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  • Published on Apr 13, 2024
  • Devin Haney, a rising star in the world of boxing, returns to the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast with a wealth of experiences to share. Haney’s career has been marked by determination, skill, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His upcoming bout with Ryan Garcia on April 20, 2024, promises to be a clash of titans, and fans are eagerly awaiting this showdown.
    In a recent episode, Haney took listeners on a tour of his opulent Las Vegas property, where he houses an impressive collection of cars valued at over 3 million dollars. Beyond the glitz and glamour, Haney delved into the heart of boxing. He candidly discussed how popularity, rather than pure skill, often dictates who earns the big paychecks in the sport.
    But it’s Haney’s unique bond with his father that truly sets him apart. Unlike other father-son duos in boxing, their success hasn’t driven them apart; instead, it has brought them closer. Haney’s admiration for his father’s guidance and unwavering support shines through in every conversation.
    Lastly, Haney shared his list of the top 5 boxers in the game today, along with his thoughts on who truly deserves a spot in the boxing Hall of Fame. His insights are a testament to his passion for the sport and his commitment to leaving a lasting legacy.
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Comments • 3K

  • @MarkSpain
    @MarkSpain Month ago +775

    Who’s here after the fight 😂😂😂

  • @derekalana2759
    @derekalana2759 Month ago +419

    Wallo so crazy went over there and full throttled his cold Lambo then went and spit some sun flower seeds by the pool bro is outta control😂

    • @yrnx9334
      @yrnx9334 Month ago +32

      I cringed when he did that to the lamb

    • @billystrike8052
      @billystrike8052 Month ago +6


    • @lcole78
      @lcole78 Month ago +20

      Dev was lookin like, bruh you rev my shit more than me!

    • @keepitahunnittv4480
      @keepitahunnittv4480 Month ago +27

      I thought I was the only one watching him dondat that boy picked some Sun flower seeds to spit all over his back yard and insulted him with the tank shii🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂

    • @trubabiblu06
      @trubabiblu06 Month ago +6

      I thought same shit when he spit them seeds in his yard i was like damn son😂

  • @user-dm3rg6rc3r
    @user-dm3rg6rc3r Month ago +36

    I’m here seconds after the ryan garcia win vs haney.. & i can confirm Tank will absolutely dismantle Haney like car parts

    • @Darshkin
      @Darshkin Month ago +2


      @DAWSONKAiN Month ago

      Yea if Haney agrees to fight him at 135 and signs a rehydration clause. Maybe then he’d get it done.

    • @Jayocks-sl2el
      @Jayocks-sl2el 22 days ago

      I said that part was funny when he said that

    • @my870
      @my870 11 days ago

      Ain’t no maybe.. tank knocks Haney out WITHOUT a rehydration clause.

  • @raynoreaggaa4531
    @raynoreaggaa4531 Month ago +37

    Who's here after the fight...

  • @holyghostpower938
    @holyghostpower938 Month ago +392

    Wallo a trip..."Tank be doing that fender work, he hit you that oil start leaking and that check engine light come on" 😂😂😂

    • @TJ.4
      @TJ.4 Month ago +11

      he need to calm down fr

    • @trejones2173
      @trejones2173 Month ago +15

      Wallo Glaze level was on 3 thousand lmao

    • @mikelawrence5599
      @mikelawrence5599 Month ago +2


    • @loboston453
      @loboston453 Month ago +3

      That shìt was funny asl

    • @chrismiller658
      @chrismiller658 Month ago +1

      Know what i just realized...you tank fans are obsessed with Devin....yall really came to a video that has shyt to do with tank just to spread hate..go find a tank video and talk your shyt there...get off devin nutz

  • @troyevans1014
    @troyevans1014 Month ago +374

    Wallo got no home training, you could see he grew up in jail 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • @mckenzydosmas1702
      @mckenzydosmas1702 Month ago +1


    • @tshiamisoukwuagu8804
      @tshiamisoukwuagu8804 Month ago +1


    • @mylzwrld
      @mylzwrld Month ago +22

      This not even funny tho, just disrespectful. Ion know why devin didn’t say anything

    • @rootofallevi
      @rootofallevi Month ago +5

      ​@@mylzwrldit's for rec, he plays that image on cam

    • @beeweezee71888
      @beeweezee71888 Month ago +34

      Facts he spitting seeds in this dude house. He have no respect. This is the type of dude you do not invite in your crib 😂😂😂

  • @3angelo508
    @3angelo508 Month ago +69

    Who here after he got Fried by Ryan ? 😂

  • @itsJovi33
    @itsJovi33 Month ago +7

    Devin has become such a better speaker in Interviews. Big respect to him and his maturity

  • @youngdai9094
    @youngdai9094 Month ago +361

    Im 23 seeing what bro doing at just 25 is motivation fr💯

    • @Big964abk
      @Big964abk Month ago +1

      @ForeverRolling96 you old asf btc

    • @Dercudez
      @Dercudez Month ago +16

      I'm 21 and he's motivating me too

    • @tristankinney9077
      @tristankinney9077 Month ago +16

      How is he motivating y’all.. makes you want money or to be a better boxer?

    • @Originalking
      @Originalking Month ago +28

      @@tristankinney9077 foh…they say 1 out of 4 gonna hate so I’m not surprised

    • @tristankinney9077
      @tristankinney9077 Month ago

      @@Originalking man shut up, nobody was even talkin to you civilian & hate on what? You was born naked and you living this earth naked nobody has anything to hate on you lil weird dude.

  • @teamhg7551
    @teamhg7551 Month ago +85

    Wallo so real....he boarder line disrespectful....he just sneaking his opinion without anybody asking a question 😂😂

  • @bigmouthrob2957
    @bigmouthrob2957 Month ago +10


  • @goodcompanyapparel2187

    Man Wallo done got way too comfy doing these interviews my boy done washed his hands, went in ole boys fridge and cabinets and came out to “finish” the interview eating BBQ Sunflower seeds 😂😂😂😂😂 he da goat 🐐 fr

  • @LeoKale91123
    @LeoKale91123 Month ago +412

    Man Wallo out here spittin sunflower seeds in this mans house 😂😂😂

    • @evenscartier2x
      @evenscartier2x Month ago +17

      I was thinking 💭 the same thing 😂

    • @tyeazzy1318
      @tyeazzy1318 Month ago +65

      Wallo was being rude ngl

    • @Ap256HSV-LA
      @Ap256HSV-LA Month ago +4

      Thinking the same lmao

    • @emmanuelfuentes3169
      @emmanuelfuentes3169 Month ago +4

      Man besides all the bullshit in the world gillie and wallo gonna always put you on game respect 🧠🧠📈💯

    • @bostongeorge9455
      @bostongeorge9455 Month ago +8

      Thought I was tripping then I looked to see if he had a cup or something he said fuck it let the landscape crew earn the check this week

  • @Fame1325
    @Fame1325 Month ago +210

    Wallo tossing seeds by the pool is wicked 😂😂😂

  • @te.villan
    @te.villan Month ago +7

    Ryan needs to be sponsored by Dre cuz he put the beats on this boy😂😂,, respect to Devin for getting up every time and fighting though,, it’s his pops who needed to be silenced,, he’s worse than Lavar ball

  • @budgonstopCANELO
    @budgonstopCANELO Month ago +17


    • @tmorrison181
      @tmorrison181 Month ago


    • @jasonlancaster3281
      @jasonlancaster3281 Month ago

      Specially with them gay shoes

    • @budgonstopCANELO
      @budgonstopCANELO Month ago

      @@jasonlancaster3281 you a broke bum tho #people can wear whatever they want 🤡 who are to judge coward

    • @187-SaltyCrackers
      @187-SaltyCrackers Month ago

      ​@@jasonlancaster3281yeah you probably couldn't even afford those shoes cupcake 😂

    • @johnf4447
      @johnf4447 Month ago +1

      @@187-SaltyCrackerseven I could afford it I wouldn’t buy it “cupcake”

  • @djdecoyny
    @djdecoyny Month ago +106

    Dev looked pissed that Wallo was revving the engine like that. He didn’t let him sit in any of the rest of the cars

  • @trulyyours73
    @trulyyours73 Month ago +117

    I NEVER saw Wallo like this. He is Clearly a "Tank Fan"

    • @matthewfarina
      @matthewfarina Month ago +32

      100% not just a fanboy but a weirdo ass one. Disrespecting Haney just cuz he think tank would beat him? Smh. Haney will beat tank EASY imo & im unbiased as possible. Dev is the best boxer skill wise besides maybe bud

    • @exmated7032
      @exmated7032 Month ago +22

      @@matthewfarinahe never once disrespected him 😂 he just said he thought tank was a different level type of fighter in the ring. How is he disrespecting him when he’s congratulating him on his accomplishments and giving him his flowers ? Y’all got the two mixed up because yall the real fanboys

    • @pandemicboyz
      @pandemicboyz Month ago

      @@exmated7032they dick ride dev they think everybody suppose to bow down to him like they do🤣

    • @Devinhaneysucks
      @Devinhaneysucks Month ago +13

      @@matthewfarinana fam u the real fanboy🤣🤣 to say pillow fists beats tank "EASY" is top tier glazing. Get off ur knees and stop being emotional

    • @ygn_derrk
      @ygn_derrk Month ago +4

      Haney vs tank not gonna go anything like ryan and tank because Haney got defense fr that’s why that fight would be good and I feel tank is ducking Devin’s defense because he know it ain’t gonna be a easy fight fr im not saying he will lose but that fight won’t be a walk in the park for him like ryan

  • @isrealgordon4146
    @isrealgordon4146 Month ago +8

    I didn’t fw Devin at first but after watching more of his fights he def grew on me. He ain’t ducking and staying busy nothing but respect

  • @GodSon91
    @GodSon91 Month ago +5

    This definitely inspirational & goes to show having a father as your mentor is definitely important 🙏🏾💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 Stay blessed Haney

  • @tx3973
    @tx3973 Month ago +52

    Nothing like a father and son dynamic flourishing in life . ✊🏾

  • @courtlandwilliams4725
    @courtlandwilliams4725 Month ago +58

    Wallo hyped up every fighter besides the fighter they interviewing

    • @ZimMill
      @ZimMill Month ago

      & We Now See Why

    • @Darshkin
      @Darshkin Month ago +2

      He quite literally disrespected tf outta Haney tho even wit the loss im seein nah, Wallo tlkn a lil too highly of MY COMPETITION. I would’ve been like u here to interview me or u wanna talk abt other artists? I wish somebody would keep on tlkn abt my competitors like im not doin music myself 😂😂

    • @my870
      @my870 11 days ago

      Cause he know Haney ain’t like that… he’s a hype job, fronting like he a big shot.

    • @courtlandwilliams4725
      @courtlandwilliams4725 11 days ago

      @@my870 I bet he'll dog walk you.

  • @trubabiblu06
    @trubabiblu06 Month ago +5

    Devin is so humble n i notice how he trys to avoid speaking bad against any of his peers. The level of respect n discipline he displays is impressive

    • @doc2746
      @doc2746 Month ago


  • @eazimra5489
    @eazimra5489 Month ago +2

    This is the reason I respect Haney for what he's doing at such a young age. This is what it's about people. Peace : love to all my brothers out there !

  • @divinelyguidedsoul8375


  • @kendrickmoore7004
    @kendrickmoore7004 Month ago +50

    “ Tank gone have your oil leaking, check engine light on ” 🤣

  • @lisam.willson1679
    @lisam.willson1679 Month ago +4

    Having someone inside your house, siting on your sofa going through your fridge who think you’re going to lose to TANK is insane. Tank in 6

  • @IbrahimMcfarlin
    @IbrahimMcfarlin Month ago +3

    This was a great interview!!!!

  • @BlazeBoxing
    @BlazeBoxing Month ago +22

    “I respect the word, If you not a champ I’m not gonna call you champ.” “My family been calling me champ since I was like 7”
    -Devin Haney

  • @JrFFoo
    @JrFFoo Month ago +91

    Haney coming in clutch 🖐️

  • @williereed4915
    @williereed4915 Month ago +4

    After the fight and watching this i must say i have so much respect for devin and his mindset his respect for his father is something to admire his love for God his humble soul is really something the young guys should take notes. We fall but we get up. U still one of them ones that made it out the jets!!! 25 LIVING! I salute my brotha.

  • @groscoe83
    @groscoe83 Month ago +5

    This is a good interview Devin is that guy straight earner from hard work much respect champ 😎

    @IMDIRTYO Month ago +53

    Devin Haney is sharp, poised, and articulate. Keep GOING Champ.

    • @eSleezi
      @eSleezi Month ago +1

      Got his ass WHOOPED!!

    • @Darshkin
      @Darshkin Month ago +2


  • @777yert
    @777yert Month ago +25

    Yo Wallo said “tank a mechanic, he fix fenders an sh**t” 😂😂😂😂

  • @markho9653
    @markho9653 Month ago +1

    I'm glad they did this interview with Devon Haney.I have a different level of respect for him now .. God bless him & his family..I hope he go as far as he wants to go in life

  • @floydsdaname5401
    @floydsdaname5401 Month ago +58

    That kamboses and lomacheko fights!! upped Devin's bag big time salute my brotha

    • @mrgonzalez4583
      @mrgonzalez4583 Month ago +13

      He made the best career decision going to Australia for Undisputed going back to defend it and fighting Loma something I wanted Tank to do for years definitely turned Devin into a star ⭐️

    • @tristankinney9077
      @tristankinney9077 Month ago +2

      @@mrgonzalez4583he has to redeem that fight with loma with a rematch he didn’t win that

    • @Vonn99x
      @Vonn99x Month ago +2

      @@tristankinney9077Get out your feelings bozo. This video about Devin not Loma. You can go search up a Loma video and tell people how feel if not get your feelings and enjoy the video.

    • @tristankinney9077
      @tristankinney9077 Month ago +1

      @@Vonn99x where you live bro.. you stay in La?

    • @Vonn99x
      @Vonn99x Month ago

      @@tristankinney9077 Orlando Florida

  • @shmoneyymane5998
    @shmoneyymane5998 Month ago +114

    The lack of respect wallo continue to show Devin is crazy Tank isn’t the only boxer he is good but have respect for who your interviewing

    • @96reggieable
      @96reggieable Month ago +28

      Yeah but Devin was going out his way to leave tank out of the conversation and discredit him. So I would’ve kept bringing tank up to lol

    • @Chris2xOfficial
      @Chris2xOfficial Month ago +5

      @@96reggieableExactly they tryna compare popularity and belts… Tank got belts. Jake nd Ryan dont.

    • @marquesmcbride1838
      @marquesmcbride1838 Month ago +6

      ​@@Chris2xOfficial What belts tank got? He don't even unify in his own division

    • @Chris2xOfficial
      @Chris2xOfficial Month ago

      @@marquesmcbride1838 “Davis has previously held both the IBF and WBA super featherweight titles on separate occasions, and has recently claimed the WBA 'regular' lightweight belt.” do your research 🦍

    • @matthewfarina
      @matthewfarina Month ago +18

      I lost respect for Wallo after this episode… the way he acting like tank a God. The way he ran to Devs kitchen w out asking & taking food…. & spitting out seeds in bros backyard. Hell no

  • @Yamajestyworldtravel
    @Yamajestyworldtravel Month ago +5

    You Guys Was The Fuel To Ryan’s Fire.. Down Goes Devin 🎉🎉🎉

  • @creativegeniusworld4874

    Wallo spitting seed shells in the grass is crazy 😂😂

  • @OfficialStreamSagaTv
    @OfficialStreamSagaTv Month ago +22

    These in person interviews are the greatest thing in the world

  • @thagoat42
    @thagoat42 Month ago +49

    Dam wallo mad disrespectful spitting seeds in that man backyard go grab a cup

  • @PPW-tv1
    @PPW-tv1 Month ago +2

    Great interview!

  • @mikesmall6761
    @mikesmall6761 Month ago +2

    The way him and Bill talk about each other is amazing... much resy

  • @lyricalevangelist
    @lyricalevangelist Month ago +100

    We rock with Devin in Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹!!! Keep soaring young man. Shout out to bill too, good fathers are few and far in between.

    • @abdulsmith1569
      @abdulsmith1569 Month ago +5

      Preach 👍🏾 but people steady got something to say about Bill SMH

    • @lyricalevangelist
      @lyricalevangelist Month ago +2

      @@abdulsmith1569 facts bro. I can’t understand the hate. I would’ve prayed to have even a fraction of a father son relationship they have with my dad! Blessings bro

    • @lyricalevangelist
      @lyricalevangelist Month ago

      @@scream1237 facts bro!!!

    • @Darshkin
      @Darshkin Month ago +1


  • @zachwashington9980
    @zachwashington9980 Month ago +92

    devin was gettin irritated wit wallo out his eye sight and allat noise 😭🤣🤣

    • @LadyBug-mu3nt
      @LadyBug-mu3nt Month ago +4

      Istg ,,,,,they not fans no way just be talking for ppls to see they comment

    • @Dareal1way42
      @Dareal1way42 Month ago


  • @jdillard0923
    @jdillard0923 Month ago +1

    Respect! Devin is on point! He's intelligent,humble,knowledgeable, and laid-back.Continue to grow my guy!💯💪🏿

  • @eazynobles5964
    @eazynobles5964 Month ago +4

    I like that wallo kept it real... Letting him know tank is going Turn Devin check engine light on when he hit devin💯😂😂😂

  • @siadomultiverse5025
    @siadomultiverse5025 Month ago +33

    Bro Wallo would’ve got checked on site 🤣😂🤣 for spitting sunflower seeds on my property wtf…he troll too much sometimes 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • @HakaishinHakai
      @HakaishinHakai Month ago

      Broooo i said the same ish was looking for this comment

    • @Ae3st89
      @Ae3st89 Month ago

      Said to myself let one of my kids run thru yard and get a splinter im on yo azz Wallo 😂😂

  • @BluntSmoke4200
    @BluntSmoke4200 Month ago +30

    This Will be Hell of A Episode Already Kno It 💯

    @UNKNOPUNK Month ago +3

    Devin got disciplined

  • @itsjaviswrld
    @itsjaviswrld Month ago

    Wallo has always said he goes for whoever wins. He's simply providing contrast and giving Devin the assist so he can project his intentions and passion while chasing this win this weekend. Thank you for allowing us into your space. Train Hard, Be Kind- Chez Cantere

    @CHAMPSIDE Month ago +19

    Devin Haney doing it the right way you gotta respect The Dream 💯

  • @alo95ful
    @alo95ful Month ago

    great interview 🔥🔥🔥

  • @GT2sports
    @GT2sports Month ago

    Great interview

  • @josephlewellyn3643
    @josephlewellyn3643 Month ago +25

    He a really well rounded guy don't change brother

  • @TokenDojo
    @TokenDojo Month ago +42

    Hats off to Bill Haney for guiding his son to this situation

  • @Ninesetsk
    @Ninesetsk Month ago +3

    Here Right after the fight🥴🤦🏽‍♂️.

  • @DetroitHeavyBags
    @DetroitHeavyBags Month ago +1

    He’s definitely on his media game and has been more than ANY boxer. He’s been on media tours the past year! Dev may or may not be the face of boxing but he’s a young man living like a King! Bouta continue to keep pushing the envelope making fights happen. Let’s not argue if he’s no. 1 just appreciate this young greatness.
    Tank can be great too. But I’d like to see them scrap but maybe not right now because that’s the biggest fight of both of their careers. Id like to see Dev vs Shakur first 💯

  • @sergiobowers6930
    @sergiobowers6930 Month ago +21

    Flex on them Devin, dayum! Whip game crazy.

  • @dete239
    @dete239 Month ago +43

    Bro said Tank going to break him down like car parts 😂😂😂

    • @CMAN_
      @CMAN_ Month ago

      omgg 🤣

    • @my870
      @my870 11 days ago

      He keeping it real. Ain’t no lies told. Tank will destroy Haney.

    • @dete239
      @dete239 6 days ago

      @@my870 🤷🏾I just know it was funny months ago when he said it

  • @miguelescorza6785
    @miguelescorza6785 Month ago +2

    Got his ass beat tonight 😂

  • @tmoneybands
    @tmoneybands Month ago +1

    Haney and Garcia both fight the best competition and make the fights we wanna see happen

  • @LisaSnow3
    @LisaSnow3 Month ago +57

    Devin is very articulate and he means what he says. Youngest undisputed champion, two weight division champion. Very humble and a positive influence.

  • @user-dm3rg6rc3r
    @user-dm3rg6rc3r Month ago +24

    To be honest Ryan Garcia really did get the check engine light after the way he dropped to his knee from that fender work Tank gave him.. wallo ain’t cappin 😂

  • @RobThaBank
    @RobThaBank Month ago +2

    46:10 This definitely didn't age well 😂

  • @damianvlawgs5642
    @damianvlawgs5642 Month ago +3

    He got that azzzzzwhipp by Ryan 😅…..tank might kill em!!! 🚨

  • @desmondsteward9855
    @desmondsteward9855 Month ago +157

    Shout out to Devin for keeping his composure during this bullsh**t a** interview

      @LUIBDSHIT Month ago +21

      they fumbled this shit bad !!!!😂😂😂😂

    • @my870
      @my870 Month ago +31

      Naw, this was a dope interview. They kept it 100. They told Devin exactly how they felt. No cookie cut

    • @artistaccount
      @artistaccount Month ago +6

      This like the bud interview again

    • @popgfk9989
      @popgfk9989 Month ago

      How is it bs lo keeping it real this is a sport people have opinions and like who they like, as a interviewer you have to ask questions about what you or the people say or think stop being a unlearned fan and get some understanding about life, this is what life is everyone is not on your dic rider team in sports and that’s okay

    • @BTouch454
      @BTouch454 Month ago +3

      Would love to read how this is a bullsh!t @ss interview!

  • @SunRas-ng4yl
    @SunRas-ng4yl Month ago +20

    I think Calling someone champ is basically an affirmation ✨
    Positive intent 🏆

  • @tylerdonnelly6088
    @tylerdonnelly6088 Month ago

    This man really walked up in there like imma get something to eat😂

  • @chrisjackson1514
    @chrisjackson1514 Month ago +40

    How he sit there and talk about tank pieceN him up while he interviewing him😂😂

    • @artistaccount
      @artistaccount Month ago +3

      Watch the bud interviews before Spence fight people treat him the same way

    • @araby2001able
      @araby2001able Month ago +2

      Wallo is smart he promoting the tank fight he always say it’s a method to the madness

  • @gaylonjohnson2900
    @gaylonjohnson2900 Month ago +7

    Wallo said Tank a shade tree mechanic... He goes in and starts moving stuff around and then you're check engine lights come on 😂😂😂😂😂

  • @gregorypayne4484
    @gregorypayne4484 Month ago

    Big up to you Gill I like the way how you handle yourself in Devin Haney House And I respect how you did your interview very serious brother EA all Day..

  • @BIGPMDON517
    @BIGPMDON517 Month ago

    It’s crazy to watch this interview after the fight

  • @Aaron_Jamal32
    @Aaron_Jamal32 Month ago +19

    Wallo had to have a couple drinks before this interview!

  • @timothyjacobs2998
    @timothyjacobs2998 Month ago +151

    Man Tank vs Dev gone be classic.

    • @mrgonzalez4583
      @mrgonzalez4583 Month ago +28

      Tank need to stop ducking seriously. I can’t defend him anymore

    • @kumidifire
      @kumidifire Month ago +13

      No it’s not y’all be disrespecting tank by even thinking Devin in his league but Ryan fans said the same thing. Devin better beat Ryan and if Ryan loses this he needs to be a RUclipsr gervonta already exposed all he got is a left

    • @kumidifire
      @kumidifire Month ago +7

      @@mrgonzalez4583Devin needs to stop ducking shakur

    • @o.d.b.5344
      @o.d.b.5344 Month ago +16

      @@kumidifire you mean the same Shakur that turned down Devin’s offer? 😂 y’all slow.

    • @kumidifire
      @kumidifire Month ago +1

      @@o.d.b.5344 you slow if you thinking turning down an offer is the same as ducking because at the same time you could make an offer that’s so ridiculous you know the fighter won’t take it to duck the fight

  • @mr.runtz8007
    @mr.runtz8007 Month ago

    I like how y’all interview like this

  • @MarioTurner85
    @MarioTurner85 Month ago +1

    This didnt end well lmao😭😂🤣 after fight

  • @LearningProducers
    @LearningProducers Month ago +6

    Haney, Garcia, Tank ,these are young fighters that want to fight each other and actually do, respect.

  • @EZ_Money101
    @EZ_Money101 Month ago +5

    You can't feed your family with no belt. That quick answer shows the authenticity of character. This man is a true role model for young BLK men as well as others!!

  • @JosiahWoodward
    @JosiahWoodward Month ago +1

    Man I am so proud of you Devin.... The most high is graciously blessing you....
    You came a long way champion...
    My heart is filled with joy for you.

  • @columbojackson3903
    @columbojackson3903 Month ago +1

    Devin one them ones 💪🏿

  • @9Ether_God
    @9Ether_God Month ago +31

    Young man getting money🫡💯

  • @marcusvaughn4386
    @marcusvaughn4386 Month ago +63

    why is wallo spittin out sun flower seeds like that lol all over that mans backyard lol supposed to get a cup or something and spit the shells into a cup

    • @robertwalker7010
      @robertwalker7010 Month ago +2

      It’s a Philly thing.

    • @user-dv4bm2pk5e
      @user-dv4bm2pk5e Month ago +53

      @@robertwalker7010shitting on the floor is an Indian thing but that don’t mean you bout to be up in my crib doing that

    • @jamesryan73
      @jamesryan73 Month ago +12

      @@user-dv4bm2pk5eI’m crying wtf is this response? lmao wildest comment I’ve seen on youtube

    • @jankybaee_
      @jankybaee_ Month ago +4


    • @kevinlittlejohn7418
      @kevinlittlejohn7418 Month ago

      I was saying the same thing

  • @Ayyeeeooo
    @Ayyeeeooo Month ago +2

    Wallo always asking a question that was already asked , literally every guest

  • @BenjaminCastillo-wf2dl

    I respect Devin cause he’s humble and shows respect and is a true champ

  • @shockwes4
    @shockwes4 Month ago +11

    Listen you don’t have to like him as a boxer but as a good young man he is definitely doing his thing ….👌🏾👌🏾 shout to him as a man for achieving his goals and thank you for allowing us to see a little bit from your lenses

  • @chrisjackson22190
    @chrisjackson22190 Month ago +15

    Wallo going through the snacks has me weak

  • @CrayZTracy
    @CrayZTracy Month ago

    Devin Haney deserves it he appreciates it and he seems like the type of person to help a brotha out god bless him

  • @FightingWordz
    @FightingWordz Month ago +67

    This is what young kids should inspire be like.

    • @nightryder16
      @nightryder16 Month ago

      Not every kid is born into money though.. Getting it out the mud is why it feels way better. Sure u still gotta do the work when born into money but you're Taylor made and setup for success.

    • @DuttyRockb
      @DuttyRockb Month ago +3

      @@nightryder16 He got the talent out the mud 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • @danielquaisie2420
      @danielquaisie2420 Month ago

      @@nightryder16you make a point but I don’t really agree homie, hella people born into money but don’t have the right support system and drive to make it to the top

    • @nightryder16
      @nightryder16 Month ago

      @@DuttyRockb talent is god given. I'd say he was born talented so I wouldn't say he got that out the mud. Look Haney is a great boxer who had world class coaching coming up and nothin wrong with that but he should stop trying to act like he came from the bottom. It's ok not to

    • @nightryder16
      @nightryder16 Month ago

      @@danielquaisie2420 yea im not arguing that, Im just saying Haney should be happy he had world class coaching and a great support system coming up. Learning under floyd Jr and floyd Sr. I just don't like when he tries to portray that he came from the bottom is all

  • @makesureitsbroke2345
    @makesureitsbroke2345 Month ago +21

    That kat in the NYC cap was confused about Tank not making it to the Hall of Fame if he walked away from the game right now😂😂😂CHAMP cleared it up for him😅😅

    • @LadyChann
      @LadyChann Month ago

      Hes a Tank fanboy is why

    • @Richestopptv
      @Richestopptv Month ago

      Nigga how tank not going to the hall of fame and he is a 3 division weight champ tf y’all just be chattin

    • @Darshkin
      @Darshkin Month ago +2


  • @woetakinrisklive6283
    @woetakinrisklive6283 Month ago +3

    They at his house interviewing him and talking highly about Tank… Tank the face bro

  • @khauronprospere2583
    @khauronprospere2583 Month ago +1

    Paperview we got fire sticks unc🤣🤣🤣

  • @waynemyrie57
    @waynemyrie57 Month ago +5

    The format of these interviews are 🔥🔥

  • @user-iz1iz3qm9i
    @user-iz1iz3qm9i Month ago +38

    How devin stays so chilled and humble

    • @babyplaymaker
      @babyplaymaker Month ago +6

      It’s his faith

    • @YusufNijeha.EWWNAJ
      @YusufNijeha.EWWNAJ Month ago +1

      Ramadan. Its stories of people who used to violate the prophet like this, piss at his doorstep, he would tell his men “dont kill him let him finish” and then talk to em afterwards and let them know. Wallo had no dad growin up, nobody that pressured him to act right. I still blame him though. Foul as hell what he did. Ultimate disrespect, disgusting behavior wallahi

  • @6oulx
    @6oulx Month ago +2


  • @josephh4539
    @josephh4539 Month ago +1

    Nah the real can tell. Gillie and wallo are like Dev's big brothers 💪🏼🙏🏼

  • @BoxingWave
    @BoxingWave Month ago +11

    Love Devin, wish him the best!

  • @shotbyjmac211
    @shotbyjmac211 Month ago +17

    yooo Wallo gotta be on a perc

  • @mosesscriptural1820

    One thing you'll always get from Devin (especially the older he gets) is humility. No matter how hard you try to fish up a juicy shoe.

  • @elpakatran2248
    @elpakatran2248 Month ago +1

    Gillie knows boxing . He is on point ❤️💪🏽👍🏼