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Am I Strong Enough For Ninja Warrior?

  • Published on Aug 10, 2021
  • We went to the NINJA WARRIOR COURSE! I am not very athletic.
    sorry the camera is a bit dodge for this one. pretty sure tubbo sat on it in the car so it's all weird
    Mates - @Tubbo @Ranboo @Ph1LzA
    Edited by Tommy + @TalentLacking
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  • Ainy
    Ainy Year ago +1

    Tommy: fathering a random child

  • Rania
    Rania  +2

    Philza: Middle-Aged Dad

  • Tony Sims

    Tommy: his painful experience

  • Chloe Cosgrove

    The fact that Tubbo is always considered the innocent one despite him being incredibly athletic and strong for his tiny size.

  • Just A Random Dude Who Cant Post Videos

    Staff: "Dont worry mate, kid's are a nightmare anyways."

  • Scenepacks! ☆

    It makes me genuinely happy on how polite tommy is still while he's playing

  • Beth Manger
    Beth Manger Year ago +2

    Just like every other Tommy vlog that includes physical ability

  • Skyesong


  • Xx_TreeDemon_xX

    "He just flipped me off!"

  • unknown wren

    the absolutely proud nod from jacob when tommy asked if he actually flipped tubbo off was so damn funny to me

  • Devansh Yadav
    Devansh Yadav Year ago +2


  • Alexis Innit

    "Most of my viewers have actually found me annoying at first can you believe this Tubbo?"

  • Void Being
    Void Being Year ago +2

    Tubbo- probably the most athletic

  • Autophobia_c11
    Autophobia_c11 Year ago +478

    tommy: In

  • eqkwjl
    eqkwjl  +496

    I can imagine Jacob watching this video and thinking: “Why tf did I talk to that guy?” 🤣🤣

  • Brianna Winters

    I like how every time Tommy wants Philza to do something he just says. "Pretend your wife's life is on the line! CAUSE' IT IS!!" those parts had me cracking up to the ground!! 😂😆🤣

  • N T B
    N T B Year ago +234

    Tubbo: Wants to do a big leap from one pole to another

  • •Alytra•

    Jacob: Child Jr.

  • TreeBird
    TreeBird Year ago +13

    The fact that Jacob doesn't realize he's befriended famous people is hilarious

  • margo loves avocados
    margo loves avocados Year ago +597

    ranboo: honestly just run