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This young mechanic is brilliant at repairing truck clutch plates!

  • Published on Oct 4, 2022

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  • @mrvinodgaming0007
    @mrvinodgaming0007 Year ago +2

    I am first pin mi 🙏

  • @jonpayton9579
    @jonpayton9579 Year ago +2

    May not be the best working environment or the most up to date state of the art tools, or even the most precise product, but I’ll argue anyone who says this isn’t an artist at work in his element. It’s so satisfying to watch these videos and see how other areas of the world achieve what they need to keep their economies moving.

  • @wahajshah848
    @wahajshah848 Year ago

    Classic handmade rebuild clutch plate....... Owwsum skill

  • @user-tj1zl5pm8b
    @user-tj1zl5pm8b 8 months ago

    Kalu kirimkan pekerja ni ke Indonesia wah rame tu

  • @flaviopereira1438

    Realmente um trabalho brilhante

  • @ajbhai251
    @ajbhai251 Year ago +1

    I am not going to use a rebuild clutch in my vehicle as labour cost is more than the price of new clutch

  • @GulliversFlo
    @GulliversFlo Year ago

    Wear some eye protection please

  • @mrvinodgaming0007
    @mrvinodgaming0007 Year ago +1

    💓😍कोण कोण मानत आहे मा बाप की चरणों में स्वर्ग है 🌍❤️

  • @vijayvignesh7193

    Very laborious task instead we can buy a new clutch plate which is factory manufactured and under company specification.

  • @ArunKumar-fg4ov
    @ArunKumar-fg4ov Year ago

    nice work bhai

  • @rafayusuf88
    @rafayusuf88 Year ago


  • @wowtelant2595
    @wowtelant2595 Year ago

    aik month main itni growing Mash Allah yr humain bhai koi trick bata do!

  • @Infinium13
    @Infinium13 Year ago +2

    Скоро в россии