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If We Stop Dancing, We Get Shocked...

  • Published on May 7, 2022
  • everybody try the tom simons shuffle. let this be the new tik tok dance
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  • James Marriott
    James Marriott 4 months ago +37124

    since recording this video I've started dancing against my will at random times during the day. i have been trained like a dog.

  • -Latte-
    -Latte- 3 months ago +764

    Tommy: This is called the Tom Simons shuffle if you know it dance along
    Also Tommy: *has the biggest seizure in history*

  • Marie Snoeckx
    Marie Snoeckx 2 months ago +131

    *Tommy and James vibing
    Tommy: "I want to die..."
    James: "... So do I"
    *Tommy and James go back to vibing

  • thedepressedpotato
    thedepressedpotato 4 months ago +329

    James and Wisp just having the time of their lives, Tommy: "I did not organize this (get me the fuck out of here!)"

  • Frostlight_ Angel
    Frostlight_ Angel 4 months ago +178

    Salesman: Why would you use shockers to inflict pain on yourselves?
    Tommy: *Yes*

  • Cursed_ 👑🎗
    Cursed_ 👑🎗 4 months ago +10664

    Tommy : Dancing like he knows nobody
    James : Dancing like he knows everybody
    Wisp : Actually throwing moves

  • BlackGrayWhitePurple
    BlackGrayWhitePurple 4 months ago +153

    15:09 "I thrive on the attention of others, my self-validation comes from numbers" Same energy as ranboo going "I crave validation from twitter errrr"

  • B Visca
    B Visca Month ago +26

    1:52 this part made me laugh so hard. With Tommy dancing it makes it even more perfect

  • GreenVoid
    GreenVoid 4 months ago +38

    Ash being the one electrocuting James is so funny to me. I love their dynamic

  • PreppyXVibez
    PreppyXVibez 19 days ago +3

    The fact that Tommy doesn’t get embarrassed even though everyone is staring at him, i could never 😅

  • grzrSEAL
    grzrSEAL 4 months ago +4310

    Tommys genuine confusion when everyone starts dancing is too priceless

    • Carollyne 💗
      Carollyne 💗 4 months ago +1

      18+ Content Memex.Monster
      mejores 😘
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

    • Nerdy Water_Girl
      Nerdy Water_Girl 4 months ago +33

      I really want to hear the context behind that it was hilarious 😆

    • Lizzy
      Lizzy 4 months ago +46

      He’s that one character in the Disney movie wondering why everyone is singing and dancing

    • Ranjana Sharan
      Ranjana Sharan 4 months ago +15

      It felt like a Bollywood movie in real life

    • mac_booooy I am not subbing back
  • Ayden Lokey
    Ayden Lokey 3 months ago +6

    Shock count:
    James: 53
    Tommy: 51
    Wisp: 6
    Total: 110

  • ToxicFlower
    ToxicFlower 4 months ago +16

    Honestly I recently found this channel of Tommy’s Vlogs and I find them so funny and entertaining! Just want to say thank you for making me laugh (in a good way ofc) :D

  • Hermoine granger
    Hermoine granger 3 months ago +21

    Tommy: “ it’s a hot fuckin shrimp!😃”
    James: **walks over to tommy** …😀
    Also tommy: wiTH tHe sEa iT cÄłLš MEEAE- **screams in pain**

  • Meteor Highnova
    Meteor Highnova 3 months ago +3

    4:17 "Dancing is a vibe. Dancing can be anything as long as you're *FEELING* the world around you"
    - MARRIOTT, James

  • channeltev
    channeltev 4 months ago +7720

    they’re so good at being disturbances to the public, they’re really meant for this job

    • Autumn Ayres
      Autumn Ayres 4 months ago

      I love how it's like a skit but you recorded the parts where you're practicing lines

    • Sienna Renwick
      Sienna Renwick 4 months ago +1

      Couldn't of said it better ma self

    • piranha not fun
      piranha not fun 4 months ago +1


    • Cringeneth
      Cringeneth 4 months ago

      @Deadpool. tommytittit

  • _EnderCat_
    _EnderCat_ Month ago +1

    This vlog killed me. I can't breathe rn. Also I love how there was just a dance party out of nowhere 🤣

  • ¿Boxxy?
    ¿Boxxy? 19 days ago +1

    I love how Tommy is enjoying it the least, and he's they one that organized it

  • gore-ish
    gore-ish 4 months ago +4


  • Ayaan Haque
    Ayaan Haque 3 months ago +3

    I watched 20 minutes straight of grown men dancing and I love every second.

  • Dragonfire Studios
    Dragonfire Studios 4 months ago +5046

    Tommy going an entirely different route just to not embarrass himself in front of the girl from the coffee shop is kind of admirable.

    • samuels..-feathers
      samuels..-feathers 3 months ago

      Imagine she’s a subscriber

    • Carollyne 💗
      Carollyne 💗 4 months ago +1

      18+ Content Memex.Monster
      mejores 😘
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos

    • esprezo0
      esprezo0 4 months ago

      @Dragonfire Studios ya I guess

    • Dragonfire Studios
      Dragonfire Studios 4 months ago +2

      @esprezo0 To be fair, I don't think she recognized him as THE TommyInnit.

    • esprezo0
      esprezo0 4 months ago +2

      Ya but what if she finds his RUclips or if she is a dream smp anti

  • Ace
    Ace 2 months ago +1

    I feel like Tommy always makes our day and Never fails to makes this , Tommy is really funny and award social you tuber but is unique and he is always being himself

  • Deiondre Richards
    Deiondre Richards Month ago

    wisp:having a good time*
    Tommy: peace was never an option

  • Nightshade
    Nightshade Month ago +1

    Oof, I know how much those shockers hurt 😂😂😂
    We got one for our dog (A collar, though), and, being the 10-year-old I was, I tested it out. It hurt so bad and we hardly ever used it on the dog…

  • The Collector
    The Collector 16 days ago

    James slowly dancing towards the camera while saying "tles" and proceeding to say "help" right after is actually killing me

  • bblulz
    bblulz 4 months ago +3184

    something about james dancing, saying “fucking help me”, all the while in pure unequivocal pain, is the most hilarious thing to me holy fuck

  • Ion 0320
    Ion 0320 2 months ago

    i really like how James was the most energetic out of the three during most of the video

  • Beth Cunningham
    Beth Cunningham Month ago +3

    "Dancin' where i shouldn't beeee dancin' where i shouldn't be" Literally me on a daily basis

  • Dawnsybebo
    Dawnsybebo 3 months ago

    This video just kept going in directions that I didn’t expect 😭 But nothing tops the moment James yelled manically “IM DANCING SO HARD” with a look of pure joy and pain on his face

  • Xx_Team._.Bee_xX
    Xx_Team._.Bee_xX 3 months ago

    This feels like a fever dream, I love it and it made me laugh SO hard but there are so many times where everyone just seems high.

  • Egg
    Egg 4 months ago +10394

    Someone once said that Tommy isn’t socially awkward, he’s awkwardly social and I think that’s beautiful

    • Demonix
      Demonix 18 days ago

      @alt alt Imagine replying to a comment that was made months ago

    • alt alt
      alt alt 18 days ago

      @Demonix imagine saying stolen comment, everyone has different comments and this dude even said a wise man once said bro. Bet your annoying to everyone you meet, tryna cause people to get hated like its annoying bro.

    • °-L0V3LY-°
      °-L0V3LY-° 25 days ago +1

      That description suits him surprisingly well.

    • °-L0V3LY-°
      °-L0V3LY-° 25 days ago

      @morgan being socially awkward means your awkward when being social but being awkwardly social would mean that you end up being social when your awkward

    • Unkownuser482
      Unkownuser482 Month ago

      @JELLY Cherry The Cat that’s not really how using r/woosh works

  • danganronpa kinnie
    danganronpa kinnie Month ago +2

    The clip where James just walks towards ash while being shocked killed me for some unknown reason mainly because he said "i like it"

  • kirlyn
    kirlyn 4 months ago +1

    12:17 gave me nostalgia, seriously- i cant believe he still remembers that rap

  • XxToxicWastexX
    XxToxicWastexX 3 months ago

    At first I thought I wasn't gonna laugh but I lied this video freaking made me laugh so hard I started to have an heart attack. Bro Tommyinnit your the man that makes my day dude.

  • Sophie Gonzi
    Sophie Gonzi 2 months ago

    Tommy is just so funny 😂 I line his vids so much 💗

  • Atharva Bandekar
    Atharva Bandekar 4 months ago +7084

    Tommy not making it awkward when surrounded by girls is the biggest improvement he had since 2019 🤣

    • Racer
      Racer 4 months ago

      Rudy, when the fluff we playing?? chose a date fr..
      u always seem to avoid it..
      gotta do it before things change..

    • Carollyne 💗
      Carollyne 💗 4 months ago +1

      18+ Content Memex.Monster
      mejores 😘
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

    • Geralenn Gevertas 😉Disney
      Geralenn Gevertas 😉Disney 4 months ago

      Oh God We Be Like Huh Yous Guys Okay

    • Ulises Marvels
      Ulises Marvels 4 months ago


  • Dwaekki's Insanity
    Dwaekki's Insanity 2 months ago +2

    James in the foreground talking to the camera while Tommy greets that person with the dog in the background feels like a scene from a movie

  • Raccoon
    Raccoon Month ago +1

    Imagine how many people were just watching this questioning what was happening 😂

  • 🐝Tubb0s_B33s🐝
    🐝Tubb0s_B33s🐝 Month ago +1

    Their screams after they get shocked is just hilarious

  • Kaige Dawson
    Kaige Dawson 4 months ago +3

    this has got to be one of the most chaotic videos I have ever seen
    i love it

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz 4 months ago +9842

    James is definitely b̶e̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶h̶e̶l̶d̶ ̶a̶g̶a̶i̶n̶s̶t̶ ̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶w̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶ there to help his friend :))

  • Phoebe Batchelor
    Phoebe Batchelor Month ago +2

    "I'm not ruining my chances by dancing around with middle aged hair marriott" My favourite part out of this whole video

  • Lok Ken
    Lok Ken 3 months ago +4

    R.I.P techno blade he will be as a spirit but a memory to our hearts may he rest in peace

  • echo frost
    echo frost 3 months ago

    Tommys the type of guy to see a shock bracelet and say “is anyone gonna eat that” and not wait for an answer

  • Nullify
    Nullify 22 days ago

    how does tommy have the courage to go out here and start dancing in the middle of public like this XD

  • MallowAnimationsYT 👑🎗
    MallowAnimationsYT 👑🎗 4 months ago +7151

    if the world was a musical, this was probably be how it would work.

    • Padu
      Padu 3 months ago +1

      i mean you’re not wrong tho ;-;”

    • SUNNY:D
      SUNNY:D 4 months ago +1

      The guy who didn't like musicals seems different🤨

    • MallowAnimationsYT 👑🎗
      MallowAnimationsYT 👑🎗 4 months ago

      @Gomi-Chan chill mate-

    • MallowAnimationsYT 👑🎗
      MallowAnimationsYT 👑🎗 4 months ago

      Ok, ok you lot. I fixed it- idk it just seemed like a plot twist in my head lol. But idk

    • amie T
      amie T 4 months ago


  • Itachi anime edits
    Itachi anime edits 2 months ago

    Tommy: I need a breather
    Also Tommy: breaks ankle and camera 😂

  • •Mushy•
    •Mushy• 4 months ago +1

    you always make my day tommy

  • Oliver's fav tiktoks
    Oliver's fav tiktoks 4 months ago +2

    I am at my sickest I have ever been rn and Tommy still made me happy and laugh

  • -mushriom-
    -mushriom- 2 months ago

    I love how they just start fighting using the shock remotes as if their in Harry Potter😭 6:33

  • yippee
    yippee 4 months ago +13177

    this is probably the most second-hand-embarrassing video idea he’s done lol

    • Egg
      Egg Month ago

      @Gent 🅥 imagine faking

    • B.R.
      B.R. Month ago

      tbh I wish I was there

    • Zoemickey
      Zoemickey Month ago +1

      this video is so funny but so hard to watch

    • buh ZS
      buh ZS 3 months ago


    • Gem Cake
      Gem Cake 4 months ago

      @AGreenScreen mate just watch the "Pranking The Public with Tommy" 😭

  • ReckRealm
    ReckRealm 4 months ago

    I was laughing so hard I was crying this whole video. Good job 👍

  • I am a cat person
    I am a cat person 2 months ago

    Can we appreciate how good they sound here? Like, they actually sound good

  • The YouTubeKat
    The YouTubeKat Month ago

    I laughed almost the whole time on this vid🤣😂

  • ARG Watch
    ARG Watch 4 months ago +3

    James Marriott is like that weird uncle in the family that gives laughs

  • Sophie Lecras
    Sophie Lecras 4 months ago +3513

    Tommy going through the forest just to miss the girl in the coffee shop is just brave and wholesome.
    Also wisp pulling actual moves compared to James was hilarious

    • Finally 🅥
      Finally 🅥 4 months ago +1

      ruclips.net/video/0fIj2EAzL1w/video.html Finally its here

  • Kelsie Trahan
    Kelsie Trahan 4 months ago

    I love how Wisp joined in and just completely matched energy.

  • I eat children
    I eat children 3 months ago

    Tommy's vlogs are my therapy 💀

  • Vash
    Vash Month ago

    I love how chaotic these vids are 😂

  • Minerva Olay
    Minerva Olay 3 months ago

    15:00 "I want the world to swallow me whole"
    Yes, tommy. We've all been there 🙂

  • 桃子蜜_mitaozy
    桃子蜜_mitaozy 4 months ago +2650

    Tommy “I’m don’t go to prom cus there’s a pa-pa-pandemic.”
    Fucking James : “oh I didn’t go cus I’m no-no-not allowed near schools.”

    • Carollyne 💗
      Carollyne 💗 4 months ago +1

      18+ Content Memex.Monster
      mejores 😘
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

    • 桃子蜜_mitaozy
      桃子蜜_mitaozy 4 months ago +2

      @Marley lmao that’s fine :)) thanks for likes tho

    • Marley
      Marley 4 months ago +6

      sorry i liked and disliked but i put the like back

    • Adam Bala
      Adam Bala 4 months ago +4

      @Peanut [CEO of The Peanut Order], I have nonidea

    • Peanut [CEO of The Peanut Order]
      Peanut [CEO of The Peanut Order] 4 months ago +21

      jesus those bots are we ever going to get rid of them

  • BlazingRPI
    BlazingRPI 2 months ago

    Whoever watches this and doesn't get an ounce of second hand embarrasment, probably has the same confidence as Tommy.

  • Mona!
    Mona! Month ago

    I watch these videos to try and make me feel better. But then I realize I could never have this much fun with my friends because I have no friends and it makes me even more depressed. :D

  • Millie Bishop
    Millie Bishop 3 months ago

    I like how he shocked them sometimes even though they were techinally dancing XD

  • snipey 🐝
    snipey 🐝 4 months ago

    I think this was the best vlog yet! I really enjoyed it, it was hilarious XD

  • DoItForJawnee
    DoItForJawnee 4 months ago +3680

    Tommy taking a total different route so he doesn't embarrass himself with that girl is the most noble/funniest shit I've seen all day.

    • Sm1ley
      Sm1ley 4 months ago +1

      @Bagel whatcu mean

    • Joshua Tooker
      Joshua Tooker 4 months ago +7

      @flo He said it in his chill stream when he was talking about the girl too. So unless he was lying then as well, then it's probably real.

      LOLOLOL 4 months ago +1

      @King Longface ummmmmm. What

    • Bagel
      Bagel 4 months ago +1

      All year not day year…

    • CC Afton
      CC Afton 4 months ago +1


  • Maxene Jeremy Mabutas
    Maxene Jeremy Mabutas 4 months ago

    Love your content like always.
    Always make my day.
    POG 😃

  • Breannah Arnel
    Breannah Arnel 4 months ago

    i feel like it says a lot about tommys character that when he freestyles, he immediately bursts in to scat jazz

  • Kveld
    Kveld 4 months ago

    i love that tommy calling james dream got him so shocked he stopped dancing lmao

  • Kaila _girl307
    Kaila _girl307 3 months ago

    Ive never laughed so much at ppl dancing in my whole life 🤣

  • Sonia’s Way
    Sonia’s Way 4 months ago +4741

    This proves that Tommy doesn’t care about what people think of him in public. Good for us

    • Carollyne 💗
      Carollyne 💗 4 months ago +1

      18+ Content Memex.Monster
      mejores 😘
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos

    • kk :]
      kk :] 4 months ago +1

      unless it’s the girl that smiled at him in the coffee shop

    • P_CT
      P_CT 4 months ago +1

      Still a child

    • Crilyte
      Crilyte 4 months ago +2

      unless it's the girl from the coffee shop

    • Meep
      Meep 4 months ago +2

      He literally ran into the forest so someone wouldn’t see him dancing.

  • euphymia Guirigay
    euphymia Guirigay 4 months ago

    tommyinnit thank you for making me smile everyday and making me happy when my day is not going well

  • Sumeksha Dadoo
    Sumeksha Dadoo 17 days ago

    Ah looking at them dance for 18 minutes, such a good way to make content 😂

    ANGRY_MUNCI 2 months ago +2

    I love the part when Tommy sings the Harry Potter theme at 6:37

  • Maicah Adkins
    Maicah Adkins 4 months ago +3

    Wisp: ✨we are family✨
    James dying: yeah. ay.
    Wisp: ✨I got all my sister and me✨
    James still dying: he does, he does 😃
    (Time frame: 9:59)

  • yeontannie
    yeontannie 4 months ago +4509

    Tommy and James singing while trying not to get electrocuted is the funniest thing I’ve seen today

    • Carollyne 💗
      Carollyne 💗 4 months ago +1

      18+ Content Memex.Monster
      mejores 😘
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

    • RinRyn
      RinRyn 4 months ago

      its the funniest thing i've seen in my life

    • TropicalKhan3955
      TropicalKhan3955 4 months ago +6

      @yourhost its not lmao they have like a freaking taser i their leg

    • Colin
      Colin 4 months ago +1

      What did you see yesterday?

    • Smashdash man
      Smashdash man 4 months ago

      If that is the funniest thing you have seen today you need to have a conversation with a friend that’s not on a discord call

  • milkara
    milkara 4 months ago +1

    I had to go through 2 listerine ads, and danger of being caught watching this video at 2 am, but I have no regrets. Although, my parents may have heard me laughing. At least I saw the whole thing lol

  • AmeliaT
    AmeliaT 2 months ago +3

    we need an Elybeatmaker equivalent for these guys, the amount of songs that could be made 😂

  • L1lz0_
    L1lz0_ 4 months ago +3

    Tommy is our confidence boost

  • ☠︎ Lainey ☠︎
    ☠︎ Lainey ☠︎ 4 months ago

    tommy is so socially awkward and it makes me feel awkward but it’s hilarious 💀✋

  • corn
    corn 4 months ago +1760

    Tommy's the kind of guy to see someone not dancing and say "is anyone going to electrocute that?" And not wait for an answer

    • devil's spadez
      devil's spadez 4 months ago

      Bro this comment section is filled with bots and this stupid unfunny joke

    • R. MaxumOff
      R. MaxumOff 4 months ago

      ↖️Guys, Exploring channel 😱😱😱😰😰what a creepy content is here.

    • PlatinumDem
      PlatinumDem 4 months ago +4

      This should be pinned

    • PlatinumDem
      PlatinumDem 4 months ago +4


  • Viaxwasfound👑🎗
    Viaxwasfound👑🎗 3 months ago

    TOMMY: I want to die.
    James: SO DO I:)
    That made me laugh so hard

  • YouKnowWho!
    YouKnowWho! 2 months ago

    James is literally an Outlast boss when he just starts walking at the camera man.

  • Juju
    Juju Month ago +1

    I’ve gained a six pack from this video bc of how much I silent laughed

  • Newtcifer
    Newtcifer 4 months ago

    I've been laughing at the tom simons shuffle for over five minutes now

  • Ch1llyx
    Ch1llyx 4 months ago +1889

    Tommy is the type of guy to see another creator in a field, ask them to join his vlog and not wait for an answer

    • Ch1llyx
      Ch1llyx 4 months ago

      @Raisin no problem check you my yt it's my username

    • Raisin
      Raisin 4 months ago +1

      @Ch1llyx it said the opposite when I checked, sorry if I was wrong it was what it showed on my phone

    • ObliArts
      ObliArts 4 months ago +1

      @Ch1llyx well I doesn't care you're the original so I'm liking your comments, ppl who copy others are just in need of maidens

    • Ch1llyx
      Ch1llyx 4 months ago

      @ObliArts Ik I'm annoyed

    • ObliArts
      ObliArts 4 months ago

      @Ch1llyx well you're unlucky cause he got more likes than you

  • allyzmom29
    allyzmom29 2 months ago

    "I've been staring at the edge of the water as long as I can reme-AHHHH!"-Tommyinnit

  • Rubix Cuber
    Rubix Cuber 4 months ago

    When Wisp started wheezing I got genuinely concerned that he was having an asthma attack or something 😅

  • Tatum L
    Tatum L 4 months ago

    Fun fact: you know how one of them (I don’t remember which one :’]) was singing We Are Family (Can’t find where it was :[)? Well I had to learn a choreographed dance to the whole song for choir once so now I just have a dance to We Are Family embedded into my brain for eternity 🥲

  • Pebble Browser
    Pebble Browser 2 months ago

    Lmao am I the only one that found this extremely hard to watch, after a while I felt like I was feeling the pain of every shock myself, what a video ahaha

  • A_Ch1ld
    A_Ch1ld 4 months ago +1154

    the confidence to do this in public i love it- my anxiety could never- i love these videos

    • veryepikhuman
      veryepikhuman 4 months ago

      The confidence levels are dangerously high.

    • Evie Scrase
      Evie Scrase 4 months ago +1

      my friends in this vlog in the dancing

    • Marshall1q
      Marshall1q 4 months ago +6

      yeah theres no way im doing that in public

    • Deadpool.
      Deadpool. 4 months ago +4

      Finally its here.

    • Gent 🅥
      Gent 🅥 4 months ago

      ruclips.net/video/0fIj2EAzL1w/video.html Finally its here

  • Patrick zorn
    Patrick zorn 3 months ago

    Tom literally sat on James trying to help him up 🤣

  • AniLabs_
    AniLabs_ 4 months ago

    The last few moments of th vlog had me wheezing
    and tommy's cover of the song name I don't know was hilarious

  • Ghostie
    Ghostie 4 months ago

    james is like the kinda guy to remind the teacher they have homework then cry when he doesnt get a good score

  • g͓̽h͓̽o͓̽s͓̽t͓̽l͓̽y͓̽

    Bro, I’m so weak 😂😂😂😂😂 that was pretty sick when the crowd came lol

  • Definitelynotliz
    Definitelynotliz 4 months ago +3134

    Just because Tommy is 18 now, doesn’t mean he is gonna be more of an adult, and we love em for that

  • Masterboa
    Masterboa 2 months ago

    Imagine being part of a flash mob and suddenly Tommyinnit, Wisp, and James Marriott join in and start shouting in pain when they stop.

  • Maki
    Maki 2 months ago

    the look on tommy's face when a crowd suddenly dances lol

  • Rand0m_
    Rand0m_ 2 months ago

    Wisp was actually dancing most of the time, but Tommy and James were just being weird, and that’s amazing

  • sarah rasmussen
    sarah rasmussen 4 months ago +1

    i can imagine people staring at them when they fall over and going ' *what the fuck* ' also when he fell through the van i burst out cry laughing i still am help