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I Tested 1-Star Hotels (again)


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  • @davidgutierrez2705
    @davidgutierrez2705 Month ago +37058

    Ryan as someone who lives here in abq I can easily say that motel 6 is very dangerous 😂 lots of killings and shootings happen there regularly

    • @ryan
      @ryan  Month ago +23011

      this is not good

    • @andyisandy
      @andyisandy Month ago +1499


    • @CosyAnaa
      @CosyAnaa Month ago +1559


    • @l4g
      @l4g Month ago +476

      Don't translate...😠
      भवतः हृदयस्य धड़कनं कतिपयेषु घण्टेषु स्थगयिष्यति, अस्य शापस्य मुक्तिं प्राप्तुं एकमात्रं मार्गं मम चैनलस्य सदस्यतां कुर्वन्तु. …

    • @Niraol
      @Niraol Month ago +1562

      That place looks sketchy af. I'd stay there if I was hiding from someone and had a box of money and guns lol

  • @Music_Medium
    @Music_Medium Month ago +12506

    That security guard was definitely annoyed 😂😂

  • @Kee_luv_ho
    @Kee_luv_ho 21 day ago +363


    • @joezegers
      @joezegers 6 days ago +5

      Which is presumably the reason why she specially gave Ryan room 511

    • @Bloxfruit..15
      @Bloxfruit..15 Day ago


  • @akaneplayz5171
    @akaneplayz5171 25 days ago +302

    That security guard sounded sooo DONE with that question

  • @Aarongray0503
    @Aarongray0503 Month ago +12092

    whenever Ryan records himself walking away… all i can think about is him going back to grab it 😂

  • @reinadonato2523
    @reinadonato2523 Month ago +10552

    I like how the desk lady said it was haunted but with confidence Ryan: "I heard this place is haunted." Desk Lady: "IT SURE IIIS :D."

  • @ddlc_player.
    @ddlc_player. 23 days ago +480

    Ryan: "I heard this hotel is haunted"
    Vanity the Hotel Keeper Lady: "ITTT SURE IISS!! :D"

    • @lils9695
      @lils9695 18 days ago +10

      That lady was to excited about it 😅

    • @commentingalt2568
      @commentingalt2568 14 days ago

      stolen :)))

    • @BlueFlashR
      @BlueFlashR 12 days ago +7

      The fact that he got 511 as well

    • @kacpers1068
      @kacpers1068 6 days ago

      @@BlueFlashR yes he is so unlucky

    • @pamkearbey6138
      @pamkearbey6138 4 days ago +1

      Ryan: I heard this hotel is haunted” vanity the hotel keeper lady: IIIITTT SURREEE ISSS :D

  • @robertbraccio4101
    @robertbraccio4101 24 days ago +95

    That vending machine security guard has clearly been asked about the vending machine every day and is so tired of it 😂😂😂

  • @maggiealelew
    @maggiealelew Month ago +14183

    The front desk lady being STOKED about hauntings is a vibe

  • @MissesWitch
    @MissesWitch Month ago +2964

    the security guard one was too accurate!
    he just gave you a deep sigh!

  • @JaxonColby-jq9mn
    @JaxonColby-jq9mn 15 days ago +21

    The security guard being that upset that he asked for a vending machine in insane 💀

  • @moes_tavern_
    @moes_tavern_ 23 days ago +20

    Ryan I’m glad you made it out alive at that motel six in abq. It’s definitely not a safe hotel lol. I lived in abq for 12 years and that has always been a horrible spot.

  • @jackbauer408
    @jackbauer408 Month ago +3338

    “Benign calcifications, haunted toilets, and Rebecca”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @AwesomeQ27798
    @AwesomeQ27798 Month ago +1247

    The response the security guard did after Ryan ask where the vending machine made me laugh so hard. Bro had flashbacks of Joe.

    • @hepgaming6535
      @hepgaming6535 Month ago +14

      Joe- the god of telling the truth

    • @FunnyWaIrus
      @FunnyWaIrus Month ago +4

      Thats literally my name xD

    • @marshallriff978
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    • @Abbyybbyyyy
      @Abbyybbyyyy Month ago +4

      I died at this part lmaooo

    • @daddyboughtadonkey155
      @daddyboughtadonkey155 Month ago +1

      6̵ׁ̢̧̛̞̼̘͍̺̘̣̮̣͔͓͎ׅ̈́́̏͒̽̆̾̆͗̈́͘͜͠ͅ6̵ׁ̢̧̛̞̼̘͍̺̘̣̮̣͔͓͎ׅ̈́́̏͒̽̆̾̆͗̈́͘͜͠ͅ6̵ׁ̢̧̛̞̼̘͍̺̘̣̮̣͔͓͎ׅ̈́́̏͒̽̆̾̆͗̈́͘͜͠ͅ l̷̢̨̨̫̼͙̞͉̗͉̖̲̖̞̿̉i̵̢̢̡͚̩̞̥͕̜̻̫̩̐̈͘͜k̵̨̪̖͇͙͎̜͊̌͘͜ẹ̷͓̺̰̽̍͛̉̐̔͋̓̚͜️ş̵̛̳̍̃̏͆̏̂̎͌͘͝͝͝͝

  • @daft9097
    @daft9097 16 days ago +51

    The bullet Holes in the bed frame and the door is crazy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you have some big balls my friend

  • @ThemeParkBeast98
    @ThemeParkBeast98 8 days ago +4

    As someone who lives in Albuquerque I can confirm that Motel 6 is horrible. There are police raids at least once a week and always someone getting shot. Our sunsets are nice though, especially the way the Sandia Mountains look during sunsets.

  • @AliKehLan
    @AliKehLan Month ago +2386

    I'm dead that "no breast-milk in the fridge" 11:01 has become the standard for Ryan's hotel fridge checks😂

    • @uema-us4pc
      @uema-us4pc Month ago +9

      @@AdultSwimDaily ฉันจะสมัครรับข้อมูลใครก็ตามที่สมัครรับข้อมูล ฉันและชอบความคิดเห็นนี้.

    • @CharlotteTheDood
      @CharlotteTheDood Month ago +4


    • @MarqueeliusThe_III
      @MarqueeliusThe_III Month ago +27

      The amount of bots in this comment section is crazy 🤖

    • @Theinfinittimeboys
      @Theinfinittimeboys Month ago

      Ik so funny

    • @Therandombros123
      @Therandombros123 Month ago

      @@uema-us4pc I did

  • @whitneesand2578
    @whitneesand2578 Month ago +1043

    Ryan - “excuse me sir, where is the vending machine?”
    Security guard - *all of his deep, unresolved beef in an inhale and exhale*

  • @notaddi3
    @notaddi3 Month ago +1590

    "You might get kicked out, It would be an honor." Is crazyyy bro 😭

    • @Mimi-the-therian
      @Mimi-the-therian Month ago +3

      @@limeedhottf are you talking abt

    • @user-rp3ev3ru8t
      @user-rp3ev3ru8t Month ago +3

      @@limeedhot unless there a billionaire your definitely not going to get that

    • @Satgamer80d
      @Satgamer80d Month ago +2

      @@Mimi-the-therian prtty sure he was mocking a deleted bot comment about some guy wanting followers or somsething

    • @limeedhot
      @limeedhot Month ago +1

      @@Mimi-the-therian mocking a deleted bot comment about some guy wanting followers or somsething

    • @limeedhot
      @limeedhot Month ago +1

      @@Mimi-the-therian the original comment was like
      My parents said that if I hit 25k subscribers by my birthday then I would get a PC!!! Pls guys im literally begging you!!!!

  • @sherylalto
    @sherylalto Month ago +447

    Hotel Phillips that receptionist was so nice😂 She actually thought you were doing paranormal investigation that’s why she gave you room 511. So sweet😂

    • @GalaxyGuyGamingYT
      @GalaxyGuyGamingYT Month ago +9

      Lol true

    • @SirWarden
      @SirWarden Month ago +48

      That actually makes sense! I thought he requested it off camera

    • @user-su6wg5yh9u
      @user-su6wg5yh9u Month ago +1

      bro thats true

    • @juleisha123
      @juleisha123 Month ago +26

      Yeah I was wondering if it was a coincidence that he got room 511 or if he specifically asked for it! On hindsight, seeing that he brought all the paranormal devices, I wouldnt be surprised if he requested for it off camera

    • @SirWarden
      @SirWarden Month ago +1

      @@juleisha123 True.

  • @luisiiimacalino9884
    @luisiiimacalino9884 3 days ago +2

    Ryan- *excuse me sir , where isthe vending machine?*
    Security guard- *all of his deep, unresolved beef in an inhale and exhale*

  • @Elzz111
    @Elzz111 24 days ago +6

    Oh my gosh! I always see the motel 6 in Albuquerque when driving on the highway, super sketchy!!

  • @2doot
    @2doot Month ago +499

    The desk lady at the Kansas City haunted hotel seemed like such a sweetie, I love her enthusiasm 😭😭

    • @gradymilholen9979
      @gradymilholen9979 Month ago +3

      JLY! Romans 10:9 “…be saved.” Jesus Christ knows and has all you will ever need! The answer to your prayers might not always be a direct/instant yes or no!!!!

  • @lindsayschmidt2177
    @lindsayschmidt2177 Month ago +637

    At this point I’m convinced Ryan just has excellent vibes that immediately improve every place he stays at

    • @HG_Budde
      @HG_Budde Month ago +31

      He does. At least he's got a very friendly, sympathetic and open personality, he kinda leaks and radiates joy, happiness and friendliness (at least in the videos, I sadly have yet to meet and experience him in person, so I go by his internet persona) 😁

    • @zoealexis7647
      @zoealexis7647 Month ago +25

      it is Jesus in his heart! :)

    • @ezioauditoredafirenze1171
      @ezioauditoredafirenze1171 Month ago +2

      damn, I live in this city and I didn't even know that place was haunted lol

    • @user-en3by7ou6l
      @user-en3by7ou6l Month ago

      Bro is the god of happiness

    • @caliiinoel
      @caliiinoel Month ago

      @@HG_Budde he's nice in person, too! ran into him in times square in 2019!

  • @NathanVisagie573
    @NathanVisagie573 27 days ago +9

    This is mt first vid ever watching from you and I really love it
    Good job bro

  • @akioxkawaiithe1st
    @akioxkawaiithe1st 12 days ago +2

    When I saw the review "room 511 is haunted" I thought of Sam and Colby immediately

  • @meavina
    @meavina Month ago +601

    12:09 the security guard def got that question millions of times 😭

  • @Sh4rkzz0n3x
    @Sh4rkzz0n3x Month ago +209

    The security guard just exhaling and inhaling is hilarious.

  • @harps2310
    @harps2310 16 days ago +12

    Him bringing a stud finder to hunt for ghosts makes my life 😂

  • @connergoldsborough4093
    @connergoldsborough4093 15 days ago +6

    I love the king fu panda movies! I’m so glad you’ve finally seen them!😁

  • @grammeland1
    @grammeland1 Month ago +1467

    "Is it haunted?"
    "It sure is! 😄"

  • @cyanyde4950
    @cyanyde4950 Month ago +712

    that last hotel room is literally nicer than my ENTIRE apartment complex as a whole wtf, it's sooooo nice and the staff being super friendly yeah whole place deserved the 5 stars without trying nicest hotel I've ever seen. I can see why the rooms are like $300/night lavish af.

      @GOJOSATORUWILLIVE Month ago +6

      Bro is an absolute menace for not watching Kung Fu Panda

    • @jeepathecreepa
      @jeepathecreepa Month ago +32

      None of these are 1 star hotels...Google them..its kind of annoying that he legit lies..or takes two random comments from thousands of decent reviews snd chooses the ones that are prob pissed former employees or the exes of whomever they are mentioning by name ..like Rebecca..even the Detroit hotel is a 3 star hotel ..eyeroll

    • @JeriahDowns
      @JeriahDowns Month ago

      ​@@jeepathecreepaI think he uses Yelp and not google reviews

    • @tru3pain211
      @tru3pain211 Month ago +22

      @@jeepathecreepa the title is a lie, but clearly in the video he shows the right review, welcome to clickbaiting,

    • @trevor245
      @trevor245 Month ago +10

      @@jeepathecreepa He shows the average rating in the video?

  • @friidanilsson
    @friidanilsson 5 days ago

    Just have to comment on your hair man, GORGEOUS😻👌🏻

  • @user-sr6yp7dy6g
    @user-sr6yp7dy6g 15 days ago +6

    I'm genuinely glad you were ok in New Mexico lmao

  • @EygptianReaper
    @EygptianReaper Month ago +594

    “The toilet is haunted. Did the ghost wipe your butt” got me rolling on the floor so hard😂😂

  • @Le-ke
    @Le-ke Month ago +631

    "The roaches aren't the flying kind so that good" that was hilarious 😂😂

  • @emnosaurusrex
    @emnosaurusrex 5 days ago +1

    I love that the security guard sighed, bro was like “no way another person is asking me about this.”

  • @BryanJulian-su1nn
    @BryanJulian-su1nn 21 day ago +2

    This is amazing. You should make a series about this

  • @Mxseify
    @Mxseify Month ago +1071

    security guard getting pissed about the vending machine is hilarious

    • @LiIbro14
      @LiIbro14 Month ago +5


    • @Blind_Bear
      @Blind_Bear Month ago +54

      Why he so mad fr lmfao

    • @ColtonFaye-pg5ih
      @ColtonFaye-pg5ih Month ago +9

      Fr bro I’m dying laughing at 1 in the morning rn

    • @alandownard
      @alandownard Month ago +2

      Yeah like how’d he know 😂

    • @boltthunder2061
      @boltthunder2061 Month ago +37

      @@Blind_Bear people saw that review and choose to find the vending machines then ask him where they are

  • @pandabeear
    @pandabeear Month ago +628

    WOAH woah Ryan! Total cliff hanger with the Security guard/vending machine incident! I NEED to know what happened after the intense *exhale*!

    • @GalileoYT
      @GalileoYT Month ago +57

      he cut that part for a reason😂

    • @OrenMystery
      @OrenMystery Month ago +29

      @@GalileoYT legends say unspeakable things happened there.

    • @julias_editss
      @julias_editss Month ago +5

      He’s probably been asked that so ma’am times

    • @Zekethe8th
      @Zekethe8th Month ago +9

      My guess is the security guard was mean about it and Ryan just didn't want to include it because it would ruin the vibes of the video and he probably felt embarrassed about it, I would too.

  • @user-cb9og3vd4y
    @user-cb9og3vd4y 25 days ago +2

    Ryan asks “is this place hunted?” Fount desk says “ it sure is! ☺️” 😂😂😂

  • @Galaxypapyrus
    @Galaxypapyrus 26 days ago

    You should totally try Rodeway Inn in Brookville PA. Used to work there and the procedures and whatnot were forgotten 😅

  • @FedadOSRS
    @FedadOSRS Month ago +359

    "i'm out of sour strips" was the scariest part of that haunted 511 room

    • @MissRobeyn
      @MissRobeyn Month ago +1

      @@Potatoincanada201Unknow-bv1yyok we don’t care

    • @LDFXMusic
      @LDFXMusic Month ago +8

      ​@@MissRobeyn you cared enough to reply to them 💀

    • @KeywordForTheMagic
      @KeywordForTheMagic Month ago +3

      ​@@MissRobeyneh, i care

    • @theironycomedy6
      @theironycomedy6 Month ago +16

      ​@@MissRobeyn did you even watch the video? that's one of the things Ryan said in the middle of the night.

    • @Heartsickkk
      @Heartsickkk Month ago +7

      @@theironycomedy6finally someone said it

  • @user-ik5jt1rl5x
    @user-ik5jt1rl5x 28 days ago +458

    Having the staff members be willing to talk about hauntings is actually such a great marketing tactic

    • @enggraved
      @enggraved 25 days ago +2

      Don't translate...
      ฉันจะสมัครรับข้อมูลใครก็ตามที่สมัครรับข้อมูล ฉันและชอบความคิดเห็นนี้
      .... • • •

    • @0SUPOV
      @0SUPOV 25 days ago +12

      If you read this, all curses that have been inflicted upon you will cease and no longer effect you.

    • @miyokou.w
      @miyokou.w 19 days ago +5

      ​@@0SUPOVyou ain't god bozo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂💯💯💯

    • @0SUPOV
      @0SUPOV 19 days ago

      @@miyokou.w it’s okay my child you will learn in time 🙏☝🏼

    • @miyokou.w
      @miyokou.w 19 days ago +4

      @@0SUPOV learn in time my ass👆👆👆🤣🤣🤣

  • @BAMCarter12
    @BAMCarter12 17 days ago +3

    "ellie has some Personal beef"
    "please tell me Rebecca is off today" ahahaha!!

  • @amnaamir5206
    @amnaamir5206 10 days ago +44

    Every like I’ll do 100 pushups

  • @faithmarshall309
    @faithmarshall309 Month ago +260

    "I was protected by both the Spirit of God and my light blue pajamas" 😂😂

  • @iuheehdkfmghejoekdfm
    @iuheehdkfmghejoekdfm Month ago +217

    The desk lady at the Kansas City haunted hotel seemed like such a sweetie,I love enthusiasm 😭😭

    • @milirodriguez8493
      @milirodriguez8493 Month ago +7

      The excitement in her voice when he asked if it was haunted 😅 it was so funny but sweet lol

    • @remedyvammie
      @remedyvammie Month ago

      @@milirodriguez8493whoa hey, 27 minutes ago! uhh, same-time buddies??

    • @leto222
      @leto222 Month ago +1


    • @Human_6181
      @Human_6181 Month ago +1

      Yeah it’s pretty sweet. But personally I would rather NOT be excited about that😭😂💀

    • @kingcreesto2308
      @kingcreesto2308 Month ago

      Word for word

  • @brody1883
    @brody1883 21 day ago +2

    Watching from Australia and for me, it would be a no-go zone. The bed is made out of pallets with some random legs.🤣🤣 Could say plenty more

  • @nassir565
    @nassir565 11 days ago +1

    ‘kung fu panda is loading…’ Made me burst out laughing for near to no reason.

  • @user-ju1ss2nz1t
    @user-ju1ss2nz1t 16 days ago +3

    The way he wanted to check if the guy coughing was ok is just a wholesome moment Ryan is the nicest person I know

  • @eeeeeeeema-fh4td
    @eeeeeeeema-fh4td Month ago +612

    love how ryan keeps saying jammy time but wakes up without his jammys everyday

  • @Srtypo_2763
    @Srtypo_2763 Month ago +196

    Ryan, You are the definition of the term "Look on the bright side!" and I love it. Keep up the good work!

    • @QuizzicalSoup
      @QuizzicalSoup Month ago +2

      He kinda reminds me of N from murder drones with all his positivity sometimes.

    • @Ioquacks
      @Ioquacks Month ago +3


  • @user-ul8lt1mx8e
    @user-ul8lt1mx8e 3 days ago +1

    Ryan be like:
    I get:
    -Jammy time
    You get:
    -To watch me eat milk and cookies

  • @candacekrestel9566
    @candacekrestel9566 13 days ago

    I love seeing RUclipsrs coming to NM, just warms my heart to see them see how janky it is here 🥰

  • @Lucasisgoated
    @Lucasisgoated Month ago +332

    21:10 "I'm out of sour strips" Bro ryans business haunting him in his sleeo

  • @rishan_khadakiwale
    @rishan_khadakiwale Month ago +382

    " I almost bought a bitcoin in 2011'' had me laughing 🤣🤣
    (Thank you for 200+ likes guys I'm famous😎)

    • @Whimsiio
      @Whimsiio Month ago +4

      haha so funny 😐

    • @henrywong4599
      @henrywong4599 Month ago +23

      @Whimsiio whats wrong with you?

    • @kittiq
      @kittiq Month ago +24

      @@Whimsiio dont be sarcastic, keep your opinions to yourself :)

    • @MsHojat
      @MsHojat Month ago +2

      I almost did too. Or whenever it was around 20$. I thought that I missed the spike though and that 20$ was too high for it.

    • @zamhaq8866
      @zamhaq8866 Month ago


  • @sierrawells5211
    @sierrawells5211 18 days ago +3

    I love your videos I worry about watching people and my parents walk in and there language is questionable but my mom was saying “who is this guy he is hilarious” 😂

  • @mesihbaraku6175
    @mesihbaraku6175 26 days ago +4

    Man i just saw ur video randomly and i want to say that i love ur positivity and ur personality and that u are a really great person and funny one

  • @Micheal_Af0ton-689_
    @Micheal_Af0ton-689_ Month ago +145

    I love at 12:20 the guard just sounded angry asf
    I also likes that moment of silence just waiting for the guard to respond

  • @CommanderSheen
    @CommanderSheen Month ago +258

    “The animatronics tend to get a bit…quirky at night.”

  • @luisiiimacalino9884
    @luisiiimacalino9884 4 days ago +1

    *Ryan: Did the ghost wipe your butt?* me rn dieing on the floor 💀

  • @theofficialwoohoogamers
    @theofficialwoohoogamers 26 days ago +1

    I read that review at 22:43 , here's what I remember:
    A museum booked them at the hotel and couldn't change it, so they were "FORCED" to go there. They compare it to the "Embassy Suites" around the start.
    Hesitant about giving their credit card for a $100 "hold." The "king" room had NO fridge, microwave, and a dangerous shower you could slip on and get hurt. They also read complaints for extra charges (foreshadowing), bed bugs, and that the hallway looks like "The Shining" (it did). They found some discarded plates of food, which was never cleaned up, the staff was rude (including the manager), and they trick you with the nice lobby. They got 2 holds for $200.00 causing overdraft, and it was NEVER resolved, because their bank wasn't available nearby, and the hotel did NOTHING (other than ignoring and being more rude). And finally, the review confirms the other terrible reviews.

  • @UniQxV
    @UniQxV Month ago +238

    16:33 out of all the rooms, he got the first supposed "haunted" room that he knew 💀

    • @CharlieCacha
      @CharlieCacha 29 days ago


    • @pjextra2430
      @pjextra2430 29 days ago +12

      He did it on purpose, why he have all that ghost hunting stuff.

    • @edsweet2858
      @edsweet2858 27 days ago +7

      It was almost certainly prearranged or the staff member he talked to when checking in put him in it after hearing he was after ghosts

    • @CJacuzzi
      @CJacuzzi 27 days ago

      @@pjextra2430 Yeah all the ghost hunting stuff. Like the stud finder

    • @enggraved
      @enggraved 25 days ago

      dont translate...

  • @faithmarshall309
    @faithmarshall309 Month ago +443

    If anyone can make me laugh, it's Ryan. From his sarcasm to silliness to friendliness to twists and turns, his videos make me happy.

  • @Andrew-James921
    @Andrew-James921 25 days ago +1

    I subscribed to you for no reason but this is actually really good

  • @Skill-Issue-Ent
    @Skill-Issue-Ent 26 days ago +1

    Him: "Is this place REALLY haunted?"
    Her: "IT SURE IS!" *cute laughs*
    Him: "OH...." *shits pants*

  • @TheRobertLeach
    @TheRobertLeach Month ago +162

    The PURE chaos at 14:08 is why I love this dude
    “Benign calcification. UPS TRUCK”

  • @xXLuna_YunaXx
    @xXLuna_YunaXx Month ago +187

    2:16 "Bonus: the cockroaches are not the flying kind, so that's good 😃" 🤣

    @AADABOSS42 5 days ago

    You are genius my man! I love your content! Totally amazing! ❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • @jwapo9753
    @jwapo9753 19 days ago +1

    Don’t know how I ended up watching this but this was pretty funny, new sub 🤘

  • @Recoveryaccount-rf1wh
    @Recoveryaccount-rf1wh Month ago +299

    that security guard "inhale, exhale"he definatily was annoyed 🤣

  • @plxqee_dre
    @plxqee_dre Month ago +272

    That security guard made me feel guilty through the screen 😭💀

  • @YeeliaCoconut
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      ฉันจะสมัครรับข้อมูลใครก็ตามที่สมัครรับข้อมูล ฉันและชอบความคิดเห็นนี้
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