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Jurors Hear Challenges Faced by Sandy Hook Victim’s Families After Alex Jones’ ‘Hoax’ Claims

  • Published on Sep 21, 2022
  • Jurors in Alex Jones' Connecticut defamation trial heard from families of Sandy Hook victims about the troubles they face after he called the tragedy a “hoax.” Plus, New York Attorney General Letitia James has filed a blockbuster fraud lawsuit against Donald Trump, asking a judge to “permanently” bar the former president, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump from serving as an officer or director in “any New York Corporation.” The Law&Crime Daily team has the latest on these major stories.
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Comments • 145

  • Elizabeth C
    Elizabeth C 4 days ago +17

    I remember being so confused at why anyone would fake this. I had a few friends who believed Alex, but I never could grasp what was the gain to fake this, and obviously nothing changed law ways in the gun sector. This was long overdue. He should pay these poor people so much.

    • Martin Goldstein
      Martin Goldstein 4 days ago +1

      @TheSpirit AndTheBride you're allowed to think or say anything you like. Enjoy the freedom.

    • Rafiki
      Rafiki 4 days ago +1

      @TheSpirit AndTheBride Halbig that has been caught saying completely lunacy and saying the children were singing on the super bowl?

    • Martin Goldstein
      Martin Goldstein 4 days ago +3

      @Miss Antrobus so now Alex is lying by saying that the Sandy Hook shootings happened and by apologizing?

    • Pbav8tor
      Pbav8tor 4 days ago

      He was paid by the gun lobby.

  • TucoBlondy
    TucoBlondy Day ago +1

    Imagine training your whole life as a S.W.A.T team member only to called to your own sons school shooting.

  • Tiffani Thompson
    Tiffani Thompson 3 days ago +2

    Like, where is he going to get this money from??? If he was only a SWAT officer, then he doesn't have that much money 🤔

  • Boonie Price
    Boonie Price 4 days ago +8

    “I’m sorry” all the way to the bank

  • Pbav8tor
    Pbav8tor 4 days ago +11

    He is STILL calling it a hoax on his demented evil show.

    • John Adams
      John Adams 4 days ago +1

      Yeah and you're the arbiter of truth in an angel sure dude

    • Ben Avery
      Ben Avery 4 days ago


    • BlackToast McBiscut
      BlackToast McBiscut 4 days ago

      His show and this show come from this same evil demented source.

  • Jeffrey John
    Jeffrey John 4 days ago +2

    Why did sloppy sniper have his rifles taken away? Because he's a phony.

  • M2tina Qui
    M2tina Qui 4 days ago

    Liar, he was given a story and he ran it. He came back way before he was sued and said he believed it happened. This is disgusting, that you people can lie all you want and this man gets sued over and over again, despicable..

  • Ben Avery
    Ben Avery 4 days ago

    No he didn't, he's still doing it now.

  • karend169
    karend169 4 days ago +2

    You did it on purpose. You hurt those families and you know it. How can you still be so cruel about Sandy Hook. You are disgusting.

  • evert vriezinga
    evert vriezinga 4 days ago +15

    When you're so early there are only Alex Jones fans...
    Guys, he's a bad guy, I'm sure you can find someone better to represent your frustrations.

    • Ben Avery
      Ben Avery 4 days ago +3

      Good grief, they voted for The Orange Monster, FFFS!

  • Carr izard1126
    Carr izard1126 4 days ago

    I love Brian Buckmire, I’m obsessed with his voice but am I the only one who thought they are saying BUTTMYER ?? Only me?

    • Ben Avery
      Ben Avery 4 days ago

      It's you!
      Sorry, I'm kidding, that's what I heard as well!

  • CovidCovertCommunism

    David Wheeler and Bill Aldenberg have the s-s-s-same, st-st-st-stutter, as well as same voice, when he's not doing that fake accent, that Bill doesn't consistently speak with.

    • Suspect Down
      Suspect Down 3 days ago

      They are two different people and are seen sitting in the court room. Believe the lies if you wish. There are far more focus points in the Official story that conflict with the given narrative.

  • runningfromtheherd
    runningfromtheherd 4 days ago +14

    No apology, no matter how many times said, will ever suffice. You told this lie to make income for yourself. Time now to pay up.

  • Mikael krook
    Mikael krook 4 days ago

    Start whit Biden first!

  • Shawn Newell
    Shawn Newell 4 days ago +28

    An apology doesn't cut it when several of these families had to move, sell their homes, and move away from friends and family to get away from people harassing them about lying about their children being murdered. Can you imagine that heartache?

    • Pbav8tor
      Pbav8tor 4 days ago +11

      They are still being harassed and threatened. Because Jones won't stop. These families want him to stop.

  • Fellow Mon
    Fellow Mon 4 days ago +4

    David Wheeler is a bad actor

    • Fellow Mon
      Fellow Mon 3 days ago

      @Jeffrey John YES!! I miss Barry Soetoro's vids. They are censored on many platforms these days. Too truthful

    • Jeffrey John
      Jeffrey John 3 days ago +1

      and a sloppy sniper

  • Eileen Driscoll
    Eileen Driscoll 4 days ago +16

    Alex how dare you revictimize these families again and again, Karma has arrived!

    • Martin Goldstein
      Martin Goldstein 4 days ago

      @esotericvv I get $3 per comment. You?

    • clarity seer
      clarity seer 4 days ago +2

      I’m still waiting for a shed tear,

    • BlackToast McBiscut
      BlackToast McBiscut 4 days ago +1

      Karma is coming for you. You'll get what you voted for.

      REALITY 4 days ago

      now let's talk about the new York times and their fake story on Iraq having weapons of mass destruction that led to a war that killed millions

      REALITY 4 days ago +7

      Lol CNN interns get brownie points for comments!

  • Ziggin Zag
    Ziggin Zag 4 days ago +6

    Millions of people know the truth and a dog and pony show won't change that

    • Romcoles
      Romcoles 4 days ago

      @Ben Avery excatly.. lmaooo.... these donkey followers like to attack and be loud and think their is alot of them

    • Ben Avery
      Ben Avery 4 days ago +2

      You think there's millions of you, sweet...

  • Las Vegas
    Las Vegas 4 days ago +15

    Dame i wish they would put this much energy into Biden and his son’

  • Daniel Blankenship
    Daniel Blankenship 4 days ago

    This case is more then defamation it’s about freedom of speech and freedom of press ppl who question 911 should be in court and give money to the family who lost their love ones as well.

    • Fordrangerlifts
      Fordrangerlifts 3 days ago

      Ummm negative

    • Vicious E
      Vicious E 4 days ago

      No one's saying no one died on 9/11. People say Sandy Hook was pure fiction. Huge difference with contrasting implications.

  • Mr Christopher
    Mr Christopher 4 days ago +8

    Maybe you should see the documentary...we should talk about sandy hook...because they have a whole segment on this david wheeler character. He played multiple roles in the fema drill that day at sandy hook. Wheeler is clearly on video during the day of drill and was wearing a swat team uniform helmet and all. He had on sunglasses. He saw the camera and tried to hide so he wouldnt be noticed. Its all on video in the documentary. See for yourself.

    • Fordrangerlifts
      Fordrangerlifts 3 days ago

      @Joey M it’s called we should talk about sandy hook.

    • Suspect Down
      Suspect Down 3 days ago

      @Joey M This is not true...Wheeler and Aldenberg are two different people not the same. They both can be seen in the court room....the Dis/Mis info is just distraction and false belief.
      Read the official sandy hook report and THERE you will find that things do not add up to the given narrative...something is way off about what happened within the school.

    • Joey M
      Joey M 4 days ago

      What’s the documentary called?

  • Chris Swenson
    Chris Swenson 4 days ago +3


    • Pommie 🐻 Bears
      Pommie 🐻 Bears 4 days ago +1

      @Ben Avery look, I’m English. We have lost free speech and you can be arrested for hurting someone’s feelings online. You do not want that. He didn’t call fire in a crowded theatre, he didn’t threaten to kill. He said incredibly hurtful things that caused pain to grieving people. And it makes him a nasty man…..but, he has the right of free speech. I bet you could say something that I may find hurtful. Is it the degree of hurt that matters?

    • Ben Avery
      Ben Avery 4 days ago +4

      No, it's calling out fire in a crowded theatre. You people are utterly heartless, with a very worrying moral vacuum at you centre!

  • Mebby137
    Mebby137 4 days ago

    JFC he’s disgusting. Again the 1st Amendment argument is ridiculous.

    • Pommie 🐻 Bears
      Pommie 🐻 Bears 4 days ago

      See, I don’t agree with what he said, but I defend his right to say it. You do have your amendments, and free speech is important. Unless you’re threatening to kill, or causing panic in an airport, or arena, etc…..free speech is supposed to be just that. Does not mean I agree with this Jones, but I feel he has a right to say what he thinks.

  • Which god of thousands means nothing

    Well what should we expect? If classrooms of children are dying this way it should be used as an example to why common sense gun laws make sense. As far as freedom of speech we can all say whatever we want but if any lies cause damages there are laws in place for that. That said, this was not and never should be a political issue. Alex did that. Now he is being held accountable. You don't do what he did and go unpunished. We are a society for Petes sake.

    • chrishenderson420
      chrishenderson420 2 days ago

      What damage did he cause, emotional damage? That's an opinion and can't be proven. There should be no punishment for free speech. He did not incite violence.

  • Aquarius
    Aquarius 4 days ago +6

    So he just hurts people unknowingly? He really should stay out of the public eye, period.

    • Fordrangerlifts
      Fordrangerlifts 3 days ago

      @Blake Alexander fake account

    • Blake Alexander
      Blake Alexander 4 days ago +1

      You should get a brain

    • John Adams
      John Adams 4 days ago +2

      Yeah end this free speech and take his bank accounts🤦‍♂️🥴

  • V's bare tummy & Suga's tongue technology7

    Tbh, I’m sick and tired of these criminals getting a slap on the wrist each time they commit a crime, that I’m actually happy when police take them out. You know if those cops hadn’t gotten rid of him, he would’ve gone to jail for a couple of years, and then gone back to kiII his ex.

  • Which god of thousands means nothing

    Trumps final book.. "The Art of the FAIL".

  • Jesse Davis
    Jesse Davis 4 days ago +1

    Where are the 50 comments

  • Paulie K
    Paulie K 4 days ago +18

    This judge has silenced the defendants, kangaroo court!

  • Fellow Mon
    Fellow Mon 4 days ago +7

    I'm sure Wheelers son is doing just fine in private school

    • TucoBlondy
      TucoBlondy Day ago +1

      I herd he was in acting school, like his parents.

    • Jonquil Jones
      Jonquil Jones 4 days ago

      Devil. May you reap exactly what you seek to sow.

  • Harvey
    Harvey 4 days ago +6

    tell me this is a kangaroo court, without telling me it's one.....

    • Ben Avery
      Ben Avery 4 days ago +1

      The clothes shop?

    • limeypam
      limeypam 4 days ago +2

      Banana Republic

    • Shawn Newell
      Shawn Newell 4 days ago +4

      Ok. It's not.

    • Carlos
      Carlos 4 days ago +6

      It's in the US, there are no kangaroos there, that's Australia 😁

  • TopG
    TopG 4 days ago +12

    we all support you , alex❤

    • Fordrangerlifts
      Fordrangerlifts 3 days ago

      All the fake profiles commenting “ no we don’t”. Once awake you will never be asleep again. 9/11 was a inside job.

    • Shame On The Sheeps
      Shame On The Sheeps 3 days ago

      @Carlos after your question mark, you should've either put a comma or started your next sentence with also with the A capitalized. 😉

    • En-Vogue Pugh
      En-Vogue Pugh 4 days ago

      you might as well say "yay take my money i'm an easy mark alex!".

    • Myst11
      Myst11 4 days ago +2

      Absolutely not!

    • Ronnie Paul
      Ronnie Paul 4 days ago

      No loser.. You support that clown, not us!

  • Resident Of The Abyss
    Resident Of The Abyss 4 days ago +8

    Alex Jones is innocent!

    • Pommie 🐻 Bears
      Pommie 🐻 Bears 4 days ago

      @Pbav8tor no…this is a whole new lawsuit. Keep up.

    • ViruzFitia
      ViruzFitia 4 days ago +2

      @Eileen Driscoll and the grass is blue!

    • Pbav8tor
      Pbav8tor 4 days ago +2

      He has already been found guilty by a jury of his peers. This is the civil penalty phase. I hope it's a whopper.

    • BlackToast McBiscut
      BlackToast McBiscut 4 days ago

      He's a shill and the trial is made for TV fake trash. This is just to set precedent to take away YOUR free speech and you're falling for it.

    • limeypam
      limeypam 4 days ago

      Political witchunt. Alex is innocent

  • TheSpirit AndTheBride
    TheSpirit AndTheBride 4 days ago +3

    The wheelers are both actors. Francine and David Wheeler. He acted in the film Faithful. A simple google search can show anyone that. I’m confused nobody has brought that up.

    • Suspect Down
      Suspect Down 3 days ago

      @Jeffrey John Wheeler had nothing to do with being a "sniper".
      Just because Aldenberg was seen carrying rifles around does not mean he was being a sniper...Is that what his claim is that he was a sniper for the FBI ?

    • Jeffrey John
      Jeffrey John 3 days ago +1

      @Suspect Down seriously, I know a phony sniper when I see one. I became a Leatherneck Sharpshooter 42 years ago.
      Now go have another slice of humble pie.

    • Suspect Down
      Suspect Down 3 days ago +1

      @Jeffrey John Sure you are. Sounds more like Thread troll to me...

    • Jeffrey John
      Jeffrey John 3 days ago +1

      @Suspect Down of course they're two different persons. and wheeler, obviously isn't a trained FBI agent. therefore the term 'sloppy sniper' is fitting. I'm a Leatherneck Sharpshooter. so eat your humble pie, and make it a la mode.

    • Suspect Down
      Suspect Down 3 days ago +1

      @Jeffrey John They are two different persons. could care less what you believe.
      Believe the lie if you wish.

  • John
    John 4 days ago +6

    It's sad that these people's children die. But what's more pathetic is that they're trying to make money off their dead children. You parents ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Vicious E
      Vicious E 4 days ago

      No. Alex Jones trying to profit off of dead children is disgusting. These parents deserve every cent of this grifter's blood money. I know you fools. I seen your so-called evidence it was staged; nothing that would hold up on any court on Earth. Delusional , magic-believing, cultist.

    • John
      John 4 days ago

      @runningfromtheherd oh well life's a b**** .you're probably one of those people think George Floyd was a f****** hero.

    • anne bosworth
      anne bosworth 4 days ago

      Disgraceful thing to say what if it was u in their position...

    • Lan Gnezda
      Lan Gnezda 4 days ago +5

      @runningfromtheherd dont mind him, his last two braincells are fighting for third place

    • Tomas Milian
      Tomas Milian 4 days ago

      He's the one who's been making money off them by feeding on the hate of mental defectives.
      Now it's time for him to cough up - and he's got no one else to blame for it but himself.