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WATCH LIVE: Day 10 - Johnny Depp Defamation Trial - Laura Wasser - Depp's Divorce Lawyer

  • Published on Apr 26, 2022
  • LIVE COVERAGE: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial
    Happening in court:
    Day 10
    By Video Deposition:
    Ofc. Tyler Hadden - Responded To Penthouse
    Ofc. William Gatlin - Responded to Penthouse
    Alejandro Romero - Front Desk, Penthouse Bldng.
    Lunch Break
    Christian Carino - Fmr Agt For Depp & Heard
    Laura Wasser - Depp's Divorce Lawyer
    Actor Johnny Depp is suing ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million for defamation in connection with Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed, in which she spoke out about being the victim of domestic violence. Heard’s article did not specifically name Depp as her alleged abuser, but according to Depp’s lawsuit, it relied “on the central premise that Ms. Heard was a domestic abuse victim and that Mr. Depp perpetrated domestic violence against her.” Amber Heard is counter-suing Depp for $100 million.
    The defamation trial began Monday in Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia, with jury selection completing on the same day. There is a possibility of celebrity witnesses testifying, including James Franco and Elon Musk. Tune in to the Law&Crime Network for daily coverage of this high-profile trial.
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Comments • 4 585

  • TV+
    TV+ 5 months ago +1854

    Everyone testifies the same: she is aggressive, he is calm. If Johnny doesn't win this case, I will lose faith in people!

    • Diane K. Kovacs
      Diane K. Kovacs Month ago

      @miluma v yes!

    • E.B.
      E.B. 5 months ago +3

      @Catherine Palun being on drugs is not an excuse nor does it inherently make someone an abuser of others.

    • Briana Rae
      Briana Rae 5 months ago +2

      But please understand that is not what the case is about. The cause of action is not whether Amber Heard was aggressive. Unfortunately, it all boils down to the actual claim made which is apparently defamation solely based on that 2018 op-ed.

    • Genia Ginevan
      Genia Ginevan 5 months ago +3

      All these questions have been asked and answered at least 2-4 times. Isn’t this called “Badgering a Witness “

    • B
      B 5 months ago +1

      @Rich Funkland WTF does that even mean?

  • Liz Meske
    Liz Meske 5 months ago +686

    I've honestly never seen a case where every single witness gets driven to a point where they show such obvious frustration and dislike for the attorneys during cross examination. You can see the point they all either mentally check out (after answering the same question a million times) or they look like they want to fight. I'm assuming this is part of the defense's strategy but if I were Heard I would rethink my team.

    • Half Pint
      Half Pint 2 months ago +1

      @Elisabeth D thank you, I knew I had missed something lol

    • Elisabeth D
      Elisabeth D 2 months ago +2

      @Half Pint johnnys lawyers called their witnesses to the stand and for some reason Amber's attorneys questioned them first which is actually good because whatever questions they asked that made the witnesses look bad or when they manipulated their answers then johnnys lawyers could question them after to clear things up and clean up her lawyers mess. When someone was testifying on Ambers behalf as her witness you'd hear her lawyers say Amber calls so and so to the stand.

    • Kat Huynh
      Kat Huynh 3 months ago +1

      Because all they had were lies so they had to try to dig for something that would be Johnny’s fault, that’s why!!

    • Felicia Fee
      Felicia Fee 4 months ago +1

      @Jerika Simon I agree! She seems like such an amazing woman!

    • Felicia Fee
      Felicia Fee 4 months ago +2

      Especially Officer Seinz omg she seemed annoyed AF they literally asked her the same question like 100 times!

  • Jeannette Clark
    Jeannette Clark 5 months ago +487

    Do you recall the amount of pointless questions you've asked during this case? Can you give an approximation? More than 10? More than 20? Less than 50? More than 50? Would you agree that the amount of pointless questions would be around 70, is that correct?

    • Covered in Sprinkles
      Covered in Sprinkles Month ago +1

      That’s not correct 🤣

    • Madison Clarke
      Madison Clarke 3 months ago

      @Markus Gorelli someone did with Rottens “did I read that right?” Repeated question. It was hilarious.

    • Madison Clarke
      Madison Clarke 3 months ago

      Witness: “Yes, probably more than 10. Yes, probably more than 20 or 50. No, it was probably less than 70.”
      EB/Rotten: “well, I thought you said you couldn’t recall! How do you know it was less than 70?” 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ Every time with them.

    • GloryReclaimed
      GloryReclaimed 3 months ago

      @Priscilla Valle Do you remember pointless question number 149? So YOUUUU DONNNNTTT KNOOOOWWW if it was 150 do you?? Lol

    • Lucia Martinez
      Lucia Martinez 3 months ago +1

      Objection calls for speculation! Overruled I’ll allow it

  • FAN of Brent Terhune _Comedian

    Thank you to Johnny’s fans at the Courthouse! We appreciate you being there and letting him know we’re all behind him! Much Love from NY

    • Jane MacKenzie
      Jane MacKenzie 4 months ago +4

      Thank you to Johnny's fans being there for him!! Much love, thoughts and prayers from Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦 🙏🙏🙏🙏🤗🤗💝🏆

    • Khurram Y
      Khurram Y 4 months ago +4

      Justice for johnny.🙋‍♂️ From houston

  • Melissa Betancourt
    Melissa Betancourt 5 months ago +382

    It must be killing her that none of these people knew who she was. Solidifying that she was in fact a nobody.

    • Michael Lovelace
      Michael Lovelace 3 months ago +3

      I didn't know who she was before this 🤷‍♂️

    • Broadway Sam
      Broadway Sam 3 months ago

      @Randi Fountain

    • Garfield
      Garfield 3 months ago +2

      @T love it

    • Garfield
      Garfield 3 months ago +1

      She will ALWAYS be a no ody in my eyes 👀

    • T
      T 4 months ago +16

      In one of the recordings, Depo told her she could go back to stripping, for “about 5 minutes.” 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Monis Adhami
    Monis Adhami 5 months ago +4657

    Romero vaping and driving while he was being questioned by lawyers was the best thing I have seen all year, even the judge was flabbergasted

    • Diane K. Kovacs
      Diane K. Kovacs Month ago +1

      @Manuel Bache added to my wish list.

    • Eleonor S
      Eleonor S 3 months ago

      AND without the seat belt on!

    • CarlyGirl
      CarlyGirl 4 months ago

      @Brandi Myhren what! I missed that

    • Araceli Mena
      Araceli Mena 4 months ago +1

      I feel as though they are not aware that he was probably on his lunch break and probably driving back to work after the deposition, I am Hispanic too and we do not have the commodities as probably the other witnesses had to take the day off or days off...or even have Mr. Debb pay for whatever it is they needed. I feel and looked like everyone after he was done kind made fun of him or what he did which I don't think it's nice or professional.

    • AvengingStorm17
      AvengingStorm17 4 months ago +2

      I loved when he told the story about how the women thought someone tried breaking in. 😂

  • Dodoushcka
    Dodoushcka 5 months ago +222

    My father was a perpetrator of domestic violence and trust me, EVERYBODY KNEW. It was no secret for our neighbors or even the police who would come sometimes even a couple of times a month to our house. When a man loses it and becomes violent, people around know about it, they hear it, they see it. In this case nobody confirmed that.

    • Terrance Adrian
      Terrance Adrian 2 months ago

      Same. Agree 100%!!!!

    • Laura B
      Laura B 4 months ago

      @Mermaid Mermaid, I understand you and all those posting who have had a parent like amber. Yes mine did all 3 too. Its crazy. I am older but still living with my mom now due to a disability, and she still does this stuff so I stay in my room. I eat in there and only come out if I have to. I hope you are far away from your mother.

    • Laura B
      Laura B 4 months ago

      @Wow ya think? i totally understand you! i am watching the trial as if "I' am on trial! I'm sorry you had to go through that..can't believe we all survived.

    • Mermaid
      Mermaid 4 months ago +2

      @Laura B Yes. My mother was like Amber too, but worse (extremely violent). So I keep getting triggered by the things I hear Amber say or do. And especially triggered when she lies, because my mother lied too. And whenever you confronted her with some horrific thing she had done, she did exactly the same things Amber did: 1) claim YOU are the crazy one 2) claim YOUR character was the bad evil one 3) pretend outright it never happened and circle back to #1.

    • Wow ya think?
      Wow ya think? 4 months ago +1

      @Laura B my stepmother was the same way. I actually got chills the other day listening to Amber bc hearing her speak took me back to when I was a child and it felt like she was gaslighting and mindfu**ing me all over again.

  • Linda Linda
    Linda Linda 5 months ago +226

    You can cover the bruise but not the swelling!!!! Thank you Romero!!!!!

  • P C
    P C 5 months ago +222

    Romero's testimony was actually pretty strong for Johnny. He basically saw her a couple times throughout the day. saw her face squarely and close.. and saw literally no injuries to her face.

    • bennitori4
      bennitori4 5 months ago +18

      And was able to say what most of the people involved in this case are already thinking. "This is bull crap, and doesn't make sense, you're trying to prove stuff that wasn't there." Like almost everyone involved is probably throwing their hands up and thinking "he didn't hurt her, and she has no proof she was hurt at all, why can't we just get that out of the way?" And then Romero just hammers that point home through his frustration of having to be involved at all.

  • Richard Cabeza
    Richard Cabeza 5 months ago +274

    I applaud everyone of the the witnesses that were questioned by Heard's lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, for not losing it. She is without a doubt one of the most annoying people I have ever listened to.

    • Madison Clarke
      Madison Clarke 3 months ago

      @QS 26 every time I use my arnica now I yell “I need to get my amica!! It does magic stuff!” 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Ana Chayres
      Ana Chayres 5 months ago +5

      @Kaye Ess the tone of her voice, accusing

    • QS 26
      QS 26 5 months ago +21

      Do you know if she's wearing Amica cream tho

    • Gridler Bing
      Gridler Bing 5 months ago +20

      "YOU don't KNOW if Amber was wearing any makeup DO you?"
      "YOU don't KNOW what brand of makeup Amber wears DO you?"
      Arghhh! How many times did she need to ask the same question.

    • Wm. Jordan Dent
      Wm. Jordan Dent 5 months ago +17

      She reminds me of a middle school assistant principal

  • Candee
    Candee 5 months ago +2473

    Okay, Romero driving and vaping may have not been the most professional deposition in the world but let’s not forget that these witnesses are people with lives to live. Most of us cannot afford to put our lives on hold for court. Much less, a celebrity lawsuit that really has nothing to do with us. I appreciate Romero’s honesty. He was sick of being wrapped up in this-and I applaud him for voicing his feelings on the matter. He seems like a very down to earth, take no crap kind of guy. I like it. He had things to do and places to go. Very entertaining.

    • Tera Gallinari
      Tera Gallinari 3 months ago

      @sonya young he was until the last question. I was listening to it thru bluetooth and was not watching ever second. Then I saw everyone comment about driving.. so I asked 🤷‍♀️

    • becky r
      becky r 4 months ago

      @Stacy Perriera very o pop oboe

    • Florence Glenn
      Florence Glenn 4 months ago

      He was parked until he had had enough. Then he backed out

    • Wow ya think?
      Wow ya think? 4 months ago

      Exactly. And his attitude regarding it all makes him even more believable in my book!

    • darter81
      darter81 4 months ago

      @Kiki B I’m pretty sure that was outside the presence of the jury-I think they’d left the room already.

  • Terrresssa F.
    Terrresssa F. 5 months ago +335

    It's so crazy how no one has said that although they wouldn't know if AH was wearing or not wearing makeup to cover up a swollen cheek, Romero said the smartest thing.... IF she WAS wearing makeup, you can cover up the redness BUT not the swollen part. 👏👏👏👏 Jury please take these precious notes😭😭

    • GloryReclaimed
      GloryReclaimed 3 months ago +3

      She even asked the cop!! So Elaine is suggesting she was beaten up, called the cops (or had the cops called) then immediately ran to put makeup on in a attempt to cover it??? 🤔

    • GloryReclaimed
      GloryReclaimed 3 months ago +4

      I screamed that to the screen every time Elaine asks that! Also "I wasn't looking for injuries but if her face was bruised and swollen, I would've noticed that!" He was so satisfying 😌

    • Michelle
      Michelle 4 months ago +7

      And the fact he is right handed…and all of her “injuries” aka slightly flushed cheek and the fake bruise from the TRO, are all on her right side. She’s lying. That’s just common sense…

    • Crystal Rainn
      Crystal Rainn 4 months ago +2

      That WAS the mike drop!!!! 🤜🎤 LOVED THIS!

    • Craig Scott
      Craig Scott 5 months ago

      Hello, Teresa how are you doing today?

  • BlacksGodDaughter
    BlacksGodDaughter 5 months ago +134

    Amber’s legal team: Just answer the question we don’t want to waste the judge and juries time.
    Also Amber’s legal team: So you wouldn’t know if she was wearing makeup?
    Response from individual testifying: I don’t know / can’t remember / variation of this
    Amber’s legal team: So you wouldn’t know if she was wearing mascara….foundation….lipstick…eyeshadow….all other make ups listed.
    Like really? If they said I don’t know to makeup as a general question, what value is being added by asking about specific makeup items? Talk about wasting judge and juries time.

    • New Yorkie
      New Yorkie 2 months ago +1

      Please don't forget the Amika cream! Isaac Baruch (JD's friend) had the most satisfying response to her ridiculousness. I love that guy so much 😂😂

    • Patricia mankowski
      Patricia mankowski 3 months ago +1

      ironically it was also AH team who called out the judge when she read the amount of time left for each side. what the Judge should have said as if you weren't so long winded you'd still have plenty of time but you insisted on asking the same question 6 different ways and hoping for a different answer each time

  • Cheri Lauterio
    Cheri Lauterio 5 months ago +126

    Judging by all of the things she asked for in the divorce and the way she treated him she never saw him as anything more than a meal ticket. I absolutely believe this was just a vicious set up on her part.

    • Craig Scott
      Craig Scott 5 months ago

      Hello, Cheri how are you doing today?

    • daisy7066
      daisy7066 5 months ago +4

      The next meal ticket was EM

  • Lauren
    Lauren 5 months ago +479

    This trial has inspired me to re-watch every movie Johnny has starred in, except The Rum Diary.

    • Usi Kim
      Usi Kim 3 months ago

      lol I watched 30 of his movies within a week after the verdict was announced (I was out of state and really busy before that)

    • Angie Olson
      Angie Olson 3 months ago

      Me too!

    • lana jabbar
      lana jabbar 4 months ago +1

      High five

    • angela f
      angela f 4 months ago +2

      I was thinking the same thing! Also that now that I know who AH is Aquaman has been ruined for me! Lmao

    • Jennifer Gonzales
      Jennifer Gonzales 4 months ago +2

      Watched Dark Shadows and Public Enemies so far on Netflix

  • kevin ross
    kevin ross 5 months ago +919

    The trial starts at 16:07
    It takes a break at 1:11:17
    It comes back at 1:38:27
    It takes a break at 3:00:27
    It comes back at 4:32:58
    It takes another break at 5:24:38
    It comes back at 5:44:17

  • missaretha1969
    missaretha1969 5 months ago +163

    Alejandro was the most genuine witness. You can see why he’s worked as a front desk employee for all those years. If the residents in the 150+ unit building, he wouldn’t have been there long. His residents trust him. And he was naturally funny. I bet he’s that real at work as well.

    • L N
      L N 5 months ago +7

      I know. He said he had only seen Johnny a few times but I’m sure they are going to develop a friendship now. Johnny couldn’t stop smiling at his video 😂

    • Babs
      Babs 5 months ago +9

      He is a star. I really think Johnny will go and hug him thank you. LoL 😹

  • Amy Mayerbock
    Amy Mayerbock 5 months ago +128

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she was turned down by many law firms, to represent her, before retaining these bottom of the barrel clowns.

    • Craig Scott
      Craig Scott 5 months ago

      Hello, Amy how are you doing today?

    • Marian Emma
      Marian Emma 5 months ago +6

      😭🤣🤣🤣 Savage comment

  • Beth Marie
    Beth Marie 5 months ago +95

    I can’t imagine anyone hiring those two incompetent attorneys after seeing them at work in this trial. Watching them is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

    • Wow ya think?
      Wow ya think? 4 months ago +2

      I agree! And now, hearing her say that she has spent $6 million on legal fees, I’m even more appalled at how awful they are. Imagine spending that much money and being failed this way! Yikes!

    • Beth Marie
      Beth Marie 5 months ago +8

      Her attorneys reading headlines off of gossip/rag magazines! The worst.

    • AwesomeCat2012
      AwesomeCat2012 5 months ago +4

      That whole makeup thing with the guy who worked in their building... that was driving me nuts!!!

    • Jojo C
      Jojo C 5 months ago +4

      Reading your comment actually made my teeth cringe lol.. it's true though

  • Celine Gronewold
    Celine Gronewold 5 months ago +454

    So the whole officer part was technically just
    Attorney: did you write a report?
    Officer: no bc she didn't want me to
    Attorney: but why didn't you?
    Officer: bc she didn't want me to
    Attorney:ok but why, she was crying?
    Officer: bc she didn't want me to, crying isn't an indicator for crime
    And so on 😂😂 her lawyers are ridiculous 🙄

    • Louise Powell
      Louise Powell 3 months ago +1

      @Karen M I know, why didn’t she threaten officer Melissa Simes too?

    • Lucia Martinez
      Lucia Martinez 3 months ago +3

      Don’t forget
      did you see her cheek and above her eye brow was red. Yes I saw it… and what did you think… it was consistent with crying… but would you agree that if she was injured you would have an obligation to write a report… I agree… so her eye and her cheek can you look at this picture and this picture and this picture…. Yes… and what do you see. Pink cheeks pink eyes…. So would it be consistent with…? … it was consistent with her crying…. So you don’t see an injury… no injuries… so what did you see???? Pink eyes pink cheeks consistent with crying. ☠️☠️☠️

    • Leah Maloy
      Leah Maloy 4 months ago +2

      Lmao. I believe AH Is gonna file a lawsuit against LAPD by the way her attorneys were talking to the officers. “For the record, etc”.. absolutely insane that she has brought all these people into her web of lies.

    • Crystal Hanson
      Crystal Hanson 4 months ago

      @Miranda Raman same!!

    • T
      T 4 months ago +8

      My favorite police officer, was the one who said, “it’s not illegal to argue with your wife.” I also like how he described her face as looking like she had been crying. He shut Elaine down.

  • pinkdaisies019
    pinkdaisies019 5 months ago +1356

    Johnny's lawyers are kind, respectful and patient with those testifying and also with Amber's legal team. If someone objects, and they are overruled, they move on. Amber's lawyers are rude, short and easily irritated at everyone around them. If they hear an objection you immediately hear exaggerated huffs, see angry expressions, hands flying up in the air, all of this before the judge says anything. It looks like Johnny and Amber's legal teams represent them perfectly.

    • Christina Fashanu
      Christina Fashanu 3 months ago

      You said it best

      RACKSOBAMA 5 months ago

      @NJFuentes Respecter I get that, but you cant go against your client as a lawyer. yes she could have gotten better lawyers but i can feel their stress with literally the whole world watching their court case live

    • Ashley Jae
      Ashley Jae 5 months ago

      Exactly right.

    • Dee Cal
      Dee Cal 5 months ago

      Birds of a feather flock together. She found a most fitting team.

    • Jeannie Baker
      Jeannie Baker 5 months ago

      People that are lying usually are rude and easily irritated when they are failing to prove their case.

  • Sarah-Marie Reddin
    Sarah-Marie Reddin 5 months ago +101

    Something that I think should be way more acknowledged is how difficult it is to hide bruises with make up. It's difficult even for make up artists.
    I had seizures growing up as a teenager that caused me to bruise and I'd try to cover them but it was never 100% covered
    Or even think of trying to hide hickeys with make up- not as easy as they're making it out to be

    • veni vedi "V"ici
      veni vedi "V"ici 4 months ago +5

      Most people can't even effectively hide a pimple more or less swollen or bruised parts. lol

    • patty 8873
      patty 8873 5 months ago +5

      I’ve been saying the same thing. No makeup is that good or if it is, it looks thick and cakey and it would be obvious.

    • QS 26
      QS 26 5 months ago +4

      It's easy if you have time travelling make-up

    • Kiki B
      Kiki B 5 months ago +3

      @ChanelMills did you pull up the morror's images of her nose bruising? I also work with makeup, but for stage and this concealer could replace prosthetic make-up if it covered the swelling in that picture..yet no-one noticed this when they saw her...wow how did she get these photos done?

  • Tammy Anderson Parker
    Tammy Anderson Parker 5 months ago +125

    Her lawyers ask the MOST RIDICULOUS and REDUNDANT QUESTIONS I’ve ever heard. As if this is some complicated espionage or huge murder trial.

    • Elvira Feher
      Elvira Feher 4 months ago +3

      Yet they are all about saving the courts time.

    • anondecepticon
      anondecepticon 5 months ago +12

      I wish someone would explain to her that if a witness testifies that AH wasn’t wearing makeup, you don’t need ask if she was wearing any specific TYPES of makeup. It’s all makeup! And no, you don’t need to know the BRAND or SHADE she uses to tell that she’s wearing it.

    • Michelle Cotoni
      Michelle Cotoni  5 months ago +1

      Horrible attorneys. Don’t even present as qualified

  • Ali S
    Ali S 4 months ago +37

    I love how Ambers team is trying to get the officer to call redness an injury. This guy sees real injuries daily and knows what a real injury looks like. Smh her team is awful

  • Tam Ra
    Tam Ra 4 months ago +31

    Carinos testimony is powerful. He spoke his mind and seems genuinely sad at the events that have transpired and how it's really affected JD.

  • klara johanson
    klara johanson 5 months ago +1521

    i feel horrible for jonny. he’s had to go through so much including this joke of a case and to see him smile warms my heart

    • L N
      L N 5 months ago

      @Mhmm yeah so what are you laughing about it like he’s wrong? Why would he ever not call it roxi when that’s what it’s called

    • Mhmm
      Mhmm 5 months ago

      @L N yes it's a real pill called "oxycodone", it's an opioid. He called it Roxicodone because there's a brand name of it.

    • L N
      L N 5 months ago

      @Mhmm that’s a real pill? Do you think he made it up or something

    • Edel Weiss 2.0
      Edel Weiss 2.0 5 months ago

      @Jack Russell , I agree. Living with an abusive drunk & druggie is no fun. Doesn't matter how much money he has.

  • Venture With Cee
    Venture With Cee 5 months ago +172

    the fact that the police were at the scene, the so called “victim” and witnesses were uncooperative and she refused to get a medical check up and no police report was filed, the officers who were at the scene testified that they only saw redness from her crying and not redness due to injuries is very telling. Her lawyer repeatedly asking if its possible that she did have injuries and they just didnt see it clearly is desparation to me🤣

    • Seeking the Truth
      Seeking the Truth 2 months ago

      @Megan Lowri Because AH needed it for the TRO. There was no bruise and that is why they didn't want to police to get close or talk to AH

    • Megan Lowri
      Megan Lowri 5 months ago +3

      @Chasity Fey Venske I'm so sorry you went through that. Hope you're doing okay now 💗 It makes zero sense. What was the point in phoning the police and then not one of them tells them what happened when they arrived? Not one of them took an officer to show them her injuries 🤔 They would've documented it whether the victim wanted them to do so.....

    • Chasity Fey Venske
      Chasity Fey Venske 5 months ago +7

      @Megan Lowri
      As someone who's a DV survivor, I don't get the logic in her trying so hard to make it sound like Johnny is the abuser if she and everyone around her wouldn't cooperate correctly. If you're going to lie at LEAST make it LOOK like it 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Megan Lowri
      Megan Lowri 5 months ago +8

      What a waste of police time. Okay I get the victim might not cooperate with police but people around the victim would. They probably called the police and never thought they would turn up or show up as quick as they did because they didn't rehearse enough. She probably had make up on for her "bruise" but cried it all off 😂😂

  • Vikki T
    Vikki T 5 months ago +102

    I am absolutely adding Amber's legal team to the list of legal advisors I absolutely never want to have by my side. Never in my life 🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Vikki T
      Vikki T 4 months ago +1

      @Swilly Poppers lmao that says it all 🤣

    • Swilly Poppers
      Swilly Poppers 4 months ago +1

      If I had a choice between public defender or them, I would go public defender😂

    • sihisihississä -
      sihisihississä - 5 months ago +1

      @Snuggle Labes the case/trial, whatever is going on

    • Snuggle Labes
      Snuggle Labes 5 months ago

      @sihisihississä - loose what

    • sihisihississä -
      sihisihississä - 5 months ago +2

      Only if u wish to loose

  • Gigi Sama
    Gigi Sama 5 months ago +188

    I love Romero. He didn't play anyone's game, he just said it as he observed it. Had he observed nothing he said so. Had he observed something he said so. The end.
    Great person.

  • Miss Amanda
    Miss Amanda 5 months ago +291

    Ambers attorney is the most annoying & long winded attorney I’ve ever witnessed. If I was on the jury her behavior alone would help me side with Johnny! I feel so so so bad for these jurors being put through this. I feel even worse for the people being put through these 2-4hr depositions where the questions being asked 100x continue to disprove all her clients allegations.

    • Jason Colegrove
      Jason Colegrove 4 months ago

      I don't know about that but she certainly ranks right up there with Marcia Clark in those two categories

    • Craig Scott
      Craig Scott 5 months ago

      Hello. Amanda how are you doing today?

    • KjM77
      KjM77 5 months ago +1

      @Mike who said cover up? I said "make up that was nonexistent when she said she used it?" Personally I can't wait to hear how she swerves that one!! No mention of covering here friend 🤷‍♂️

    • Laura Bealmear
      Laura Bealmear 5 months ago +5

      @Mike seriously? I had no idea, but the compacts that ms Elaine, Amber’s attorney in opening statement made reference too , the brand was not on the market until 2017, goggle it, not a mistake someone who is getting $1000 an hr should make!

  • Evalynn
    Evalynn 5 months ago +50

    It makes me tear up seeing Johnny say thank you to all the people cheering for him and saying they love him. I hope he knows how many of us stand with him. I've never been a die-hard Johnny Depp fan, I've seen a handful of movies, I think he's talented, but this trial has broken my heart over and over for him. I'm also a survivor of DV, my ex was actually shockingly similar to AH, and my heart goes out to him, having to relive the most painful moments of his life for everyone to see. I have been shocked over and over by the absolute cruelty and inhumanity of AH's actions and words. I hope they both get what they deserve from this.

  • Elena Nezhdanova, DMA
    Elena Nezhdanova, DMA 5 months ago +171

    She knew who he was and about his addictions prior to getting married. The question is why did she go through with it if it was so awful for her? She’s not a silly young girl to get cut up in all of this. It was calculated and manipulated by her from the beginning. She’s the dangerous person.

    • Craig Scott
      Craig Scott 2 months ago

      @Seeking the Truth I see

    • Seeking the Truth
      Seeking the Truth 2 months ago +1

      @Craig Scott You are shamefully trying to pick up women on this comments.

    • Celeste Abdon
      Celeste Abdon 4 months ago +2

      Well she's an addict too so... 😂

    • Craig Scott
      Craig Scott 5 months ago

      @Leader Of Zion Hello, Gorgeous how are you doing today?

    • Craig Scott
      Craig Scott 5 months ago

      @Christine Tilton Hello, Christine how are you doing today?

  • TaGiNiTuP2
    TaGiNiTuP2 5 months ago +82

    To everyone who does the time stamps in the comments; YOU ARE A SAINT!!😇 please keep it up we love you!!

  • Poppy Moon
    Poppy Moon 5 months ago +380

    This whole trial is so surreal to me.Why is all their dirty laundry broadcast to the world like a creepy dystopian reality show? Why are witnesses casually zoom calling and vaping from cars? Why is Amber unable to even act innocent when her one job is acting? Why do the lawyers repeat themselves continually about muffins and other nonsensical things on and on?Wtf is going on? This whole thing is nuts. If Kafka wrote comedy it would be based on this court case

    • Heather
      Heather  4 months ago +1

      Can be summed up in one word: transparency. Johnny believes his personal reputation has been dragged through the mud by Amber's allegations and he wants his fair opportunity to tell his truth, instead of people blindly getting behind Amber's "me too" spin of her version of what happened between them, which is essentially what her op-ed article was, but she couched it by wrapping it into a bigger picture, in order to get away with continuing her smear campaign against him . She gets to play the victim/martyr, which would benefit *her* career, while painting him as the next Harvey Weinstein and getting revenge on him by destroying him. *She* stands to benefit a whole lot more by the proceedings not being broadcast because then she would have more control over how the media portrays the "facts" and narrative of the case, instead of us getting the information first hand, which tips the balance more in his favor; which is why it was *him* who fought to have it broadcast. There are two sides to every story, and he had just as much a right to tell his side of it as she did, and let those who are invested in it make up their own minds with all the facts on the table. This woman is just plain sadistic, vengeful and manipulative.

    • Ayu pratama
      Ayu pratama 5 months ago

      @brett cantrellhhhhhmmmmmmm

    • James
      James 5 months ago

      So your saying Depp is fake and a joke?

    • Helena DM ❤🐝
      Helena DM ❤🐝 5 months ago

      And why do they constantly talk about poop and bowels lol. Well, I guess anything in Hollywood is An extension of emotional incontinence.

    • Poppy Moon
      Poppy Moon 5 months ago +1

      @Celine Gronewold right?😂🤣

  • Mindy 🌸
    Mindy 🌸 5 months ago +1648

    Justice for Johnny Depp. As a survivor of domestic violence, Amber should be ashamed to call herself an advocate. She’s a disgrace to real DV survivors. From what I have seen through the evidence presented so far, Amber was the aggressor in the relationship and she destroyed Johnny’s career just because he didn’t want her back, among other things. I sure hope the jurors see it this way, which I am sure they will. If not, at least we all know what Amber did to him. Of course the article was about him. I want to see him succeed in the future and make movies again! 💜

    • Seeking the Truth
      Seeking the Truth 2 months ago

      @Nicola Maxwell🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 The baby was born right before this trial was supposed to start last year and then she had articles come out about the baby turning 1 right before this trial started.

    • Seeking the Truth
      Seeking the Truth 2 months ago

      @Samuel Jackson By the way the UK trial was bias because of the following:
      1) The judge was friends with Murdock who owns The Sun.
      2) The judge's wife was friends with AH and threw her a party while she was there.
      3) The judge's son worked for a company under Murdock.
      4) Most of the evidence that JD submitted was denied and was not heard.
      5) The judge retired after denying the appeal.
      6) The judge believed that AH donated the full $7M to charity as she didn't want any of it, but she donated exacty $0 to the charities.

    • Crystal Rainn
      Crystal Rainn 4 months ago +1

      Thank you Mindy. I too am a survivor. I honestly don’t think Johnny did this to her. Also how dare she try to advocate for DV after ruining JD’s career! She is an immature child. I do feel for Johnny because I do feel deep down he did love her. Breaks my heart.

  • Honest Mom
    Honest Mom 5 months ago +182

    Even if he loses this case, he has done wonders for his image. This case alone has undone a lot of the damage

    • Michelle
      Michelle 4 months ago +2

      @Ani Exactly. Another commenter said “the TRUTH is on his side, but unfortunately the law is on hers”. I have a feeling he will lose because of the particulars of defamation…but he has, in reality, WON.

    • Swilly Poppers
      Swilly Poppers 4 months ago +11

      I definitely think he tapped into a new fan base. I always liked his acting but never thought nothing about him until hearing him testify. Now I am a fan because he is real. Not just Captain Jack Sparrow or Edward Scissor Hands

    • Laura
      Laura 5 months ago +4

      He will win, she is being caught out in lying too much

    • antrakt900
      antrakt900 5 months ago +9

      I can't even imagine him losing because if he do then it's equal to all men are not safe no matter the evidence.

  • Mike Zilla
    Mike Zilla 5 months ago +62

    Easy to tell how bogus these allegations are. If they had a real case with actual evidence they wouldn't need to drag him through the mud and attack his character.

    • Mountain Prairie West
      Mountain Prairie West 5 months ago +1

      Well said!! 👏

    • Sarah Smith
      Sarah Smith 5 months ago +1

      They are doing it on purpose I think.
      So she can appeal save face an say her team was incompetent.

  • Kawehi Onalani
    Kawehi Onalani 5 months ago +203

    This is better than any Hollywood movie made in the last decade! And better than any “reality” show also. This is real world life. The character witnesses are my fav!

    • Seeking the Truth
      Seeking the Truth 2 months ago

      @B By the way the UK trial was bias because of the following:
      1) The judge was friends with Murdock who owns The Sun.
      2) The judge's wife was friends with AH and threw her a party while she was there.
      3) The judge's son worked for a company under Murdock.
      4) Most of the evidence that JD submitted was denied and was not heard.
      5) The judge retired after denying the appeal.
      6) The judge believed that AH donated the full $7M to charity as she didn't want any of it, but she donated exacty $0 to the charities.

    • divine ntungu
      divine ntungu 4 months ago

      @dharma 3 so ur saying people in wheelchairs aren't busy people and just lazy

    • B
      B 4 months ago

      creepy that you claim to be a DV survivor, but you are taking great pleasure in someone's else's pain. And how do you even know AH is the abuser? JD was already proven to be an abuser during the first lawsuit that he brought to court. And he's proving it again. If you get pleasure out of this, then maybe you should get some counseling.

    • B
      B 4 months ago

      @dharma 3 Thats nice dear...becsuse "Johnny's pain" doesn't seem nnto be stopping you from watching.either. You are a little too sanctimonious too.

    • Lizzie is baked
      Lizzie is baked 5 months ago +1

      This is a man who’s lost more than any man should lose getting the justice he deserves.

  • Jasmine CutiePop 🍭
    Jasmine CutiePop 🍭 5 months ago +149

    JEEZ!!! How many people called in as a witness have to tell Amber Heard's lawyers that they DID NOT see any marks, bruises, scrapes, cuts, swelling etc... on Amber Heard?! Amber Heard's council have been completely wasting everyone's time in these past few days repeatedly asking the same pointless questions.

    • Marcia Herbst
      Marcia Herbst 5 months ago +1

      @Fiona Moran it's actually called arnica cream, her lawyer couldn't even get the name right.

    • makinthedifference 81
      makinthedifference 81 5 months ago

      @Fiona Moran Right? So annoying.

      SWOON GIRL 5 months ago

      These ate Johnny's witnesses. They haven't done Amber's witness yet

    • Iordache Adriana
      Iordache Adriana 5 months ago +2

      @Fiona Moran that’s just what i came here to say 😂😂

    • Fiona Moran
      Fiona Moran 5 months ago +7

      And that they didn’t know if she was wearing Amica🤣 cream, powder, blush, foundation, concealer, or what shade she was.

  • alexis garcia
    alexis garcia 4 months ago +75

    She is actually eluding to the officers having misconduct in their duties because they didn't falsify a police report or waste their resources on a woman who had no marks and there were no signs of a disturbance. Her attorney must have no idea how insane her client is.

    • alexis garcia
      alexis garcia 4 months ago

      @Creation464 what do you mean?

    • Creation464
      Creation464 4 months ago

      That is not why she was asking the officers about that. Lol

    • Ma Ka
      Ma Ka 4 months ago +4

      She probably knows she’s insane but needs to do her job if she wants to get paid!

  • Nidia A
    Nidia A 5 months ago +148

    Can someone let amber’s lawyer know that men don’t go around asking women about their foundation or concealer. Most don’t even know what that means.

    • NCIS Agent's Fandom
      NCIS Agent's Fandom 4 months ago

      Women don’t even do that😂

    • Bob
      Bob 4 months ago +2

      I'm a woman and still don't know what is she talking about😂😂

    • jackimaa
      jackimaa 4 months ago

      So funny

    • Nick
      Nick 4 months ago

      It’s so unusual, It’s like so you don’t know how her shoe laces were tied?

    • Celeste Abdon
      Celeste Abdon 4 months ago


  • Vanessa Hanns
    Vanessa Hanns 5 months ago +134

    It doesn’t matter if Johnny lost any roles or opportunities. What matters is being falsely accused of violence towards his wife. He has the right to clear his name regardless of how it affected his career.

    • Craig Scott
      Craig Scott 5 months ago

      Hello, Vanessa how are you doing today?

    • Feuerschlange
      Feuerschlange 5 months ago

      @Sombron nah, musk has no 50 million liquid, he just bought twitter

    • Sombron
      Sombron 5 months ago +1

      Also a question is weather she will be able to pay 50 million, perhaps she will ask Elon Musk for help😄

    • anondecepticon
      anondecepticon 5 months ago +8

      It absolutely matters, because he’s suing her for defamation. To meet the legal definition of defamation, his lawyers have to prove that she 1) knowingly lied about him, 2) published or communicated that lie as the truth, 3) told the lie with the intent to cause him harm or knowing it would likely cause him harm, and 4) the lie did in fact cause him harm.
      In my opinion, if he loses this case it will be due to some small technicality like the fact that she didn’t name him in her article, or because they couldn’t get someone from Disney or another studio to testify that they didn’t offer him a role specifically because of that article. Both can be easily inferred, but are difficult to actually prove.
      Personally I think the latter will be the hard part. The former can be argued against because of the “two years ago” line. Unless her defense team can prove convincingly that she was referring to some event OTHER than her initial accusations two years ago, that she had no reason to believe people would assume that she was, and that she didn’t make that reference specifically to foster that assumption, IMO it doesn’t matter if she used his name or not. The reference to “two years ago” identified who she was talking about.
      Outside of legal arguments, I think this trial has vindicated him, and she’ll be the one having a hard time finding work after it’s done.

    • Raechelle Lopez
      Raechelle Lopez 5 months ago +6

      It doesn't matter in the court of public opinion but it absolutely matters in a defamation case. Johnny and his team need to prove that he lost opportunities that can be quantified monetarily. That is how the jury will decide how much money he will receive if he does win the case. Just because he asks for 50 million does not mean the jury will give it to him🙂

  • David Vaughan
    David Vaughan 5 months ago +90

    All of Hollywood should be ashamed about how they treated Johnny, he’s owed a few apologies

  • lynncrf
    lynncrf 5 months ago +118

    Prior to 2020, the thought of someone testifying in a high profile court case from their car would have been unthinkable. It's great that courts have options like this now. Romero should also have his own show. His IDGAF attitude was hilarious. Gotta love how he started driving away at the end too. 🤣🤣

    JOHN CONVERSE 5 months ago +57

    How many times does a person have to ask the same question over and over? I'm sure the police officer knows his job. WOW!

  • 123Rockchild
    123Rockchild 5 months ago +66

    I have become such a Johnny Depp supporter and fan. I'm going to go back and watch every movie he's ever been in. He's got such great presence.

    • Mackenzie Irwin
      Mackenzie Irwin 5 months ago +4

      I fully agree . I’ve never been a fan of him or not a fan . I didn’t feel any way to be honest . He was just another actor to me . But now I’m a huge supporter !

    • CheapyWeepy56
      CheapyWeepy56 5 months ago +1

      I can’t look at them the same because I would be obsessing when the movie and interviews came out and what was going on when cameras are off

  • Maureen R.
    Maureen R. 5 months ago +137

    Amber's granny lawyer seems more upset that the police officer didn't take a report than she is that her client didn't report what happened to the police.

    • Merve Gursul
      Merve Gursul 5 months ago +7

      She has a name: KAREN

    • Angie G
      Angie G 5 months ago +9

      And trying to threaten him at the end

  • Xavier
    Xavier 5 months ago +840

    This entire day was a joke. Rottenbottom and Co are such terrible lawyers, it's embarrassing.

    • Anyonka
      Anyonka 4 months ago +1

      @cyndi lagasse we all know what she's gonna lie about already. Some of us have been following this since the begining. Some of us have heard all the audio already and can already make the right judgement.

    • Anyonka
      Anyonka 4 months ago

      They a mess, but I'm not mad.

    • Yes, I like bananas. So?
      Yes, I like bananas. So? 4 months ago

      @JU5TNTIM3 nah it was hilarious

    • Ryan McCarthy
      Ryan McCarthy 4 months ago

      They know they're wasting their time with this whole case and worried they won't get paid.

    • Pixel Brand
      Pixel Brand 4 months ago +1

      Depp's lawyers are awful.

  • Sheri King
    Sheri King 5 months ago +51

    I have been listening to this as a witness, I do not like bullies and men who hurt women. But I also hate people who lie and it seems to me that when Johnny told Amber that the marriage was over she was going to do what ever it took to hurt him. Stage a scene to look like he was in a rage not her.

  • Miss kj 777
    Miss kj 777 4 months ago +42

    On opening day, his appearance was so sad and sullen, he appeared so broken, down-trodden and emotionally defeated… now after being nurtured and loved by his group of attorneys, he appears to be a new man. What a little bit of tender loving care and attention will do for one’s soul. All of which had been denied him for so long by failing to choose a partner wisely. His is the cautionary tale, albeit the perfect epitome and example of the predictable outcome when a man OR a woman sadly chooses aesthetic over substance. Evil and demonic darkness and deception can hide very handily beneath the plastic facade of beauty. Johnny is very sadly and unfairly paying a life-alerting price for choosing wrongly. May swift justice prevail for Johnny Depp.

    • Frances
      Frances 4 months ago


  • Brittany Arnold
    Brittany Arnold 5 months ago +26

    The front desk worker needs a raise! I have never laughed so hard. He is so relatable and just done with all the BS

  • Melissa_25
    Melissa_25 5 months ago +60

    She asks the same question in one hundred different ways and the judge refuses to stop her. She is harassing the witness and trying to confuse them.

    • Sarah Gianfortune
      Sarah Gianfortune 4 months ago +1

      @Truth Teller yes, the way she was basically threatening the first lady officer she interviewed at the end was so messed up.

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller 5 months ago +6

      @Melissa_25 I bet she’s a nightmare to know in the real world! She’s totally a head wrecker and incredibly offensive! The way she spoke to the police was a disgrace! Rant over and out 😬

    • Melissa_25
      Melissa_25 5 months ago +2

      I’ve been watching since Monday and it’s been a repeated issue, imo.

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller 5 months ago +5

      Exactly! She repeatedly just hounds them!! Ugh, she is awful!

  • kim mcatee
    kim mcatee 5 months ago +41

    After everything that Amber Heard had put Johnny Depp through, I think after the trial is over and done with, we fans should refuse to watch any movie that she appears in. Let her know what it is like to have her career ruined. Without fans Amber, you aren’t nothing. You have no career without fans.

  • Ali Herrera
    Ali Herrera 4 months ago +16

    JD’s team go straight to the point with the questions and Amber’s asks the same question like a million times in hope the person messes up and says what they want them to say

  • Gianna Daniels
    Gianna Daniels 5 months ago +22

    Johnny you’re one in a trillion babes. Please win this case and have a wonderful beautiful life. I hope you and all the Amber’s in everyone’s lives find out that they can’t get away with DV just because they’re a woman. I’m so so sorry all the permanent damage and pain this has caused you

  • alexis garcia
    alexis garcia 4 months ago +31

    Jeezus. Her lawyer is a complete quack. I can't get over how many times I've listened to her say "amber was crying yes?" "do you see any marks?" to which he replies "no" a million times it's almost like she was doing the defendants job.

    • Amber Williams
      Amber Williams 4 months ago +4

      I've started watching from beginning. I have been thinking the same thing, AH lawyers are just proving Johnny's side for them!

  • kgem76
    kgem76 5 months ago +83

    One thing that continues through out this is that JD's staff are loyal and have a genuine love for this man. That is because he is a genuine person, a gentleman, I know he is a actor but his whole demeanor is of a quiet friendly man who hasn't let his fame change him and No matter what Amber Heard and her riddicous team say and do, JDs support does not waver.
    Loved JD since I was a kid in the 80s watching 21 jump st.
    Amber Heard is JDs biggest mistake to his career and life.

  • BackPropagation
    BackPropagation 5 months ago +70

    If I were Ms. Heard’s lawyer, I would recommend that she end the case and concede that she is guilty of lying and get into a private settlement with JD. I am sure JD is just looking to clear his name and not the $50 million. Countersuing JD was a huge mistake and losing your case in the eyes of the public means your career is pretty much over. Whoever advised Amber to fight this is a total tool. When you are in a hole, Amber, you don’t dig to get yourself out.

    • Seeking the Truth
      Seeking the Truth 2 months ago

      @JON BONG JOVI Wow what kool aid have you been drinking. Amber, Eve or Amber's bot

    • Piper0516
      Piper0516 5 months ago +8

      I think it’s her arrogance that keeps her moving forward. I would imagine that despite recommendations she would be too cocky to back down. That’s the histrionic personality disorder speaking. Aka a narcissist

      JON BONG JOVI 5 months ago +3

      OH.....Amber will be alright.
      YES, her CAREER is over.....
      .....but she can STILL get almost any RICH GUY to marry her.
      Well....after this fiasco...............MANY rich guys.

    • Stardust-Scavenger
      Stardust-Scavenger 5 months ago +15

      They probably all advised her against it and she was so narcissistically convinced that she’d be able to fool everyone that she forced them to follow through.

  • Angel P.
    Angel P. 5 months ago +32

    As a lady, who's past includes filing a OOP, let me say that, she really didn't need it, if she were willing to meet and then bait. Typical abuser behavior.

  • Stacy Perriera
    Stacy Perriera 5 months ago +213

    Alejandro’s testimony was just amazing. I know this case is so serious but it was almost comic relief. We could even see Johnny laughed a couple times 😂

    • Vee L.
      Vee L. 5 months ago +9

      I couldn’t believe he was vaping and driving away ahahah during his deposition

    • Craig Scott
      Craig Scott 5 months ago +1

      Hello, Stacy how are you doing today?

  • Gquad0405
    Gquad0405 5 months ago +64

    Elaine has got to be the most repulsive and annoyingly painful attorney on the planet. 🥱 She repeats NON STOP. LADYYYY PLEASE ALREADY

  • Sonya Flowers
    Sonya Flowers 5 months ago +57

    Her lawyers are doing a fine job helping Johnny's case!

  • Starlette Oscar
    Starlette Oscar 4 months ago +23

    The reason why Amber's team has used up 10 more hours than Johnny's is by asking the same questions over and over and over again.

  • Amy Poole
    Amy Poole 5 months ago +115

    Amber's lawyer irritates every witness she speaks to. They roll their eyes and laugh at her and give her dirty looks. Johnny's team is on such a higher level of professionalism, it is not even funny.

    • Naira Manukian
      Naira Manukian 3 months ago +1

      Yes so agree it’s been classy JD lawyers vs trashy AH lawyers

    • Amy Poole
      Amy Poole 4 months ago

      @Craig Scott RUclips just showed this to me today and you wrote it two weeks ago. I'm not sure how I was that day, but today is pretty good. How are you doing today?

    • Craig Scott
      Craig Scott 5 months ago +1

      Hello, Amy how are you doing today?

    • Jordan Kalmov
      Jordan Kalmov 5 months ago +4

      it's a little funny seeing the edited youtube shorts

    • Tamara
      Tamara 5 months ago +6

      They’re desperate

  • Alexandria Brown
    Alexandria Brown 5 months ago +105

    I'm surprised at this judge allowing Amber's attorneys badgering witnesses the way they do. Amber's attorneys are total bullies to all of the witnesses. Badger, badger, badger! They get on my nerves!

    • Craig Scott
      Craig Scott 5 months ago

      Hello, Gorgeous how are you doing today?

    • Djorgal
      Djorgal 5 months ago +2

      JD lawyers are not objecting. The judge can't sustain an objection that no one made. JD lawyers are not objecting to this badgering because they have no reason to, it's AH lawyers who look bad, why object to that?

    • amy draughon
      amy draughon 5 months ago +1

      @Hello Goodbye no she hasn't. When. JDs lawyers object she rarely sides with them when it's clear violations. She sucks

    • amy draughon
      amy draughon 5 months ago

      There treatment of witnesses has aided in them losing this case

    • Hello Goodbye
      Hello Goodbye 5 months ago +3

      @Yamiles Menchaca once again, I don’t know what trial YOU’RE watching, but in the one I’m watching she’s been extremely fair, and if anything has expressed irritation with AH’s lawyers multiple times

  • OptimisticZebra8
    OptimisticZebra8 5 months ago +38

    Amber's team should have told her that her behavior in court or lack there of makes her look like a sociopath. For real. The constant writing seems to be a mechanism to vent her anger. I think it is extremely difficult for her to sit still and keep quiet. I wouldn't be surprised if she was highly meditated. She dug her own grave.

  • Dixie Dandy
    Dixie Dandy 5 months ago +23

    Notice when she lied about Johnny slapping her and went into saying no one should ever hit each other. She stopped because she realized we all know she was hitting Johnny Depp. I feel horrible for him. 🥺 It’s so sad.

  • bella_quinn_
    bella_quinn_ 5 months ago +38

    The officers are surrounded by DV victims every day all day. They know when there is an injury on the face. The know bruises and swelling and broken bones. They know redness from crying. These lawyers can't catch them in any gotcha moments because they know she wasn't injured and just crying

    • Castaway
      Castaway 4 months ago

      @Lala that's what I am waiting for next Week!! It's can't come fast enough!!! I just hope that Her Lawyers don't keep her on the stand! Bcus there isn't much time left!! She needs her and her witnesses to be crossed exam. Just sayin'.....

    • Lala
      Lala 5 months ago +2

      Right I can’t wait until her witnesses get on the stand

    • Libelinha A
      Libelinha A 5 months ago +10

      It's shameful how this woman is not only making DV victims look bad but her lawyers are also trying to making this police officers look unprofessional for the simple fact that they were just doing their job and couldn't waist time with a false complain

  • DieBoss Short
    DieBoss Short 5 months ago +39

    Police officer questioned about the domestic violence call
    16:20 - 1:11:00
    Other police officer questioned about the second domestic violence call
    1:38:30 - 2:23:30
    Employee of the penthouse building questiined about marks on AHs face after the domestic violence calls
    2:23:30 - 2:59:20
    AHs and JDs former talent agent and friend questioned about JDs reputation and JDs and AHs relationship
    4:34:00 - 5:24:30 and 5:44:15 - 6:27:00
    JDs divorce lawyer questioned about the divorce
    6:27:00 - 7:03:50

    • Diane K. Kovacs
      Diane K. Kovacs 10 days ago

      Thank you 😊

    • Sara M.
      Sara M. 4 months ago

      You're a life saver thank you!

    • Jessica Alvarado
      Jessica Alvarado 4 months ago

      This is so helpful, thank you! I like to be able to decide what to skip over.

    • Klocko Fett
      Klocko Fett 4 months ago +3

      Thank you! The other timestamp comments on this one don't say whats happening when. Just "they go on break".

    • xoxoali
      xoxoali 5 months ago +3

      I appreciate you!

  • Sarah Fowler
    Sarah Fowler 5 months ago +25

    Johnny’s casualness and Amber’s attempt to hold that stoic face says so much. She is trying to hard to hold everything in. Johnny seems open and genuine.

  • sonya young
    sonya young 4 months ago +27

    I would LOVE to see Depp do Wizard of Oz franchise. The books were actually VERY DARK. He along with Tim Burton would be INTERESTING.

  • kelkel90ful
    kelkel90ful 5 months ago +15

    Being interviewed by a lawyer in front of a court while breaking the law driving with no seat belt 😂 best thing I’ve seen in a while

  • Pamela Protheroe
    Pamela Protheroe 5 months ago +807

    If Depp got physically violent during arguments, why would Heard try so desperately to prevent him from leaving?

    • sp8f
      sp8f 5 months ago

      Because she had everything in her life when she had him. If he leaves, she is nobody, no money, nothing. That's why

    • Craig Scott
      Craig Scott 5 months ago

      Hello, Pamela how are you doing?

    • Craig Scott
      Craig Scott 5 months ago

      @Carmen🌻 Hello, Carmen how are you doing today?

    • Craig Scott
      Craig Scott 5 months ago

      @Tracey M Hello, Tracey how are you doing today?

    • Craig Scott
      Craig Scott 5 months ago

      @Kaylee West Hello, kaylee how are you doing today?

  • PFCD
    PFCD 5 months ago +23

    The trial today showed the MANY relationships Amber destroyed for Johnny including friends like Carrino and something as simple as someone who works in the building where he owns real estate who really wants to stay as far away as possible from him to avoid drama. Even the police will have to think twice if he should ever call them for anything even if it's a simple as chest pains as he is now tainted forever. Imagine being an attorney, therapist, an accountant AND ANYONE working in Hollywood who gets involved with him has to think am I going to end up in court because of the drama queen? Nope I can't be bothered..... I understand why he said to Amber you want to cut me take my blood you've taken everything else.

  • Ziggity Zag
    Ziggity Zag 5 months ago +42

    I’ve been truly listening to every moment of this trial, but I had to fast forward through AH’s vile annoying voiced attorney questioning the officers. Her voice grates on my nerves worse than nails on a chalkboard 😖

    • Ryan McCarthy
      Ryan McCarthy 4 months ago +1

      Noooo you have to go back and watch because some of the officers' answers are priceless!

    • CelticCreations- By Lulu
      CelticCreations- By Lulu 4 months ago

      Why is this me with AH voice!? And face. And general existence? Lol

    • Mpomales8691
      Mpomales8691 5 months ago

      Same 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

    • Kittysoft_pawwws
      Kittysoft_pawwws 5 months ago +2

      I have this inkling that she immediately leaves court and verbally abuses the first service worker she comes into contact with

    • Monica Sisson
      Monica Sisson 5 months ago +1


  • Sa Be
    Sa Be 5 months ago +108

    She doesn’t freaking care that she ruined this man’s life.. that is the most upsetting part.

    • Tam Ra
      Tam Ra 4 months ago +1

      It was her intention from the start.

    • Valerie Watson
      Valerie Watson 5 months ago +4

      Her goal was to ruin his life….

  • Mo Go
    Mo Go 5 months ago +63

    The AMOUNT OF LEADING, RELEVANCE AND ASKED AND ANSWERED IS ABSOLUTE MADNESS!!!! His team reeeeeally irritated me with not objecting to ALL of that!!

    • Cassandra
      Cassandra 5 months ago

      Yeah I agree w those above, think they ok'd it just to prove the point her n her team are literally insane

    • Avril Hodge
      Avril Hodge 5 months ago +5

      I think Johnny’s team are just enjoying watching Amber’s team crash and burn in a pile of ridiculousness!

      JON BONG JOVI 5 months ago +7

      @chemistryflavored You are half correct:
      I'm an atty and ABSOLUTELY we all will ALLOW an opposing atty to make a fool of themselves, rather than object and stop them.
      You are TOTALLY correct about that.
      However, there are too many other instances where Johnnys attys are sloppy too.
      (ALL attys are scum!)

    • Valkyrie_117
      Valkyrie_117 5 months ago +6

      @chemistryflavored Exactly! It's the strategic thing to do in my opinion.

  • onlykismet
    onlykismet 5 months ago +690

    Today's favorite moments:
    1. Alejandro Romero's testimony, particularly the way he went off about being tired of it all. 2:46:33
    2. Christiano Carino's "I said 'no' Elaine" xD 4:51:39
    3. Seeing Johnny smile thanks to Alejandro :) 2:47:15 , 2:46:00
    4. Lawyer Elaine being outsmarted once and again by Carino and Laura Wasser.
    5. Officers saying they did not know who AH was XD she must be dying inside.

    • Animal Lover24
      Animal Lover24 4 months ago

      6:45:15 nap time

    • Ranveig Erlingsdotter Hansen
      Ranveig Erlingsdotter Hansen 5 months ago +1

      I had never heard of Amber Heard, nor remembering her face. And I am an artist of portraits and photographing, and a filmomaniac, I never forget a face.

    • DeeJayW
      DeeJayW 5 months ago +4

      @Susan G. I also had never heard of Heard.

    • Susan G.
      Susan G. 5 months ago +7

      I honestly didn’t know who Amber heard was until this trial started … I didn’t know there was a trial that held in England! Haha sorry Amber! 😅 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I guess you’re not popular. Now, you are. Buahah
      And thanks for the time stamps!

    • Poppy Moon
      Poppy Moon 5 months ago +3

      Do favorites every time I love it

  • PanDulce
    PanDulce 5 months ago +36

    The fact that Johnny found Romero's testimony funny makes me like him even more!😆 Tells me about his character, someone with a sense of humor tends to be a more rounded person, unlike Amber🙄

  • Rox Rix
    Rox Rix 5 months ago +41

    I hope Johnny wins his case for himself and other men who are wrongly accused. We got "believe every woman" from the "me too" movement and that is not realistic. There needs to be discernment, so lives and livelihoods are not ruined in every case.

    • Clarissa Johnson
      Clarissa Johnson 5 months ago

      Amen Rox!

    • Becky Ninan
      Becky Ninan 5 months ago +2

      Exactly! Cannot understand how people could easily believe the words of a shameless woman who has already made it to the news about her violent behavior. Sorry if I sound frustrated, it's because I am.

    • Captivated Hearts
      Captivated Hearts 5 months ago +1

      Agree, innocent until proven guilty.. cant judge a book by its cover 📖

  • Whack bag
    Whack bag 5 months ago +19

    Hospitality dude was epic!...treat everyone with care & respect, especially those that handle your food & packages.

  • Kate olson
    Kate olson 5 months ago +27

    Police: There was nothing that showed a crime occurred
    Amber’s Lawyers: Did you ask if there happened to be a dead body anywhere in the house?
    Police : No
    Amber’s Lawyers: well why not?

  • Mj jones
    Mj jones 5 months ago +26

    There’s was way to much useless questioning going on with the masked police officer by Ambers Lawyers . no wonder this case is taking weeks and dragged out so long 👎🏻

  • Elena Bella
    Elena Bella 5 months ago +14

    So it’s okay for Amber’s attorneys to pull hearsay and speculation from witnesses into their evidence, but anytime Johnny’s attorneys asks a question that’s answered with hearsay or speculation they jump to objections?!

    • Taylor Ford
      Taylor Ford 5 months ago +1

      The last bit of questioning was allowed as his job is primarily composed of in person communications. We have 6 weeks of this in total to go through. They could still bring in those mentioned to confirm. Also if no objections are made then it is allowed none of their testimony was damaging to JD which is why I’m sure they allowed it.

    • Dazenth Maze
      Dazenth Maze 5 months ago +3

      What I've been wondering this entire case

  • Tracy Gavan
    Tracy Gavan 5 months ago +42

    Mr Romero getting his answers in quicker than the Heard lawyer can object is great!

  • Amanda B
    Amanda B 5 months ago +12

    Amber’s lawyer asking a single question 50 different ways to get the same answer is so annoying. Some of these questions aren’t worth poking at that much!

  • Curt Monterosso
    Curt Monterosso 5 months ago +358

    The amount of times this woman asks the exact same question, gets the same answer, and keeps asking the same question is absolutely insane. I do not understand why the judge did not stop her, she is clearly fishing for a specific answer the officer was not giving. Judge seems biased.

    • Sri D
      Sri D 2 months ago

      And defense team let them ask just to show what type of nuts are plaintiff team.

    • Madison Clarke
      Madison Clarke 3 months ago

      @JON BONG JOVI I agree. She is almost to the point, if not at the point, of badgering the witnesses. Asking the same question 20 times, even if you slightly reword it, has to be badgering correct?

    • Debbie Newton
      Debbie Newton 4 months ago

      Exactly!!!!! This is ridiculous!!!!!

    • Kitty Underwood
      Kitty Underwood 4 months ago

      @JON BONG JOVI these were recordings tho

    • Kristine Nicole M.E.
      Kristine Nicole M.E. 5 months ago +3

      If the lawyer asks a question on cross a couple of times, depending on what it is and the timing, he or she just might be testing the witness’s credibility and consistency. But if the lawyer does it A LOT and the questions aren’t relevant or perfectly timed, then it’s objectionable on the ground that it was asked and answered.

  • Robin H
    Robin H 5 months ago +19

    Give him JUSTICE already. PLEASE! He deserves it after all this crap.

  • 20 02
    20 02 5 months ago +28

    That woman questioning the police officer is so inept she’s doing more harm than good to amber

    • Brittany
      Brittany 5 months ago

      And for this we can all be thankful. Justice for Johnny Depp!!!!

  • Brittany Montague
    Brittany Montague 4 months ago +12

    AH’s attorneys are just exhausting to listen to… can’t imagine actually being questioned by them 😒

  • Leslie Woolnough
    Leslie Woolnough 5 months ago +10

    People have developed fear of dating celebrities as much as people fear dating cops, because the stagnant fears of abuses so if someone lies about it and attempts to destroy someone’s life it’s a big deal, I’m glad this is public
    Glad he JD came forward with the truth,

  • chemistryflavored
    chemistryflavored 5 months ago +6

    Romero was the most accurate witness when you think about it. Not remembering all these details is completely normal and most witnesses change stories over time and often recount what they may have been told and not what they actually saw. His testimony shows that he isn’t trying to BS or make up anything.

    • KunaiForce
      KunaiForce 5 months ago

      Yeah and driving and answering, it’s easy to tell the truth since he’s not thinking too long

  • Xe
    Xe 5 months ago +38

    Amber's lawyer: can you tell us if you remember seeing ms. heard wearing any make-up?
    Romero: No
    Amber's lawyer: *proceeds to list every single product that counts as make-up individually just to prove that amber was wearing make-up to cover bruises*
    like LADY. he already told you he doesn't remember that. do you need a dictionary to figure out what that means?

    • Kaye Ess
      Kaye Ess 5 months ago +2

      Exactly!! And come on, does she REALLY think this guy knows anything about makeup (besides lipstick and eyeliner)?!?!

  • Kate olson
    Kate olson 5 months ago +11

    I love that Amber’s lawyers depositions are being used against them by Johnny’s lawyers.

  • glam rove
    glam rove 5 months ago +63

    Amber’s attorney asking Romero if he noticed if Amber was wearing foundation or concealer had me laughing like crazy! How is he suppose to know that?🤣 I’m a woman that wears make up and i still cannot tell the difference if others are wearing concealer or not🤣💀

    • ruthymaki
      ruthymaki 4 months ago +1

      And asking him about the shades. Useless question, nobody would know that!!!

    • PinguWingu
      PinguWingu 5 months ago +2

      "do you know what sort of concealer and foundation heard wears?" 🤣, Ffs man, course he dosent, just a time filler question

    • MumblesBadly
      MumblesBadly 5 months ago +5

      Especially if that concealer is from a makeup kit from the future, no? 😂

    • Aditya Raj
      Aditya Raj 5 months ago +6

      And not only that she even goes to ask which brand the concealer,foundation etc were of .
      I mean how is somebody even thought of knowing this 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😑😑

  • Nabila Kusumaningsih
    Nabila Kusumaningsih 5 months ago +55

    I'm watching this court case like a netflix series I'm too invested

  • ADre
    ADre 4 months ago +8

    Someone, anyone, give this guy Romero an acting job…he’s hilarious and so genuine.

  • LightsCamera Tamara
    LightsCamera Tamara 5 months ago +9

    Im also blown away by how Johnny was taking care of Amber and her friends. Wtf. Can this girl ever spend a min alone? Very telling. Why was he obligated to give penthouse apartments to her friends/fam. So strange. Amber was taking full advantage as were her peeps. Sickening

  • Roberta Kuhl
    Roberta Kuhl 5 months ago +32

    Amber should have a criminal charged against her. She violated the TRO. She made a third party encounter with Johnny via contact, other people, and letters. Violation. She signed the affidavit acknowledging she understood that when she took out the TRO.

  • M K
    M K 5 months ago +1385

    Pepe Romero is a GEM. Guy needs his own movie with Depp!