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I Put My Phone Number In My Among Us Name

  • Published on Nov 1, 2020
  • In today's Among Us video I put my phone number in my name and went into public lobbies. We got a lot of funny calls, if you enjoy lets get 25,000 likes for a part 2!
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  • Bazerk
    Bazerk  Year ago +8295

    We are so close to 1 mill, SUBSCRIBE!

  • Aka _inni
    Aka _inni Year ago +6005

    “She’s like 7 I think”
    “That’s not funny bro - I’m sad”

  • Kiyo gaming's
    Kiyo gaming's 11 months ago +16

    I was laughing the entire time, this vid is superb 😂

  • Bruhify
    Bruhify Year ago +3

    10 mins after the vid
    Bazerk: gets 10000 calls

  • Kong Alpha
    Kong Alpha Year ago +3

    Imagine his viewers calling him right now 😁

  • Lilah Cary
    Lilah Cary Year ago +1

    This is hilarious love it 😍

  • N O
    N O Year ago +2121

    my dude did the cleanest break up ever
    "your talking to my boyfriend-"
    *"of course shes single"*

    • N O
      N O Year ago

      @Mr. Grey omg-

    • tim lesbirel
      tim lesbirel Year ago

      Ik I wonder what happened after he said that

    • Mr. Grey
      Mr. Grey Year ago

      What if hes talking to her boyfriend how is she single then that makes no sense dont u think🤨🤨🤔🤔

    • Linda Barnes
      Linda Barnes Year ago


    • Spam
      Spam Year ago

      @N O hehe 🤔😀☺

  • Bryelle
    Bryelle Year ago +10

    How many people called you after watching this video? Im curious lol

  • LimitedGamer
    LimitedGamer Year ago +1

    Imagine someone called bazerk when his video is finished🤣😂🤣

  • Captain Delta
    Captain Delta 2 months ago

    I was laughing so hard throughout this video

  • aaronthomson
    aaronthomson Year ago +10


  • it’s my Thing
    it’s my Thing Year ago +861

    I hope he changed is number 😂
    “She was 7”
    “I was 16”
    For legal reasons let this be a joke.

  • Anna White
    Anna White Year ago +2

    If this number is real he is probably getting like a thousand calls a day lol

  • Hannah and Rose
    Hannah and Rose Year ago +24

    I fell out my chair when he said she was seven😂🤣😅

  • Ethyl Remollo
    Ethyl Remollo Year ago

    Be safe always Bazerk

  • AmberTheOnly
    AmberTheOnly Year ago

    😂😂 this ended up so funny

  • random kid
    random kid Year ago +1531

    “Who’s your celebrity crush?”

  • Jayden Gaming
    Jayden Gaming Year ago +1

    imagine his viewers try this phone number

  • Aias Bull Jr.
    Aias Bull Jr. Year ago

    That face tho😂

  • bong
    bong Year ago +2

    He's gonna get alot of calls

  • mehsofia 789
    mehsofia 789 Year ago

    You know I can call you now 😂

  • JuiceBloom
    JuiceBloom Year ago +719

    “You’re talking to my Boyfriend-“
    “Of course she’s single! 🤠”

  • Unknown ToastYT
    Unknown ToastYT Year ago

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact we can call him and add him on our numbers?????

  • AlanPLAYS
    AlanPLAYS Year ago

    This man probably don’t know that he leaked his phone number to yt as well

  • Melinda Foust
    Melinda Foust Year ago +87

    I feel bad now everybody gonna be calling him

    • 123_idkbruh_123
      123_idkbruh_123 Year ago

      Theres a part 2 with a different Number ofc he's getting calls

    • 123_idkbruh_123
      123_idkbruh_123 Year ago

      ✨change number✨

    • Nummel
      Nummel Year ago +1

      I thing he changed it

    • Kył3
      Kył3 Year ago +1

      @Cheesecake Lover he probably changed his phone number.

  • G.M.C Cinderella
    G.M.C Cinderella Year ago +8

    1 time I was impostor and got 3 kills before meeting then 2 kills after

  • l0gan
    l0gan Year ago +483

    Bazerk: Is she single?
    Girl: Your talking to my boyfriend right now
    Her Boyfriend: Yeah of course shes single

  • I like ramen
    I like ramen Year ago +1

    This is the best among us video ever make more!!!!

  • The Pikachu Fans
    The Pikachu Fans Year ago

    Me: hears that she was 7 YEARS old!
    Also me: almost joking while drinking water

  • Hēłēňā Bāřbēřīø

    Now I imagine every sub calling you when see this video xd

  • Callmehlily
    Callmehlily Year ago

    Please do a part 2 to this I love this video

  • char
    char Year ago +1002

    “are you single?”
    dude, you’re talking to my boyfriend.
    *of course she’s single.*

  • Stormtrooper1948 Gaming

    I wanted to call but you know you gotta pay for international calls

  • Figure
    Figure 19 days ago

    Imagine everybody watching this calls your phone number💀

  • T Apple
    T Apple Year ago

    The urge to call that number is taking over me

  • ~•Jelly•Ashe•~
    ~•Jelly•Ashe•~ Year ago +24

    Every Corpse Husband fan: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • MidnightTwilight
    MidnightTwilight Year ago +237

    he just revealed his phone number to the whole world...

  • Anne
    Anne Year ago +1

    At least you let us see your phone number unlike other youtubers you the best youtuber anyways your better then any youtuber 😁😁

  • Fadey.
    Fadey. Year ago

    Please do more hacking trolling i really love it i am new fan!

  • Saint SmAsH
    Saint SmAsH Year ago

    haha ! good idea lol. i've actually seen this video twice 😂 😂

  • Henry
    Henry 3 months ago

    The fact he showed his number to the whole world

  • Melt
    Melt Year ago +8488


  • Minty Honeytabby!

    you: puts your phone number among us video and records it
    also you: posts video
    5 minutes later
    you: *gets 100+ CALLS*

  • Devin The Gamer
    Devin The Gamer Year ago +1

    this was funny tho lol

  • Cami!!! 🤍
    Cami!!! 🤍 Year ago +1

    I laughed like 1 million times and videos hilarious

  • sick
    sick Year ago

    Who actually tried calling him, but it says there’s no one that has this number XD

  • Sunny Daises
    Sunny Daises Year ago +513

    Bazerk: leaks phone number
    Everyone: WE CAN CALL HIM OMgGgGgGgg

    • Natasha Hamilton
      Natasha Hamilton Year ago

      Ya he probably did 😅

    • Marvos marlios
      Marvos marlios Year ago

      He changed it

    • Officials Only
      Officials Only Year ago +3

      @ariana ari agreed ngl this kid's hasn't seen the real world yet he tryna act tough when he's weak af

    • ariana ari
      ariana ari Year ago +2

      @trav1s can u not? thats just dumb to bring up someones content on their comment which wasn't at all related to that

  • Hazin
    Hazin 6 months ago

    I miss the old among us

  • Matthew Rodriguez
    Matthew Rodriguez 8 months ago

    I love how bazerk said SALMON GET OUT😂 that we funny I liked and subed

  • pink
    pink Year ago

    I wonder how many calls he got after this :D :D

  • A Man
    A Man 28 days ago

    The Fact That He Didnt Even Blur It Out

  • Cláudia Sousa
    Cláudia Sousa Year ago +417

    "you're talking to my boyfriend"
    *"of course she's single"*

  • Elia Vasquez
    Elia Vasquez 11 months ago

    Yo 8:23 had me dieing😂😂😂

  • MoonlarktheWolf
    MoonlarktheWolf Year ago

    Puberty hit that guy like a bus

  • Cj Rivas
    Cj Rivas Year ago

    I don't play among us,but i like your english accent.❤

  • TheGreatLxZero
    TheGreatLxZero Year ago


  • thatgamer_23
    thatgamer_23 Year ago +304

    Everyone after the vid: calls the number...
    Bazerk: changes his number as quick as possible 😅😂

    • Mamadnfjd Skfjf
      Mamadnfjd Skfjf 6 months ago +1

      Yea ikr that's for real lol

    • xElix
      xElix Year ago +1

      I tryd to call it didnt work but that would be weird any way cause I'm a kid

      PARKXCHMY._ Year ago +1

      Yeah ikr

    • Omeee
      Omeee Year ago +1

      yeah that number dosnt work anymore its like some kind of indian guy

  • Javiera Quezada
    Javiera Quezada Year ago

    I sub keep on the good work bro :)

  • Catradora_Furry™

    Bob ur a legend 😁

  • Gobuyadad
    Gobuyadad Year ago

    Congrats you have a new subscriber 😃

  • minecraft vids
    minecraft vids 7 months ago

    When you want it red to come out of the vent that could have been a meme

  • random kid
    random kid Year ago +1171

    “So uh, how’s your day been?”
    “Girlfriend broke up with me.”
    “Your girlfriend broke up with you? Oh my god. Is she hot?”
    “Yeah she bad as fuuuuu-“ 🤣

    • ➳Bunny'Pelt➳
      ➳Bunny'Pelt➳ Year ago

      idk why but i read this and started making a ambulance siren with my noice voice

    • melomelo•bee•
      melomelo•bee• Year ago

      For some reason I thought that dude was talking bout me cause ive had a prob where my online bf was 16 and I was ten

    • Neko
      Neko Year ago

      @•Itz_Abigail• シ︎ Wdym?

    • •Itz_Abigail• シ︎
      •Itz_Abigail• シ︎ Year ago

      @Neko Exactly, you will forgive them but not trust being around that particular person.

  • eugenman18
    eugenman18 Year ago

    Dose Bazerk know that we could call him now that we know his number

  • ComradeOnion
    ComradeOnion Year ago +1

    Congratulations now you have 5 million people calling your phone number rn

  • Figure
    Figure 19 days ago

    Imagine how many calls you get💀

  • Tommy G-Force
    Tommy G-Force 6 months ago

    Man step bob somehow knew both of them that’s amazing and cool

  • Brawl with David
    Brawl with David Year ago +500

    k but no one talking about the peoples voices when they called- THEIR VOICES ARE HOT

  • Oscar Ruiz
    Oscar Ruiz Year ago

    I wonder how much of his subscribers tried to call him

  • Midnight Games
    Midnight Games Year ago

    R.I.P bazerks privacy now the fans can just call but I doubt it

  • Princeps
    Princeps Year ago +1

    do you think If I call this number today he'll answer it?

  • JakeLmao:D
    JakeLmao:D Month ago

    "If you show your number"
    "I will annoying you while sleeping lol"

  • missa
    missa Year ago +373

    “my 7 year old gf just broke up w me”
    “how old are you”
    “im 16”
    *to catch a predator theme song plays*

  • XxDragonPlayzxX
    XxDragonPlayzxX Year ago +1

    Well know everyone knows your phone number and you might wanna change it unless you already have

  • Official.Philippines
    Official.Philippines 8 months ago

    Its so funny 😂

  • Johnny
    Johnny 15 days ago +1

    Dude I just realized that Bazerk phone ringing sound it's actually like the doors game elevator music

  • Refracted
    Refracted Year ago

    But now anyone who watches your video can also call you...

  • -Ᏸunni -
    -Ᏸunni - Year ago +443

    "Who's your celebrity crush?"

    • Umama
      Umama Year ago +1

      @-Ᏸunni - oh im sorry! But im sure MANY PPL used this exact comment so its not a biggie and even if he did copy atleast u know that he copied and it makes u feel good that ppl liked the comment!

    • Umama
      Umama Year ago +1

      Andddd i honestly don't blame him!
      I also love Obama

    • -Ᏸunni -
      -Ᏸunni - Year ago

      Ok so the copied comment got more likes than me-
      I am so sad rn ;-;

    • dilli sharma
      dilli sharma Year ago +1


    • -Ᏸunni -
      -Ᏸunni - Year ago

      @Jay Oh thank you I just found the copied comment ;-;

  • Mike Afton
    Mike Afton Year ago

    Love this guy

  • Adam roche
    Adam roche Year ago

    You are a great RUclipsr

    LESCHIAN MIHNEA Year ago +1

    we know that he will die at the end

  • Cory Johnson
    Cory Johnson Year ago

    i hope he change his phone number after this

  • St1cky Monkey
    St1cky Monkey Year ago +174

    Bruh now everyone knows his phone number lol

  • نينين نينينبنب

    Are we not gonna talk abt him putting he’s real number and not bluring it out

  • Lily B
    Lily B Year ago

    Who else wanted to call him while watching the vid

  • Jetstream Sam
    Jetstream Sam Year ago

    People who use among us as a dating sight: yiu dare apostrophe me mortal?

  • Henry stickmin
    Henry stickmin Year ago +11

    Fans looking at his phone number be like: IMA CALL HIM FIRST

  • Purely-KP
    Purely-KP Year ago +221

    “I met her online” “She’s like 7”
    Ty for likes :D

  • kii
    kii Year ago

    Bazerk:Who's your celebrity crush
    The guy:OBAMA

  • Kaylee Akiucorpuz

    Girl:you're talking to my boyfriend
    Boyfriend:"of course shes single"

  • Debbie
    Debbie Year ago

    "I'm 16"
    FBI OPEN UP!!!!

  • Avigat Gupta
    Avigat Gupta Year ago +1

    So how many calls did you get after this video?

  • SonicSkills
    SonicSkills Year ago +155

    When you laugh at a 16 year old dating a 7 year old as if thats just life

  • Afif Ahnaf
    Afif Ahnaf Year ago

    Your thumbnail looks cringy but your videos are good lol

  • idk
    idk 3 months ago

    Fans: finally I can call him..

  • F [Kung Fu Goose Field]

    Female stans: (i dont wanna say it but its the coolaid man's line after he breaks a wall)
    Me: oh quack..........

  • Yxnng_jefrey1 Ramirez

    we Love Bazerk

  • msho
    msho Year ago +4

    I love how much nicer Bazerk is to kids.

  • DaChadeyy
    DaChadeyy Year ago +1

    Him: she 7
    Also him: Im 16
    NBC: AYO LAW AND ORDER we got a case

  • Yopser
    Yopser Year ago


  • mærker the mærker

    Haven’t you thought that 1 million people are watching y’all and maybe some people would call you