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Woman Guilty of Faking Kidnapping Breaks Down During Police Interrogation

  • Published on Sep 20, 2022
  • In a newly released police interrogation video from 2020, Sherri Papini breaks down when presented with information that she faked her own kidnapping. Papini pleaded guilty to the abduction hoax in April 2022 and was sentenced to 18 months in prison with 36 months of supervised release.
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Comments • 1 853

  • Miranda Canaday
    Miranda Canaday 15 days ago +518

    I feel so bad for her husband and their children. I’m glad he filed for divorce. He was pleading for her safe return and defended her the entire time, ugh she is a monster.

    • UNeveRKnow
      UNeveRKnow 6 days ago +2

      She got 18months in prison hope the husband get a bit of a break now poor him and the kids

    • Syl D
      Syl D 7 days ago +2

      He must have been in such chock! And moreover, she tries to through her ex under the bus, like she was just his victim (now that she doesn't need him anymore). How can she go that far! She wanted him to go to jail or what? She sounded like a crying little girl, instead of taking responsability, but what a manipulative monster.

    • Lyric Mezzosoprano
      Lyric Mezzosoprano 8 days ago +2

      I live around Redding and remember his earnest pleas to help find her. I’m glad she got so much time.

  • Crystal Kat
    Crystal Kat 15 days ago +327

    Her poor husband… seems like a good man. I hope he gets over this one day and finds a good woman. His kids are blessed to have him.

    • Carolyn M
      Carolyn M 6 days ago +1

      I hope he gets over it today! He’s probably been tolerating this type of rubbish for their entire marriage.

    • Flying Dutchman
      Flying Dutchman 11 days ago +1

      @Missy D Yup. Now he’ll be an unapologetic bachelor that uses women.

    • Missy D
      Missy D 14 days ago +20

      she has probably scared him of women for life with the way she's acted.

    • Cici Corell
      Cici Corell 15 days ago +24

      @Princess Jasmine I was confused by this comment until I learned she blamed her abduction on 2 hispanic females. Yikes!

    • Princess Jasmine
      Princess Jasmine 15 days ago +25

      It'd be cool if his new wife happened to be latina 🤣🤣

  • Michelle Johnson
    Michelle Johnson 15 days ago +182

    The lengths this woman went to just to hang out with this other guy are astounding to me. She could've come up with all kinds of lies but she chose to craft this fake kidnapping. She claims over and over again that she just wants to see her kids but she's got a funny way of showing it

    • ThankYouForIncorrectingMe
      ThankYouForIncorrectingMe 5 days ago

      @uche ok You’re spot on. None of it makes sense. Such a crazy outlandish lie, she didn’t go down there to enjoy herself, she mutilated herself, cried about her kids while there and supposedly “loves her husband so much”… what??! I don't even know if she understands.

    • Sy
      Sy 5 days ago

      @Haley T Yes, and I hope she not only gets the prison time she deserves, but also lots and LOTS of therapy. Seems she’s been insane for a long time.

    • krisdiane
      krisdiane 7 days ago +3

      I don't believe this was about the ex at all. This woman wanted attention and for everyone to be concerned for her. She's sick and heartless.

    • Haley T
      Haley T 9 days ago +4

      @Sy I think she was tired of living as a family and wanted to escape and be single for a while. Live the single life. But she wanted to come back and do her mother role, so she had to lie to make it seem like she didn’t just leave. She’s insane

  • Johnny
    Johnny 15 days ago +535

    I have personally been gaslighted and taken advantage of and it sticks with you for awhile, hurts way more than a mutual break up and scars your ability to trust again. I hope this man finds peace! He deserves much better

    • reichmuth 100
      reichmuth 100 Day ago

      @TheRealHoBlivion NO the girls from Reddit did not make up the word Gaslight or Gaslit, It's been in the dictionary for a long long time, I must admit that it sure has been being used an awful lot as of lately. I don't know why it's the go-to word.🤷‍♀

    • Lindsay Miller
      Lindsay Miller 4 days ago

      @vickie kasafirek what!? Really? Yeah...that is incredibly odd. She is so beyond manipulative, I wouldn't doubt she manipulated her way into that scenario. Most likely using the fact that she is still the children's mother and yadda yadda yadda. Ugh, she is truly the worst.

    • Lindsay Miller
      Lindsay Miller 4 days ago +1

      @TheRealHoBlivion gaslighting has been a term LONG BEFORE Reddit even existed! It's a real thing. A real term. And a horrible way to be treated.

    • Toby Schuring
      Toby Schuring 8 days ago +3

      @TheRealHoBlivion , go on line and read the definition. I tried to post it here but don’t know if it went through. The term has been around a long time. Blessings to you!

  • kitteykatmeow
    kitteykatmeow 15 days ago +169

    When she says “Don’t talk to me like that”. That says a lot about her personality and how she perceives herself to the world

    • Connie Thomas
      Connie Thomas 5 days ago +1

      35minutes something in she stops crying & clearly says it.

    • Syl D
      Syl D 7 days ago +4

      Her constant crying, so she can't answer questions (which stops immediately as soon as she's leaving the room) is soooo irritating!

    • Amber McDonald
      Amber McDonald 10 days ago +11

      35:45 the AUDACITY

    • Cate Bartley
      Cate Bartley 11 days ago

      @David Gunter wen???

    • Cate Bartley
      Cate Bartley 11 days ago +3

      Wen does she say that I couldn't find it

  • anna bell
    anna bell 15 days ago +642

    What a nice man trying to help his cheating lying wife. How horrible for him. Prayers for him & his children that they can move on & find peace.

    • Grass
      Grass Day ago

      @Brandon S which crime channel did you watch that said they swingers? Do you know what swinger means? Also, the husband is always the number 1 suspect of his wife's disappearance, this is standard procedure. And it was only an speculation that the husband was in on it for the donation money, there was never any evidence of it.

    • Grass
      Grass Day ago

      @Kitten/cat Lover the police had an interview with the people who knew her the most and they said she had an affair with someone else before this fake kidnapping happened and she is a known pathological liar.

    • Jared Weiman
      Jared Weiman 7 days ago

      Women file 80% of divorces. We don’t need to imagine anything.

    • xxx xxx
      xxx xxx 12 days ago

      Hubby should have, in large block letters, "SAP" tatted on his forehead.

    • P Harris
      P Harris 13 days ago

      @Heather Creighton you mean they weren't swingers then?

  • Kristen Shafer
    Kristen Shafer 15 days ago +203

    That feeling, knowing you've been caught in a lie, it's the worst feeling. But a lie this big, I can't imagine how hard her heart was pounding. Holding onto the lie when you know you're caught is just making it worse. I definitely feel bad for her family..

    • Blue Cheese
      Blue Cheese 2 days ago

      Yes her heart was definitely pounding.

    • EFFEZE6280
      EFFEZE6280 10 days ago

      Don't lie then. Obviously we've all lied before now. But

    • Monique van Leeuwen
      Monique van Leeuwen 10 days ago +2

      Don’t think her heart was pounding that hard. If she even has one, it’s cold and hardly beating at all..

    • lulahbelle
      lulahbelle 12 days ago +2

      Just keep saying "I don't know" 🙄 They weren't having it👍

  • Gina Em
    Gina Em 15 days ago +178

    I recall when this happened, I lived in a town nearby. I remember when she was found, she said it was Hispanic women who abducted her. I immediately knew this crazy woman was a fraud. How often do we hear about women abducting other woman. And last, this area has lots of agricultural workers, of which many are Hispanic migrant workers, who are very hard workers that I’m confident aren’t interested in kidnapping women but earning a living to provide for their families.

    • Kat Davis
      Kat Davis 3 days ago

      Those sketches are what tipped me off she was lying. Look closely at them. They are BS

    • Haley Johnson
      Haley Johnson 6 days ago +5

      Women lure other women into untoward circumstances regularly in the dark crime filled corners of cities. Out right kidnap into a vehicle across state lines, not so much.

    • Rachel C
      Rachel C 14 days ago +10

      I truly hope those Hispanics get a hold of her in jail now 🧐

    • hallertau
      hallertau 14 days ago +2

      I'm from Redding. I thought it was super suspicious when she was supposedly abducted.

    • Allie Reed
      Allie Reed 14 days ago +9

      I thought the same thing! I'm no Sherlock , but I could tell this woman was a liar, I just couldn't figure out why at the time. And I would check on it every few months & finally the truth came out. I hate thinking the worst in people, but I knew she was sick & twisted from the jump

  • Mirz_786
    Mirz_786 15 days ago +193

    Imagine your spouse, your lover, life partner and mother of your children betrays you in such a heartbreaking way. I don't think I would ever get over it

    • Miss Ld
      Miss Ld 5 days ago

      @Miranda Canaday, He filed for divorce in 2022 so a few years after this video was recorded

    • Rachel Wyatt
      Rachel Wyatt 11 days ago +1

      I would stay on my own forever after something like this! The worst thing is what it’s going to do to her kids. She’s clearly gotten away with everything in her life and thought she could with this too! She should’ve got the maximum and a harsh lesson to teach her children what happens when you lie !

    • Angelo
      Angelo 13 days ago +2

      @Freya Love I agree with you 💯 Mama

    • Freya Love
      Freya Love 14 days ago +4

      The children should be far away from this woman

  • David Gunter
    David Gunter 14 days ago +115

    And this is why I could never be a detective, because there is NO WAY I could have been this calm and patient. They did an admirable job.

    • EverretWaVince
      EverretWaVince Day ago

      You actually have to remember that these detectives have friends and family too. How much do you think of these skills they use in their daily lives? It would be so ironic if they fell for the same trap with one of their relatives. Would probably hurt someone's ego if it was the wife that did that to them.

    • Sally S
      Sally S Day ago +1

      Yesss exactly!! I got so annoyed when she starts cry-whining. I want to shake her to answer the questions.

    • Hannah
      Hannah 3 days ago +1

      you could play the bad cop when they do good cop bad cop routine lol.

    • strangefruit
      strangefruit 6 days ago +1

      This is why they were calm and patient to get the truth.

  • Joe Mannion
    Joe Mannion 15 days ago +162

    I can't believe that she was jailed for just18 months. She should have gotten at least 5 years for all the lies and upset she caused everybody. Horrible woman.

    • Jackie Banuelos
      Jackie Banuelos 4 days ago

      That's actually more than what they were asking for her to get 🙂

    • Saibi Sureddo
      Saibi Sureddo 6 days ago

      @Kimberly Laughner and a 300 k fine. The more important aspect here. Restitution of cost. She actually got double the sentence length of her recommended plea deal from the state. The state asked for 9 months and 150k fine. Judge doubled it on her due to her after admitting in writing to the hoax. She continued to say it wasn't a hoax. So she got double the penalty recommended by the state. Her defense tried to get her 2 months only lol.

  • Sahabiya Mohamed
    Sahabiya Mohamed 15 days ago +128

    I can’t blve how calm her husband is! She had everything..everything and lost everything!! She had a great man who worked overtime to provide her and her kids..also paid for his kids daycare while she is at home doing nothing but cheat!!

    • SHB
      SHB Day ago +1

      It's because something is so very wrong with her. Perfect that most people DON'T understand!

    • SugaryPhoenixxx
      SugaryPhoenixxx 12 days ago +4

      I can only dream of a man like that.

    • Sahabiya Mohamed
      Sahabiya Mohamed 14 days ago +1

      @Murder 101 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Chaya Ringgold
    Chaya Ringgold 15 days ago +244

    Notice the lying just never stops. She is not going to harm herself. She is a selfish pathological liar

    • Angelo
      Angelo 13 days ago

      @Nicolas Martin thank you for your diagnosis Dr. Nicolas 🙃

    • Nathaniel Ward
      Nathaniel Ward 15 days ago +2

      I can't help but notice all these women who are guilty start crying the moment they're found out

    • Nicolas Martin
      Nicolas Martin 15 days ago +1

      “Pathological” is one of the terms that medicalizes everyday life. In an earlier, theological time she would have been deemed a sinful liar. Both terms tell us about the perspective of the person observing. We live in a society dominated by medicine more than religion. Another loser refers to her as a narcissist, which is another medicalizing term.

  • Leon Lan
    Leon Lan 15 days ago +92

    My heart hurts for this man!!!! She is cruel and heartless.

  • Gregg D
    Gregg D 15 days ago +375

    An ex g/f of mine turned out to be a pathological liar. When I'd catch her in her lies and ask for an explanation, she acted and sounded just like little miss Sherri. Her lies weren't on this level but diabolical nonetheless. Luckily I got out and some other poor sap married her 🙌

    • Jackie Banuelos
      Jackie Banuelos 4 days ago

      I can't even keep a secret of what I got my husband for a Christmas gift 😣😣😣😅😅😅 I can't imagine being this type of liar 🙈

    • Toby Schuring
      Toby Schuring 8 days ago +1

      Some women just ruin it for other women.

    • Susan L
      Susan L 10 days ago +1

      @M M Hmmm. Ok dear. Have a great day!

    • ᎧᎶ-ᏟᏗᎮᎧ
      ᎧᎶ-ᏟᏗᎮᎧ 11 days ago +3

      I've been in a relationship like this and believe me never again.

  • Natalie Lawrence
    Natalie Lawrence 15 days ago +86

    This is such a complex case. I remember reading that she is estranged from most family and prior friends, etc- due to her pathological lying. It's actually a health issue- and that gets lost- because lying is such an unlikable trait. More so, in a woman. Her husband may be a little blinded by love- but no doubht, he is very aware of her pathological lying. I feel so sad for him. It must be unimaginable, embarrassing (with all the publicity) and very hard to navigate as a husband and Father. I hope she gets the help that she needs- and that her Husband and Children receive the compassion and support they need 💔

    • Ely Powell
      Ely Powell 10 days ago +2

      They should put her down before she gets some innocent guy put in prison.

    • Natalie Lawrence
      Natalie Lawrence 14 days ago +5

      @Eric Oimoen - Pathological lying is a lot more complex than a 'lack of 'accountability' - it's considered a personality disorder. There has also been a correlation between pathological lying and traumatic brain injuries...

    • Eric Oimoen
      Eric Oimoen 14 days ago +8

      Pathological lying occurs in people who have never been held accountable for any of their poor decisions.

  • Heather O'Brien
    Heather O'Brien 15 days ago +210

    A pathological liar believes their own lies. So unbelievable. Her poor husband. How embarrassing.

    • JPJ
      JPJ 10 days ago +1

      This "interrogation" is cringe.

    • Vojou345
      Vojou345 14 days ago +3

      @babble2leeza Well, it's embarrassing because when you are married your spouse becomes an extension of you. No sane family wants be put on blast for all the wrong reasons. Especially in this day and age.

    • Marlon Smith
      Marlon Smith 14 days ago


    • AtlanticMermaid
      AtlanticMermaid 15 days ago +6

      @babble2leeza He can still be embarrassed of his wife and the whole situation.

    • Two-toned
      Two-toned 15 days ago +4

      He was genuinely horrified when she went missing. Seems like a good man.

  • Deanna
    Deanna 15 days ago +96

    Don't you just love the way as soon as she knew she could go home tears are gone, grabs bag, over the shoulder it goes as she saunters out the door. Actress couldn't have done better 😍

    • KajunMs44
      KajunMs44 10 days ago

      She's a piece of "something ", no doubt.

    • Emmy🧿
      Emmy🧿 11 days ago

      @sumgrrrl yea but w ith good behavior she'll do 12

    • sumgrrrl
      sumgrrrl 14 days ago

      @Tara Mcgavan I thought she got 18 months?

    • Tara Mcgavan
      Tara Mcgavan 14 days ago +12

      Yep an gets away with it …..she’ll be out in 6 months…..she should have to do community service with HISPANIC WOMENS D.V. FOR YEARS!!!

    • Ryan Comer
      Ryan Comer 14 days ago +5

      i mean, she'd have to be convincing. She wasnt very convincing

  • Just Hear Me Out
    Just Hear Me Out 15 days ago +283

    As a woman with an amazing man of my own, I just can't imagine what kind of woman would betray a loving, kind, and loyal partner the way she did. This man went the extra mile to "get her home safe" and she was never in danger in the first place 😡

    • NeriYAH Jair
      NeriYAH Jair 10 days ago

      @Dora Campos no that's not what happened to me LOL you're very funny though

    • Keri is so very
      Keri is so very 10 days ago

      @Angelo Yeah, obviously.. right? I know that but I’m not sure if the person I was responding to knows that. He said most women get bored with their married life and cheat as if men don’t cheat. Also, what’s with “most women”? 😂

    • Violet Joy
      Violet Joy 12 days ago


    • Dora Campos
      Dora Campos 12 days ago

      @KP 😂

  • V Z
    V Z 15 days ago +154

    Notice how her husband moved his chair away from her when he realizes that she has been lying to him. Wow, she is some piece of work.

    • Deficient Girl
      Deficient Girl Day ago +1

      I feel like he kept thinking over and over “the police told me not to interrupt” and moving his chair was about the only thing he could do besides explode on his crazy wife. Poor, Keith.

    • Nicky
      Nicky 2 days ago

      @caligirl92 Thank you!

    • caligirl92
      caligirl92 2 days ago +2

      @Nicky 20:11

    • Nicky
      Nicky 7 days ago +1

      Can I have a time stamp?

    • Nikkie J.
      Nikkie J. 9 days ago

      I noticed that too.

  • Chaya Ringgold
    Chaya Ringgold 15 days ago +29

    My sister is a pathological liar and has been wreaking havoc on everyone she comes across her entire life. These people get way too much benefit of the doubt. Despicable trash

  • Mariaa Lynch
    Mariaa Lynch 15 days ago +481

    This lady is nuts! All this because she needed an excuse for being MIA while being married and hanging out with her ex boyfriend

    • The KnitWit
      The KnitWit 3 days ago

      @Roberta Fierro She IS conniving, but only a sick person self harms to play the victim!

    • jennifer stewart
      jennifer stewart 7 days ago +1

      @Miss Ld maybe make more perfect cupcakes less lies

    • jennifer stewart
      jennifer stewart 7 days ago +1

      And it wasn't even for a relationship with him
      What did she tell James to make all this make sense

  • programmer642
    programmer642 15 days ago +67

    it's an unsettling feeling to know there are many more people like this than we'd like to realize, and more often than not they are seemingly the most normal of people..

    • Liz Murphy
      Liz Murphy 15 days ago +2

      Exactly & to waste the police time, effort and budget on lies. Infuriating

  • Momma-Smashly👑
    Momma-Smashly👑 15 days ago +54

    For the first time in my 37 years of living…I am beyond speechless.
    Just WOW!!!
    I feel SO BAD for the husband.

  • Judith Killa
    Judith Killa 13 days ago +16

    The selfishness and entitled expectations of so many people like this woman (esp at the detriment of innocents) is scary, evil and beyond belief. My heart goes out to the husband, their kids and both sides of the family who were sick with worried, then elated she'd returned, and then crushed with the evidence and her confession. So sad.

  • The "Wright" Choice in Real Estate

    Imagine how many men have lost their freedom or even their lives; because of women like her.

    • Sean _
      Sean _ Day ago

      Yup, I know someone this is happening to unfortunately

  • TheFox
    TheFox 15 days ago +40

    So bizarre to see a grown woman cry like this when she knows she lied. This is behavior I'd expect from a twelve yr old that got caught with a cigarette or something. The only time I remember crying like this as an adult was when I got into my car after picking up my dad's flag & ashes at the funeral home. 👀

    • Suzanne Nichols
      Suzanne Nichols 2 days ago +1

      Yeah I was thinking pretty much through the interrogation that she was using techniques to get her out of trouble that she probably used as a kid. And they worked as a child and that fragile crying female worked even as an older woman because she was attractive and petite ( just the kind of girl lots of guys are looking for... on the outside).
      Unfortunately, she had NOTHING on the inside.
      I hope her husband and their children heal and do well from here.

    • betp
      betp 2 days ago

      for you, the loss of a father. for her, the loss of control.
      she's a profoundly, destructively selfish person.

  • Amy Thus
    Amy Thus 15 days ago +154

    I love how she picks & chooses only certain things to say loud enough to hear, and it's always the same general statements.

    • Tentin Quarantino
      Tentin Quarantino 14 days ago +4

      “It doesn’t make sense!”
      Lol. Then she sits there trying to think of something else to say.
      “Um, it doesn’t make *any* sense?”

    • ninachkah
      ninachkah 15 days ago +6

      She also picks the perfect time to start sobbing extra loudly, thinking it will throw them off and they'll pity her. She disgusts me

    • Paulette Stegall
      Paulette Stegall 15 days ago +4

      Yea I got that also, took me a minute to figure out the 2 women ordeal

  • hintoniam24
    hintoniam24 15 days ago +192

    "Waaa waa waa", "boo hoo hoo". So much whining and crying. It was hard to listen too. Her crying was the worst parts of this video. And the patience of the cops, OMG. They get a round of applause because I couldn't have handled it as well as they did.

    • Lorraine Kerr
      Lorraine Kerr 14 days ago

      Does the crying ever stop...

    • Marlon Smith
      Marlon Smith 14 days ago


    • Rhino Virus
      Rhino Virus 15 days ago +5

      Once the "crying" started I was unable to understand a single thing she said. I tried to keep going but it may as well have been klingon.

    • Yadira Rojas
      Yadira Rojas 15 days ago +6

      I would have slammed by hand on the table and said “stop the BS!” I can’t believe she continues to lie about some females after already getting caught

    • Tammy Rizza
      Tammy Rizza 15 days ago +3

      I'm glad someone said it, because I was. I agree 100% the whining was so annoying!

  • Hands-To -Work
    Hands-To -Work 15 days ago +72

    Wow, the moment her husband moved a foot away. He was done right then and there.

    • Julia
      Julia 3 days ago

      20:11 to be exact!!

    • Sarah Murphy
      Sarah Murphy 9 days ago +2

      @Tamar Evans ..Apparently she has told outrageous lies all her life..Even telling people her loving husband would beat her up. I feel so sorry for him the children and everyone else she has lied to over this mess.

    • Tamar Evans
      Tamar Evans 15 days ago +10

      She had been lying to him for years.

  • Amz M
    Amz M 15 days ago +40

    At 20.12 mins you can see Keith move completely away from her. He starts right beside her for support, then little by little he backs away until that point where he just disengages from her. I really hope that’s the moment he realized she was lying about it all. For what attention, a break? That poor man didn’t deserve put through that, he seems like a great man & husband. I hope he has sole custody of those children & finds some who treats him with worth, love & loyalty he deserves. Horrible woman whose lies & behavior finally caught up with her.

    • Monkeyseemonkeydo
      Monkeyseemonkeydo 2 days ago +1

      @M'Organized With Kelly she was with her ex - James.. that’s the guy who helped her do all that damage to herself. He threw her under the bus when the police came knocking 😆

    • M'Organized With Kelly
      M'Organized With Kelly 2 days ago +1

      Wasn’t she with her ex? Or was that not true?

    • Monkeyseemonkeydo
      Monkeyseemonkeydo 4 days ago

      From the one interview I believe she cheated on him b4…guess he had finally had enough

    • Serena Hope Isabella
      Serena Hope Isabella 5 days ago

      shes going to prison soo

    • Amber McDonald
      Amber McDonald 10 days ago +1

      20:08 he moved when they talked about the branding, so weird

  • Kara here
    Kara here 15 days ago +57

    I feel so sorry for her husband and her children!

  • Pommie 🐻 Bears
    Pommie 🐻 Bears 15 days ago +18

    The whining is making my teeth grit. I feel nothing but contempt for her. My compassion and empathy goes out to her husband and children. She gets NOTHING!

    • James French
      James French Day ago

      B b b but... she can bake a fabulous pie according to her sap sister who seems to idolise her.

  • Samantha M
    Samantha M 15 days ago +121

    She could have had 2 women committed to jail if the police were more lazy and didn’t let this go. I’ve no doubt she’d have allowed that to happen to save her own behind. Pathetic. Her sentence was also pathetic.

    • Mary Smith
      Mary Smith 9 days ago

      The fact that she would put innocent people in prison for life and she only got 18 month’s

    • Freya Love
      Freya Love 14 days ago +2

      @mahogany sweets 18 M , 36 M of probation+ pay~309k restitution which the judge isn't expecting to pay. Probably the reason he increased the sentence and deter anyone to con the government (prosecutor only asked for 8M), probation officers 1 month in custody and 7 M in house arrested).

    • Nasty Woman 1979
      Nasty Woman 1979 15 days ago +4

      @mahogany sweets 18 months. She deserves longer

    • mahogany sweets
      mahogany sweets 15 days ago +1

      What was her sentence

    • victor quintana
      victor quintana 15 days ago +5

      Oh 100% she would've

  • Chaya Ringgold
    Chaya Ringgold 15 days ago +226

    Fake tears, fake remorse always, always manipulating always

    • TaraHan81
      TaraHan81 14 days ago +1

      @Amber Davis yep she cries for herself only. you better believe that weeping is sincere. she's caught.

    • Arshak Karsavanian
      Arshak Karsavanian 14 days ago


    • Darth Vader
      Darth Vader 14 days ago +1

      Jupiter Paulsen video.

    • Christopher Gargaro
      Christopher Gargaro 15 days ago +8

      @Amber Davis Yup my first thought. I'll take Only Sorry I Got Caught for $600 please...

    • Amber Davis
      Amber Davis 15 days ago +9

      They are not fake tears. Those are the o fk I'm busted tears

  • Beowulf
    Beowulf 13 days ago +21

    The moment the husband moves his chair away from her is priceless

  • Janet Spell
    Janet Spell 15 days ago +42

    So freaking sad what this woman; mother; wife, did to her family! “As the saying goes “It’s too late to cry now”! The damage is done. 💔

  • Sam N
    Sam N 15 days ago +22

    She is so frustrating! Kudos to the detectives, I could never do it.

  • Meg League
    Meg League 15 days ago +35

    I'm having a hard time with life right now but watching this mess makes me feel a little bit better.

  • NakNaksdad N
    NakNaksdad N 13 days ago +10

    She lawyered up, heard she is "free to go" and the tears stopped instantly as she waltzed out the door.

    • Sara Kosiorek
      Sara Kosiorek Day ago

      And you can hear her asking where Keith is when she walks out. WTH? She really thought he’d be there waiting to comfort her?

  • Kelsey Marie
    Kelsey Marie 15 days ago +24

    Keith if you’re reading this I hope you find peace ❤ please protect those kids from her. She will never change. If anything she might get better with her lies after leaving jail.

    • Casey Kelly
      Casey Kelly 14 days ago +2

      Kelsey you r beautiful!!

    • House of Solomon
      House of Solomon 15 days ago +4

      Yes, Keith if your reading this I hope you gain insight into the many red flags you failed to heed while 'getting to know' Sherri.
      She's a p.o.s. & the soldering iron branding is beyond creepy.

  • Bridget Dell
    Bridget Dell 15 days ago +54

    Omg….after watching this entire video my heart breaks for him. Her husband is such a good man and a great father! The cops should have given him more information! This woman should be put in a mental hospital and NEVER get out! I hope her poor husband was able to get a judge to order her to never see her children again!

    • MisterRlGHT
      MisterRlGHT 13 days ago +1

      @Sweet and Lovely He has since filed for divorce.

    • Sweet and Lovely
      Sweet and Lovely 14 days ago +1

      While that video proved the great liar she is it was like an ad for a great man he is.
      He stood by her side all along.

    • wrmlm37
      wrmlm37 14 days ago +1

      I appreciate your reaction, but she is really only a danger to herself-although there WERE racially charged issues involved. The Hispanic women were probably NEVER specifically under scrutiny for this. SP was NO criminal mastermind...
      My thoughts are MORE about how much it would cost to house a woman like this for 40 years;)

  • Mermadeinthe80s
    Mermadeinthe80s 14 days ago +13

    These men have PATIENCE!!!! The entire fake crying hour was extremely frustrating to sit through. I wanted to shake her. Great video! Thank you!!!❤

  • greg Shell
    greg Shell 15 days ago +23

    Wow, the husband respectfully asks to leave the room.

  • Kelli Delahoussaye
    Kelli Delahoussaye 15 days ago +28

    Thank you 🙏. This case is just fascinating and so sad for the husband. She never publicly spoke about this so it’s a treat to see what she’s really like.

  • Rose Keyes
    Rose Keyes 14 days ago +16

    Her husband is amazing. I feel so bad for him. But he stood by her up until the end. That's a rare man.

    • Roger M
      Roger M 14 days ago +5

      She had the best kind of man any woman can hope to have and that still was not enough for her

  • 35nomoon
    35nomoon 15 days ago +27

    WOW it's amazing how with all the evidence in front of these people they still want to lie.

  • Lukas
    Lukas 15 days ago +50

    I feel so bad for Keith. He seemed so nice and genuine. I don’t understand why she did it, especially if it wasn’t for an affair 🤔

    • Alee Bea
      Alee Bea 5 days ago

      I thought they lied about them being physical just incase the husband knocks her out.

    • Jojo Dibella
      Jojo Dibella 11 days ago +2

      She also did for Go Fund me cash too. Attention seeking. So sad.

    • Missfitbrat
      Missfitbrat 12 days ago +3

      She wanted the attention of being abducted. Exes of her came forward and old friends that talked about how she was always so dramatic. In SoCal, she claimed to be an expert surfer and her friends wanted to try it and she would always “forget” her board and say she didn’t wanna rent one because she only rides hers. Told people she had a heart condition when she didn’t, etc. just always needed to be the center of attention. She planned this whole thing down to making herself lose weight, get more pale by not being in sunlight, she even wanted her ex to hit her and he refused so she would slam herself into things to cause bruises so that whenever she decided to resurface, she would have bruises that were partially healed and fresh ones.
      She really is a piece of work.

    • Shannon VanDyne
      Shannon VanDyne 13 days ago

      I thought it was done because she was having an affair. That's whyia in the description of the video.

  • A-M Legault
    A-M Legault 14 days ago +16

    I’m so impressed with the husband staying silent.. I would’ve been raging. Noticed he distanced his chair from her, too

  • C LEE W
    C LEE W 15 days ago +58

    I wouldn’t be able to handle the embarrassment, Shame and humiliation. I’m bad about replaying mistakes I’ve made, like saying the wrong thing or being taken advantage of, my head would explode if I had to face such a foolish act.

    • sumgrrrl
      sumgrrrl 14 days ago +2

      Integrity is so important 🙏

    • Deborah Hershey
      Deborah Hershey 14 days ago +1

      My mind doesn't work in the same way as women like her. I couldn't think of doing what she did. Imagine how much your family and friends would worry and fear that something terrible has happened to their loved one? I couldn't even think of doing that to them.

    • seattlejayde
      seattlejayde 15 days ago +5

      Because you are a person of conscience and that is an awesome trait

  • Hive Mind Concussion
    Hive Mind Concussion 15 days ago +44

    20:10 Keith’s reaction to truth was to move away from her and closer to the door. I hope he got counseling for his trauma.

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill 15 days ago +28

    Poor guy. I can’t imagine how this must have felt, and he felt it twice.

  • Sonya Garcia-Munoz
    Sonya Garcia-Munoz 15 days ago +30

    She seriously needs help since he's divorcing her I would think twice about letting her around her kids or make it supervised who knows what else she's capable of!

  • Uncharged Pickles
    Uncharged Pickles 13 days ago +10

    This is like something a 13 yr old who stays out too late might try rather than admitting they'd snuck out and gotten stuck w no ride home or something wo thinking through the chaos it'd cause. A grown woman who does that is nuts.

  • Zozo aGogo
    Zozo aGogo 15 days ago +5

    Wow, she takes irritating to a whole new level. I wonder how many times her crocodile tears got her out of previous lies. So enjoyable to see her confronted with her own lies and she can't fake-cry her way out of it.

  • Nancy Green
    Nancy Green 15 days ago +43

    Amazing how she pulled herself together, got up and held her head up to walk out when she knew there were no more questions coming at her. Classic!

  • merry taheri
    merry taheri 11 days ago +5

    The husband is extremely patient! I can’t imagine going through this w a spouse!

  • Blue Calla
    Blue Calla 15 days ago +26

    Poor Keith. His mind couldn’t fathom that his wife, Sherri, was capable of doing what she did... of being that 👿 and putting him and their kids thru heII. He had to have known in his gut but couldn’t believe it. I’m glad he filed for divorce and hope he and his kids move on and find peace.

    • Aboma Desalegn
      Aboma Desalegn 15 days ago +2

      So true but I don’t think he knew anything until it was revealed. But I do agree his mind couldn’t accept the wife he loved so much would hurt him for no reason

  • TheRealDlo
    TheRealDlo 15 days ago +10

    The Victims here are her children. It's terribly sad what Sherri chose to do. She needs professional help. Just terrible for the whole community.

  • Br𝕚𝕥𝕟𝕖𝕪💚

    "He told us about the abortion, about the relationship"
    She's a pathological liar, I guarantee she lied to him about that too.

  • Alice Smith
    Alice Smith 15 days ago +196

    "Because she saved my life".."I don't want her arrested"..wtf? She kept telling him lies, until she got busted! Now, he's filed for divorce.

    • Simply Saynab
      Simply Saynab 14 days ago +2

      @Glory Days exactly, she wanted the police to think he did this. It can't be him she kept saying.

    • Tara Mcgavan
      Tara Mcgavan 14 days ago +1

      @Boom - HeadShot bs he needs to be accountable because he has CHILDREN TO PROTECT….also ENABLING this kind of behavior is also a mental disorder called co dependency THIS IS NOT LOVE!!

    • Freya Love
      Freya Love 14 days ago +2

      @Glory Days For a second, I thought she was throwing him under the Bus(frankly,I 'd like to see that). She isn't completely convinced that James betrayed her(at the same time detectives are giving details (only her ex and Sherri will know). She is just in denial.

    • Tentin Quarantino
      Tentin Quarantino 14 days ago +2

      It would be almost irresistible to mess with her. They have a very high degree of professionalism.

  • Lisa Johnson
    Lisa Johnson 15 days ago +33

    How is she crying hysterically in "defeat" let's say but has the audacity to get sassy and say "DON'T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT".
    Girl please.

  • brookeleigh222
    brookeleigh222 12 days ago +6

    How *as a mother* could she let her babies stay awake losing sleep thinking their mom was abducted or even killed *FOR THREE WEEKS* !?!? I feel bad for Keith too, obviously, but those poor kids!

  • Cats.Addict
    Cats.Addict 15 days ago +8

    Respect to those officers for their incredible patience... 👏👏👏
    I can't stand her behavior before faking a kidnapping and I can't stand her pathetic behavior during this interrogation. She is such a self-centered liar able to hurt everyone including her own kids. I personally have no pity for her

  • My Pillow Guy
    My Pillow Guy 15 days ago +55

    Sherri: We need a lawyer.
    Keith: Yeah, a divorce lawyer.

  • hallertau
    hallertau 14 days ago +11

    She is from my town. We all knew it was BS from the start. I am surprised she went to such great lengths to cover up.

  • Debo 1982
    Debo 1982 15 days ago +32

    35:49 “*scoff* Don’t talk to me like that.” Ummm, I’m sorry, you mean like you’re a filthy liar? Okay, Sherri

    • Shut The Muck Up
      Shut The Muck Up 15 days ago +10

      Thanks for being smart enough to put a timestamp when quoting a specific part of the video.

    SCRATCHING FOR CASH 15 days ago +21

    You should put her name in the title. I guarantee more people would watch it. She really ticked off millions of people with what she did.

  • Jasmin Aquino
    Jasmin Aquino 15 days ago +29

    "You're not listening to me" not only did everyone listen, but they offered support to someone who didn't need or deserve it

  • Mr5thWave
    Mr5thWave 15 days ago +128

    When she showed up weeks later after her "abduction" I think most people were thinking something was odd about her. I know I did.

    • Jennifer Ford, Esq.
      Jennifer Ford, Esq. 14 days ago +5

      I thought it was weird, but when I heard she was branded, had all her hair cut off, lost 15 pounds and was covered in bruises- I thought it had to be true. She went all in for this acting gig.

    • Walter N.
      Walter N. 15 days ago

      @Sally S True, and the fact that they cut her hair, is very personal, and she doesn’t seem like she has any enemies.

    • Tamar Evans
      Tamar Evans 15 days ago +3

      @Roxanne Moser It did, I agree, but with all the women who go missing around Redding I didn't want to jump the gun and not believe it was true, I didn't want to believe a woman could do this to her young children. She's a terrible person. I dug deep into her case, went far down the rabbit hole, Redding is only about 3 hours away!! Come to find out rather early on after her "miraculous" return, she had not only pulled a similar stunt but many people knew about her pathological lying and shenanigans. That creepy cult she was involved with surely didn't help her any. Yikes, what a shitshow, too bad she won't be locked up for the rest of her life.

    • Tamar Evans
      Tamar Evans 15 days ago +4

      Absolutely! I had just moved to Southern Oregon 8 months earlier and we aren't very far from Redding, it was huge news out here and I remember being so sad for her, her family, those small children cryingfor their mommy. I was sure she would be found dead like so many other women are in this area, So. OR & Northern Cali have so many missing women!!! I couldn't stop thinking about her and worrying for her, every single day I would check the news. And then a Thanksgiving Miracle!! She was released and alive!!And... Then the news started coming out... this fantastic story that was in no way believable. It didn't take long for me and most of the world to realize that the entire situation was BS and that Sherri Papini of the "signature blonde hair", was a creepy psychopathic liar. She should be locked up in a mental asylum for the criminally ill for the rest of her life. Ugh.

    • Roxanne Moser
      Roxanne Moser 15 days ago +3

      I knew it when she was "abducted". That phone placement looked so staged.

  • lilmiss666
    lilmiss666 15 days ago +22

    “Don’t talk to me like that”
    His tone hadn’t changed at all 😳The only thing she said that she actually meant.

    • Christopher Gargaro
      Christopher Gargaro 15 days ago +6

      Yup - same way as when the agents left the room and she was talking privately to Keith. If you turn the volume way up, you can hear much of their conversation. It's funny she was trying to whisper like that wouldn't get picked up by the mics. She swears at him multiple times and talks in this shrill, I know better and this is what's happening voice.
      She gets REAL quiet when it becomes obvious they know everything.

    • Audrey Jordan
      Audrey Jordan 15 days ago +5

      Caught that too.
      Her true colors bled through for real.

  • Teute Morina
    Teute Morina 15 days ago +10

    Oh my God the audacity of this woman !!

  • DawnMay-I-Say
    DawnMay-I-Say 15 days ago +52

    Idk, I feel like these cops were way too nice to her. She's a grown a** woman crying like a 5 year old bcs she was caught & couldn't lie her way out of it anymore.
    She's nauseating.

    • Tracey Gilley
      Tracey Gilley 14 days ago +2

      Right?! I felt like they were nicer to HER than to her husband (at the end when it's just the detectives and him in the room). I was like wtf??

    • María Hernández
      María Hernández 14 days ago +2

      They are trying to control the narrative, she refused to talked to cops for years. She said she was traumatized, used to write notes and send the notes with Keith. They really almost did not pressed her because she was seen as the victim. She went to therapy and was diagnosed with PTSD and something else. She said she was afraid of cops. So for years it was hard to get any information from her and she was never alone

    • Susan OConnor
      Susan OConnor 15 days ago +10

      Interrogation is far more effective when they are kind and engaging. I know it's more satisfying for them to be mean, but if they want a confession, gaining trust and rapport are key to confessions.

    • Terence Hennegan
      Terence Hennegan 15 days ago +3

      Totally agree.

    • Roxie Watters
      Roxie Watters 15 days ago +3

      For real

  • David Gunter
    David Gunter 14 days ago +10

    Bless his sweet heart. I'm just devastated for him.

  • Ebony Yvonne
    Ebony Yvonne 12 days ago +4

    When I first heard this story I knew this was a Hoax, and I immediately knew ( even when the world said he was involved) that this husband was genuinely not involved what so ever. I could just tell the sincerity in his voice. When she "made it home safely" I said this woman is lying and I pray she gets busted. Months later I see she was busted. Now to see this interrogation is just so exciting to me, because I've waited on this day, only to come out not as satisfied as I thought I'd be because my heart breaks for this man. I pray he finds an honest and loving wife for him and his children because they deserve it. I couldn't imagine hurting my wonderful husband like this. This is so horrible.

  • Paula Harlfinger
    Paula Harlfinger 13 days ago +5

    I feel really bad for her husband. What she did was about as cruel a betrayal of a spouse as their could possibly be.
    I hope he moved on with those beautiful kids and never looked back.

  • Suzanna J
    Suzanna J 15 days ago +4

    Took four years to get to this point and another two to prosecute her. Wow. I remember the family got a lot of support financially from the community and heard they paid off bills etc. The husband was clueless. Can’t blame him in any way. Hope she has to pay back all that money and resources. 18 months in jail for faking a kidnapping is just. And 36 months supervised probation. Hope she gets mental health. The husband said he handled it pretty well and didn’t hit a wall. That’s an understatement. Hope he and his children moved on. Sometimes you can’t make people happy. She had no clue how lucky she was to have a loving husband and children she abandoned.

    • i.d. 1.21
      i.d. 1.21 15 days ago

      Right? Her life as beautiful. Stay at home mom, kids in daycare all day, adorable and loving husband ? Like what? But I think she should have gotten at least five years. all the people searching. All the man hours paid out. All the media and reporters investing time and money to cover her case to help bring her home. The 300k she got from victims funds, the trauma she caused her community and the entire nation, the trauma she caused her husband and children, her extended family. The people who helped her and the people who knew she was there all should have gotten 18 months for knowing and not speaking up. She deserves at least 5. And to pay back every penny plus interest.

  • Yvonne Hunter
    Yvonne Hunter 13 days ago +4

    You've been caught red-handed lady. Own up to it already. Only a child will continue to sit in denial once they've undeniably been caught ... I'm so glad she was exposed for the narcissistic liar she really is !! Her poor husband. Hopefully she hasn't completely damaged his ability to be able to trust again one day 🙏

  • Ace Rivers 336
    Ace Rivers 336 15 days ago +21

    I feel for the husband......Stay strong

  • Lacy Gray
    Lacy Gray 15 days ago +70

    Gawd!! That is a seriously damaged mind to do what she did. She needs serious help. I hope she gets it now, because the damage and pain she has caused to everyone that she supposedly cares about is effed up. I hope she can turn this around somehow and I hope she can be forgiven, somehow, someday. Sad truth is, she would have taken it to her grave. She has to pay the price.

    • Tara Mcgavan
      Tara Mcgavan 14 days ago

      Turn this AROUND??? WTAF ….There’s no way….unless she were to PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE TO HISPANIC WOMEN ALL ABDUCTEES AND VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE AND L.E. ….THEN…do years of community service in service TO THEM…and that’s NOT GONNA HAPPEN 🙄🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Joan Odom
      Joan Odom 15 days ago +4

      The only person she loves is herself.

    • Amy
      Amy  15 days ago

      @Angela Pyle 💯

    • Angela Pyle
      Angela Pyle 15 days ago +14

      Pathological liars,sociopaths can’t & never will change. Kind of like the old saying , once a cheater always a cheater

  • E GR
    E GR 15 days ago +9

    Wow and she was still lying to her husband when the police stepped out. Her husband truly believed her while the whole world knew she was lying. The truth will set you free lady!

  • J Rollins
    J Rollins 15 days ago +23

    That poor husband having to hear all that and have to be quiet 😬 I don’t think I could contain myself tbh

  • Tara Mcgavan
    Tara Mcgavan 14 days ago +18

    She needs to do COMMUNITY SERVICE AT HISPANIC WOMENS D.V. SURVIVORS CENTERS ( if they even have any🙄) she hasn’t even PUBLICLY APPOLOGIZED🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Stacee Payne
      Stacee Payne 12 days ago

      Totally agreed with your comment then noticed your beautiful palomino! 💓 I had one named Sunny for many years,he's buried in our pasture,but God gave me a dream/vision where our pets who have passed from this realm are back in their prime in another place he's prepared and, they are okay,and we shall see them once again! No doubt!
      It's why I treat everyone and everything with kindness and truth!

  • Princess Segrest
    Princess Segrest 15 days ago +31

    Keith stepped out to call a divorce attorney 😂

  • Audit Amplifier
    Audit Amplifier 15 days ago +19

    Good for the husband being so resolved in his own position on things and his future.

    • Grass
      Grass Day ago

      @Tamar Evans that dude was hopelessly in love with her even when they drifted apart after highschool. He even kept their loveletters and presented it to her when they got back together years after. He is also a religious man, divorce is legit the last resort for him.

    • Tamar Evans
      Tamar Evans 15 days ago

      Pretty pathetic that he stuck by her for as long as he did, it was very clear that she was lying very soon after her "miraculous" return. Go to Redding and ask around, you'll hear plenty.

  • Freeze Dried Mealworms
    Freeze Dried Mealworms 15 days ago +11

    I hope her husband finds happiness. He deserves the opposite of every detail that went on in this video.

  • Grime
    Grime 14 days ago +5

    The detectives should have shut down her denials much quicker and with much more force. Allowing her to deny it openly gives her confidence in her denials

  • i.d. 1.21
    i.d. 1.21 15 days ago +11

    Ugh I feel so bad for Keith 😖 seems like such a sweet level headed guy who really did love her

  • Kyle D'Angelo
    Kyle D'Angelo 14 days ago +4

    She should’ve gotten more jail time!
    She walked out of that room without even considering her husband’s feelings. She still thinks what she did is ok!

  • FrogNado🐸
    FrogNado🐸 15 days ago +17

    That poor husband my heart breaks for him

  • Bridget Dell
    Bridget Dell 15 days ago +37

    I sure wish I could have heard what her husband said to the detective when he left the room. Poor man! I hope he fines a good wife because he seems like a really good man.

    • Kitty Kawaii
      Kitty Kawaii 15 days ago

      @Joseph Riley 😂😂😂😂😂😂 lmaoooo

    • Aaron Kraft
      Aaron Kraft 15 days ago +1

      I'll fill you in:
      Detective:. "Sorry to have to break it to you, man, but your wife is nothing but a liar and a cheater. I realize this has got to be a painful awakening, but it's time to see things for what they are. I'm going to give you the number of a really good divorce attorney. He comes highly recommended and I've taken the liberty of talking with him about your case and he assured me that he will be able to make this a fairly painless process for you. With all of the crap that your horrible wife has put you, your kids and your family through, he is confident that he'll be able to get you full custody of your kids, the house and most of the marital assets and because your case has garnered national attention, he is willing to take your case pro-bono. The attention your case will get is the best advertising for his law practice that money can not buy.
      HUSBAND: "I think I'll maybe forgive my wife and try to work it out, so thanks but no thanks on your lawyer. I want to live in the fantasy that my wife loves me and only me. I'm pretty good at turning the other cheek, so that's just what I'll do!"

    • Kelsey Marie
      Kelsey Marie 15 days ago +1

      I think he asked if this is real or if this is a lie to make her say more.

    • Joseph Riley
      Joseph Riley 15 days ago +7

      He said, this shits embarrassing. Peace ✌️

    • Kraig Word
      Kraig Word 15 days ago +1

      He said “I want to be in there but she’s not gonna talk so long as I’m there so you guys just keep doing what you’re doing.”

  • M'Organized With Kelly

    “She saved my life and she’s the reason I get to hold my children everyday”. What a piece of work. She didn’t think of her children at all. She’s gross

  • Saint Sinner
    Saint Sinner 15 days ago +6

    I have an amazing fiancée,we have been thru thick and thin tog and I can’t imagine ever hurting or betraying him in any kind of way! Once you find ur person you will do all you can to make them happy and secure and to betray someone who has trusted you is beyond any levels of just vile
    I’m gonna go tell my babe how much I love him now

  • Bugrot
    Bugrot 15 days ago +75

    Poor husband keeps moving away from her little by little….he’s repulsed by her now, of course

    • jane bailey
      jane bailey 15 days ago +3

      Yes I noticed that as soon as he did that!

    • Kara here
      Kara here 15 days ago +3

      Right! I noticed he didn't even want to sit in the chair she had been sitting in!

  • Theory Of Personality
    Theory Of Personality 15 days ago +1

    It amazes me how people can so blatantly lie in the face of overwhelming evidence.

  • Juna Wallace
    Juna Wallace 12 days ago +4

    Poor Keith telling the officers he doesn't even want her in his car or around his children. I would feel exactly the same way. Poor guy..this whole thing probably wrecked him and their families. And she still tried to hold on to the lie when pressed smh Shari get your life girl

  • Sami Hukka
    Sami Hukka 15 days ago +23

    She should get the same sentence, what kidnappers get!!

  • Be Bold
    Be Bold 15 days ago +15

    Her poor husband had to distance himself from her. 20:10 I know he was beyond disgusted and disturbed.

  • Rose Keyes
    Rose Keyes 14 days ago +5

    I lived in Redding California for a few years. My friend helped in the search party to look for her. He got upset when I told him I thought her story was fishy. Now he knows and he's angry.

  • Lightning McQueen
    Lightning McQueen 15 days ago +26

    Poor guy I hope he meets someone who really loves him

    • wrmlm37
      wrmlm37 14 days ago +2

      Me too! A wonderful, hard-working, HONEST woman. Unless he is now off the market forever, which this may have caused. In which case, I wish him peace, strength, and mutual continuing love between he and his children:)