Francis Ford Coppola
Francis Ford Coppola
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Megalopolis - Teaser Trailer
Our new film MEGALOPOLIS is the best work I've ever had the privilege to preside over.
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Megalopolis | First Look Clip
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"First Look" Clip from Megalopolis. Here is an a clear, concise analysis of MEGALOPOLIS: “A man balances precariously on a ledge high above a once-grand city in the opening scene of Francis Ford Coppola’s MEGALOPOLIS, and the movie that follows is - at least in part - about an entire civilization teetering on a similarly precarious ledge, devouring itself in a whirl of unchecked greed, self-abs...


  • @fahadalikhan
    @fahadalikhan 2 hours ago

    Found a distributor yet?

  • @jimmyb2655
    @jimmyb2655 2 hours ago

    in my opinion, he hasn't had a hit since The Rainmaker in 1997. I have also never had the opportunity to see a Coppola film in theaters. I am looking forward to this. It looks different, and that's a good thing. Amazing that he funded it himself!

  • @whitoxin1470
    @whitoxin1470 2 hours ago

    I saw this film in Cannes on Saturday 25, with the surprising presence of Mr. Coppola to present it and Mr. Wenders as a spectator. It's a visual masterpiece!

  • @diaz6884
    @diaz6884 4 hours ago

    Lots of disappointed libs in the comments this gonna be good

  • @alexisbasman7029
    @alexisbasman7029 5 hours ago

    Wow... I think the trailer music is a version of Franco Jefirelli's "Jesus from Nazareth" main theme...

  • @Julie-hg8lf
    @Julie-hg8lf 6 hours ago

    Ladies and gents, Coppola made us an offer we couldn't refuse.

  • @PeteyBirdd
    @PeteyBirdd 7 hours ago

    Ist if this movie doesn’t get a chance in theaters I will riot

  • @CybernautZero
    @CybernautZero 9 hours ago

    Finally a movie that looks like it is worth watching. I was getting sick of all the constant comic book movies and all the damn remakes. It looks like someone is actually taking a creative risk! I am so sick to death of how utterly gutless the studios have been.

  • @a.m.armstrong8354
    @a.m.armstrong8354 12 hours ago

    The Hollywood filter is tighter. Watching Dune 2.0 etc, all references to Adrenochrome were removed, the Mentat written out of the script and the Judge of the Change absurdly made into a Black woman, even though a lead character was supposed to be his daughter in the book. These changes are not random and run right through blockbuster production. Some societal group doesn't like MEGALOPALIS!

  • @a.m.armstrong8354
    @a.m.armstrong8354 13 hours ago

    When a film gets blanked across the board, it must've offended a key social group. I'll make it my business to discover which and why.

  • @Tara-ok3js
    @Tara-ok3js 14 hours ago

    Just when I thought cinema was dead, this comes to fruition 🙏

  • @KylieBakedBeans
    @KylieBakedBeans 22 hours ago

    this looks fantastic!

  • @LorisBenedict
    @LorisBenedict 22 hours ago

    That wink from Adam Driver❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • @MrMarsFargo
    @MrMarsFargo 23 hours ago

    Alright, f_ck everybody, this looks f_cking awesome

  • @zairman
    @zairman Day ago


  • @91Virtue
    @91Virtue Day ago

    This has watchmen vibes

  • @jacobjochem
    @jacobjochem Day ago

    Wow definitely gonna check it out it looks gorgeous

  • @Gaming_Antics

    This new Matrix movie is weird.

  • @joekelly694
    @joekelly694 Day ago

    Looks great - but whether it's great or not, this is definitely cinematic history.

  • @MovieGasm
    @MovieGasm Day ago


  • @beebodude
    @beebodude Day ago

    I got no idea about what the hell this is or even what the plot is, but this trailer sold me on seeing it in theaters

  • @amazingdestinations3653

  • @teprasyura
    @teprasyura Day ago

  • @Mimcus716
    @Mimcus716 Day ago

    Han Solo’s son vs Indiana Jones’ son

  • @sirthomascrown

    The curtain call and passion project of one of the last remaining cinematic masters. He sold a portion of his wine estate for $120M to stake the production. This is one for the art form's true fans - neither for critics nor box office. I myself cannot wait to watch it.

  • @docchicken245

    I hope I get to see it

  • @stefank7144
    @stefank7144 2 days ago

    The empire is collapsing front of our eyes, just like roman did, they didnt know it either

  • @emergenceclement
    @emergenceclement 2 days ago

    Looks amazing 🤩 can't wait !

  • @YolaResa
    @YolaResa 2 days ago

    Francis Ford supports PDFiles.

  • @KerioFive
    @KerioFive 2 days ago

    This actually looks super interesting, love adam driver too!

  • @KerioFive
    @KerioFive 2 days ago

    Matrix 6: We've matrixed too far 😎

  • @Luluthecat-22
    @Luluthecat-22 2 days ago

    My god this movie gonna lose so much money! All the people that shit on the studio for not finance this know damm well y’all won’t go and watch this movie. It might be a good movie but it not a money making movie.

  • @Diddy_Kongs_Left_Foot

    my man has his own channel ☠️

  • @vcello6450
    @vcello6450 2 days ago

    I'm so freaking excited for this...a REAL movie, as in a work of art. No more superhero garbage.

  • @georgepetrie5765
    @georgepetrie5765 2 days ago

    It was always going to be a disaster.

  • @AimeePiB
    @AimeePiB 2 days ago

    When IGN showed the first teaser, I thought it was a game.

  • @user-jb7ts2qu6n
    @user-jb7ts2qu6n 2 days ago

    Amazing !!!

  • @LaurieKing0623
    @LaurieKing0623 2 days ago

    I am so surprised with the studios with their foolish decision to pass on one of the greatest director who brought us the Godfather, I believe it will be a hit!!! You did the right thing, Mr. Coppola!

  • @LaurieKing0623
    @LaurieKing0623 2 days ago

    I have heard about this movie. I am very impressed by the teaser. I will see it. I think the studios that did not fund it are idiots. This is the problem with movies and TV, the entertainment companies will fund absolute crap but when a legend director brings a masterpiece movie, they say no. I hope this movie brings people back to the theaters in droves this year!

  • @princearthur5532
    @princearthur5532 2 days ago

    This is filmmaking. 😮A true filmmaker understands that movies are a depiction of reality meant to stir you up, take you on a journey while you are constantly captivated by the what ifs in every second with you're at the edge of your seat. 😊

  • @manticomar1146
    @manticomar1146 2 days ago

    The reviews for this movie suck everyone in cannes walked out of it.

  • @_Wakaz_
    @_Wakaz_ 3 days ago

    It feels like we're in the golden age of cinema again. What a time to be alive.

  • @AngelLira1982
    @AngelLira1982 3 days ago

    omg brilliant! somebody freaking distribute this film so I can spend money at Imax to enjoy it's revelations

  • @crocolagerfelden6142

    My eyes hurt looking at digital film. I get it why Chris Nolan says you can see it and it's better in analogue. Every film, regardless of the genre looks the same. It's not natural, it's hyper-natural...

  • @liamwilson12345
    @liamwilson12345 3 days ago


  • @liamwilson12345
    @liamwilson12345 3 days ago

    Yeh nah

  • @lordcrayzar
    @lordcrayzar 3 days ago

    This looks pretty wild. Not a fan of the casting but I’d see it.

  • @headshotcineast
    @headshotcineast 3 days ago

    M definitely in. ❤

  • @alomaalber6514
    @alomaalber6514 3 days ago

    gorgeous and timely! I saw the NY premier of A.N. way back when and all the endings. I really look forward to this, Maestro!

  • @ultravisione9311
    @ultravisione9311 3 days ago

    Ciao Coppola Dall’ Italia grande maestro