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Am I Strong Enough For Ninja Warrior?

  • Published on Aug 10, 2021
  • We went to the NINJA WARRIOR COURSE! I am not very athletic.
    sorry the camera is a bit dodge for this one. pretty sure tubbo sat on it in the car so it's all weird
    Mates - @Tubbo @Ranboo @ph1lza
    Edited by Tommy + @LarryTL
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Comments • 27K

  • @Nicole_Dasher
    @Nicole_Dasher 2 years ago +1440

    Tubbo: *just being the professional one*
    Tommy: *just being friends with kids and getting alot of pain*
    Ranboo: *just in his own ✨style✨*
    Philza: *just a parent watching his own kids*

  • @ranch9167
    @ranch9167 Year ago +4113

    Philza: Middle-Aged Dad
    Ranboo: *T A L L*
    Tubbo: Actually good, flipping everyone off
    Tommy: Mostly failing, found a friend
    Jacob: The friend Tommy found, a very big and strong man

  • @justarandomdudewhocantpost8690

    Staff: "Dont worry mate, kid's are a nightmare anyways."
    Techno: *"Can this man be one of my people?"*

  • @chloecosgrove7456
    @chloecosgrove7456 Year ago +1398

    The fact that Tubbo is always considered the innocent one despite him being incredibly athletic and strong for his tiny size.

    • @kitty3849
      @kitty3849 Year ago +26

      I have a friend who’s like that. I’m a little older and almost as tall as ranboo :3 I always call him shorty so he calls me talley 😹😹

    • @mechanicalturkproductions7349
      @mechanicalturkproductions7349 Year ago +20

      is this tubbos alt

    • @RatPack-
      @RatPack- Year ago +8

      I actually kinda relate even though I am not the shortest out of my friend group. I just am called innocent.

    • @MemeBoiInc
      @MemeBoiInc Year ago +4

      Plus he flipped Tommy off multiple times.

    • @Gacha_x_Misty
      @Gacha_x_Misty 10 months ago +2

      @@kitty3849 alright, alright show off 😮❤

  • @tonysims9164
    @tonysims9164 2 years ago +3574

    Tommy: his painful experience
    Ranboo:his longness
    Philza:needing help
    Toby:flipping kids off

  • @ryleerhino4389
    @ryleerhino4389 Year ago +357

    Can we please just appreciate how cool jacobs mum is because she bought him a wristband after his time was up so he could see Tommy and his friends👌🏻

  • @aainyy
    @aainyy 2 years ago +2070

    Tommy: fathering a random child
    Tubbo: has unfathomable skill
    Ranboo: has unfathomable style
    Phil: his wife's life's hanging in the balance

  • @scenepacks6746
    @scenepacks6746 Year ago +1012

    It makes me genuinely happy on how polite tommy is still while he's playing
    Like asking if he can swear at jacob it just warms my heart :).

    • @Abstiaa
      @Abstiaa Year ago +16

      Finaly someone said so-

    • @enricopucci7105
      @enricopucci7105 Year ago +2

      ur creepy

    • @squaredhoney3676
      @squaredhoney3676 Year ago +5

      how does it warm your heart that a 17 year old is swearing at a 9 year old boy and his friend is flipping him off....

    • @squaredhoney3676
      @squaredhoney3676 Year ago +1

      @@enricopucci7105 agreed

    • @merran3456
      @merran3456 Year ago +18

      @@squaredhoney3676 bro when did you start swearing.. i started when i was 9 like kids arent stupid and innocent. who cares the kid was having fun anyway. he literally got a new wristband and paid to stay longer??

  • @Athen_rya1
    @Athen_rya1 Year ago +125

    Tubbo is the kind of person to ask “is anyone gonna flip that kid off” and not wait for an answer

  • @Pho_
    @Pho_ Year ago +79

    Tubbo: ATHLETIC
    Ranboo: ATHLETIC
    Philza: athetic…
    Tommy: …This level of childness and unathleticness is intolerable

  • @unknownwren6047
    @unknownwren6047 Year ago +401

    the absolutely proud nod from jacob when tommy asked if he actually flipped tubbo off was so damn funny to me

  • @MateoAlfredo
    @MateoAlfredo Year ago +27

    Tommy’s the kind of guy to see -an empty cadillac- a foam pit and ask “Is anyone gonna jump into that?” and not wait for an answer.

  • @PlutoIsntReal_
    @PlutoIsntReal_ 2 years ago +3058

    "Don't worry mate, kids are a nightmare anyway."
    What a legend

  • @Alytra
    @Alytra Year ago +169

    Jacob: Child Jr.
    Tommy: Child
    Tubbo: Trampolinist
    Ranboo: Tall
    Philza: Old man

  • @funkyaccess
    @funkyaccess 2 years ago +374

    Tubbo: jumping around on logs. Ranboo: "you realize this is a kids course right? Turbo: fails next jump and dies.

  • @briannawinters4633
    @briannawinters4633 Year ago +135

    I like how every time Tommy wants Philza to do something he just says. "Pretend your wife's life is on the line! CAUSE' IT IS!!" those parts had me cracking up to the ground!! 😂😆🤣

  • @SaviMatteo2810
    @SaviMatteo2810 2 years ago +117

    Tommy and Ranboo: *look away for 5 seconds*
    Phil and Tubbo: having an epic finale-type battle which is probably what Tubbo putting Phil under house arrest looked like

  • @lostripple3707
    @lostripple3707 Year ago +23

    I go to a Jungle Gym and it’s so much fun but sometimes really challenging. Tommy falling down a lot and being shocked when he does it is an accurate representation of what happens lmao

  • @unknownxeno6788
    @unknownxeno6788 2 years ago +2456

    Tommy: “Most of my viewers have actually found me annoying at first, can you believe this tubbo?”
    Tubbo: “yes.”

  • @shellsta71
    @shellsta71 Year ago +490

    "Most of my viewers have actually found me annoying at first can you believe this Tubbo?"
    "No, no you can't"
    "Literally you some me up this morning by putting a finger in my ear"
    Is the funniest part for me😂😂

  • @sun_madeof_flowers4042
    @sun_madeof_flowers4042 2 years ago +77

    Kid was living the dream we all have, to hang out with Tommy, Tubbo, Ranboo and Phil lol

  • @amitchaturvedi3154
    @amitchaturvedi3154 Year ago +39

    Tommy looks so innocent when he said he is actually in pain 🤣

  • @lazy-san0001
    @lazy-san0001 Year ago +80

    I will just be honest for a second,
    Tommy is the most self confident person i have ever seen

  • @aanneliise
    @aanneliise Year ago +16

    Tubbo being more athletic than tommy brings me life and I genuinely do not know why

  • @kkaitlynnn
    @kkaitlynnn 2 years ago +1317

    Tubbo: "Are you actually in pain?"
    Tommy: - nods -
    Tubbo: "LUL"

  • @da_puppymello_3927
    @da_puppymello_3927 Year ago +67

    Tubbo: being good at jumping
    Also Tubbo: realizes that its a kids course
    *Misses the jump*

  • @k-karoo7987
    @k-karoo7987 2 years ago +53

    What I like about tommy is that no matter how many times he swears he always asks if people are comfortable with it first.

  • @starvalley2957
    @starvalley2957 Year ago +8

    Philza: concerned
    Ranboo: the cameraman, tall as f*ck and finds it easy when he does it
    Tubbo: actually good at it, flipping people off every second
    Tommy: failing, bullying people
    Jacob: the little kid getting bullied/befriended by Tommy/doesnt even realise he's met famous people

  • @ansianeedsgrass
    @ansianeedsgrass Year ago +15

    Phil hyping up Ranboo trying to do the bar things was my daily dose of serotonin for today

  • @danielleshoemate5285
    @danielleshoemate5285 Year ago +10

    The pain that tommy has been through this video and others. Respect to this man

  • @isabellanotcool420
    @isabellanotcool420 2 years ago +2005

    Tubbo: just really athletic
    Ranboo: makes it look effortless
    Tommy: making friends with a random child
    Philza: his wife is still on the line

    • @rem8363
      @rem8363 2 years ago

      Tommyinnit secret channel

    • @beatdown480
      @beatdown480 2 years ago +4

      @@rem8363 well now it's not secret anymore

    • @PomPomPlush
      @PomPomPlush 2 years ago +8

      This comment section gives me "my mommy told me not to talk to strangers" vibes

  • @eejayguinn6195
    @eejayguinn6195 Year ago +17

    I love these four, but the vlogs really show how unathletic they can be xD. They really are true gamers

  • @oliviagrace6914
    @oliviagrace6914 10 months ago +3

    I love yalls content so much. It always helps even during rough times so thank you and I know it hasn’t been easy for you. thank you for the work you’ve put into making others feel loved. God bless and Jesus loves y’all

  • @mackenziewarring2621
    @mackenziewarring2621 4 months ago +2

    1:09 I love how Tommy just asks for consent to swear at him. 😂

  • @that_girl_roo
    @that_girl_roo 3 months ago +1

    Tommy: *falling and hurting*
    Ranboo: *aceing most of it*
    Phil: *middle aged dad and therapist*
    Tubbo: *flipping random kids off*

  • @tsarghost5543
    @tsarghost5543 Year ago +1

    i love that Phil was just being that one dad who is there to make sure you and your friends are ok

  • @robinade4110
    @robinade4110 2 years ago +1535

    Tubbo : is just athletic as hell for what
    Ranboo : using his tallness to his advantage
    Tommy : failing horribly at life and the course
    Philza : just trying to live

    • @goobatr0n
      @goobatr0n 2 years ago +27

      its funny bc on the second wall jump thing it looked like ranboos legs were too long to just maneuver up there lol

    • @CrabLegsWinston
      @CrabLegsWinston 2 years ago +28

      Tubbo athletic as hell because he was a trampolinist

    • @robinade4110
      @robinade4110 2 years ago +18

      @@CrabLegsWinston he went national too i believe !!

    • @nosees9295
      @nosees9295 2 years ago

      Tommyinnit secret channel

  • @aaa-pt7bd
    @aaa-pt7bd 2 years ago +5

    “i turn away for one second, now tubbo- *he in da sky* ”
    (timestamp:) 7:45

  • @miii5414
    @miii5414 Year ago +2

    phil calling ranboo *long* just gave me 10 years of life

  • @beeishboi3792
    @beeishboi3792 8 months ago +2

    Ranboo's strategy: be tall and long
    Tubbo's strategy: become an inch worm😂 ( he's was actually doing pretty good)
    Tommy's strategy: bribe small child 😂
    Philza's strategy: hides in foam pit.

  • @mrpineapple-wj2tg
    @mrpineapple-wj2tg Year ago +5

    this is my favourite vlog out of them all to this day...
    ive watched it at least once a week since the day it came out, it never gets old.
    so so so so so so good man

  • @animatedmochi8144
    @animatedmochi8144 Year ago +3

    I love how flexible ranboo is and how energetic tubbo is!

  • @ph1lza
    @ph1lza 2 years ago +58904

    This course genuinely just made me realise how out of shape I am lmao. Got my cool VLOG MOMENT with the walls tho! :D

  • @rawwrrrhehe4365
    @rawwrrrhehe4365 Year ago +7

    Watching Tommy fall at Practically everything just made my day.

  • @Lee_vibezz
    @Lee_vibezz 3 months ago

    I've watched this so many times but that "Maybe we don't do that again" and that "Kids are a nightmare anyway" always get me LMAO

  • @Akirostar6288
    @Akirostar6288 Year ago +1

    I love how Jacob was so much calmer than other people meeting youtubers

    • @lils9143
      @lils9143 5 months ago +1

      He is not calm 😂he’s throwing basketballs at my head all of the time I enter the house

  • @moylis3437
    @moylis3437 11 months ago +1

    tommy asking a kid "can I swear at you" is so wholesome actually

  • @toruoikawa5183
    @toruoikawa5183 Year ago +9

    alternative title: *toby being more athletic than everyone and tommy being a father figure*

  • @deviousdirtbag6814
    @deviousdirtbag6814 2 years ago +2626

    ”Whats the strat ranboo?”
    ”Honestly, just run.”
    *[dies immediately]*

  • @BlazenAsh1
    @BlazenAsh1 Year ago +1

    I'm just loving going back and watching all these videos. My cheeks always hurt from smiling so much

  • @precioustanamor1276
    @precioustanamor1276 2 years ago +4


  • @-latte-9346
    @-latte-9346 Year ago +1

    I love how Phil was literally giving Ranboo therapy while Tommy was there literally swearing a at him LMFAO

  • @kimberlysale8522
    @kimberlysale8522 Year ago +4

    Tommy: (falls and gets whip flash)
    Tubbo: "you looked like when you pull a fish out of the water and it hits the side of the boat."
    I died😂😂

  • @RocioGarcia-pl8rs
    @RocioGarcia-pl8rs Year ago +2

    3:24 Tommy and Ranboo being chill while Ph1LzA and Toby fight
    4:34 Tommy straight(gay) up dying
    5:92 Tommy straight(gay) up dying part 2
    5:59 Ranboo not wanting Ph1LzA’s therapy
    8:30 We see how LONG Mr. Ranboo is

  • @nctsblackunderweardrawer
    @nctsblackunderweardrawer 2 years ago +966

    Tommy + Ranboo: STOP HE’S 8

  • @BeanZ013
    @BeanZ013 8 months ago +1

    tommy: chaotic child in pain
    Philza: brought his children to the park
    ranboo: L O N K
    Toby: actually good and flipping children off

  • @monie7516
    @monie7516 2 years ago +2

    That's real great advice Tubbo... Just tell yourself jokes to get through pain

  • @Foodright
    @Foodright Year ago +1

    Ranboo just jumping a quarter up that wall was the funniest thing ever

  • @Ed-zl1gs
    @Ed-zl1gs Year ago +1

    Philza:He's so long
    Ranboo:trying his best to get up
    Tubbo:short bee boy
    Tommy:probably being a father to jacob

  • @clairerossiter6145

    I love how ranboo is so relaxed and he's such a pro

  • @Yeahboii7648
    @Yeahboii7648 Year ago +3

    Jacob should be in the dream smp, he looks like pure lore material

  • @christiegammill219
    @christiegammill219 Year ago +1

    Tommy is the kind of person to see a little boy named Jacob and “ask is anybody going to ruin his life?” And not wait for an answer.

  • @VibeeYT
    @VibeeYT 6 months ago +2

    "Philza says don't skip leg day. Cause then you can't kick kids! " - Ph1lza, 2022

  • @KaiTheArtizt
    @KaiTheArtizt 2 years ago

    Phil referring to Ranboo as long literally gives me serotonin

  • @isla6704
    @isla6704 Year ago +1

    i like how tommy asked for permission to swear with the kids first it proves how sweet he is

  • @sentury.9157
    @sentury.9157 2 years ago +2877

    Jacob: we never started anything.

  • @JonesyJulien
    @JonesyJulien 2 years ago +8

    Phil with the "Toby nooo" when Tubbo went to fight a literal child lmfao

  • @despxir7897
    @despxir7897 Year ago +35

    6:37 Tommy had his foot first but Tubbo landed first

  • @Pleasedontconme
    @Pleasedontconme Year ago

    Jacob is the prime example of what most of Tommy's viewers look like, and I appreciate the realism. lol

  • @Endless-Vids
    @Endless-Vids Year ago +1

    Ranboo’s “you are a terrible person” sounded so innocent

  • @awakarikatase
    @awakarikatase Year ago +3

    "I told myself knock knock jokes until the pain went away" might be one of the saddest things I ever heared

    @LOOKSLIKEIMBACKASNARUTO 2 years ago +2602

    Tubbo: just athletic.
    Ranboo: cracked but tall.
    Tommy: dies at the end of the video.
    Philza: his wife is on the line.

  • @Sargent_Shrimp
    @Sargent_Shrimp Year ago +2

    "Have you heard of the high elves?" THIS PART KILLED ME

  • @wesnabell8843
    @wesnabell8843 2 years ago +2

    Lol, my happiness meter shot right up when tubbo started crawling on the spinning tube and said " I'll spin back round"😂

  • @spookykraft2270
    @spookykraft2270 Year ago +3

    Do you think Phil ever just feels weird being 33 hanging out with a bunch of teenagers

  • @half_asleep3269
    @half_asleep3269 Year ago +1

    tom: " some people find me annoying at first"
    Me : *dying when he smiles*
    also me: *never finding him annoying"
    0:38 *perfection* love this picture

  • @Child__.
    @Child__. Year ago

    I just love how when Tommy asked if he could swear at Jacob, he was just like, "Yeah :D"

  • @foreverless71
    @foreverless71 2 years ago +1451

    Legend says Jacob is still missing after Tommy said “You suck.”

  • @Little_PeePeeBoy_-if8vv

    This entire video is just Tubbo being *way* more athletic than you think he is

  • @alysonwallace486
    @alysonwallace486 Year ago +1

    Tubbo: *The athletic friend*
    Tommy: *adopts children in a child play centre*
    Philza: *The doctor
    Ranboo: *T A L L*
    Jacob: *well...he's just Jacob*

  • @zagginox
    @zagginox Year ago +1

    "I was born ok, but now I am mediocre."
    - TommyInnit, 2021

  • @MasterofTech333
    @MasterofTech333 Year ago

    As someone who does ninja warrior on a regular basis, this was hilarious

  • @ranch9167
    @ranch9167 Year ago

    3:10 Ranboo is such a mood- just standing there recording as Tubbo And Tommy fall

  • @meg9599
    @meg9599 2 years ago +575

    Honestly I think Tubbo’s “flipping Tommy off” face is one of my favorite facial expressions I’ve ever seen

  • @boguszmakowski2357
    @boguszmakowski2357 7 months ago

    Tommy feels fits comfortably around his target audience

  • @FxiryReese
    @FxiryReese 4 months ago

    Tommy: breaking all his limbs
    Ranboo:Very TALL
    Philza: Old but good at doing this 7:21
    Tubbo: actually very good.
    Jacob: Some kid who likes to flip people off.

  • @saltyhotchocolate3109

    "I was born okay... but now i am mediocre" - Tommy 2021

  • @Gacha_x_Misty
    @Gacha_x_Misty 10 months ago +1

    Aww honestly Tommy and Jacob warmed my heart ngl

  • @kyleejohnson8883
    @kyleejohnson8883 5 months ago +1

    I find it so funny ranboo is the same height as almost all the things there😂

  • @Yamaguchi_Tadashi
    @Yamaguchi_Tadashi 2 years ago +1763

    Seeing Tommy befriend kids is a whole 'nother level of laughing I've achieved

  • @sunsetskye483
    @sunsetskye483 Year ago +2

    Ranboo is tall, Tubbo’s athletic, and Tommy befriends random children

  • @DakotaEXE-vc8wv
    @DakotaEXE-vc8wv Year ago

    1:03 that fall was perfectly timed 😂

  • @gusedits6186
    @gusedits6186 7 months ago

    i love how everybody is going mad and having fun ranboo is just....there they just kinda go along the guys

  • @kmladwig2666
    @kmladwig2666 8 months ago

    "he don't know nobody" shall now be my favorite Tommy line.

  • @misty_3728
    @misty_3728 Year ago

    Tommys face when Tubbo said lol was just amazing.

  • @mnty.23
    @mnty.23 2 years ago +2621

    Tommy: gets hurt every obstacle
    Tubbo: actually good at the course
    Ranboo: the cool one that can do obstacles cause of height
    Philza: his WIFE is still on the line

  • @neptune7323
    @neptune7323 Year ago

    lets all acknowledge how Ranboo pulled this all together

  • @LovelyCloves
    @LovelyCloves Year ago

    I love how Tommy has a way of befriending random children

  • @samakers9225
    @samakers9225 Year ago

    Damn I’d give most things to befriend Ranboo in this situation 😂😂

  • @emilywelsh6751
    @emilywelsh6751 Year ago +1

    imagine being at this place and Tommy is now your father figure lol