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CLOSE CALL: Tampa Police Officer Narrowly Avoids Wrong-Way Drivers

  • Published on Sep 19, 2022
  • WATCH: Tampa Police Officer Van Treese narrowly avoids colliding with two wrong-way drivers while transporting a DUI suspect to jail Sunday. Police are still looking for both vehicles.
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Comments • 137

  • Jordan Ferrone
    Jordan Ferrone 16 days ago +91

    Looks like a road rage incident. Van was tailing the sedan pretty hard.

    • myfinalcut
      myfinalcut 14 days ago

      It looks more like it was bumper to bumper pushing the lead vehicle. It was probably broken down.

    • ray dalton
      ray dalton 16 days ago +1

      @Rip Murdock amen

    • Rip Murdock
      Rip Murdock 16 days ago +1

      @MsDropofrain I don't care about protocol under those circumstances.
      You turn that patrol car around and get some license plates or follow until someone else can take over.
      There could have been a kidnapped victim in that car and the van was trying help the victim.

    • MsDropofrain
      MsDropofrain 16 days ago

      @Rip Murdock did you read the description above? "while transporting a DUI suspect to jail "

  • Slapshot Jack
    Slapshot Jack 16 days ago +14

    I remember something like this happened to me once but it was the cop going the wrong way. He was responding to an emergency and he was behind a a truck waiting for me to turn left so he jumped out from behind the truck and flipped his lights on I’m sure he didn’t see me either and thankfully on that 2 lane road there was a gas station next to me that didn’t have any barriers in the parking lot so I swerved real quickly into it and in the blink of an eye I was back on the road trying to process what just happened. Literally stuff like this amazes me how so many people text and drive and act like stuff like this never will happen because one moment you could be looking at your phone then the next moment you’ve smashed into a careless driver making a left turn or struck a pedestrian and when the cops find a phone was involved you’re immediately seen at fault

    • Ryan coulter
      Ryan coulter 14 days ago

      In high-school a friend of mine was hospitalized when cop, driving on the wrong side of a two lane road, no lights or sirens, hit her head on. She was cited for reckless driving.

  • N Premoe
    N Premoe 16 days ago +49

    Dude didn't even try to light them up or pull a u-turn?.... Seems pretty odd.
    *edit Turns out there was already an arrest in the car. And according to Agent Jean's and the late&great FedSmoker... YOU GOTTA FOLLOW PROTO!*

    • Thomas Skodzinsky
      Thomas Skodzinsky 13 days ago

      He lit up. You didn't see it?

    • Dj
      Dj 15 days ago

      He had someone in the car for drunk driving for get this... the wrong way.

    • bryce Runyan
      bryce Runyan 15 days ago +1

      Touch my camera through the driver side window ya'll!

    • Matthew Smithwick
      Matthew Smithwick 16 days ago +3

      Such an odd place to find a YMH reference but you bet I’m coming up in may!

    • Warlord
      Warlord 16 days ago

      Yes, you have to follow the protocol that's why he called it in since he is now responsible for the arrestee's life for however long they remain under his custody.

  • Noneshere
    Noneshere 16 days ago +7

    That van was riding way too close if he was pushing the car in front.
    Could of been road rage going down too.

  • Terri Daniels
    Terri Daniels 15 days ago +1

    This could have very well been a trafficking ring going on. The van may have been following that car to kidnap the occupant, especially that they were not only going the wrong way but the van was tailgating.

  • Chris M
    Chris M 15 days ago +2

    The way I drive, I look far and toggle my eyes, looking everywhere. I saw them coming around the corner before the officer saw them.

  • IFailedLife
    IFailedLife 16 days ago

    I was transporting a patient with my partner in the back. I entered a two lane highway going northbound and was getting up to speed when a car behind me tried to overtake me on my left when I noticed a set of headlights in front of me in the left lane and I had no time to react. The wrong way vehicle went head on with the vehicle trying to pass me at highway speed. It happened directly next to my ambulance, the passing vehicle had nowhere to go. He lived, the wrong way driver didn't.

  • Alice Gorsen
    Alice Gorsen 16 days ago +4

    Years ago my husband & I were out driving about 3:30 am out in Llano/Burnet county in Tx. & we had a pick up truck that we passed by that was sitting at a rest area.... Well when we drove by him after we'd passed him, he pulled out onto the highway & started to fallow us..... When he caught up he start tailgating us, than he kept trying to pass him my husband wouldn't let him pass us up..... Anyways I think the guy thought that there was only one of us in the truck & once he realized there were two of us he immediately got off of the highway & left.... Of course this was about 28yrs ago, so we didn't have a cell phone at that time.... But later on we called the Burnet County & Llano county sheriff's deptmnts & told them what had happened.... But the way that van is on the cars bumper makes me believe he's trying to run that guy off of the road having I'll intentions..... Be careful out there people are crazy.....

  • Flyingfast79
    Flyingfast79 16 days ago

    The elderly drivers in the Tampa area are so dangerous !!!!! Totally handicapped, can't stay in their lane, entering major roads without yielding to traffic, I'm dodging them on the road every day...

  • Tiffany Storey
    Tiffany Storey 15 days ago +1

    Definitely wouldn't fly with Pinellas County Deputies.. just ask the officer that was almost killed saving thousands of lives from a wrong way driver approaching the Skyway bridge during a run- a - thon for a charity..
    Don't let that amazing officer go unnoticed!
    True meaning of TO PROTECT AND TO SERVE!

  • Max Bang
    Max Bang 16 days ago +5

    Wow! This happened to me once. The NJ state trooper ( directly in front of me) took the hit, he was ok) AN elderly man became confused on an exit ramp. I stopped, to be with the man and the officers until EMT units arrived. The officers possibly saved my life.

    • Aaron Jones
      Aaron Jones 16 days ago +1

      @OnceShyTwiceBitten Police vehicles, especially patrol pursuit vehicles, have body reinforcements and push bars. They are significantly hardier against front-end collisions than a regular passenger car.

    • Unknown
      Unknown 16 days ago

      ​@OnceShyTwiceBitten cop cars are way more protected than regular everyday vehicles, that's why the other car always has significantly more damage the the cops car.

    • OnceShyTwiceBitten
      OnceShyTwiceBitten 16 days ago

      if the cop didn't die let alone injured, why do you think you would have? lmao

  • Face Diaper
    Face Diaper 16 days ago +5

    Something fishy about that box truck tailgating the car heading the wrong way.
    I'd have flipped around my patrol car and gone after.
    Who cares about the dude in handcuffs in back seat.

  • JonPaul Cottrell
    JonPaul Cottrell 16 days ago

    So it's ok to drive like that now in Tampa!
    What possible excuse could the LEO have?
    Who pays that cop???

  • realbhopwood
    realbhopwood 16 days ago +2

    Those drivers don't read sign language?🥴

  • lowLightEvangelist
    lowLightEvangelist 16 days ago +2

    Seeing this is like most weeks riding my bicycle...close.

    ZACH DAVIS 16 days ago

    "Really"--what's he got, a drunk ride along or was that the prisoner talking? LOL

  • Eagles Defense
    Eagles Defense 16 days ago

    Two vehicles would almost have me convinced I missed the One Way~Do Not Enter sign.

  • eric higgonbotham
    eric higgonbotham 15 days ago

    Wow do your job flip around with lights and sirens. You just keep going .that was cleary road rage and they dump off into more traffic..love paying for your job.

  • P. Brown
    P. Brown 15 days ago +3

    So he’s not gonna turn around and go pull them over or see what’s going on? Wow!

    • NSUScooter
      NSUScooter 10 days ago

      That’s crazy. Some people have all the luck. Whoever was driving the wrong way needs to play the lottery.
      There’s a 0% chance that I could’ve gotten away with that when I can’t even turn out of a parking lot onto an empty road without getting pulled over

    • Heinz Henry
      Heinz Henry 10 days ago

      "while transporting a DUI suspect to jail "

    • Heinz Henry
      Heinz Henry 10 days ago

      He had an ongoing arrest in his car according to the reports

    • Eric Swift
      Eric Swift 14 days ago

      My thoughts too. He just calls it in to the police. Lol. Maybe they will handle it. Lol SMH.

  • genmaxpain
    genmaxpain 16 days ago +1

    van was a shunt vehicle pushing a stolen car(a shunt vehicle is used to push a stolen car that cannot be started)

  • Kell Brigan
    Kell Brigan 16 days ago

    Yeah, but... Some of this is bad road design and signage. If you look at the historical numbers re. accidents and arrests, some on-ramps -- especially older ones -- need to be reconfigured or lit up like Christmas in order for people to not be confused on a regular basis.

  • Steve V
    Steve V 14 days ago

    Must have been end of shift and a cold one was waiting for him…why no pursuit

  • Tiffany Storey
    Tiffany Storey 15 days ago

    Absolutely hilarious how y'all are ignorantly focused on tailgating.. y'all definitely missin' the big picture here.. 🤡🙈
    Some comments are spewing ignorance

  • Scott Till
    Scott Till 15 days ago

    Drones and magnetic GPS trackers, could eliminate 90% of dangerous police chases

  • Julian Wind
    Julian Wind 16 days ago +1

    Why didn’t they, I don’t know, go after them?!

    • Heinz Henry
      Heinz Henry 10 days ago

      "while transporting a DUI suspect to jail"
      He had to stick to his protocol and bring the guy to jail first, before doing anything else

  • Eric Swift
    Eric Swift 14 days ago

    Doesn't bust a U with his lights on to warn other drivers?

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 16 days ago

    Why's he not flipped it round and gone after them code 3?

  • Belinda Thrasher
    Belinda Thrasher 14 days ago

    They were towing the van

  • Cedrid Lefthand
    Cedrid Lefthand 16 days ago

    He has a prisoner in the back that's why he couldn't chase them right

  • jayp pop
    jayp pop 15 days ago

    What a great cop didn't even stop 🙄🙄🙄

    • Heinz Henry
      Heinz Henry 10 days ago

      "while transporting a DUI suspect to jail "
      He wasn't allowed to stop if he's transporting someone :)

  • Dustin Moore
    Dustin Moore 16 days ago

    I would need a pair of boxers after that 🧐🧐🧐

  • Official flag of monkey pox

    Apparently this cop doesn't do u-turns

  • Kneebomb11
    Kneebomb11 14 days ago

    Lol just keeps rolling away

  • Nicole W
    Nicole W 16 days ago +5

    EDIT: I thought this was a different video entirely! My bad.
    The people in the vehicle ahead of this first responder (I don’t think he was a police officer), were attempting to trap him by stopping in a narrow tunnel and likely going to attempt to rob him while being armed. I saw this on Instagram about a week ago

    • Nicole W
      Nicole W 16 days ago

      @Matt Leluc you right 😆 I thought this was a different video

    • Nicole W
      Nicole W 16 days ago

      @OnlyXans oh yeah you right. I didn’t watch more than a few seconds of this video it looked like the exact same video. My bad 😅

    • Charlie GSRP
      Charlie GSRP 16 days ago +1

      He had a suspect in the back. They can't put his life in danger by chasing after them the wrong way

    • OnlyXans
      OnlyXans 16 days ago +3

      you’re thinking of a completely different video filmed in mexico. i saw it too. you’re not even close though dude

    • Matt Leluc
      Matt Leluc 16 days ago +1

      no he was definitely a police officer…

  • Karen Soesbe
    Karen Soesbe 16 days ago

    Seriously? Drug and ETOH testing. Wtf?

  • Gordon Harper
    Gordon Harper 6 days ago

    Why didn't you do you turn and follow them.

  • John Kwan
    John Kwan 16 days ago +1

    As a retired poelice wit over tirty five
    years service i must sa

  • Thomas Matarazzo
    Thomas Matarazzo 15 days ago

    This is 100% Hillsborough county's fault . The way they have laid out the ramps on your side of the road , so it looks like a off ramp but is going the opposite direction. No real signs that say wrong way . Easy to go up one of these ramps especially at night when traffic is slow , so you don't see the flow. I would say about 50 people a year are killed in this area alone from these ramps

    • Tristan
      Tristan 14 days ago

      @Thomas Matarazzo Yea it's not a good design...they should remove that little side exit to the left and just make you do a u turn on 78th.

    • Thomas Matarazzo
      Thomas Matarazzo 14 days ago

      @Tristan the fact the ramp is on your side of the road and heads in the same direction is the problem. Pretty easy to miss a 1x1 wrong way sign in the middle of the night . Head on collision in Tampa from the same thing are way too active

    • Tristan
      Tristan 14 days ago

      Multiple wrong way sign at that entrance.

  • Optimal Defiance
    Optimal Defiance 13 days ago

    CMC King 👑 does not approve 😆

  • Catalyst 3012
    Catalyst 3012 16 days ago +9

    Why didn’t the Cop turnaround and pursue them?

    • K Bro
      K Bro 16 days ago

      Donuts stop to make

    • Catalyst 3012
      Catalyst 3012 16 days ago +1

      You probably right. 👍🏽

    • abutts02
      abutts02 16 days ago

      I believe he already had a suspect in the car from another crime.

    • Wilko 3017
      Wilko 3017 16 days ago

      Dunkin donuts was about to close

    • Andrew R
      Andrew R 16 days ago

      @JOSEPH VELA there’s no excuse they be having people in the back seat and still doing chasing

  • 🌏PAX🍃
    🌏PAX🍃 16 days ago

    2Fast2Furious2Dumbs 🤕🤕🤕🤕

  • Stella Davila
    Stella Davila 16 days ago

    I hate that road! There is no way to tell if someone is coming or going. You can’t see other drivers. I was going 45 the speed limit on that express and somone going 120 mph came up behind me and almost sent me over the side and I would have perished. He swerved to not run into me and when he swerved back I saw him swerving into to me and just about clip me through my peripheral vision. So I instantly braked to slow and moved to the right to avoid being clipped. I hate that express! It’s a death trap!

    • Tyler P
      Tyler P 15 days ago

      the speed limit is never 45 on the expressway, getting off maybe. it's 55 and 65 in some areas. I drive it to work almost everyday

  • The Real Hungry Joe
    The Real Hungry Joe 16 days ago +1

    Reasons why not to visit Florida:

    • P272
      P272 16 days ago +1

      Yes, please dont come!

    • Jay F
      Jay F 16 days ago +2

      Good. Don’t come here.

    • Alexis le bienheureux
      Alexis le bienheureux 16 days ago +3

      @The Real Hungry Joe no I am french living in Asia but I love America and Americans 🙂🙏
      Le bienheureux means "the happy guy". It's a nickname people gave me because I never show my problems and I always look for solutions to a problem instead of complaining. Maybe I got some American genes 😁

    • PanThePanPan
      PanThePanPan 16 days ago +2

      @The Real Hungry Joe florida is probably one of the better states, excluding our hellish heat

    • The Real Hungry Joe
      The Real Hungry Joe 16 days ago

      @Alexis le bienheureux with a last name like that, are you from Louisiana?!

  • Chris Bowers
    Chris Bowers 11 days ago

    Why didn't they turn around and get um

  • Keila Fleischbein
    Keila Fleischbein 16 days ago +23

    I've seen a lot of people say the cop should have stopped and turned around.
    He had a DUI arrested in the back of his car, and it would not only be against protocol to pursue, but extremely dangerous. There's no seatbelts in there.
    2 cars driving wrong way is dangerous, but 3 is even more dangerous. Better to call it in so police can set up a roadblock to diver traffic

    • Stephen Alley
      Stephen Alley 10 days ago

      @Keila Fleischbein the angle of the seat is so they can buckle you in while in cuffs.

    • P. Brown
      P. Brown 15 days ago +1

      They have been going against protocol from day one… So what makes this different? I have seen 10 cops on high speed chases going the wrong way many of times! Sorry, I’m not buying it…

    • Ben Hooper
      Ben Hooper 15 days ago +1

      @Keila Fleischbein most cop cars have seatbelts that they have to strap you into because of the number of lawsuits from people being detained in a cop car that gets in an accident. But no, they are not designed for comfort in any way.

    • Keila Fleischbein
      Keila Fleischbein 16 days ago

      @Stephen Alley there's hard plastic seats, you've got your arms cuffed behind your back, there's no seatbelt, and the angle of the seat is very awkward, especially with your arms fixed behind you. In an accident, there would be broken bones.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex 16 days ago


  • LawAbiding Citizen
    LawAbiding Citizen 16 days ago +3

    A van following that close, Looks to me like a kidnapping about to happen. the cop should have made an attempt

  • Herman Mudgett
    Herman Mudgett 16 days ago

    His partner must of been sleeping. He said, "really?" lmao!

  • J E
    J E 16 days ago +3

    Police kept it moving. haha didnt even turn around. So lazy

    • Unknown
      Unknown 16 days ago

      He already has someone arrested in the back seat which means he can't chase them and has to just call it in.

  • Benny C
    Benny C 16 days ago +2

    So you'd rather just radio ahead & hope you don't get a call to go clean up a crime scene instead of turning around quickly, throwing lights & sirens on and preventing a fatality? Nah rather just nonchalantly head to the donut shop..... no wonder no one has any respect for cops anymore 🤦

  • Ben Hooper
    Ben Hooper 16 days ago +3

    He just calls it in?! Do you think maybe that is something worth pursuing yourself???

    • Scott Till
      Scott Till 15 days ago

      He listened to you and turned around and started pursuit...he crashed, killing the citizen in thebackseat. The family sued and won $23 million, and the officer lost his job, pension and is in prison. Police are still looking for the 2 cars. Happy now?

    • Blake Fuechtmann
      Blake Fuechtmann 16 days ago +1

      You sound drunk

  • Tio Marley
    Tio Marley 16 days ago

    So we just gonna act like it didn’t happen? 😂😂

  • Dan O'Neill
    Dan O'Neill 16 days ago +1

    made ZERO try to stop or turn abound WTF

  • Tiger Cat
    Tiger Cat 16 days ago +6

    Officer God was truly with you...
    I so Happy you did Not curse..
    You said : Jesus Christ.
    The angels 😇 of the Lord Cover you !!
    Thank You Jesus!!!
    Riverview, FL

  • Neo Freshair2021
    Neo Freshair2021 16 days ago +1

    But why the cop didn't turn around to chase the driver!

  • lvjonj
    lvjonj 16 days ago +1

    Why would he not turn around?