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I Put My Credit Card In My Fortnite Name!

  • Published on Nov 21, 2021
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  • @cajunwizard
    @cajunwizard 2 years ago +716

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bazerk for letting me be in this video I like to wish you the best of luck in your future videos and mey all your hopes and dreams come true and again thank you so much Bazerk

  • @absorber
    @absorber 2 years ago +486

    YOU NEVER MISS!! literally watched every second of this lmao, banger vid bro

  • @Melt
    @Melt 2 years ago +352

    This video is literally a MOVIE 🎥 🔥 the last clip was INSANE LMAO

  • @Spaiidz
    @Spaiidz 2 years ago +148

    I love this so much!!

    • @aussie6805
      @aussie6805 2 years ago +3

      Hi spaiidz

    • @AckroxYT
      @AckroxYT 2 years ago +2

      Apki ma ki umar kitni honi chahiye
      💞ignore - nothing
      Subscribe - 150 years🙄

    • @griffin.1x
      @griffin.1x Year ago


  • @232mwkwm3uam
    @232mwkwm3uam Year ago +5

    Bro you will never ever fail to make us happy or entertain us!

  • @swavey3771
    @swavey3771 2 years ago +46

    Really creative and funny keep up the great work!! 👍🏽

  • @LevyBear
    @LevyBear Year ago +10

    I love how the winner of the Credit Card didn’t even realize he broke a world record lmao, good vid! 👍

  • @akaMilo
    @akaMilo 2 years ago +388

    this is the best fortnite video I’ve ever seen

  • @aidan49169
    @aidan49169 2 years ago +28

    This was such an AWESOME video, I was so happy to be a part of it :)

  • @jam1e_pow3r1
    @jam1e_pow3r1 2 years ago +10

    Love how he's not scared to show his number and his credit card

    • @AShyft
      @AShyft 2 years ago

      Prob a card he wont use again

    • @chaosman2020
      @chaosman2020 Year ago

      @@AShyft good point because i already try copy his credit card and it didn't work

    • @chaosman2020
      @chaosman2020 Year ago

      @@AShyft thank god

    • @AShyft
      @AShyft Year ago

      @@chaosman2020 Lol

  • @mikahdirteater8285

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bazerk for letting me be in this video I like to wish you the best of luck in your future videos and mey all your hopes and dreams come true and again thank you so much Bazerk

  • @Lemmy50
    @Lemmy50 2 years ago +25

    your videos still slap so hard keep it up king 👑 🙌

  • @lilrob_thegamer495
    @lilrob_thegamer495 Year ago +7

    i love your vids keep up the good work

  • @Bazerk
    @Bazerk  2 years ago +482

    For every new subscriber, I HAVE to donate $0.10 to TeamSeas... MAKE ME GO BROKE!!!

  • @TxnsGaming
    @TxnsGaming 2 years ago +86


  • @Alex_suii
    @Alex_suii 2 years ago +4

    Bazerk drops so much bangers 🔥

  • @michellelhkgare795

    love your content Keep It Up Wizard

  • @ahp2212
    @ahp2212 Year ago +13

    I love the content that u create essentially Stuff like this vid keep the good work up

  • @blackholegamingroblox1172

    The winner must be so happy, Beaten A World Record And Getting $1100

  • @broitsluke2424
    @broitsluke2424 2 years ago +11

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity Bazerk

  • @purple-.-
    @purple-.- 2 years ago +10

    It’s a amazing day when bazerk is uploading

  • @sharkvr5461
    @sharkvr5461 11 months ago +5

    after finister wins we can see that last 4 numbers of his card 😬😬

  • @TitosFPS
    @TitosFPS 2 years ago +16

    this man never has a bad upload

  • @fabianalfaro2872
    @fabianalfaro2872 Year ago +2

    Bazerks videos always makes are day better

  • @bovington
    @bovington 2 years ago +16

    Bazerk + Flea… A nasty combo right there…

  • @rizrikv2.075
    @rizrikv2.075 Year ago +1

    Hey Bezerk the credit cart number can be seen.Your videos are good keep doing videos!

  • @manuelolveralopez3367

    You know what’s still in the back of my mind that the poor man didn’t get 1000$😞

  • @JustInTimee
    @JustInTimee 2 years ago +16

    So good, no one's doing it better!

    • @imallover8602
      @imallover8602 Year ago

      theres allot more fortnight youtubers than you thought

  • @judyaeum9627
    @judyaeum9627 Year ago

    Fun fact:the last numbers were 5159 because at the end he forgets to blur it

  • @b-rosworld4969
    @b-rosworld4969 2 years ago +8

    Seeing this video Made my day so much better

  • @ItsJaden1
    @ItsJaden1 2 years ago +16

    That no scope at the end was lit

  • @user-du3xo8bw2r
    @user-du3xo8bw2r 2 years ago +10

    I mean you are pretty brave for giving your credit card details to a stranger

  • @mohamedtouraity6689

    I will pray for the people who thought he will show his credit

  • @aidendonohue6716
    @aidendonohue6716 2 years ago +2

    Love your videos, it cures my depression , thanks

  • @tinysniper2124
    @tinysniper2124 Year ago

    He should have kept the last numbers blurred when he won

  • @cap8175
    @cap8175 Year ago +14

    Imagine someone guessing the last four numbers and getting it right

  • @ryyezek4045
    @ryyezek4045 2 years ago +4

    This was a banger vid keep up the good work

  • @versupulous8607
    @versupulous8607 2 years ago +3

    5:24 the odds of him making it were 1 in 256 so you basically gave him a impossible challenge

  • @lucinao5125
    @lucinao5125 Year ago +1

    Imagine little Timmy trying to use your credit card number after the video

  • @muqeetmalik884
    @muqeetmalik884 2 years ago +1

    this is such a good video bazerk I love your videos

  • @RileyAusmus-qm8xx
    @RileyAusmus-qm8xx 9 months ago

    we all know we clicked on this video just to see his credit card

  • @matthiasteshome1750
    @matthiasteshome1750 2 years ago +37

    Can we all agree on how much fortnite kids were waiting for the card's digits.

  • @notskittles977
    @notskittles977 Year ago +10

    can we apprieciate the dad pushing through the crossfire when he has low life

  • @brxzzyishim
    @brxzzyishim 2 years ago

    Bazerk should have gave that man 1000$ buck either way

  • @Kierrik
    @Kierrik Year ago +6

    First time watching your channel. that was a great video. Very entertaining.

  • @JRAnimationStudios
    @JRAnimationStudios 2 years ago +8

    Wow, this video was so well made!

  • @lifeclickingcommunity6227

    I love how we can see his credit card numbers

    • @a-60_200
      @a-60_200 Year ago +4

      It 4142 3882 0806 1549 but still you will need mm or yy and cvc

  • @redbird6398
    @redbird6398 2 years ago +15

    9:04 in my opinion he should have gotten a little bit of money at the end for those 7 kids instead of 30 bucks but that’s just my opinion hope he’s doing well seems nice ☺️

  • @ionicfn8686
    @ionicfn8686 2 years ago +2

    Another Banger from Bazerk!!

  • @bigboygamer6727
    @bigboygamer6727 2 years ago +2

    Love your videos hopefully I would be able to be in one in the near future :p much love

  • @KingMan331
    @KingMan331 9 months ago +1

    The best Fortnite video of all time 😊

  • @prep5715
    @prep5715 2 years ago +9

    every vid is a banger and they make my day

    • @tobymurray7171
      @tobymurray7171 Year ago


    • @tobymurray7171
      @tobymurray7171 Year ago +1

      So the best thing is on this page for the best in a long and the same time you can be sure of them as you have a great time in your career but they will have the opportunity for the job to play for themselves

  • @autumngardner7070

    I love your videos I hope you have a nice day

  • @fathimamubeena5929
    @fathimamubeena5929 2 years ago +4

    This is the first time iv ever seen a person kind enough to give there cradit card number

  • @dartthexenomorph4865
    @dartthexenomorph4865 2 years ago +25

    Imagine if fe4rless was in the final challenge. He would have no scoped it immediately

  • @notjackson5235
    @notjackson5235 Year ago +15

    I love how Mau was wearing a mccreamy beanie that’s how you know there best friends

  • @RenaenaeD
    @RenaenaeD 2 years ago +2

    Bro my man works so hard for us he’s so generous 😁❤️❤️💕💕

  • @bamboozld1024
    @bamboozld1024 Year ago

    just letting you know when someone won the $1100 you forgot to blur the last numbers of the CC

  • @b1ue297
    @b1ue297 Year ago +5

    A moment of silence for the people who tried to buy stuff with the thumbnail numbers

    • @ghostmusic7522
      @ghostmusic7522 Year ago

      You need a cvv

    • @TheHolyMCPE
      @TheHolyMCPE Year ago

      @@ghostmusic7522 Not on amazon lmfao

    • @cordzx3860
      @cordzx3860 Year ago

      I read the number of he’s credit card at 9:56 and it’s exact same number as the thumbnail I don’t understand

  • @noahchaney9261
    @noahchaney9261 Year ago +1

    I really wish the dad won he deserved it

  • @spencergarrity168
    @spencergarrity168 2 years ago

    I’ve always wanted to meet you and watch you give people these challenges I’ve always wanted to do them but I can’t respect brother ✌️

  • @goldenpro0142
    @goldenpro0142 Year ago +1

    dude he showed the 4 last numbers in the end
    btw appreciate your videos man just keep going!

  • @GoofyAhhUncleProductionsHDI

    Bazerk: ‘there is a one in 15 chance you can catch a shadow flopper’
    Me: ‘there is a 1 in 15 chance i don’t catch one’

  • @chickenedance3
    @chickenedance3 Year ago

    bazker didnt notice he gave his credit card at 9:57 i doubt anyone could read it tho

  • @notrxzii3602
    @notrxzii3602 2 years ago +32

    I feel bad for the father with 7 kids he deserves so much more

  • @instinctsonly4593
    @instinctsonly4593 2 years ago +1

    I felt bad when the dad lost😔

  • @Brodysaint
    @Brodysaint 2 years ago

    Bro your content is insane! Like insane like a master!!!

  • @ammonhendrickson4488

    I love your channel sooooooo much!!

  • @_hecker_
    @_hecker_ Year ago +3

    This video is literally a MOVIE 🎥 🔥 the last clip was INSANE LMAO.

  • @ThatViralPotato
    @ThatViralPotato Year ago

    5:12 that kid is an absolute unit

  • @wyattsplace5236
    @wyattsplace5236 2 years ago +3

    Imagine doing that and someone has already got your credit card info

  • @eraghofy4255
    @eraghofy4255 2 years ago +1

    You’re such a legend

    @NATMOR 2 years ago +57

    Bro your content is INSANE

  • @robloxmadnes
    @robloxmadnes Year ago +3

    1:20 he could’ve shot gunned em all

  • @Gargoura
    @Gargoura 2 years ago +2

    The fact that the last guy hit the tomato for 1, 100 damage and won 1,100 dollars is insane.

    • @Bazerk
      @Bazerk  2 years ago +1

      I didnt think anyone would notice that, thx for seeing that!


    Did he realize he showed the credit card number and all the details to us!

  • @ElijahH097
    @ElijahH097 2 years ago +9

    This is a certified hood classic

  • @jellyello3642
    @jellyello3642 2 years ago +1

    I like how he gave us his 💳 number

    • @kittenplaz
      @kittenplaz Year ago

      sorry to burst your bubble but uhh this is fake because that's a vanilla gift card. that's non-reloadable so you cant put more money in it so this is fake unless he bought 2 500$ gift cards with 1 100$ gift card so this is fake UNLESS got those 3 cards not to good of odds that he did

  • @fantasyy1518
    @fantasyy1518 Year ago +2

    This was such a banger ❤️

  • @jaybutter305
    @jaybutter305 Year ago

    Love this game it’s very fun for people and kids

  • @Prezmoney1231
    @Prezmoney1231 2 years ago +1

    Yo so cool bazerk, always sick vids

  • @G.O.A.T1947
    @G.O.A.T1947 5 months ago

    insane video baser

  • @vaporsyncz4362
    @vaporsyncz4362 Year ago +5

    damn I love how its a prepaid vanilla credit card gift card lol, not his real credit card

    • @nonstop2344
      @nonstop2344 Year ago

      i noticed this aswell lol🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @Nimsy
    @Nimsy 2 years ago +11

    i dont even watch fortnite and this was damn good.. the video was over before i knew it

  • @djmosby114
    @djmosby114 2 years ago +1

    Bazerk with the bangers

  • @govanna8362
    @govanna8362 Year ago +1

    Love this video bazerk🗣️♥️

  • @ac-gl3bf
    @ac-gl3bf Year ago +4

    Nobody noticed how he didn’t blank out the last 4 numbers in one of the final shots

  • @Jasontheguy197
    @Jasontheguy197 Year ago

    They might be mad they lost but atleast their worth 100$

  • @YamiSage
    @YamiSage Year ago +3

    I wish I had a chance to run into you 🤣

  • @planetSlayr
    @planetSlayr 2 years ago +1

    Your content is insane I wanna see this again but strime snap a twitch with Christmas tree skins

  • @paffabuvossarkany2708

    i love how hes showing the golden visa card to the camera and all fortnite kids go insane

  • @midnight5908
    @midnight5908 Year ago

    Him: I Did not want to lose 600$ from you 😂

  • @1MoneyMotivation
    @1MoneyMotivation 2 years ago +6

    Started the journey, gonna be a long road but ready for the grind🚀⬆️

  • @TesseractPumpkin

    Dude be careful someone could pause at the end and get the credit card info😦

  • @Splitsyyy
    @Splitsyyy 2 years ago +119

    Lol i can just imagine the kids trying it rn🤣


    This is the coolest thing I ever saw well

  • @ohweirdo6307
    @ohweirdo6307 Year ago

    "it's not a mistake" ✨IT'S A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • @Spixci
    @Spixci Year ago

    Think u dropped this! -> 👑
    This so creative! I love the content you put up!

  • @DramaticYT
    @DramaticYT 2 years ago +1

    Such a good video!!

  • @helenlee1341
    @helenlee1341 Year ago

    He outsmarted everybody