haven't finished my sentence, how do you know?" IS LITERALLY WHAT I'VE BEEN THINKING THE ENTIRE TIME under his cross-examination with Rottenborn & whenever he'd be interrupted during his testimony. Thank you for finally saying it, JD ❤️

    • Seeking the Truth
      Seeking the Truth 2 months ago

      @sunnymoon AH is the one that is manipulating. Listen to the audios where she is physically, emotionally and psychologically ab JD.

    • MontaukCaseFile9755
      MontaukCaseFile9755 3 months ago +2

      @The Owl well put!

    • The Owl
      The Owl 3 months ago +5

      Amber was Blackmailing Johnny. Consider the Following..: 1) After receiving the $7,000,000 divorce settlement, she still continues to extort money from Johnny. 2) She asks for three penthouses, the cars, and $50,000 a month. 3) When her demands are not met, she goes for a bizarre restraining order, knowing that Johnny was out of town and would be out of the country for several months. 4) She lets the TMZ know that she was going to court for restraining order, and even provides direction what side of her face should be photographed. 5) She and her team also provide the TMZ with the video of Johnny. 6) She makes fun of Johnny for even thinking of going to court. 7) She decides "MeToo Movement", her acting skills, and dishonest lawyers like Rotten born and Crazy Elaine will help her to fool the Jury...!!!

    • sunnymoon
      sunnymoon 4 months ago

      @Ryan Tinch it is both of them. He is fooling you.

    • Ryan Tinch
      Ryan Tinch 4 months ago

      @Sara Stewart even the judge said something about him objecting before he even said two words of his sentence. That is not normal. You can’t just assume something is going to be said. It was a poor tactic.

  • Frecklez
    Frecklez 5 months ago +22

    Her lawyers are so all over the place, rude and don’t seem to know how to ask questions and have no patience whatsoever! I can only imagine how this man feels being questioned by these fools!

    • Frecklez
      Frecklez 5 months ago +2

      @S D I was wondering the same thing earlier today, like how are they allowing all that BS to happen in court, knowing the world is witnessing every moment of the hearing!

  • frances blackwell
    frances blackwell 3 months ago +2

    I am on a monumental drive to watch all testimony available from all parties in this case. I had no feeling one way or another about who I felt was guilty but after seeing headlines and watching The Behaviour Panel RUclips videos on body language I was tending towards siding with Mr Depp. Really quite frightening how Ms Heard threw away all that she could have had with Mr Depp and was is truly saddening is she doesn’t realise that she has a major problem with her mental balance and attitudes towards other people. Let’s hear it for Mr Ben King, such an English gentleman. I’m so proud to be a Brit 🇬🇧

  • stripe801
    stripe801 2 months ago +4

    “u cannot aLways be right aLL the time u shouLd try being wrong sometimes because u might Learn something.”

  • Carolyn M
    Carolyn M 5 months ago +19

    I loved it on the recording when Johnny finally got in one “You’re a pain in the arse”, despite AH screeching over him. I’ve been silently screaming exactly that for a week now lol

  • luvvv
    luvvv 5 months ago +847

    I agree with Johnny completely. Although it is Amber’s lawyer’s job to present ‘evidence’, Them playing the audio of Johnny inflicting harm on himself was utterly cruel and served no purpose whatsoever. And yet again it only showed how twisted Amber is to have filmed that.

    • Ani A
      Ani A 5 months ago

      Filmed it instead of calling for help.

    • Alea F
      Alea F 5 months ago

      @Amber Crow it was near 7:05:00

    • Plutonium Praxis
      Plutonium Praxis 5 months ago +3

      @KaToKamakazie the nooooo Johnny nooo let me describe your actions in words for my tape but noooo is so revolting. She's a drunk.

    • KaToKamakazie
      KaToKamakazie 5 months ago +6

      If she was really concerned with him cutting himself maybe she should have left the recording and tried to take the knife off him , there was bits on that audio where she had opportunity to do so instead she baits him every time where he goes crazy again. A real woman who cares for her husband hurting himself would have tried her best to get the knife away or out of the situation .

    • Plutonium Praxis
      Plutonium Praxis 5 months ago +1

      @Ella Goldsmith she was illegally recording most of them but some are him as he claimed he was growing so confused after arguments so began recording them for his therapist

  • Amber Leigh
    Amber Leigh 5 months ago +5

    What's truly sad is all evidence presented on both sides reveals what everyone already knows. Amber playing the distraught female who is just "upset" about how she's being "treated" and her male partner getting angry because she is cornering him anyway she can when all he wants to do is escape the "talk" or "her feelings".

  • Michelle Seveney
    Michelle Seveney 5 months ago +11

    This house manager is absolutely believable IMO. I totally believe him. There’s no doubt in my mind that AH was the cause of the finger severing. I just pray Jonny learned from this mess and gets or has gotten his emotional and mental health under control because no matter who’s fault this was a LOT of damage had been done in that Australia house!! It seems to me just from listening to Jonny he just really wants peace in his life sans drama. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • KBtD Designs Griswold
    KBtD Designs Griswold 5 months ago +22

    Good gosh. This lady makes me want to drink. Ugh. What a turn off. How could he stand there and try to rationalize with her? She is intolerable.

  • Ange P
    Ange P 4 months ago +3

    As he describes their relationship and from what I seen and heard so far. This remind me of my ex and his ex. She was so abusive to him, but it was always his fault for her issues. No matter what he did to please her and make it work. It was never good enough and she would just find something else to battle over. I know there are two sides but I see and heard it for myself and I know how he treated me the two years we were together and he was nothing short of amazing in how he treated me.

  • Alohomora
    Alohomora 5 months ago +659

    It amazes me how she has kept her career throughout all of this even though she’s been lying the entire time and he’s been shunned from Hollywood and basically had his career ruined based on 1 woman’s accusations. Like, no evidence has ever been shown of Johnny being physically abusive yet everyone has labeled him as such. This system is so broken!

    • breadordecide
      breadordecide 5 months ago +2

      She doesn’t have much of a career.

    • athul athul
      athul athul 5 months ago

      @MassONE You have no Idea about our Indian judiciary

    • GodFamilyCountry101
      GodFamilyCountry101 5 months ago +2

      I didn't even know who she was until I saw the cabinet slamming video and looked her up. I saw her in The Stepfather about a year ago, but her performance wasn't memorable and I didn't know it was her until I looked at the cast. I'm not an Aquaman fan and won't watch the one with her in it.

    • Margot
      Margot 5 months ago +4

      @Omg Aunty Suzanne hope so

  • Tracy Loftus
    Tracy Loftus 5 months ago +31

    She will absolutely not compromise with him. She just insists on fighting. He’s the kind of person that needs space to gain composure, she wants to keep arguing. He sticks around because she won’t compromise. It’s her way or the highway. She would not allow him his space, which is not being respectful to the one you love. It’s so incredibly narcissistic. I don’t know how he made it through this relationship alive….my goodness! She probably would’ve driven me to go to places I’ve never been. He was made to ignore his self preservation over and over again. That’s a lopsided relationship.She literally almost drove him to madness. Throughout this whole thing, he seems to have hurt himself, but I don’t believe he ever hurt her physically or sexually, which is what she claimed. The fact she’s concerned about her reputation/credibility says it all…she can’t say she lied about all that because it’ll ruin her credibility. That should be the nail in the coffin right there.

  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose 5 months ago +18

    I really hope Johnny's finger surgeon takes the stand and gives his professional opinion about the nature of the injury, since the defense reallllllly didn't want the jury to hear a single word about it lol quickest objection I've seen thus far.

  • Kitten Death
    Kitten Death 4 months ago +14

    when mr rottenborn objects and Johnny said " I didnt finish my sentence how did you know" jack sparrow 100% came out. Love it and made me chuckle. much love Johnny

  • Dian
    Dian 5 months ago +19

    Wow, I mean she’s exactly scary to be around. One minute she’s up and the next she’s a demon. Who can live with that? Awful madness.

  • Jyoti Travars
    Jyoti Travars 5 months ago +736

    The world is with you Johnny! You are a kind and gentlemen and didn't deserve to go through this because of an evil woman. WE LOVE YOU♥

      BDLIMEA 5 months ago +4

      Yes!! We love you Johnny!

    • Hugo BossDog
      Hugo BossDog 5 months ago +10

      @Lisa Lofton she is a total narc, pushing him to near breakdown and filming or recording it, she was scared of nada

    • Lisa Lofton
      Lisa Lofton 5 months ago +11

      Evil she is!!! Cruel is what he said. I feel bad for him. I honestly do not feel bad for her. Never will for narricist!!

    • Lucy Davis
      Lucy Davis 5 months ago +2


  • iiiii
    iiiii 5 months ago +5

    I hope that the case will end with the victory of Johnny Depp and that his suffering will end because he is tired and lost a lot, but I am sure that our brave hero Johnny can rebuild himself again. We love you, Johnny. I hope you win.