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Jay Z Responds To Pundit Tomi Lahren On 'Drug Dealers Anonymous'

  • Published on May 31, 2016
  • Jay Z likes to address his critics on the record - literally.
    In May, he used a verse to respond to infidelity rumors juiced by his wife Beyoncé's album "Lemonade."
    On Tuesday night, the 46-year-old, born Shawn Carter, used his verse on Pusha T's new song "Drug Dealers Anonymous" to address another critic: conservative pundit Tomi Lahren.
    Lahren criticized Beyoncé in February for her Black Panther-themed Super Bowl performance. The internet host also brought up Carter's well-documented past as a drug trafficker to question his wife's Black Lives Matter message.
    Lahren said: "Your husband was a drug dealer. For 14 years, he sold crack cocaine. Talk about protecting black neighborhoods. Start at home."
    Jay Z pulled no punches with his response. He sampled Lahren's critique at the beginning of his verse to make it clear who his rhymes were aimed at.
    "For 14 years he sold crack cocaine," Lahren's voice echoes before Carter begins rapping: "Fourteen-year drug dealer and still counting, who deserves the medal of freedom is my accountant. He's been hula-hooping through loopholes, working around s***. IRS should've had the townhouses surrounded. ... Thanks to the lawyers."
    Carter has spoken with little shame about his drug-dealing past since his first album debuted in 1996.
    His response to Lahren didn't just confirm her accusation; it implied that he's still finding ways to profit from the drug money that was reportedly used to launch his music career.
    Lahren, not one to back down, replied Wednesday morning with a tweet referencing Carter's 2003 hit "99 Problems." She tweeted, "I've got 99 problems but trust me, being on your rap ain't one."
    Carter appears carefree about both his past life and his present conflict with Lahren. The rapper closed his verse with a Snapchat-inspired joke about the drug raids he once feared: "Damn, Daniel. FBI keeps bringing them all-white vans through."
    He can afford to have a cavalier attitude about his former activities, as the statute of limitations has likely passed.
    And in 2015, President Barack Obama shared plans to significantly change how the justice system handles drug offenders.
    "For nonviolent drug crimes, we need to lower long mandatory sentences or get rid of them entirely," Obama said last July. Through May, the president commuted the sentences of 306 prisoners, many of whom were charged in connection with the distribution of crack cocaine.
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  • Ivan Dunn
    Ivan Dunn 6 years ago +494

    "They gave us drugs then turned around and investigated us"-Jay-Z

  • Heather
    Heather 2 years ago +11

    When I heard the sample I thought it was like an old interview hard to believe that anybody still talks like that.

  • Jon Emberson
    Jon Emberson 5 years ago +17

    He does his replies in music form so that no one can question him about it.

  • aria corryn
    aria corryn 5 years ago +675

    Can we just stop giving her attention? This is what she wants

  • DeVon Stringer
    DeVon Stringer 4 years ago +2

    If you listened to Jay's music, hes always candid about his past but offers alternative routes or if you are in that life ways to turn that negative into positive. Why is it ppl acting like this is a big revelation?

  • thewess26
    thewess26 3 years ago +121

    The Opiate epidemic wasn't brought to us by Rappers! I can tell you that Tami!

  • Monkey_gut
    Monkey_gut 2 years ago +206

    Damn she stressing so much over black ppl she getting wrinkles isn't she like 20😂

  • John Rodriquez
    John Rodriquez 2 years ago +1

    Well this definitely makes the verse 100x better.

  • U Tangbe
    U Tangbe 3 years ago +9

    Jay Z is going down in history as one the greatest artists of all time One of the greatest entrepreneurs music industry has ever seen, abusiness man, one of the GOAT rappers. And about that other girl Tomi who ? She gonna be remembered just as my dog Tommy is!!

  • Khris Khristie
    Khris Khristie 6 years ago +184

    I didn't hear that cont talk about how the US government transporting drugs into the country....#reality

  • Walter Maaka
    Walter Maaka 3 years ago +1

    She has no problems because Jay just made her famous!!

  • SunShine43v3r1
    SunShine43v3r1 3 years ago +89

    SOOOOO.... BASICALLY she just indirectly admitted to listening to his songs by referencing his 99 Problems song... OKAAAAAY!

  • Ray Valentine
    Ray Valentine 3 years ago +4

    Real Talk ...Jay-z stayed down until he got down ✌

  • rhythmnsmoke
    rhythmnsmoke 6 years ago +171

    Not in to JayZ that much, but that made me want to go listen to his trac

  • Nicole Reyes
    Nicole Reyes 2 years ago

    Can we talk about how the government gave those drugs to the hood and the dealers .... and i love how no one is talking bout big pharma or any of the large government institutions that actually profit off of the destruction of the people they supposedly support ?

  • D Tension
    D Tension 6 years ago +312

    “being on your rap”. Spoken like a person who knows nothing about hip hop.

  • Maverick Quest
    Maverick Quest 2 years ago

    Has anyone noticed that she disses what she really likes? I mean c'mon you quote rap lyrics, sing them proudly in the car, and then throw the artist as well as the culture under the bus.

  • Nick121
    Nick121 5 years ago +1

    jay z...what a guy

  • Sebastien C.
    Sebastien C. 6 years ago +95

    The funny thing is that they always talk about drugs in the black community but white people do more drugs and die from it more frequently. The only reason why there is a "drug problem" in black communities is because of the association between drug activity and homicide with has a great deal to do with poverty and socio-economic issues. But besides that, and to stay impartial in regards to her comments, she displays her ignorance and arrogance for two reasons; She's trying to discredit one person's actions because of the actions of another which occurred in the past and she's judging someone who she doesn't know about a lifestyle she knows nothing about

  • Romanoff Wycliffe
    Romanoff Wycliffe 2 years ago

    Wow.She grinds alot as a reporter