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Redwood City School District To Install Vape Detectors At Largest Middle School

  • Published on Sep 24, 2019
  • The Redwood City School District Board of Trustees voted Wednesday night to install eight vape detectors at the district's largest comprehensive middle school. Maria Medina reports. (9-25-2019)

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  • r e e e e e e e
    r e e e e e e e Year ago +1125

    schools will put money into "vape detectors", but won't make school lunches better.

    • SCJ
      SCJ 7 days ago

      At my school they don’t care anymore with the smoking weed and vaping There’s like 50 of them at a time they’re just saying if you do the work or if you want to learn you’re going to learn

    • Lia Zariah
      Lia Zariah Month ago

      @Hi hey Alice! Wasn’t expecting you here

    • Lia Zariah
      Lia Zariah Month ago

      @Uncle Ruckus it depends on where you live, I used to live in Toledo Ohio and the stuff literally looks like shit. But now I live in Indiana (can’t tell you what city for privacy reasons) and the food is slightly better

    • Egg Mcjesus
      Egg Mcjesus Month ago


    • Analiz francisco
      Analiz francisco 2 months ago

      When I went to school my school had a huge vaping problem and they put Detecters in the bathrooms to detect when someone vape turns out the batteries weren't even in them it was just to.scare the kids into stop vaping principal confirmed with me cause I was very loved by him so might be the case at this school

  • edward
    edward Year ago +182

    Gary Winthorpe is NOT this kid's name. Search up "Danny Duncan Gary pranks the news", you"ll see that Danny uses the same fake name, this kid just memed his whole school district.

    • ur mom 💚💙
      ur mom 💚💙  13 days ago +1

      @xSTRAIGHT‐EDGE JERKx at least your having fun 🤷‍♀️

      xSTRAIGHT‐EDGE JERKx 4 months ago

      @memory foam matress stuffed with battery acid I'm a Straight Edge jerk who loves to put down people who do stuff like smoke/vape, drink, and do drugs.
      I'm not at all expecting a comment on RUclips to change someone's life, I'm doing this purely for my entertainment.

    • memory foam matress stuffed with battery acid
      memory foam matress stuffed with battery acid 4 months ago

      @xSTRAIGHT‐EDGE JERKxYou’re spamming this in ever reply section. You’re really saving the day.

      xSTRAIGHT‐EDGE JERKx 5 months ago +1

      @CatsandAlcohol99 "I'm straight edge, and that means I'm better than you" CM Punk

    • altrシ
      altrシ 5 months ago


  • ravioli🥵
    ravioli🥵 Year ago +135

    Imagine somebody coming in the bathroom to Vape and you're innocently taking a shit and then detector goes off and you walk out before that person does and they think you're vaping but you have to tell them were taking a shit.

    • Analiz francisco
      Analiz francisco 2 months ago

      @sunnyplays that would give the kid that was actually vaping would have more time to hide it else where.the kids at my school would have the biggest fits when they got there vapes taken but would have a brand new one the next dah like you didn't learn and lets not even talk about the all day detentions or detentions they receive it was mostly the freshmen tho one was so bad that the principal said you get in trouble again or get caught vaping again your getting kicked out and he for kicked out

    • Hunter Morgan
      Hunter Morgan 5 months ago +1

      @SunnyPlays that takes more time and effort than it needs to though.
      That's not including keeping the kid that was actually using the bathroom from class longer, and pointing fingers at kids who did absolutely nothing wrong as well.
      Punishing the many to catch the few is a horrible tactic.

    • SunnyPlays
      SunnyPlays 5 months ago +1

      @Pedro they would search the kid that was shitting and they would find nothing, then they’ll search the kid that was vaping and they’ll get in trouble

    • Pedro
      Pedro 11 months ago +13

      Kids purposely do that. They’ll smoke, but make sure another kid is in there. As soon as that kid leaves, they book it.

  • charlis angels
    charlis angels Year ago +49

    our buses don’t even have seatbelts, i don’t think they’re gonna install “vape detectors” 😹

    • taiyoukei
      taiyoukei 11 months ago +1

      buses don’t have seatbelts for safety reasons

  • mattyice_9
    mattyice_9 Year ago +3706

    Imagine farting and then hearing the alarm and getting suspended.

    • everydayfun
      everydayfun 6 days ago


    • ALEX NOlder VLOGS
      ALEX NOlder VLOGS 3 months ago +1

      Lmfao for real

    • VeiserexAB
      VeiserexAB 4 months ago

      It better be that way to show how ridiculous it is

    • Joshua 25K
      Joshua 25K 4 months ago

      @Tommy Johnson I would just finish ish take in my shit

    • Midnxghtxx
      Midnxghtxx 4 months ago

      @Tommy Johnson i fart all the time in the bathroom alone and the ones at my school don't go off

  • Sage Hogan
    Sage Hogan 7 months ago +4

    My old school had these, they did not work at all. It was well known that you could smoke in the bathrooms with zero repercussions, and that was on top of the fact that only one student was allowed in at a time and a staff member would check the room afterward for "smells or smoke". it sucks for schools but there's really no way to completely stop it.

  • Royal Ace
    Royal Ace Year ago +283

    Loophole: Just smoke real cigarettes since the detector is for vapes!!🚬🕯

  • Maya Benton
    Maya Benton Year ago +174

    they act like we won’t find a way to still do it 😭🤚🏻

    • 卐
       3 months ago

      @Tom Cadogan actually your mind made an impact when you were open to drugs before you vaped/smoked

    • 卐
       3 months ago

      @Swerzye who cares the people that vape are just gonna die and I'm gonna laugh in their grave

    • Tana?
      Tana? 4 months ago

      @Nehan Karanch I vape idk ab edgy

    • Tana?
      Tana? 4 months ago

      @Natalee is just chilling u gotta be young

    • Nehan Karanch
      Nehan Karanch 4 months ago +3

      @Natalee is just chilling bunch of edgy 15 year olds, they're gonna be in prison in a few years don't mind them

  • Derek Reyes
    Derek Reyes Year ago +9

    I’m dead who blows smoke in to a vape detector 😂

  • Fiji Water
    Fiji Water Year ago +2441

    This is gonna get people falsely accused. Imagine there are three girls in the bathroom and two of them vape setting off the camera then the one who wasn’t vaping walks out first.

    • Analiz francisco
      Analiz francisco 2 months ago

      When I'm in school I always make sure the other person walks out first even if I'm smoking with them

    • idijwiheufbfwkajlldkwnkjdnjwnekjdwn
      idijwiheufbfwkajlldkwnkjdnjwnekjdwn 3 months ago

      happened to me three times 🤷‍♂️
      went to shit at the wrong time and got falsely accused and searched

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas 3 months ago +1

      @ashley🩻📿 Do you hear yourself? "It's impossible to stop ppl from doing what they want to do." Bottom line. These are developing kids. Their minds are far from being close to developed. Most these kids don't want to stop at their age, and they won't if no one knows they are doing it. Schools need to actively crack down on vaping. These are the development of children's minds we are talking about. Like it or not it does hurt developing minds. Are you saying you are ok with that? Endangering the development of a child's mind? The responses I've seen on these kinds of vids are very disheartening, and it kills any hope I have that people have common sense.

    • ALEX NOlder VLOGS
      ALEX NOlder VLOGS 3 months ago

      For real happened too me

    • Senior Hitler
      Senior Hitler 5 months ago

      @ShampootheSpider cuzz you snitched to the teachers about vaping and I like vaping so I don't wanna get CAUGHT you feel me.

  • Swaggin Burger
    Swaggin Burger Year ago +83

    The dislikes are just the kids who are pissed that they can’t vape without it going off

    • Mikey3O3
      Mikey3O3 10 months ago

      @Idk364 YUP

    • Marisa Kirisame
      Marisa Kirisame Year ago

      They are actually Charli’s alt accounts

    • Idk364
      Idk364 Year ago +2

      Zero it and ur fine

    • T!P
      T!P Year ago +4

      Except everyone can it isn’t difficult

    • Lucas Wear
      Lucas Wear Year ago +17

      Gary is that you?

  • GamingandStuff with DudtheNoob

    Lol what if someone is vaping and gets detected and the innocent kid walks out and gets blamed on

  • chapo
    chapo Year ago +123

    acting like i won’t blow the smoke into the toilet while it flushes

  • call sign frank castle
    call sign frank castle 8 months ago +1

    Funny thing is we had these in my middle and highschool and I'd never get caught vaping but my friends always would and I taught them how to zero a hit so no vapor comes out when you exhale and the detectors never picked it up even when I'd do it with a dab pen

  • Aestheticboba
    Aestheticboba Year ago +4368

    Gary is that one kid who would be like “what about the homework” to the teacher

    • Frankie Troiano
      Frankie Troiano 2 months ago

      Nah he probably actually vapes

    • B34T1N9l_l
      B34T1N9l_l 3 months ago

      No he wouldn’t did u not hear that name 😂

    • Shantay Daniels
      Shantay Daniels 5 months ago

      You play msP?

    • wyv
      wyv 5 months ago

      Well honestly if I worked hard on my homework and the teacher forgot I’d mention it because I’m not gonna suffer just to save some people, I worked hard on my homework so everyone else should have done their homework as well

    • Lupe
      Lupe 5 months ago

      Fr bro

  • SunLark Bg
    SunLark Bg 2 months ago

    Quite a few kids at my school before summer break vaped in the bathrooms multiple times. Some also allegedly smoked in the bathroom, which set the bathroom on fire and the whole school had to evacuate. Recently the school made the whole school take a survey to see if they wanted a cop on campus at all times to make sure fights, vapes and etc were harder to do. I really hope the school hires a cop and possibly a K9 to the school a safer place for the students. Or at least a Vape detector!

  • botnetuser 3
    botnetuser 3 Year ago +11

    Teachers and security: BEHOLD, VAPE DETECTOR! NONE CAN STOP US!!!
    Zeroing: Amateurs.

  • cailin R
    cailin R Year ago +8

    I’m so glad I’ve graduated already 😂

  • Sarah
    Sarah Year ago +4

    I actually would be so glad if this came to my highschool, I want to be able to go into the bathroom to do my business without having an asthma attack

  • BrainDead Gaming
    BrainDead Gaming Year ago +6092

    Imagine what the school would sound like
    * vape alarm *
    * vape alarm *
    * vape alarm *
    *schools electricity cuts out *

    • Mr Wendigo
      Mr Wendigo 8 months ago

      @Cyber Galaxy I bet the snitch got a nice chat with everyone

    • Mr Wendigo
      Mr Wendigo 8 months ago

      @TejaMunoz see that's where the lockpic comes in

    • Anis khai21
      Anis khai21 11 months ago

      @Bob Bell good thing I’m from malaysia 😏

    • PSA squad
      PSA squad Year ago +1

      *bathroom door slams open, revealing a swat team*

    • missgworl
      missgworl Year ago +1

      that would actually be a good idea ngl

  • RichardBlunts
    RichardBlunts Year ago +3

    0:38 bro straight up snitched on his entire school on national television 🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  • Damn_Youre_Dense :/
    Damn_Youre_Dense :/ Year ago +1

    In middle school?! I can't be the only one that waited untill high to buy my first dab pen 😂

  • bella
    bella 3 months ago +2

    he does realize we can just blow out the smoke away from the detector right? 😭

  • G59
    G59 5 months ago +1

    They don’t know students can just hold in the smoke in their lungs 🤣🤣
    And that at 0:38 Danny Duncan reference lmao I’m dead

  • Captain America Nomad
    Captain America Nomad Year ago +5118

    Imagine being addicted to nicotine in middle school lmao

    • TurboWhistler
      TurboWhistler 19 days ago

      @G9 your mom must have regretted giving birth to you

    • DustinsUniverse
      DustinsUniverse 19 days ago

      @Ruth Garcia some people are pure presured, yeah I to embarrassing. But some kids have been forced to do shit like this

    • Nuke Caulfield
      Nuke Caulfield Month ago

      Imagine getting addicted to nicotine as an adult. I would expect dumb kids to start smoking. Starting as an adult is just plain stupid.

    • Shazy Z
      Shazy Z Month ago

      Haha our class started in grade 7

    • ilikecatsalot
      ilikecatsalot Month ago

      @Ruth Garcia 444

  • 5H1T AZZ
    5H1T AZZ 4 months ago +4

    Just inhale and blow the smoke down onto the floor and wave your hand down so it gets pushed down and away from the ceiling where the detector is

  • i like legos
    i like legos Year ago +9

    kids just gonna hold the smoke in and actually get high.

  • Colton Sperry
    Colton Sperry Year ago

    Imagine spending money just to suspend a kid who vapes, knowing it probably wouldn’t teach them a lesson by the time they come back😂

  • Cherry Lime
    Cherry Lime 7 months ago

    I love how half of the pictures that he shows aren't even high schoolers most of those are actually adults vaping

  • Emily
    Emily Year ago +2077

    Gary is really gonna be clowned by everyone he snitched on

    • SCJ
      SCJ 7 days ago

      @Marcos Anglade Yeah but at my school is Gary did this he’s getting jumped the next day😂

    • 卐
       3 months ago

      @Marcos Anglade gary is gonna be fine he is gonna outlive the people that hate him he is just gonna laugh once they die and he outlives them

    • ALEX NOlder VLOGS
      ALEX NOlder VLOGS 3 months ago


      xSTRAIGHT‐EDGE JERKx 5 months ago

      @Emily "I'm straight edge, and that means I'm better than you" CM Punk

    • Uncle Ruckus
      Uncle Ruckus 8 months ago

      He didn’t call anyone out lol, and besides vaping is bad for you lol, doesn’t matter if he snitched, those kids should learn to do that shit in there house and not in school property

  • Mad Sharkz
    Mad Sharkz 4 months ago +2

    Why are people so against this idea? I get that it has flaws, but it seems like everyone is ok with kids ruining their lives

  • Nate Ernst
    Nate Ernst Year ago +1

    Ah yes. Of all things. This is what schools need to worry about, not the broken and outdated education system

  • Cristiano Marinelli
    Cristiano Marinelli 10 months ago +3

    Yeah, pretty sure many kids just go out at lunch and do it off school property.

  • Jennifer Denton
    Jennifer Denton 8 months ago

    I’m curious how well this system is working

  • Alec Ploss
    Alec Ploss Year ago +2480

    Gary gonna need security after this.

    • VeiserexAB
      VeiserexAB 4 months ago

      That dude was a snitch

    • teehee
      teehee 7 months ago

      @Sahib Singh so? doesnt mean this guy wont need protection lol

    • Devon Caldwell
      Devon Caldwell Year ago +2

      I do not smoke a school 😂🎒🥁🎒🥁

    • Yung Zooka
      Yung Zooka Year ago +5

      Danny Duncan made Gary

    • Luavy
      Luavy Year ago +21

      @Sahib Singh Danny Duncan lmao

  • IHPineIsHere
    IHPineIsHere Year ago

    There's so many flaws in that, like the smoke is gone before it reaches the ceiling, holding in the smoke, blowing it through a smoke hider.

  • Brady Braga
    Brady Braga Year ago

    I love how all those parents that are getting mad Is acting like they didn’t smoke cigarettes in the bathroom when they were younger

  • Laura V
    Laura V Year ago

    its crazy how this became a problem like wow just how cigarettes were invented and peoppe didn’t know how bad they were

  • Cristiano Marinelli
    Cristiano Marinelli 10 months ago +3

    Vape detectors: Never said anything about smoke 😏

  • soyoung
    soyoung Year ago +4946

    Honestly... I feel like "Gary" got jumped after this interview😭

    • CatsandAlcohol99
      CatsandAlcohol99 7 months ago

      @Jaymon Fake name. Real snitch.

    • Bryan Acosta
      Bryan Acosta 11 months ago

      Onb 😭😭

    • Vîbêš
      Vîbêš Year ago

      Think about it Danny Duncan

    • Anon13X
      Anon13X Year ago

      @KSI VS Jake Paul for snitching?

    • Your Dog
      Your Dog Year ago +2

      Nobody who vapes gots the guts to jump someone lol

  • G0reD0ll2000
    G0reD0ll2000 Year ago

    I vape too, but I know I can't bring it to school lmao. I don't understand why people will bring their vapes to school. LEAVE. THEM. HOME. My school does searches of people all the time and people get so surprised when they get caught. Please don't bring your vapes to school.

  • SheLuvsBrennen
    SheLuvsBrennen Year ago +1

    Lucky they ain’t do that at my school I would’ve been caught by now lmao

  • rat
    rat Year ago +1

    Me and my friend in 7th vaping: 😃
    (We don’t vape AT school though.)

  • Febreze AirFreshner

    The real question is do they really have cameras everywhere bc they CANT have them in stalls.. right

  • quierodormir
    quierodormir 3 years ago +11492

    Cameras and bathrooms are never a good idea..

    • BRB 321
      BRB 321 10 months ago

      @steverico my school does

    • BRB 321
      BRB 321 10 months ago

      My school has cameras in the bathroom
      Not in the stall but still
      A lil fucked up

    • Francesca
      Francesca 10 months ago

      @zackslay it's really not my school had cameras inside the bathrooms, just not in the stalls

    • HamptonTrendzz
      HamptonTrendzz Year ago

      @Hit The Exit YO I was the 777th like

    • A Teal Penguin
      A Teal Penguin Year ago

      Cameras outside bathrooms have always existed

  • Tyler Heinrich
    Tyler Heinrich 8 months ago

    Imagine a clueless student walking into the bathroom to hit a vape and he just here's an alarm when he blows the smoke out with a couple police sirens for added effect

  • amy
    amy 10 months ago +5

    not all the stoners laughing in the comments LMAO

  • Lil Peeper
    Lil Peeper Year ago

    Wouldn’t it just be a smoke dector? I went to a school for kids who didn’t want to go and we had them in the bathrooms, (I live in Australia it’s common to smoke and vape in school) I’m just glad my new one has a smoking zone

  • Aden Matheny
    Aden Matheny Year ago

    Well I'm telling my friends this and we will look out for them

  • madmonday05
    madmonday05 Year ago +2043

    Gary’s gonna have a “chat” with some kids after school 😂

    • 卐
       2 months ago

      @ComptonMadeKJ Lmao no way some drug smoking failures are gonna do shit watch them die during the process

    • ALEX NOlder VLOGS
      ALEX NOlder VLOGS 3 months ago

      For real he is gonna get his ass beat by someone

    • M L
      M L 4 months ago

      @Xerxes 3.0 frr thooo same💀👌

    • M L
      M L 4 months ago

      @Magical nahh just idiots don't know the measurements it's a badass drink if you do it correctly really get you loosened up for long public events

    • Basically videos
      Basically videos 5 months ago

      Snitches get Stitches 💀

  • vortexx7987
    vortexx7987 Year ago

    My respect for the kid in the sharingan shirt 👌

  • Hunter Morgan
    Hunter Morgan 5 months ago +1

    Its not hard to hold in a hit and keep clouds from coming out super dense and thick...
    You can hold it for a few seconds and it won't produce a cloud at all....

  • spaghetti Last name
    spaghetti Last name 8 months ago

    I am from aca. It was a scam🤣 they never went off unless you blew the smoke on it directly, not a single kid has been caught using them

  • Larine
    Larine 9 months ago

    Lmao I remember in high school They were trying to crack down on people smoking weed, so everybody just started skipping school, fourth period, we’d all run out the back door and walk to a park or something, really backfired on them

  • Idk
    Idk Year ago +2361

    “Gary Winthrop” AHHHHH YALL GOT PLAYED 😂

    • Ix VXTO Ix
      Ix VXTO Ix 9 months ago

      As soon as I heard “Gary winthorp” I went in the comments so fast 😂

    • ashtyn 5
      ashtyn 5 Year ago

      rushed to comments when i heard the name

    • More Of Jarret Lahr
      More Of Jarret Lahr Year ago

      @Matthew McNicholas fact

    • Papa Santi
      Papa Santi Year ago

      Danny will be dying of laughter when he see’s this

    • GT TV
      GT TV Year ago


  • Tek_Dragon
    Tek_Dragon Year ago +2

    Um, y'all do realize kids vape IN class, they just hold it in so smoke doesn't come out🤦🏽‍♀️

  • lujain
    lujain Year ago +1

    Lol now these kids are gonna zero it and "increase the risks" by holding it in longer. Smart school 😂

  • Mel
    Mel Year ago +3

    Teachers : Ha now y’all will get in trouble
    Students: welp. No vaping Oh now beer 🤫
    (It’s just a joke)

  • John Woodland
    John Woodland Year ago

    There is no need for this much control. It’s weird!

  • Aryan Ton
    Aryan Ton Year ago +3351

    Only Danny Duncan fans will laught at the kids name “Gary winthorp”

  • Fabian
    Fabian Year ago

    Charlie would leave the school if they would add alarm when someone is vapping 😂

  • 🖤Ali Shores🖤
    🖤Ali Shores🖤 Year ago +1

    How would they know it's a vape and not perfume or someone with a upset stomach

  • X3bca
    X3bca 6 months ago

    Well it has been years and people still get away with it like even just vape in front of the school and smoke and they don’t do anything about it

  • Niagara Falls New York

    Dap pens are becoming pretty common too if I had one in high school I definitely woulda been getting high

  • Jamal
    Jamal Year ago +1455

    And then Gary wonders why he has no friends, gets no girls, and gets bullied in school

    • Violett Tesfaye
      Violett Tesfaye 2 months ago

      Omg 😭

    • Josiah ok
      Josiah ok 3 months ago

      Better than addiction

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas 3 months ago

      At least "Gary" is one of the few kids who had enough sense to care about how drugs can harm the development of ones mind in their early years.

    • ALEX NOlder VLOGS
      ALEX NOlder VLOGS 3 months ago

      For real

    • Loading... 10y ago
      Loading... 10y ago 4 months ago

      Nag Gary is a giga chad

  • Jon Gordon
    Jon Gordon Year ago +3

    When they realize you can just go into the bathroom and just zero the smoke 👁👄👁

  • Maggie 🤍
    Maggie 🤍 10 months ago +1

    If my school do this, I will cry

  • Google meets
    Google meets Year ago

    My school said this to scare us but they never did it 🤣

    Not HATESINNER 3 months ago

    Imagine how exhaling clouds in school when you can just zero it out in literally 5 seconds

  • DayFern
    DayFern 2 years ago +442

    Gary 100% got bullied when he went back to school

    • Emily Gonzalez
      Emily Gonzalez Year ago

      that’s not his name😭

    • CURST ⑬
      CURST ⑬ Year ago +14

      Look up that name 😭😂😂 I’d cheer him on

  • spr!ng
    spr!ng 6 months ago

    this is so sad especially now that theres literally a portable filter that looks like a vape and is as small as one that you blow smoke into and completely just disappears from the other end. shits crazy lol

  • GreatCity SportAction22

    The vape detectors are very important because administrators can know once the students vape they will be caught and the administration can keep everyone safe. All of you that are watching don’t ever vape because it is bad for you lungs and you can get in trouble.

  • chupapi
    chupapi 6 months ago +1

    yeah the thing is us kids discovered that you can blow the vape into your shirt stopping the smoke from spreading around the room🤷 we'll always find a way around your system lol

  • Mike1004
    Mike1004 Year ago

    You realize that students are just gonna find a way around it right?

  • xl ThomAs lx
    xl ThomAs lx 2 years ago +7306

    Gary winthorp probably doesnt have friends anymore after snitchin

    • 卐
       3 months ago

      @xl ThomAs lx at least he isnt gonna die who cares if he gets no friends he'll just outlive the kids get his career make a lot of money make a lot of friends and get the life he wants while the kids that vape are just gonna die as failures become stupid and eventually die from damaged lungs or kill themselves because they are stupid

    • donald cobuccio
      donald cobuccio Year ago

      @Nha-Han Nguyen satan

    • donald cobuccio
      donald cobuccio Year ago

      @Shane S satan

    • Hoya's Vlogs
      Hoya's Vlogs Year ago


    • Isabella Vance
      Isabella Vance Year ago


  • Michael Croyle
    Michael Croyle Year ago

    It's gonna be a matter of time before kids find a way around their detectors.

  • hitmandahl
    hitmandahl 5 months ago +2

    Wow.. American schools gives of huge prison vibes. I mean seriously, waste a ton of money on something that all kids will bypass the same day the system gets activated?

  • Kill the LGBTQ
    Kill the LGBTQ 5 months ago +1

    Yo imagine someone or the administrators just opens the cameras for fun when someone uses the bathroom normally

  • Mariana
    Mariana Year ago

    My school has convex mirrors in the bathrooms and it feels like walking to 7 eleven 😭😭

  • Angelene Pingue
    Angelene Pingue Year ago +479

    They really think kids won’t figure out how to get around those? 😂

    • Javeyah White
      Javeyah White 5 months ago

      Kids are smarter then adults think

    • Darby Harrison
      Darby Harrison 7 months ago

      My school had them. The kids threw wet toilet paper at it and it was all blocked up. And the water fucked with it so it never went off. Even with 30 kids hotboxing the toilets

    • Southern Squealers
      Southern Squealers Year ago

      Just zero it

    • 2hunnid
      2hunnid Year ago

      @Jando you tweakin

    • Jando
      Jando Year ago

      I snitch on everyone except the homies

  • Yb
    Yb Year ago

    there is something called zeroing a vape, meaning when u hit the vape u would inhale it all to let no smoke out..

  • Nay2D2
    Nay2D2 Year ago

    Just bring in a real human lung and a collapsed vapers lung and have them look closely at it. Those that are considering starting wont start and those that do it may think to quit, some wont but many probably would when they see the effects

  • G̷͖̬͠o̷̧͗͜d̶̛͈̩

    y'know, how much you wanna bet that some kids are going to break/steal the detectors

  • PeppaPigTheKiller

    Gary Winthorpe is the type of guy to sit next you on an empty bus.

  • Will Isaman
    Will Isaman 2 years ago +8253

    Gary Winthrop y’all got played 😂😂

  • King KiwiTV
    King KiwiTV 8 months ago

    I live in france, and there are litteral smoking areas in our high schools, mainly cause the oldest people there are like 22

  • Bethany Parker
    Bethany Parker 3 months ago

    dude the kids at my school are pretty smart they would see these devices and figure out what there for and they will just avoid blowing the smoke into it and holding it in longer and a lot of kids at my school use thc so this still prob wouldn't work

  • Third Temple
    Third Temple 9 months ago

    I don’t know if the cameras were a good idea, but vaping does need to be prevented

  • z223z
    z223z Year ago +1

    when i heard gary winthorpe i couldnt stop laughing

  • whatcon
    whatcon 2 years ago +3221

    Bruh really got them with the Gary Winthrop.
    Edit: Wtf this comment was from a year ago on a video with like 2k views of a kid from my city downtown making a Danny Duncan joke and now the video almost has 300k and my comment has 2.4K likes 😭

    • Jeffrey Hurwitz
      Jeffrey Hurwitz Year ago

      @Open your 3rd eye 👁 because they are aware of what the long term effects of cigs and not vaping

    • JJ Bicks
      JJ Bicks Year ago +1

      NoDripToxi many reasons

    • Open your 3rd eye 👁
      Open your 3rd eye 👁 Year ago +1

      @*JACKBOY* depends what the smoke isss. Kids vape cuz they think it's cool, kids smoke weed cuz you get high obviously (sometimes it helps with shit too, depends on the person), but I'll never understand why kids be smokin cigs. Shit is mind boggling

    • Zerne
      Zerne Year ago

      I thought this comment was mine at first lmao

    • I’mThatGuyThatComments
      I’mThatGuyThatComments Year ago

      That’s amazibgv

  • ZachattackVA
    ZachattackVA Year ago

    This is the real type of news

    THICCCy Year ago

    I don’t think anyone is going to vape directly into one of these things, or even near it

  • Yxng Sav
    Yxng Sav 5 months ago +1

    They ain’t gon help unless smoke goes to the detector 😭

  • Zghoast37
    Zghoast37 11 days ago

    Bro if Gary went to my school let’s just say some of the kids would have a “friendly chat” with him

  • Body bags
    Body bags 2 years ago +1691

    Oh no they gonn catch Garry snitchin

    • 卐
       3 months ago

      @Empire SDP what do you find?

    • Yeah
      Yeah Year ago +1

      Put him on a t- shirt

    • Empire SDP
      Empire SDP Year ago +1

      Google his name Lmao

    • Ash / Aiden
      Ash / Aiden Year ago +11

      @The A gaming shut up

    • The A gaming
      The A gaming Year ago +3

      Thats not what snitch means go look up in the dictionary

  • Classic Chip
    Classic Chip 6 months ago

    I remember walking into the bathroom and seeing a whole flock of 6th grade emos Vaping and they stopped vaping and started begging me to not tell anyone

  • Elise Renée
    Elise Renée Year ago

    Sooo how long until the camera stops filming? They can just stay in the stall longer? Also there are def ways to keep the vapor from making it to the detector...

  • J Á Ç K TM YT
    J Á Ç K TM YT Year ago +1

    Imagine having a security camera and a bathroom in a awkward place it's the weirdest garbage in the world weirdest who puts a security camera in the bathroom

  • Average
    Average 8 months ago

    We have these in my high school they never work 😂

  • LazerHornet
    LazerHornet Year ago +1233

    bro, eveybody just zeros it and no smoke comes out, it will only catch idiots.

    • Analiz francisco
      Analiz francisco 2 months ago

      @meexs_00 just move your hand fast back and fourth like your hitting a fly almost and it will go away

    • Roger Castillo
      Roger Castillo 4 months ago

      @Guv fr?

    • Honja 65
      Honja 65 4 months ago

      clear tape is going to be used to cover the vents of the vape alarm

    • Midnxghtxx
      Midnxghtxx 4 months ago

      @Kirby Olsen not me 😂

    • Kirby Olsen
      Kirby Olsen 4 months ago +1

      @Midnxghtxx most people when they hit blinkers cough 😂😂