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Why Is China Buying U.S. Farmland?

  • Published on Sep 21, 2022
  • According to the Department of Agriculture, American citizens own 97% of privately held farmland and forest in the United States but recently, the 3% of farmland owned by foreigners has attracted controversy, specifically concerning China.
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Comments • 18

  • david jr Locilento
    david jr Locilento 4 days ago

    Well I know we produce a good amount of soy beans over here but it depends on what they want for crops

  • Skankhunt420
    Skankhunt420 21 hour ago

    Fufeng Group can build it all they want, but once they do I will use my skill set as a strategist & tactician to destroy it.

  • Bryan C McDonald
    Bryan C McDonald 3 days ago +2


    OUCH ! ; I , just dropped my book on my foot about this topic ⏯️ play the (tune... paperback writer...) by the Beatles in - the background hit it maestro. 👋😎💨🔥

  • Star Hunter
    Star Hunter  Day ago

    So what? China can rent our land. Chiba shouldn't have access to PURCHASE USA land.

  • jecobian
    jecobian 4 days ago +2

    AMERICA *sponsered by china

  • Trip  String
    Trip String  3 days ago +4

    This is bullshit!! This should be for us only.

    • Jack Caffrey
      Jack Caffrey 2 days ago

      No shit? Aren’t we in a deficit why can’t we make money off this

  • Epsilon XVI
    Epsilon XVI 3 days ago


  • Delta T6
    Delta T6 4 days ago +2

    to feed its people, of course!!! hungry people tends to overthrow the government (ccp)...

    • Badass Mother
      Badass Mother Day ago

      @Star Hunter Well, the Chinese own us. Slaves don't get to pick their owners, it's the other way around.

    • Star Hunter
      Star Hunter  Day ago

      They can rent our land, NOT BUY IT.

    • Mama Moosa
      Mama Moosa 2 days ago

      But the US is under climate orders to cut nitrogen use. Crop production will be decimated

    • Badass Mother
      Badass Mother 4 days ago

      Nope! They're buying it up so that American farmers can't feed Americans, or anyone! Starving people is a fast efficient genocide and it Keeps the infrastructure in tact.

    • Kevin Jenner
      Kevin Jenner 4 days ago

      CIA coups removing democratically elected leaders around the world. Iran (1953) Guatemala (1954) Congo (1960) Dominican Republic (1961) S. Vietnam (1963) Brazil (1964) Chile (1973) etc

  • Leroy Hill
    Leroy Hill 4 days ago +1

    Lol what are they gonna do? steal it hahaha