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  • Published on Sep 24, 2021
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  • XShadowFistX
    XShadowFistX 3 months ago +10

    Never give up hoping that ur dad will come back

  • •.° « iiKittyCuteキテイ» °.•

    Ah yes, diamonds.
    Good nutrition.

  • Amiin Z
    Amiin Z 11 months ago

    Those who gave upper those that had more potential than those that never gave up.

  • Michele giles Upita
    Michele giles Upita 11 months ago +3

    El video nos enseña a no rendirse apesar de lo que pase

  • cerbero
    cerbero 11 months ago +3


  • DaPeanutDude
    DaPeanutDude Month ago +1

    It remains a mystery how this video got more than 5 million likes.

  • Louisa Grace low (Rosythsch)

    I love how Adam just EATS the diamond like it’s an egg.

  • PokeOmega
    PokeOmega 11 months ago +41

    Moral of the story, mine for diamonds with jpegs use magical auto-tie ropes to fish it out of the hole, also dont forget the magical extending jackhammer, but most impirtantly, eat jpegs of diamonds

  • J K
    J K Year ago +6

    Never give up on a right thing. Quit bad thing ASAP.

  • Γεωργια Μπιτσα
    Γεωργια Μπιτσα 11 months ago +2

    Is anybody gonna talk about the fact that his digging tool keeps getting longer and longer

  • Leidy Melo
    Leidy Melo 11 months ago +2

    Nunca desista de tudo vai e consegue

  • Manu
    Manu 11 months ago +6

    If the left guy gave up and digged a little to the right of him, he would've gotten way luckier.
    Some times giving up and trying something else is the right thing.

    • Runa Arman
      Runa Arman 10 months ago

      @Hasnawati Hasnawati vjfuty

    • Haroun Bouregaa
      Haroun Bouregaa 11 months ago

      @Hasnawati Hasnawati طصككككسكوكوشحوط

    • Haroun Bouregaa
      Haroun Bouregaa 11 months ago

      @Hasnawati Hasnawati دءو

    • Patrick oligui
      Patrick oligui 11 months ago

      Coffre 4

  • 실버게임 펜
    실버게임 펜 10 months ago +3

    Your efforts are amazing. It's a reward for your efforts.

  • PogChamps
    PogChamps 6 months ago +229

    This video inspired me to quit my breathing addiction. This addiction has been a very tough time and I am glad to be free from breathing

  • お殿様でござる
    お殿様でござる 10 months ago


  • Leisly Gonzalez
    Leisly Gonzalez 11 months ago +3

    En este video nos dicen que hay que esforzarsos paea lograr las cosas

  • deep_playz
    deep_playz 11 months ago +4

    Thanks, I was paralyzed my whole life. Now I got tha courage to get up and jump out of the window.

  • Haritha
    Haritha 8 months ago +4

    Perfect example of never give up ☺️

    • Mohsin Atta
      Mohsin Atta 6 months ago +1

      There is nothing like Never give up.
      It's just not Fate of the person.
      It is best explained in Berserk Manga.

  • Frogger
    Frogger 3 months ago

    I'm glad something unexpected happened at the end.

  • John Rarick
    John Rarick 5 months ago

    That is definitely how Jack hammers work 🤣

  • Kegan Brown
    Kegan Brown 10 months ago

    The fact that Adem could use his long neck🥴

  • ~OrangeBall~
    ~OrangeBall~ 5 months ago +5

    I wanna jump out of the window, but since this video has motivated and gave me a positive mood in my life.
    I decided not to give up...
    trying and jump out of Mount Everest instead :)

  • Toni
    Toni 3 months ago

    For those who are asking, He ate the diamond because Adam has the brain the size of an atom

  • sirius A
    sirius A 9 months ago +39

    노력을 하여 결과를 얻더라도 능력이 있는 자의 결과에는 미치지 못한다

    GAME RIST 5 months ago +1

    My respect for thanos growing every day

    • Kirsten Renae
      Kirsten Renae 2 months ago


  • Duck
    Duck 5 months ago

    I love how he eat the diamond. Lol.

  • Mahesh Gadipea
    Mahesh Gadipea 11 months ago +1

    Sometimes it's better to give up

  • Professional retard
    Professional retard 9 months ago +1

    Extremely relatable life lesson

  • ivbali YT
    ivbali YT 11 months ago +8

    Adam has unlocked the advancement: "Diamonds!"

  • Payal Jain
    Payal Jain 11 months ago

    Always give up.

  • يزن زيدان
    يزن زيدان 10 months ago +6

    I like how Adam eats the diamond at the end

  • Kinza Tahsin
    Kinza Tahsin 5 months ago +2

    I like how at the end, Adem just eats the diamond, lol-!

  • gaming with sparsh Goyal
    gaming with sparsh Goyal 11 months ago +1

    Let's ignore the fact that he ate the Dimond without breaking his teeth

  • Abi Puro
    Abi Puro 11 months ago

    Very good u have to never give up 🤗🥰

  • Catto
    Catto 5 months ago

    i wonder how they feel after making this video

  • Roberto Neto
    Roberto Neto 11 months ago +8

    The moral of history
    Don’t eat diamonds

  • LuvMello
    LuvMello 15 days ago +3

    Never give up on trying to get Holly water after this🙏

    • Kiss Myface
      Kiss Myface 12 days ago

      this is for children though? It's not even cringe

  • Quartzite #onthewayto1k

    Yep ok that enough shorts for today.

  • Mohsin Atta
    Mohsin Atta 6 months ago +2

    There is nothing like Never give up.
    It's just not Fate of the person.
    It is best explained in Berserk Manga.

  • Lillian Htun
    Lillian Htun 2 months ago +3

    The way he ate the diamond at the end like a treat

  • Sawblader
    Sawblader 5 months ago +1

    Moral of the short:
    Hope that LankyBox leaves youtube forever

  • Vivin Ndaru
    Vivin Ndaru Year ago +15

    never give up eventhough the results ain't as much as u expected,but who know the next try will be your best luck ever.

  • RedFlame
    RedFlame 3 months ago +1

    Dumbest parts include: floating 3 time, inside the ground and lastly EVERYTHING.

  • Sis and Bro Gaming
    Sis and Bro Gaming 4 months ago +1

    never give up of your dreams

  • SamYT124
    SamYT124 11 months ago

    The funny part is when Adam eats the diamond

  • Turtle Guy 20
    Turtle Guy 20 6 months ago

    This actually happened to me last week

  • Bob Jimson
    Bob Jimson Year ago +9

    It’s really a shame people who make content like this have been able to exist for more than a few months without going extinct.

  • Itz_Kaylee
    Itz_Kaylee 8 months ago +15

    The moral is...

  • PurpleOz
    PurpleOz 3 months ago +2

    Pov: Justin was playing Minecraft and his tools kept breaking

  • Shannon Mullin
    Shannon Mullin 4 months ago

    Awesome job lankybox keep up the good work lankybox

  • Bigjohn Tanoksak
    Bigjohn Tanoksak 10 months ago


  • V B k vlogs
    V B k vlogs 11 months ago

    Never give up

  • chaichai_
    chaichai_ 11 months ago +21

    He never gave up his iron thing just keeps getting broken-

  • Isiah Weinstock
    Isiah Weinstock 10 months ago

    Never give up

  • Otgonbaatar Lhamhvv
    Otgonbaatar Lhamhvv 8 months ago +1

    Lesson is: don't eat diamond!

  • TheColadaboi
    TheColadaboi 5 months ago +29

    Thanks for ending my free lifetime of breathing

  • 정민이
    정민이 9 months ago +11

    존버는 승리한다....

  • Karina Duchnik
    Karina Duchnik 6 months ago

    I love the moment when he eat diamond

  • Crickete_ Lover°
    Crickete_ Lover° 9 months ago

    Never give up

  • Shazyne Mae Recacho
    Shazyne Mae Recacho Year ago +6

    Never give up on your dreams

  • Cocacat
    Cocacat 4 months ago


  • Rodrigo Alessandro Copa toro

    Que final tan inesperado, no sabia que los diamantes se comen

  • Vaibhav Kamble
    Vaibhav Kamble 9 months ago +1

    Never give up

    T-BLOX T-BLOX 11 months ago

    The person with purple hair invested in a faster drill instead of a long drill.

  • Huroutiron
    Huroutiron 6 months ago +3

    This video just made me decide to end it all, goodbye

  • Çøŋfuşęd.
    Çøŋfuşęd. 11 months ago +34

    The written moral: Never give up!

    NANU GAMING YT 9 months ago +3

    जो भी वीडियो देख रहा है उसके मां पापा की❤
    उम्र बढ़ जाए भगवान से दुआ मांगता हूं😘💕😘🙆‍♂

  • Wave [GD]
    Wave [GD] 10 months ago

    Always give up

  • RS chibi animation
    RS chibi animation 10 months ago

    Personne se demande pourquoi les marteau piqueur s'allonge en creusant 😂🤔

  • Jellyhasthenormallifelol
    Jellyhasthenormallifelol 5 months ago +4

    Karen: my children are perfectly fine
    The children:

  • Farah ali
    Farah ali 11 months ago +5

    I love when adam eated the diamond

  • Estee the Bestie
    Estee the Bestie 11 months ago

    Whoever sees this gets...

  • Kumar Life
    Kumar Life 9 months ago

    I will never give up

  • Edwin tano
    Edwin tano 11 months ago

    Dont give up

  • kxt- edits
    kxt- edits 10 months ago +22

    So we gonna ignore the fact theyre standing on holes

  • Deepak Jain
    Deepak Jain 6 months ago

    Never give up

    MARCIOPRO0975 Year ago +53

    Love how he just ate the diamond right at the end of the video

  • Cringe videos
    Cringe videos 11 months ago +62

    *digs 4 inches into the dirt*
    “No diamonds? Ugh! I give up”
    *finds diamond*
    “Oh cool a burger”

  • Draw with me
    Draw with me 6 months ago

    I think that he would sell that diamond but he ate it 😂

  • Voldineris
    Voldineris 4 months ago +16

    Adam: throws the thing and magically pulls out a rope in thin air :) me: HES A HWAZaRD

  • Tjay Tjay
    Tjay Tjay 6 months ago

    A Hard’s day of work pays off

  • Dominic Golaszewski
    Dominic Golaszewski Year ago +30

    He was so happy when he ate the diamond I laughed my head of

  • مريم وملك هيكل

    مفيش احلى من القران الكريم

  • Ryland Dixon gaming
    Ryland Dixon gaming 5 months ago +9

    Never give up? My goal is to die and I will never give up on dieing!

  • 다음에 만나자
    다음에 만나자 4 months ago +1

    오늘의 교훈

  • Temidire Akinlolu
    Temidire Akinlolu 5 months ago

    Never give up pays of

    YAHYA Year ago +4

    That's the reason why Japan stopped making Anime because all the Oscars and awards given to them

  • sando xavier
    sando xavier 2 months ago


  • GabfromYT
    GabfromYT 11 months ago +14

    People back then: There will be flying taxis!
    People now: disabled things i dont even know what creature this is

  • SM Khan
    SM Khan 4 months ago

    Life is totally different other than social experiments

    PINIK 4 months ago

    all this efforts to eat the diamond ☺️

  • line
    line Year ago +9

    I like how he just eats the diamond at the end. Those things are like hard as frig tho. Wonder if the digestive system can handle that

  • Ezequias
    Ezequias 11 months ago

    Final inesperado

  • Faith Tshimankinda
    Faith Tshimankinda 7 months ago

    Its pretty strange that adam eats the diamond

  • Sonjida Tabasum
    Sonjida Tabasum 5 months ago +1

    Adam just ate the diamond 🤣🤣🤣

  • ᴢᴀʙʙꞮᴇ
    ᴢᴀʙʙꞮᴇ 10 months ago

    The fact that he ate that Diamond

    DAVISAUMLENDARIUH 9 months ago +1

    quando voce usa o mod do minecraft de poder comer qualquer coisa na vida real:

  • HyperSpeed
    HyperSpeed 10 months ago

    yea lankybox has been turning cringy nowadays because of shorts

  • Avarella2
    Avarella2 11 months ago

    Lanky box is so cringy that it’s actually funny

  • Wolfy
    Wolfy 11 months ago

    Hold up!😳did he just EAT the diamond?!