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Apple Engineer Loses Job After Daughter's Video Of Using iPhone 10 Goes Viral

  • Published on Oct 28, 2017
  • Juliette Goodrich reports on teen girl's video costing her engineer father his job after it goes viral (10-29-2017)

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  • Leslie Juarez
    Leslie Juarez 4 years ago +1244

    That seemed FAKE AF WHEN SHE CRIED😂😂

    • Angel Fae
      Angel Fae 4 years ago


    • Jumpathy
      Jumpathy 4 years ago

      Leslie Juarez yas

    • Sober Andy
      Sober Andy 4 years ago

      Ya but its kinda sad

    • Kendrick Ruiz
      Kendrick Ruiz 4 years ago

      What do you expect she is a spoiled little bitch 😂

    • Eugene Chao
      Eugene Chao 4 years ago

      white ppl always look like that when they cry lmaooooo

  • BattleSkorpion
    BattleSkorpion 4 years ago +1723

    Tbf it was entirely her dads fault to let her record it anyways. As an employee he shouldve known that the phone was not to be publicly disclosed.

    • CM V
      CM V 7 months ago

      She was at fault as well.

    • Beta Sword
      Beta Sword Year ago

      @i identify as hoe Old comment but it deserves some clarification. The rules of filming on Apple’s campus are spotty but it’s not (always) a fireable offense. He was terminated because he handed over his iPhone X that is _specifically_ meant for field testing. Employees are strictly forbidden to give any unreleased/field-tested products to others, no matter what. He handed over the phone to his daughter on camera, and that was it.

    • TheGreenFeind Genetics
      TheGreenFeind Genetics Year ago

      100% her fault

    • i identify as hoe
      i identify as hoe 3 years ago +1

      the phone was already released tho. all the tech youtubers were making videos about it. thats why she was confused that her video in particular got so much attention. her dad was fired for filming on campus not for showing an already released phone. that wouldn't make any sense

    • FMWR
      FMWR 4 years ago

      Still they shouldn't have fired him for that.

  • itsAmarie
    itsAmarie 4 years ago +1195

    Not a tear in sight

  • KoriKat
    KoriKat 4 years ago +584


    • Siggie Smalls
      Siggie Smalls 4 years ago

      This is some Laura Leech mess

    • Trauma
      Trauma 4 years ago

      KoriKat it's not like she murdered somebody

    • Elliot Pritchett
      Elliot Pritchett 4 years ago

      KoriKat she faking

    • Jordan Williams
      Jordan Williams 4 years ago

      She probably has no tears left to cry HAHHHHA ARIANATORS WYA

    • Freezer
      Freezer 4 years ago +1

      Alteviler ARMY are everywhere.. lol

  • ellayza
    ellayza 4 years ago +333

    0:41 she's like a spoiled brat 😂 and tries to cry but can't 😂😂

    ALDEBARAN ORBIT 4 years ago +1214

    Crying without tears...

  • StarTropicsKing
    StarTropicsKing 4 years ago +47

    Kind of business 101. If you reveal insider info or leak secrets, intentional or not, you’re going to get the boot.

    • Cyrille War
      Cyrille War 4 years ago +2

      StarTropicsKing ...somebody finally talking sense... tired of seeing clueless people in the commenet section who are saying so what it's just a recording...shows they know nothing...

  • Aqua Razer
    Aqua Razer 4 years ago +5

    He is absolutely everything to you when he makes money

  • Patrick Brooks
    Patrick Brooks 4 years ago +401

    0:39 wow what a real cry

    • BlackNutty
      BlackNutty 4 years ago +1

      Basically Whitney go get glasses she’s fake crying there is no tears

    • Am I Iconic now?
      Am I Iconic now? 4 years ago

      TypeOne1001 she has tears on her left eye

  • Trollkarlens
    Trollkarlens 4 years ago

    I feel so sad for that girl :(

  • P R
    P R 4 years ago +1404

    I don't think I seen 1 tear 😢🤔

    • Diamond Legend LOL
      Diamond Legend LOL 4 years ago

      Ricardo Alonzo your right

    • Barronette
      Barronette 4 years ago


    • P R
      P R 4 years ago

      COLLIN R 2 😂😂😂

    • ACE CLOP
      ACE CLOP 4 years ago +2

      Ricardo Alonzo
      at first I thought it was like a parody clip of her on some shit

      PRANKurFACE 4 years ago +2

      What a brat that girl is.. boohoo I don't have a parent who makes 100k+ anymore. Join the club bitch

  • castor's world of fun
    castor's world of fun 4 years ago

    The daughter's laugh makes me just watch the vid over and over

  • itztony
    itztony 4 years ago +260

    *_He should go and work for Samsung now😁_*

    • mandaman002
      mandaman002 3 years ago

      Yea so he can expose their latest shit, I mean phone

    • FMWR
      FMWR 4 years ago

      Apple sucks. I should know, I've had the iphone 5s on contact for more than two years. Their services, and the way you are forced to use iTunes or iCloud to handle media to and from your phone is a joke. Their devices offer absolutely no freedom of usability that's expected from technology of this generation.

    • The Fox
      The Fox 4 years ago

      Ginger Taquito Saldana I've never seen a phone that wasn't a Chinese ripoff and broke in a month in every single case. No matter the brand. You have a serious case of fanboyism, buddy.

    • samaiyah
      samaiyah 4 years ago

      Ginger Taquito Saldana I've had a working samsung for like 7 months

    • -JerryG-
      -JerryG- 4 years ago +2

      Ixpqd so do samsungs they aren't going to give you something that doesn't work

  • jamsmchaus
    jamsmchaus 4 years ago +7

    She is so funny for some reason😂

  • Jungkooksgoldenrottenstrongegg itsme

    0:45 sorry but i kinda cracked up in that part.

  • Abraham Ramirez
    Abraham Ramirez 4 years ago +1061

    She wasnt even crying

  • Nafsi
    Nafsi 4 years ago

    I thought she was recording it behind her father's back. But when I saw her father let her that's when I was like ' hell no! No company will forgive this stupid mistake'

  • i asimov
    i asimov 4 years ago +2

    "Daddy lost his job but I get to keep the phone, right?"

  • P J
    P J 4 years ago

    Damn, you didn’t have to fire him. Suspension with a once and final warning maybe, but damn.

  • Gray Wolf
    Gray Wolf 4 years ago

    Never tell anyone secrets, including your teenage daughter.

  • Helen Bang
    Helen Bang 4 years ago +3031

    I bet he is working at samsung now

  • Saam Alam
    Saam Alam 4 years ago +587

    0:43 crocodile tears

  • Ellie Pamela
    Ellie Pamela 4 years ago

    I feel so bad for her dad

  • Rosa Mendieta
    Rosa Mendieta 4 years ago

    0:39 oh girl this girl better get an Oscar for that acting

  • trinity bee
    trinity bee 4 years ago +1

    Her crying is me tryna get my mom to let me stay home instead of going out. 😂
    EDIT: I just keep listening to her cry and I’m choking rn literally.
    “Because AHUHUH he is just everything to me” that’s the phattest mood.

  • Zuesy
    Zuesy 4 years ago +104

    That fake cry though

  • Reyana Lulu
    Reyana Lulu 4 years ago

    This girl literally didn’t cry while interviewed

  • I’m Random
    I’m Random 4 years ago

    What was her mistake and how did her dad get fired? A little more explanation in this video would be helpful.

  • Trollkarlens
    Trollkarlens 4 years ago

    I feel really sorry for the kid, the dad is the one who shoud be held responsible, he´s the one who signed the contract. You can´t blame her for anything, she doesn´t know of.

  • Joe Gil
    Joe Gil 4 years ago +1077

    Don't want to judge but those looked like crocodile tears... The father should have been more careful.

    • G26
      G26 4 years ago

      ‘Crocodile tears’? Lol I thought that term only exists in Bahasa😅

    • X Ø
      X Ø 4 years ago

      Mr.Poopybutthole omg LMFAOOOO this made me laugh harder then I probably should’ve

    • parkourbeastsvlogs98
      parkourbeastsvlogs98 4 years ago

      Joe Gil can you support my channel cuz I’m a goat 🐐

    • BakedBean420
      BakedBean420 4 years ago

      Joe Gil last time i heard crocodile tears my parents were bullying me


      666th like...HELP

  • Steven Non Ya
    Steven Non Ya 4 years ago

    Lmao 🤣 what a brat !! I can’t believe how she is crying 😢 lol!! I would think her dad would have know better !! Things like that are a big time secret !! I think he deserves to lose his job!! I guess he will be working for Samsung now 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤣🤣

    AXAND3R 4 years ago +8

    "..she should continue buy their product"
    Is she Apple's slave or something?

  • Remk
    Remk 4 years ago

    I feel so bad for her... 😕😧

  • Kyley Gibson
    Kyley Gibson 4 years ago

    When she started crying I laughed so hard but that is kinda messed up

  • Kevin Martin
    Kevin Martin 4 years ago +686

    But the dad should have made it clear that she can’t show the iPhone on video. He should have said it is meant to be confidential

    • cautare pvp
      cautare pvp 4 years ago

      Jeremy Jee meh idk why so many from my generation is so fucked... they wanna share everything on net so bad lol
      They are insecure af,they believe not sharing people will think about them for not being "social" trend

    • cautare pvp
      cautare pvp 4 years ago

      Zeldamaster654 Cal yep

    • Zeldamaster654 Cal
      Zeldamaster654 Cal 4 years ago

      LittyKev ひ she should have used common sense

    • Sameera Chowdhury
      Sameera Chowdhury 4 years ago

      LittyKev ひ
      'confidential' ? Maybe this is a way to gain some coverage on news. Good tactic Apple.

    • Knock-knock, Who's there?
      Knock-knock, Who's there? 4 years ago

      Well, Daddy can start looking for new job with his experienced resumé and Daughter learns her lesson to think through before sharing anything she videotaped.
      XP gained....💪

  • Franklin Nelson
    Franklin Nelson 4 years ago

    I fell so sorry for that dad man

  • Mewtwo
    Mewtwo 11 months ago +1

    2 things:
    -First: I thought her daughter was 5-9 or something so it was an innocent mistake
    -Second: why he allowed her to post it on RUclips?
    He asked for it really

  • J
    J 2 years ago

    Damn, she’s scared that her family gonna lose the money 💰

  • Paul C
    Paul C 4 years ago +2

    "Plz leave my dad alone. Because.. he is everything to me."

  • Ak
    Ak 4 years ago +249

    Its a phone. Apple. You've leaked the phone. Not the fathers fault. If you want to keep it a secret, dont give it it anyone

    • blink blink
      blink blink 4 years ago

      Adam Benavidez yeah, his daughter's aka bitch fault

    • Jose Percival Pagunsan
      Jose Percival Pagunsan 4 years ago +3

      No, its just the daughter, because the father said play with it and the girl did not (kinda) She recorded the Iphone X so it wasnt his fault.....

    • blink blink
      blink blink 4 years ago +13

      wtf, that's her father jobs to test the iphone. go home and play tetris little kid

    • 0mn0m8w31rdc4ndy
      0mn0m8w31rdc4ndy 4 years ago +17

      Akky Akbar but the father was dumb enough to let his daughter use the phone AND record it to put it on the internet. Both the father and the daughter were stupid thinking they could just casually release footage of an unreleased iPhone and not get punished

    • MazokuWolf
      MazokuWolf 4 years ago +15

      Akky Akbar nigga he works at apple is basically IS apple

  • Jun Lucas
    Jun Lucas 4 years ago

    This girl just wanted attention in the first place. "Everybody look at me, this is an iPhone 10, I'm so cool" 😒

  • Guardian Diancie
    Guardian Diancie 4 years ago +2

    How your YT got so much attention when she had no followers?
    Only one thing I got to say, just mentioning “dad’s got the iPhone X”. That was enough to generate attention for that specific video (she made).
    If my family member worked at Apple, and has the newest gadget (thats not out yet). I’d keep my mouth shut, for the sake of them keeping their job.

  • aisha m
    aisha m 4 years ago

    I want to feel bad but I just can’t 😂

  • Sigurd
    Sigurd 4 years ago

    Had alot of empathy until she fangirled and said im still gonna buy their products

  • Megan H
    Megan H 4 years ago +1956

    Damn that's so messed up....they shouldn't have fired him...hopefully he gets another high end job

    • CM V
      CM V 7 months ago

      He signed an NDA. They had every right to fire him. Rules are rules.

    • Xanno Zane Miranda
      Xanno Zane Miranda 4 years ago

      I've seen you post on comment on a video before..

    • no waifu no laifu
      no waifu no laifu 4 years ago

      How is it messed up? He leaked confidential information. He deserved to get fired.

    • RealName
      RealName 4 years ago

      Megan H w

    • Declan Olivetti
      Declan Olivetti 4 years ago

      Yeah but who gave her the phone?
      The dad

  • Sæb
    Sæb 4 years ago

    I love how they credit youtube but not the creator of the video.

  • Zoltan
    Zoltan 4 years ago

    It's definitely the father's fault. Not only he did not warn her, he literally handed over to her seeing she is recording. He is the responsible one as he is the employee.

  • Eddie Vo
    Eddie Vo 3 years ago

    Your dad should take some responbility here. 1. It should be top secrect or keep confidential. 2. It is still company property and why he can bring them outside. 3. Should not discuss with anyone, including family members cause that is professionalism. So, all the mistakes are major mistakes and I understand why Apple let him go from his job.

  • Manson's Acid Trip
    Manson's Acid Trip 4 years ago +1

    I just feel bad for the dad, he just lost his career because of her.

  • Sharlene’s Journey
    Sharlene’s Journey 4 years ago +1809

    Lol I am sure he knew he wasnt supposed to do this

    • Robo
      Robo 3 years ago

      Sippin Wid Sharlele true

    • Mystium
      Mystium 4 years ago

      It was for recording on campus, by the way.

    • Mystium
      Mystium 4 years ago

      Pretty sure Apple would tell you about something like this. So the dad didn't think it through, and neither did his daughter.

    • TALKINGtac0
      TALKINGtac0 4 years ago +1

      You guys are all stupid. Recording the iPhone was not what he was fired for.

    • Hexfury
      Hexfury 4 years ago +1

      I work with Roblox, even we have to sign NDA's for certain jobs, he definitely had to sign something to get a hold of that phone before release. He knew exactly what would happen if he or his family released footage or even tech specs of the product.

  • krostunaa
    krostunaa 4 years ago +121

    “iF yOu wAnNa CaLl mE nAiMeS tHatS fIoNe because * inhale* hE iS abSoLoOtLy eVerYthIng tO mEe”

    • Ryuga Kishatu
      Ryuga Kishatu 10 months ago

      @krostunaa My point is, just because it’s normalized doesn’t mean it’s normal, or even a good thing. Honestly if you can’t perform basic algebra you’re too young to be on the RUclips or any major platform.

    • krostunaa
      krostunaa 10 months ago

      @Ryuga Kishatu maam i am in high school now😭 and it was 2019? technology has become very normalized throughout life and its abnormal if u are not on basic social media when ur that age. its a normal part of life now??? 😭tf

    • Ryuga Kishatu
      Ryuga Kishatu 10 months ago

      If you’re in 6th grade you shouldn’t be on RUclips

    • krostunaa
      krostunaa Year ago +1

      @Tshiamo Leipego plzzz i posted that when i was in like sixth grade😐

    • Tshiamo Leipego
      Tshiamo Leipego Year ago

      I am reporting this. 😂😂😂

  • Ernest
    Ernest 2 years ago

    I died when the reported said that she will still buy their products. Lmao

  • masnun
    masnun 4 years ago

    She must have thought at least twice about uploading that video but I am also looking at Apple for the reason why hey fired the dad since the phone would already come out

  • Aish Ramli
    Aish Ramli 3 years ago

    Its been more than a year now. I wonder if her dad is still unemployed. The girl definitely faked her sadness.😡

  • Mackenzie Esskuchen
    Mackenzie Esskuchen 4 years ago +557

    Why did her cry seem soooo fake

    • Kaliah rosekisses
      Kaliah rosekisses 4 years ago +1

      I’mFananimal ikr it’s pathetic

    • Patty Arias
      Patty Arias 4 years ago

      chaichie08 ikr? I I don’t understand that’s sooo dumb

    • i _ cant _ think _ of _ a _ name
      i _ cant _ think _ of _ a _ name 4 years ago

      She didn't want to ruin her make up

    • Hsu Chai
      Hsu Chai 4 years ago +6

      cos shes stupid and not thinking.. im not sure why she did that .. is she old enough to know that this kind of stuff is confidential and shouldnt be share yet

    • Sk8 Kingz
      Sk8 Kingz 4 years ago +4

      Mackenzie E cos it was

  • Skyla
    Skyla 4 years ago

    Oh :( I feel bad for your family

  • James Franqui
    James Franqui 11 months ago

    Her Dad is supposed to be the adult in this whole picture. He's an engineer and couldn't figure out she was recording the new product?

  • symphony
    symphony 4 years ago

    Both of their faults. As a teenager you should know not to spoil something, that shouldn't be released to the public eye. Even a child knows something so simple.

  • Angel of War I am
    Angel of War I am 4 years ago

    there’s only one person to blame - that’s dad!
    lucky he did-not get prosecuted for violating company secrets!

  • Pwa
    Pwa 4 years ago +2568

    *Dad gets fired from apple*
    It's ok though because she's still going to buy from them, no hard feelings.

  • Kavika
    Kavika 3 years ago

    There's always that fired, followed by betrayal... Welcome to Samsung Dad!

  • Maryem Ibrahim
    Maryem Ibrahim 4 years ago

    “Yet she had no followers” dang y’all didn’t need to rub it in her face lmao

  • rash `
    rash ` 4 years ago

    The problem is, it's an unreleased product so it can't be revealed to the public until it's launch. She looks old enough to understand this. No blame on her father. Fault on the girl who couldn't understand simple things not to do.

  • Celiosour
    Celiosour 4 years ago

    I think apple had all the right to do that.

  • Suga Stole My heart
    Suga Stole My heart 4 years ago +2692

    That cry seems fake

  • Frotoad
    Frotoad 4 years ago

    But the dad was literally right there watching her film and answering her questions...

  • ChilledTea
    ChilledTea 4 years ago

    LOL so sad MY DADDY WORKS FOR APPLE TOO!!!! my dad probably knew him I've been going to Apple HQ since i was little

  • Drew Bartlett
    Drew Bartlett 4 years ago +2

    I think the issue was that it was still a bit of a secret, so Apple got mad at the guy because he let his daughter take a video, and reveal most everything about it. There may have been some non-disclosure contract that he broke by letting her do that.
    Edited; but I’m still on her side!

  • Itz Adam
    Itz Adam 3 years ago

    It's her fault and I feel no sympathy for her ( but i do for her father)

  • Randomly Kat
    Randomly Kat 4 years ago +280

    Aww that's sad her dad won't be able to show her IPhone XI...

    • AllNightGamer
      AllNightGamer 4 years ago


    • Declan Olivetti
      Declan Olivetti 4 years ago +8

      Randomly Kat
      What about the iPhone 9?

  • Zinex_The_Last 1
    Zinex_The_Last 1 4 years ago

    I fell sorry for her dad

  • Music Sweet Music
    Music Sweet Music 3 years ago

    Total publicity stunt on the part of the Apple. We're supposed to believe that Engineer wasn't aware of Apple's policies during a launch? And right there the Apple cafeteria? Genius!!

  • SexyUnicorn
    SexyUnicorn Year ago

    I kinda agree with Apple. Like why the hell did the dad give the new unreleased iphone to his daughter and let her video tape it? And she is even so dumb that she release it on the internet. Like that's just messed up.

  • Alex
    Alex 4 years ago +2

    0:48 She really looks like she's fake crying.

  • Luke_
    Luke_ 4 years ago +1021

    Rip the rich life that her dad has given her.

    • s zanev
      s zanev 4 years ago

      Steven Rangel you are dead meat

    • K12
      K12 4 years ago

      OrbitalSteak841 Fire Demon nothing is wrong with being poor dude. It just seems like every “poor” person is getting pissed off because he parents work for Apple

    • OrbitalSteak841 Man
      OrbitalSteak841 Man 4 years ago

      K12 dude what’s wrong with being poor

    • K12
      K12 4 years ago +1

      puppy pup he probably already has another her job. And jobs that require experience with technology pay pretty well. Rip your parents 4 being poor

    • puppy pup
      puppy pup 4 years ago

      Rip rich life i will always remember u

  • Cyan Alternation
    Cyan Alternation 3 years ago +1

    People watching gameplay of video games being played early: AH HELL YEAH
    People watching footage of the Iphone X early: *AH HELL KNOW*

  • Marisofly
    Marisofly 4 years ago

    I feel bad for her dad

  • The pages of Killa Klown

    1: little girl did nothing wrong
    2: dad was in the wrong but Apple overreacted
    The company is known for being tight lipped and didn’t want the product leaked to the public at that time. But at least she’s viral

  • RandomYTGamer
    RandomYTGamer 4 years ago

    “You can correct me all you want”
    1. It’s iPhone X get it right
    2. I’m younger than you and I would have known better
    3. Those tears are so fake
    4.its your fault your dad got fired

  • Zoeslame
    Zoeslame 4 years ago +788

    Wtf did you think was gonna happen when you release footage about a product that hasnt been released yet without permission. She got her own dad fired so she could look cool with the new iPhone

    • This is Cutie Ringo Joy
      This is Cutie Ringo Joy 4 years ago

      PandaMT aren’t new in the near future

    • Zoeslame
      Zoeslame 4 years ago +2

      I don't think the dad made the best choices when he chose to let his daughter release the footage but I do understand where he came from. When your a parent you just wanna make your child happy and sometimes you don't think about yourself when doing out. That's why in my original comment I only criticized the daughter but they both made bad choices

    • sam rose
      sam rose 4 years ago +2

      PandaMT i saw a few youtube reviews on people that did a test on it before release so stfu

    • Venus /
      Venus / 4 years ago +2

      She said she posted the video when many people where already making videos about the iPhone 10 sooo

    • Joseph Chea
      Joseph Chea 4 years ago +8

      She didn’t get her dad fired, he got himself fired cos he was there when she was filming.

  • JJUnboxing
    JJUnboxing 4 years ago

    Why was he fired? That video came out after the phone was announced so there was nothing to hide about the device

  • Glenn Glover
    Glenn Glover 4 years ago

    Apple give this man his job BACK!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sciron
    Sciron 4 years ago +1

    Really they shouldn’t even let her buy their products she should have posted the video after it was announced

  • Nathan Koebcke
    Nathan Koebcke 4 years ago +14

    Why would the dad let the avearege teen girl have a iphone x. You now she's gonna post in on the insta feed. Lol

  • RyanBlockb5
    RyanBlockb5 3 years ago

    Dad isn't that bright, his daughter is blogging at the Apple Campus in front of him. And he hands her the unreleased phone. Yea you're FIRED.

  • Big Dawg Productions
    Big Dawg Productions 4 years ago

    “Okay, honey, we need you to pretend to cry real quick so we can get a good shot”

  • Leena Cabrera
    Leena Cabrera 4 years ago

    0:43 im laughing of how cringe her cry is 😂

  • charlotte
    charlotte 4 years ago

    Aww poor girl

  • Tato Batz
    Tato Batz 4 years ago +2567

    wow best fathers gift

    • Mystium
      Mystium 4 years ago


    • apple crapple
      apple crapple 4 years ago


    • OkxyClaire
      OkxyClaire 4 years ago

      what did he even do? the girl was just posting a video about the iphone 10

    • RaYze
      RaYze 4 years ago

      Tato Batz I

    • Daddy Kun
      Daddy Kun 4 years ago +4

      That girls cry is fucking priceless fake bitch wow who is she trying to fool

  • 700 subs With no videos

    Her tears are so real

  • ronindebeatrice
    ronindebeatrice 4 years ago

    He was sitting directly across from her... I see no blame due her.

  • A E
    A E 4 years ago +1

    Own mistake she knew before uploading that nobody else got there hands on the phone, so she would get alot of views and pickup apple's attention.

  • Darren Li
    Darren Li 4 years ago +1

    rip dad’s job

  • Ethan Maxwell
    Ethan Maxwell 4 years ago +644

    Honestly i’m younger than her and i would’ve known better. The dad should said something. But that just sucks it was just a mistake.

    • Zero TwoSixty
      Zero TwoSixty 4 years ago

      SoggyIsland 628 I'm your 670th liker c:

    • kiara lee
      kiara lee 4 years ago

      It’s fake

    • Ri Ri
      Ri Ri 4 years ago

      SoggyIsland 628 sometimes you don't know you did stupid things at the moment...and this is just one of them...you only know when it came out worst...

    • Neo got my back
      Neo got my back 4 years ago +1

      PJ Hax Shitheads be supporting fellow shitheads

    • sareeya
      sareeya 4 years ago +3

      PJ Hax wow mature i dont think the other 464 people who liked this would've thought so

  • Ted Nitka
    Ted Nitka 4 years ago

    She’s got no tears left to cry.

  • Neal Sabo
    Neal Sabo 4 years ago +13

    She was definitely fake crying.

  • Z R
    Z R 4 years ago

    😂😂 I’m sorry this is just too funny

  • david¡
    david¡ 4 years ago

    %97 of the comments are of her crying
    %87 about apple fireing her dad
    %74 of the comments are about blaming that its her fault
    %67 of the comments are about blaming about her dad

  • Evan
    Evan 4 years ago +649

    lmao her dad was like I doubt it'll become viral she has no followers lmao

  • Gen
    Gen 4 years ago

    As of 2018 Apple as well announced that people posting leaks on the new iPhone would have to pay for it