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Stefan cel Mare and Petru Rareş in Harlau, Iasi, Romania

  • Published on Mar 28, 2010
  • The princely court in Hârlău is proven for the first time by an act of May 1st 1384, there lived Mrs. Margaret (Muşata), mother rulers Peter Muşat (1375-1391) and Roman I Muşat (1391-1392). This is the first evidence of town Hârlău. In 1486, Stephen the Great (1457-1504), restored the princely court of old building foundations, giving them a great extension. In 1492, Stephen the Great built the Church of Saint George.
    Current appearance is the result of restorations made by the French architect E.A.Lecomte of Nouy and architect C.Baicoianu between 1897-1904.
    Curch have the interior original painting, dating from the reign of Stephen the Great and the reign of Petru Rares.
    Between 1624-1626, following the burning of princely court from Iasi (Capital City of Moldavia) on 2 October 1624, Prince Radu Mihnea (1616-1619, 1623-1626) moved the princely residence to Hârlău.
    At the princely court in Hârlău have lived and descendants of Stephen the Great, Petru Rares in particular who built in 1542 a church near the court with the patron St. Demetrius.
    Petru IV Rareş (ca. 14873 September 1546) was twice voievod of Moldavia: 20 January 1527 to 18 September 1538 and 19 February 1541 to 3 September 1546. He was an illegitimate child born (probably at Hârlău) to Stephen the Great. His mother was Maria Răreşoaia of Hârlău, whose existence is not historically documented but who is said to have been the wife of a wealthy boyar fishmonger nicknamed Rareş
    Music: Chris Spheeris - Marionette

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  • OzPix
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    Old buildings are always interesting as they stir the imagination. Good video, well done

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    Multumesc pentru melodie! Am cautat-o peste tot si am gasit-o la .......Harlau

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    ....I love history, archeology, etc. Thanks for sharing...

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    Beautiful made and great music choice 5 *****

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    Cred, ca suntem singurul popor care arata un total dezinteres fata de cladirile istorice, fata de mostenirea pe care ne-au lasat-o inaintasii nostri. Un pacat pe care il vom regreta amarnic!

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