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RICH vs. POOR! 😂

  • Published on Jul 22, 2021
  • RICH vs. POOR!
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Comments • 6 206

  • r0tten3ll
    r0tten3ll Year ago +29

    dude i just miss the old lanky box, the used to focus on the zero budget videos as their main content, and now...

    • §MisTyDraQon§ {Quit}
      §MisTyDraQon§ {Quit} Year ago +6

      I didn't even notice I thought these 2 were just random idiots. That has made it alot more cringe based on what they did before

  • Rage
    Rage Year ago +5

    Hey guys, I recently found out that I had liked many shorts when I actually didnt,
    So are random amount people forced to like a video without their consent?

  • Ritik Singh
    Ritik Singh Year ago +393

    It was so funny that I forgot to laugh.

    • Michelle & Tony Bublitz
      Michelle & Tony Bublitz 9 months ago


    • Ayan Thobhani
      Ayan Thobhani 10 months ago


    • Your Friend
      Your Friend Year ago

      @Jesus has given you all. Repent or die. But I'm hindu

    • Your Friend
      Your Friend Year ago

      I thought they wanted to show how some stupid shorts like these exist on yt and tried to make a similar one but ok

    • Chilly Chile
      Chilly Chile Year ago

      Regardless he still got like a million likes

  • Bhargavi Padayambath

    These guys are amazing, because they show me how to NOT be a human

  • Harry
    Harry Year ago +726

    My respect for thanos grows everyday

  • Bryce Lim
    Bryce Lim Year ago +54

    Who else remembers when they actually made good low budget music videos

    ITZ_GAB Year ago +292

    Lesson Learned: Do not Play Basketball With ur money, do not bury your money in the cemetery, and don't feed money to sharks

  • FoxPlayz
    FoxPlayz Year ago +248

    The guy buried his money happily and starts crying as if he didn't know it would get buried

  • InfiAnimationx
    InfiAnimationx Year ago +16

    My respect for these guys were getting smaller everyday I saw this

  • Hyperion
    Hyperion Year ago +42

    This has the same energy as a mobile game ad.

  • 7 year old trash can
    7 year old trash can Year ago +1055

    Karen: “My child is perfect!”
    Her child:

  • Saniat Alam Sneha
    Saniat Alam Sneha Year ago +1

    There is alot of disgusted comments going on but this video means that rich people spend money carelessly but poor people understand how to use them because before getting the money they understands the value and use them proper way
    Although pardon me lankybox's other shots were unknown to me

    I NYOMAN CESSARDEO Year ago +98

    The most stupid ways to lose money:
    -Spend too many money
    -Buy a car
    -*Buried your own money*

    FANTA EIDITZ Year ago +6

    Everyone: This is so funny
    Me:The tyres aren't moving how the bike is going ahead

  • Ashok Tirlotkar
    Ashok Tirlotkar 9 months ago

    ''yesterday is history''
    ''tomorrow is mystery''
    ''today is gift''
    ''that's why it is called present ❤️🙏🙏

  • Yummy
    Yummy Year ago +981

    Karen: "Drugs wont affect my child"
    Her child:

  • aola wili
    aola wili Year ago +5

    “Steal from the rich, give to the poor!” -motto

  • It's Ya Boy, Satan
    It's Ya Boy, Satan Year ago +9

    That was so funny, the whole squad forgot to laugh

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User Year ago +15

    I want those seconds of my life back.

  • Henrique Sidney
    Henrique Sidney Year ago +1

    Caraca esse cara se superou nadando com dinheiro sem molhar andando de moto sem as mao no guidao 👏👏👏

  • It's Bangaa
    It's Bangaa Year ago +43

    Moral: Don't Be Bad At Editing.....

  • Oogie
    Oogie Year ago +1

    I’m honestly confused who’s rich and poor lmao I think it’s the top one but they both seem to spend their money pretty poorly

  • Cow's Balisongs
    Cow's Balisongs Year ago +6

    “If stupidity was a virus, tiktok would be a pandemic”
    -Some old geezer in a robe

  • splash tomato
    splash tomato Year ago +2

    So basically rich people give there money to fish as there food

  • Zan Gerardo
    Zan Gerardo Year ago +136

    *"I see no signs of intelligence here"*
    - Buzz Lightyear

    EEEEEE Year ago +3

    Only ogs will remember when lankybox was actually good

  • dqrkleo
    dqrkleo Year ago +3

    Damn it, only if we gave thanos a chance

  • Dominic Astaroth
    Dominic Astaroth Year ago +242

    "RUclips shorts are the embodiment of what the hell did I just watch." -James Madison

  • Geann Igcalinos
    Geann Igcalinos Year ago

    I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣 🤣🤣

  • Picha
    Picha Year ago +12

    “Steal from the rich, give to the poor!” -motto

  • Pavan kumar Vadlamani

    Moral of the story: fishes eat money 😀

  • ★Kat Ziana★
    ★Kat Ziana★ 11 months ago

    Go go this guys can do it!

  • Night Bot
    Night Bot Year ago +1

    i wish lankybox goes back to the guess the price vids

  • Manny Oluwo
    Manny Oluwo Year ago +181

    Here, take this 💊
    It’s an anti cringe pill. Collect more on your journey.

    • Giga Chad
      Giga Chad 2 months ago

      collected ty very much i wana cure the cringe in this video

    • Jelyben
      Jelyben Year ago

      this ain't enough

    • Andrew Enriquez
      Andrew Enriquez Year ago

      @armless armstrong Relatable comment 🙃👌

    • Tùng ĐạiCa
      Tùng ĐạiCa Year ago

      @Tamoghna Mondal we fuck around youtube shorts

  • Electric
    Electric Year ago

    There is a reason dislikes are hidden in shorts 💀

  • Franz Ayel Santos
    Franz Ayel Santos Year ago +1

    "Money doesn't grow on trees" puts money on tree*

  • 𝙲𝚑𝚘𝚌𝚘 ꨄ

    First of all rich people dont do this
    Real rich people dont show their money just enjoy em
    And people alredy know that they r rich 😀
    And some new rich people are just showing off money
    Rich people seeing them just laugh ✨

  • Griffin's show😁
    Griffin's show😁 Year ago +1

    God level graphics and editing 👍🏻👍🏻

  • lu14
    lu14 Year ago +545

    never in a million years i would think lankybox would ever do something like this

  • Focuss
    Focuss 11 months ago

    Imagine just giving some flowers a couple bands and they like
    Flower: we all good homie 💀

  • Mr. Alt Account
    Mr. Alt Account Year ago +4

    "I cannot deal with the unbearable amount of cringe that this video has to offer, thus, it nourishes my thirst to cause havoc on this ungrateful universe. This uncontrollable urge for rehabilitating this universe is causing my cerebral cortex to break, therefore, I must do what must be done, killing half of the life forms on the cosmos, stretching far and wide into nothingness! I am inevitable." **Snaps**

  • Anthea
    Anthea Year ago +1

    My Question: Who Is Rich And Who Is Poor?

  • Edrei and Piggy
    Edrei and Piggy Year ago

    Justin's throwing that money everywhere!

  • Floppa
    Floppa Year ago

    Yes, *money makes trees grow*

  • Neville_longbum
    Neville_longbum Year ago

    The only good thing the guy in the red shirt did was plant trees, that's it

  • Midnight RC
    Midnight RC Year ago +6

    He's kind of guy that would wash his hands after having a shower

  • RedRevolutionary1917

    This is the best rendered acid trip on the internet

  • Name
    Name Year ago +191

    How to get a Great Farm
    Step 1: Dig Money from the Ground, Remember Money Vanes Appear in 12ft deep in the Ground
    Step 2: Claim the Money from the Ground
    Step 3: Throw the Money on the crops because money is of high levels of nutrients for Plants
    Step 4: Completed

  • Matthew Lzn
    Matthew Lzn Year ago

    62 million views in two weeks!!!

  • raynard wallace
    raynard wallace Year ago

    The one at the top is the poor who came up but never spent the money crazy he gave back to the poor which they use as animals .spent the money wisely and in return got a blessing. The one at the bottom was literally throwing his money away in to nothing which the concept of the hoop turning bills into cents. He was around sharks which they took what he gave them but got nothing in return.burying the money and crying i believe it meant that even while being rich he was still unhappy but burying it felt good yet his greed cried out.

  • Blessed Seal
    Blessed Seal Year ago +1

    I literally hate those animations, it’s literally mocking everyone thinking we are all dumb and we need to be “taught” the kid way. Please remove these videos to lower the cringe rate

  • Jeffrey Y
    Jeffrey Y Year ago

    when a poor gets money , he bocomes a rich 🤣🤣🤣

  • Potato salad yum
    Potato salad yum Year ago +1

    Aww love the cringe guys “so keep it up”

  • Teresita Gumba
    Teresita Gumba Year ago +4

    I'm having more and more courage of jumping in the window everyday

  • Revenant Studios
    Revenant Studios Year ago

    Actually, ppl who are rich from a young age aka had rich parents spend money much more responsibly than a poor person would if they got rich all of a sudden just look at the lottery stories ppl who go from poor to extremely rich often destroy their life

  • Tanisha Vijay
    Tanisha Vijay 11 months ago +1

    Of course, rich people feed money to fishes

  • Vladimir Lenin
    Vladimir Lenin Year ago

    Why can't RUclips ban shorts?

  • Bread Boiii
    Bread Boiii 10 months ago

    this is kinda true because these guys are that rich from making theses vids lol

    MR WILD Year ago

    I'm gonna bring adam to the poor and I'm gonna give Justin 1B money

  • Produksi Bungas
    Produksi Bungas Year ago

    Justin: spending adem's money.. Ayyyy!! Right now: feeding sharks ayyyy

  • Aegeon (Parrot Mode)
    Aegeon (Parrot Mode) Year ago +340

    His the type of guy who sell's his phone to buy a charger.

    • CyberAngelPlayz
      CyberAngelPlayz 2 months ago


      REGINA OCAMPO Year ago +1

      He is the guy that would buy a 1 for 2 dollars until get gets broke

    • Jaimie Theresa
      Jaimie Theresa Year ago

      He’s the type of guy who trys to get over a glass wall to see what’s on the other side

    • Miriam Hernandez
      Miriam Hernandez Year ago


    • Harish G
      Harish G Year ago

      @Jay hansen nah PS5 is the era no xbox

  • athena the vibing cat

    I miss there old vids...

  • X-Wing
    X-Wing Year ago

    Who decided to give this video 2.7 million likes?

  • Joyce
    Joyce Year ago

    I love when lankybox has to post zero budgets one1 and playing adopt me and now they change their video r getting cringe ;(

  • shiknovu
    shiknovu Year ago +2

    "Rethinking life choices"
    Wtf am I doing with my life

  • Lord Potato
    Lord Potato Year ago +7

    So were just gonna ignore that they dug under a bank to probably rob it 🤔

  • no name
    no name Year ago

    I love it because the dog Ashley didn't get left behind 😡

  • The Austin
    The Austin Year ago +1

    I'm the type of person that the more likely The Horde the money so I'm going with Rich

  • Jjizzler
    Jjizzler Year ago

    Wow guys I think this really says alot about our society

    BLACK FF 11 months ago +1

    Last one he is investing money because he know old is gold 🤣

  • # ;; 🍀 ;; Lucky Makoto-!! ;; 🍀

    Now I feel like thanos was a good guy

  • Anowar Hossain
    Anowar Hossain Year ago

    I like poor and rich is so funny hahaha 😆😆😆

  • Abdul Kareem Khan
    Abdul Kareem Khan Year ago +3

    Yes it's perfectly normal to find money, fully fledged money underground

  • Leslie Adams
    Leslie Adams 11 months ago +1

    I feel bad for the poor

  • Spenity Dull
    Spenity Dull Year ago +139

    Ah yes, I love it when I plant a money and trees grow, and when I throw money into a basketball hoop, turns into coins.

    • Tumble Weed
      Tumble Weed Year ago

      The one with animals and then the food falling just made my brain clot

    • kiel playz
      kiel playz Year ago

      @JellyGio mr beast: did someone summon me?

    • JellyGio
      JellyGio Year ago

      I'll plant a money and trees grow why does it sounds one money one tree is this teamtree

    • AestheticHana
      AestheticHana Year ago

      @Saccharrine Andrella Licen r/woooosh

    • Ahmed Elbessraoui
      Ahmed Elbessraoui Year ago

      @Saccharrine Andrella Licen r/wooooosh

  • Ryker
    Ryker Year ago

    this really looks like a mobile game ad

  • Lucky
    Lucky Year ago

    Them: *taking money*
    Me: wait...why are they stealing money from bank?

  • -_°[Selever_OfficiaYT]°_-

    Best Video Ive Seen In My Life

  • Fernandinho Ferreira Brito

    Hey, LankyBox here! Today we are foing to commit a thing called war crimes!

  • CrabbyAssassin
    CrabbyAssassin Year ago +5

    So... what I'm taking away from this is that poor people dig graves, bury their money in it and cry?

  • Peter Muks
    Peter Muks Year ago

    Dat was so funny

  • c a s t e d
    c a s t e d Year ago

    Haha so funny

  • Janna Marie
    Janna Marie Year ago

    1. How can plants grow with money
    2. How did Justin breathe underwater
    3. Why would Justin do that

  • B's RECIPE
    B's RECIPE Year ago

    Yay lankybox 😂😂😂

  • Preston
    Preston Year ago

    Fun fact: the game called roblox at wacky wizard Justin has been add at wacky wizard

  • MR. UDOM
    MR. UDOM Year ago


  • captain cooles
    captain cooles Year ago


  • Stacey Stephens
    Stacey Stephens Year ago


  • Samplayzgames
    Samplayzgames Year ago +175

    *Now this brings mobile game ads to another level*

  • Axolote Bugado
    Axolote Bugado Year ago +1

    Como foi que eu cheguei no DeepYT tão rápido assim?

  • 【🌸Pinkies Fault🌸】

    I wanna be the rich one because that I can bye 100 of donuts for Justin and I can bye Adam 100 glass of warm milk 🤣👌

  • Madeline
    Madeline Year ago

    Poor is the best one🥺❤️

  • I feel blue
    I feel blue Year ago

    Moral of the story: Invest in good causes instead of stupid ones

  • Axolotl
    Axolotl Year ago +188

    Moral of the story: don't literally throw your money in a pool of piranhas bury it and play basketball with it actully Use it also u can toss money on things to upgrade it.

    • Selim Mohamed
      Selim Mohamed Year ago


    • Axolnaut
      Axolnaut Year ago

      @Charles Calvin wow so rude i just said dont rob a bank

    • Kinlaw
      Kinlaw Year ago

      @Charles Calvin imagine breathing

  • Ashlyn .-.
    Ashlyn .-. Year ago

    Rip old lankybox they have turned into freaks

  • Roarrrgaming
    Roarrrgaming Year ago

    Make more pls it's funnyyyy

  • GOD
    GOD Year ago

    Get your guns boys,the time has come

  • CoCo se Videos
    CoCo se Videos 11 months ago

    Thanks for saving the cats

  • MrLittleFox
    MrLittleFox Year ago +78

    When effort isn't an option in video making.

  • Koli Gayatri
    Koli Gayatri Year ago

    Amazing 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻